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  1. Tim's BBMF Hurricane

    I've used those decals before, on this Airfix model. I did the black wing repair panel later.
  2. BM 10th Anniversary Gallery

    Tim's Italeri A-10A Thunderbolt II.
  3. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Declaring completion. My first completion of the year. Reposted with a better camera. So enjoy the rest of the GB. This is Tim signing off - and moving to the next.
  4. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Sidewinders. That's all the construction completed, just some paint finishing left.
  5. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Up onto her wheels ANG. Doors fitted now. Same but AFRES side. And a better photo of the underside. Just the Sidewinders left to fit, they're being painted.
  6. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Same photo with wheels.
  7. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    And all the bombs.
  8. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Now up onto her legs. Wheels and bombs are all painted and drying.
  9. Tim's BBMF Hurricane

    Here's the canopy later - it's not great. Currently soaking in a pot of Klear.
  10. Tim's Italeri A-10 - COMPLETED

    Canopy on the ANG side And the AFRES side And a full house of pylons
  11. Tim's BBMF Hurricane

    Out of the bag, interior painting
  12. Return to modelling: Matchbox Gloster Meteor

    BluTack, WhiteTack, PowerTack - or that day when I discover my son has used all that stuff, Copydex. Oh and that's a cheaper alternate to Maskol.
  13. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 21 on Feb 20th

    Yep I've got a Roden Starlifter, an F-35 JSF prototype, 3 Raptors and a T-33 lurking in the stash. Lockheed Ventura will be built in an earlier GB.
  14. Tim's BBMF Hurricane

    Joining you with this Novo Hurricane. Cost me £2.50 from a work colleague in 2016. Here are the parts, and decals. Spare decals from Airfix kits Aiming for this look.
  15. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Joining you a bit later with a Novo Hurricane IIc. I do have an Airfix Buccaneer S1, but the box says Blackburn Buccaneer - and I think that would be pushing the spirit of the GB a bit too far.