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  1. Hello chaps Briggers, yep both doors are positionable open or closed. Mad Steve
  2. ooooooooh that looks nice
  3. Moaning Chaps I finally finished off my Roadrunner....!!! Just little things needed finishing and I just never got back to it, and it was looking so forlorn and rejected in the cabinet..... This is Round 2 repop of the old 68 Roadrunner and what a fantastic kit... I usually try to avoid AMT kits, but I love Plymouths so I had to build it. Excellento kit, actually all fits together nicely, and has some nice tyres that come with it, with pre-printed makers brand on one side, and red stripe on the other. Only addition to this was some detailing in the engine area, with hoses and wiring etc added. The RoadRunner is finished TS-52 Candy Lime Green over TS-47 Chrome Yellow with a Matt Black bum stripe and bonnet. I usually don't like building AMT kits, but this one is a little gem and well worth it... All comments welcome Thanks for looking Mad Steve
  4. Moaning Chaps Another of the jobs that was stalling on the bench This is one of those, 'You have got to build' kits... The detail, quality and engineering is fantastic. Not an easy kit to build, but well worth getting one. Finished in Tamiya TS 14 Gloss Black, which was a laugh in itself, trying to keep it shiny shiny throughout the final stages. The interior is TS-8 Italian Red, gradually matted down with Matt Clear. Yes, I could have used matt red for the interior, but it just didn't look right. Also used the Hobby Design PE set on this one, (well most of it anyway), and the whole lot was finished off with a couple of coats of clear and a bit of Polish A lot of people knock Tamiya kits as Shake and Bakes (and a lot of those people never build them) and this kit certainly isn't one of them.... Apologies for the photo's, really is hard trying to get nice pics on a black car on my phone (Camera purchase in progress) (and ive just noticed the Benz logo on the side is damaged, oh hell now everyone's going to look at it....) Any and all comments are always welcome Thanks for looking Mad Steve
  5. Moaning Chaps It really is a crap kit Ian, and like you say, the only option if you cant find the others... Having said that though, you really have done a good job on this one Mad Steve
  6. Very Nice indeed, well done... Mad Steve
  7. Afternoon Chaps Harrier/Viper fan, why not have a look at Gravity Paints, those you can brush paint with and also do loads of the automotive colours. Mad Steve
  8. Morning Chaps I'm definately a paintaholic... Lets see, there's these... Quite a few of these... wee dash of Airbrush paints Some more airbrush and tamiya paints... oh and nearly forgot these ones Maybe I'm just sad, but I like having the paint I might need on hand, saves a trip to the model shop where I'll come back with a bag full of stuff (and usually without the paint I actually went there to get ) Mad Steve
  9. Very nice indeedy Mad Steve
  10. Afternoon chaps Thanks for the kind words chaps. The numberplate holder is from the HD set, its actually a two piece affair, an the bit you see is the rear of it, but i just thought it looked cool Mad Steve
  11. Afternoon Chaps Seems even though Australia has so many creepy killy things... even the weather now is apparently trying to kill you Mind you, I was in the back and beyond of the Eastern Cape last week, and it was 37 Deg C at lunchtime, so I know how you feel... Mad Steve
  12. Morning Chaps This is a bit of a Mojo Builder / Anti Boredom build... I usually build Cars and Bikes, and the perfect finish you need on them is a bit of a bore sometimes, so I thought I'd do a couple of wee tanks for a change. I've always been drawn to the Modern German stuff, it just seems so.... different. Anyhoo, Revell's kit. Little Gem, quite a complicated build, and the wheels are fantastic ( two outer sides, and a centre section= no mould seems) No month long build here, built it over two days, painted it in one. No fancy weathering effects, just a splosh of a light tan for some road dust and that's that. My Airbrush burped a bit a left some teeeny tiny splodges but i'm not worried. As a mojo build, had an absolute blast, was great fun to build, so much so that I went out yesterday and purchased the Biber & Dingo set at well to build Luchs is finished in Tamiya Nato Green, Brown & Black (XF 67,68,69 Acrylic), with a soft layer of Deck Tan (XF 55) and a bit of a brush over with Mig Pigments. Dont really care if the Camo Scheme isnt 100% authentic, I had a blast building and painting it. Hope you enjoy, all comments welcome Mad Steve
  13. Morning Chaps Hi Graeme I believe the details sets are on the way from Hobby Design, as well as the Carbon Decal sets, but I haven't heard anything about the Fork set. They are usually released at the same time as the model, so not sure if there is one coming out? Mad Steve
  14. Morning Chaps Being predominately a Car & Bike modeller, I tend to stick to them. I prefer the older classics, not really into modern cars, although I do have a soft spot for Lamborghini's Not really very fond of F1 cars or Ferrari's I spent many years building armour related thingies... and there wasn't really a pattern there, just built basically anything, so when I decided to start building some armour again, I went for something a bit different,Japans JGSDF vehicles, mainly because you don't see a lot of them. Aircraft don't really do it for me, although I do have a particular fondness for WW1 planes. I have tried. I've tried building aircraft but they just cant keep my interest peaked. I think I would put it down to always looking for something different that doesn't attract me towards the spitfire/luftwaffe/grey jets etc. I'm not really into Aricraft and although I will always appreciate a well built and finished model, Its doubtful that it will inspire me to go out and buy one. I've always had a thing for ship models and I have quite a few, but I've only built a couple. I just find them fascinating. Because I'm always looking for something different for the next challenge, I cannot get my head around the concept of building the same subject over and over again. That would do my head in... I cant honestly say that there is a subject that I dislike, as I appreciate each subject for what it is, so I'd rather say - Not fond of... Aircraft Mad Steve
  15. Ha, we were talking about this the other day. My kids were 'trying to get their heads around' me going to the first screening '77. If i recall, we drove from Nuneaton to Hinkley to watch it, all a great adventure when you are 8 years old. Daughter no2's boyfriend piping up, 'woooooow, that was like soooo long ago, i didn't know you were that old' Cheeky buggers, wont be laughing when they cant find there phone chargers Mad Steve