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  1. Meteor NF14T

    Finally up and running - albeit slowly.
  2. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Now my favourite bit - decals! She gets her identity.
  3. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Masked and painted on the gun panel.
  4. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    This is the bit that I really like. Unmasking - seeing it all come together. I think this one went good.
  5. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    This is that Humbrol 165, a slightlly darker grey airbrushed on, and masking prep for the final colour I'm going for my blend of air-superiority on the right.
  6. Like it. Hadn't realised theAcademy is related to Revell - but I've built that twice, thanks for sharing.
  7. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    This is now my preferred method of airbrush masking - to scale and copy the painting plans, then to cut out and mask each colour as I apply it.
  8. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Upper surface base coat of X135 Dark Compass Grey airbrushed on.
  9. Panzer VI Tiger STGB

    I'm in, I've got a bagged cheap Airfix Tiger kit - after getting the Haynes manual. Currently residing in a box with an 88mm flak gun - so that I can find it when the time comes. I'm told that somewhere on Britmodeller is a reference to an improved build of this kit.
  10. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Back with you, having airbrushed the undersides with Humbrol 196 Light Grey. Now on with the masking to protect that from the upper-side colour. I've scaled the colour instructions diagram to model size on a copier - this makes camo patterns a LOT easier to mask.
  11. Meteor NF14T

    Slow going but I'm still with you. Other stuff if getting in the way - but I'll get going soon. Most of the interior is painted so far, but nothing has been removed from sprues. A Flanker is consuming the little attention that I can spare for modelling at the moment. That existing Meteor has been re-decalled as 46 Squadron.
  12. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Seams fettled and smoothed, and canards fitted. No location points for these - So I'm starting to see what Flankerman was getting at.
  13. Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker

    Confirming Tipp-ex, or other correction fluid. Paint it right down into the gap of a seam, allow to dry and harden. Then smooth off with fine wet-n-dry, or with a turps rag. The Flanker isn't quite ready, but here's that stage from my recent Harvard.
  14. Hawker Tempest II

    My kit came from Kit Rescue and was quite a story. The box had two of - well looked like two kits crammed into one box. Then I realized, no canopy. If it looks toooo good, it usually bites back later. Acquired some Squadron vac-form canopies. Several years later I started building, one of these to be a Tempest II - so I removed the wing rads, the other was a radial. Then I realized no tailplanes in my boxes of parts. Put away for a few more years. I acquired a box of Airfix Typhoon parts from Jet Age in 2015 - this gave me all the undercarriage, rockets, and another canopy - the one on my build. I also obtained a scrap model, from which I took the tailplanes. At this point I realized there are better and easier routes to a Tempest II, and burned that modified kit. I hadn't realized it's actually a Mk6 and supposed to have wing radiators! Completed my Tempest radial last year, - this encouraged me to build a Sea Fury to complete that Hawker piston-fighter family.
  15. Italeri Douglas C47 'Skytrain'

    Watching this thread with interest now. Hadn't spotted it earlier. The Italeri kit, released by Airfix as an RCAF Rescue plane was residing in my stash, ready for - well an idea with skis entered my head, and Ice Pilots. However a colleague of mine put paid to all that! She brought her gran over to Jet Age. Late grandad had flown with the RAF, during the Berlin Airlift - she's got a picture of a Dakota, could I build a model of it? Here's the picture: First thing that I spotted is that passenger door. But the kit has parts for that! I never counted the windows, I doubt that anyone else has. That serial number is KN564 - so that's the one I have to build. Other dubious points are the roundels, and what looks like collector rings at the fronts of the engines. The following week, I'm shown the log-book. This is respected like a Family Bible. Starts in about 1947, flying Ansons. A previous log-book destroyed in a mess fire somewhere in the Far-East. Then thru Dakota OCU at North Luffenham - my first ATC camp. Then to Op Plumber - and this is where KN564 makes its one and only appearance. Then to No10 Squadron, and off to Gatow every day, for a lot of days! Moving off Dakotas, 3 flights recorded in Meteor T7s, finishing with a solo, but then back to Ansons again. He's not around to answer questions. Op Plumber interested me, so I looked that up a bit. This was flying equipment, tools and mechanics around from the UK, to the airfields in Germany that were supporting the airlift. The USAF had no equivalent, resulting in mechanics scavenging and improvising to keep their aircraft flying. Anyway, here's the resulting model Granny is absolutely over-the-moon with this, and it has pride of place in her house.