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  1. 1/144 TWA 707

    This is a Minicraft model that I built in 2009. OOB and unmodified. Wouldn't really like to comment on its accuracy, but it looks the part to me.
  2. Tim's Starfighter

    A quick brush coat of Humbrol 156 Satin Dark Camo grey. Working well, I thing a drop of black darker and I'm there.
  3. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    I just looked at the parts. That one looks like a SNEB pod - with a long streamlined tail fairing. Mine is still a clean build.
  4. Well that was fun...

    Excellent stuff as always Fred. I like the F-35 - I'm going to have to find an excuse for one of those.
  5. Tim's Starfighter

    German Marine.
  6. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    Canopy today. Followed by the green camo pattern. Oh, and Hepster came up trumps with some decent decals.
  7. Tim's Starfighter

    It's snowing here. This won't be re-airbrushed today.
  8. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    And now a brush coat of Acrylic 164 Dark Grey.
  9. Tim's Starfighter

    Airbrushed underside Humbrol 56 Aluminium. Masked for topside. Then airbrushed again This Is too light - so I'm not de-masking. Tomorrow something a bit darker.
  10. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    Airbrushed underside. And topside - we'll call that primer.
  11. Rothmans Porsche 956(82 version)

    Superb - many thanks for sharing. I went to Le Mans in 1982, and saw that car win. Final session pass the Ickx/Bell car, which was suffering dodgy brakes. Again, thanks and well done.
  12. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    And now smooth.
  13. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

  14. Harrier Send-Off - Show us your models

    Revisited previous posts with new photo-host. Now one for first-generation land-Harriers. One for Sea-Harriers. And this one for Harrier IIs. Esci 1/72 AV-8B Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR-7 Hasegawa 1/48 GR-7 kit, Hasegawa 1/72 AV-8B, another Airfix GR-7 similar to above, and two newer Airfix GR-9 kits in my stash.
  15. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar