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  1. Morning Chaps I haven't started on mine yet... Still have a couple of things i need to shift off the bench, and I see that a second version is already on the cards As an aside, Is there any news that there might be some crew to go along with it? Mad Steve
  2. Forty Four!!!! Maaaan... I thought I was living the large with 3 Mad Steve
  3. Morning Chaps Mrs Mad says that I suffer from CRS... Cant Remember ..... Seriously tho, Having just been retrenched, I have had to transfer my phones memory and everything on my laptop to a new phone and laptop, (because the company couldn't possibly let you have your old ones to keep after 10 years with them).... (mini rant)...(over now) The admin oik said 'well sorry, you'll just have to change your number' 10 years of giving out your phone number....! (okay really over now) Anyway, spent the better part of a day writing down all the sites i visit and what their passwords are, so that when I transfer over to my new laptop i wont be like crustydude and be sitting in a world sans britmodeller But hey, normal sop is i cant remember yesterday, so when the wife starts on about, ' you remember that shop we went into 6 years ago at the back of ....' Yes dear, is the standard response Mad Steve
  4. Evening Chaps Hi Ian. The Air Museum has a few kits yes. If I remember correctly there are actually 2 or 3 shops that stock models on the Island. If you Google Model shops Malta, it'll give you the locations. IIRC they are mostly outside of Valleta, but easy enough to find. I think one of them is even called The Model Shop Lovely place, you'll definately enjoy it. Mad Steve
  5. Morning Tammy Sad Sad news, and my thoughts are with you both. Having lost 3 furkids myself, I can tell you that it does, eventually, get easier. The biggest thing to get over is the hole that now exist's that used to be occupied by your best mate, and that's the hardest thing to overcome, but like Jonners has said, the best thing for you to do is look out for another deserving little puppy and bring it into your home, when you feel the time is right. ALB Mad Steve
  6. Morning Chaps The rim size you are talking about tennantsuppa are actually quite big ones in 12th scale... I've just measured the Tamiya Kawasaki H2R rear rim, thats 38mm OD, 17mm width and with tyre in place is 55mm, but then remember, these are race bike tyres, so i might suggest any of the Moto GP rear tyres might fit the bill. Mad Steve
  7. Moaning chaps Well I'm at 26.19 South, so guess half the Aussies and all the Shakey Shakey Island chaps beat me Mad Steves absolutely useless facts #213: I've had my photo taken at the Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn and the Equator Mad Steve
  8. Hiya Matt You are right, run a pencil around the lip, then use the wide tamiya tape to cover the windscreen. The pencil line should now be visible through the Tape. Now, depending on how brave you feel, you can either cut around the pencil line as is, or redraw the line on the tape, remove it, cut around it and re apply to the windscreen. ( I prefer cutting around it in place). Once that's done, burnish the edges with a toothpick to make sure there's a nice tight bond and spray the inside of the windscreen. Don't forget to mask off the other side of the windscreen as well. Have a look on youtube tho, there's quite a few nice videos for doing windscreens.The guy makes it look very easy, but it just takes practice. If you have some clear acetate to practice on, give it a couple of tries first if you like. And if you make a boob, just whack it in some dettol for a few hours and it'll come right off. Doesnt the Enzo come with Windscreen masks, thought it did? Mad Steve
  9. Morning Chaps I've also had the same thing with the Tire Pressures but on a Hire Car (BMW 325). I received my car at the Airport and the total round trip was just a smidge under 500k's, but about 50 odd k's from the airport, the tire pressure alert comes on, and wouldn't go off. must have checked them 4 times in those 2 days... told the hire people when i returned it and they just looked like, well the typical I don't care look... But talking of electronic fun. Hired a car a couple of years ago at Heathrow. When I get to the kiosk i get told Ive been upgraded and they give me a shiny Mercedes . Mrs Mad is quite chuffed so we get in, select R, reverse out the parking space, select D and press the pedal, nothing! Switch off, try again, nothing. try and reverse back into the parking spot, naaada... EEEEEVERYONE and his dog in the family gets told i broke a mercedes in like 2 minutes flat, but to be fair, they replaced it within half an hour (with a manual one ) They did tho send me a text a while later wishing me a merry christmas and telling me it wasnt my fault, some selector thingie had died I stick to Fiestas and Focus's now Mad Steve
