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  1. Recycling plastics

    Oooh, I'm scared, A flying chip fork....
  2. Show us your modelling space

    Morning Chaps Tomathee, for me, the kitchen counters way was the cheapest option (i Know it doesn't look like it but they are there under all that crap)... I went to the local hardware place and bought whatever the standard length is that they came in, I think its 4m odd. couple of metal legs for it and some anchor bolts and you are a for away. Add a couple of pieces of 1x2 to put on the wall to hold it all up and ta daaa... a work bench. Take photos when you've built it, it'll never look that clean or empty again
  3. Recycling plastics

    Evening Chaps Don't worry Beardie, it probably wont be long before someone gets offended by recycling and launches an internet campaign... The same with wind farms, probably the vortex they produce is detrimental to the lessor spotted patagonian smurf beetle which lives on one square mile of desert in a place nobody has ever heard of, but all the wind farms face that direction and its making life a tad breezy for them... And Electric cars.... they are just the spawn of satan and should be broadsided, smashed, ridden over and blown up at every available opportunity Mad Steve
  4. What have you purchased 9

    Evenin All... I've just returned from the UK where the following was acquired... - IBG Scammell Pioneer R100 - Airfix Walrus - WingNuts Fokker E IV - 2 X Airfix 32nd scale Fiesta's and a whole heap of stuff, things, doohickeys and whatnots, that fall into the modelling, for the use of, cant be without this category and one that arrived whilst I was away... - UT Models 24th scale Opel Calibra V6 DTM
  5. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Morning Chaps Can I tell you summat that will make you feel really old.... 40 years ago an eight year old mad yoof sat in the cinema, in Hinckley If I remember correctly, with great excitement as the opening credits of Star Wars rolled across the screen.... Yes.... 40 YEARS AGO....
  6. What have you purchased 9

    There's just soooo much wrong with the last part of that statement
  7. Clubs

    Morning Chaps Down here in Africa's Bottom, we have the opposite problem with clubs. In a Country probably 5 times the size of the UK, we have 5 or 6 clubs scattered over the country. They may be few, but they are quite nice ones (not affiliated) but are mostly the usual modelling club with Armour, Aircraft etc being the main themes. So a few of us got together about six months ago and started our own Model Car Club. We only have 7 or 8 regular attendees at present, but the word is getting out. We run on the principle of Bring Stuff/Talk Crap Bring along a model or two, talk crap and above all have a good time. We've found that it actually brings the Car Modeller's together, and gets keeps everyone's mojo in place, talking about models, seeing what other people do and how they do it etc. So if you're in Joburg, the first Saturday of a month, swing buy and come say hellooooooooooo Mad Steve
  8. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Like getting up, showered and dressed and off too work.... only for the radio to tell you its Saturday
  9. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Trainers in the Fridges good god man? That's just silly They're supposed to be in the Dishwasher...
  10. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Or Thud...... You wander around the car park looking for your car (an SUV), you cant find it... Nice friendly security guard sees you walking around and offers help. He suggests maybe push the button on the keys, the lights will flash. The car behind you beeps and flashes..... Oh yeah, courtesy car from the panel beaters.... Likewise, totally not me, a friend
  11. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    or when you have to look in the fridge, for the Iron
  12. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    You don't understand what language people are speaking on the bus.... (turns out its English) Mad Steve
  13. Favourite Telford show year and best show winner

    I agree about the Ferrari. That really was stunning
  14. lost bag at Teford

    What kind of low life piece of would steal a model of the display tables......
  15. Show us your modelling space

    Morning Chaps I must say this is a splendid thread and some really good ideas have come out of it, especially the Rattlecan Dispensomatic MkII. Most of the time people are sharing threads about what finishes to use?, how do you do this or that? and a lot of the time chaps are looking for more simpler answers to things like, how do I make a paint rack for my rattlecans, What if I dont have an MP-44 to hang my lights off? Nice to share things that make life easier... Mad Steve