  10. Morning Chaps One think to think about is if you go down to a smaller scale, like 43rd Resin and Plastic kits. The old Heller kits in that scale, the Princess, Rover, Jag XJS to name but a few, and its actually fascinating to just go trolling around on intergoogle to see just what is available in that scale.... Mad Steve
  11. Afternoon chaps I love the chaps that say, I'm NOT a collector, I'm a Builder!!!, but then have 400 kits in their stash I think we all turn into collectors without even noticing it. I'm a collector, I collect models Mad Steve
  12. Morning Chaps You know, something I've often wondered. Most of the kit manufacturers are quick to release the latest fire snarling beastie of a car or bike, and you see them all over the internet in a matter of weeks. They usually sell very quickly and in some cases, like the Pagani Huayral, sell out on the first run. But for years now I've been hearing the same thing, something along the lines of, cars my dad drove, cars I've driven etc. Its great having the latest Lambo or Ferrari, even the newest Japanese Supercars, but what about your every day runner, moms taxi's, dads taxi's? It would be an enormous task for a Model Manfacturer to start doing such a line, simply because the range out there is huge, but I find myself asking, would they not actually generate just as much income? Always a big debate about the range of cars that Airfix used to do way back, and what would have happened if they had carried on with that as the years progressed, i mean, who else would be better to produce British cars than Airfix. I would love a range of Mom's Taxi's, everyday drivers, even more, I would love to have, in minature, the cars I've owned, but i doubt very much we will ever see,,, Ford Laser Tracer (Mazda 323), Renault Clio (Sport & V6), 2006 Subaru Impreza RS, GWM H5 & H6 (Chinese SUV's with Toyota engines).... and lets not even start on the bikes... So maybe we should be petitioning the model companies for those cars we spend like half our lives in... Its great to have the Huracans, Aventadors, Enzo's and Mclarens, but to be honest, Id much rather fill up my display cases with stuff I've driven or owned over the years Mad Steve
  13. Morning Chaps and Chapesses Picked it up yesterday and thought because I'm such a nice chap, I'd show you all whats in the box (but what the hell is wrong with Photobucket... its become a REAL PITA!!!) Anyway... A nice big box full of plastic... 9 Sprues in light grey and one in clear and a host of other goodies A is suspension & wheels B is outsidey and insidey bits Dont know what happened to c... But D is tracks. Nicely done, with a few injector pin marks on the inner faces, easy to remove tho F is outsidey bits, Nice little GPMG G is mainly interior detail which is quite fine and very nice indeed. and H is more outsidey bits And finally the clear sprue Added to all these lovely bits... A really cool jig for making up the tracks off the vehicle... And of course the Hull and upper body and check out the detailing on the floor in the rear... okeydokey then, next we have the photo etch and decals Note, mudguards already pre bent... And finally, the rather spiffy painting instructions at the back of the instruction book So... What WILL you like There is a full fighting compartment and drivers office, ( No engine though) and they are both very nicely detailed and a bit of plumbing and wiring will bring them all too life. detail throughout is very fine, the instructions are easy to read and understand, and, if like me, you've been waiting for an IM FV432 since like Noah's days, you will not be disappointed. Takom kits are abslolute gems, thoughtfully broken down for an easy build without having to resort to Dragons 1000+ piece kits. The tracks are very nice indeed with the upper piece having a sag built in, but im sceptical of the jig for building the tracks off vehicle (just me), but hey, Ill try anything once What WONT you like... Seriously, only thing i can find wrong is the usual lack of colour callouts in the instructions, but there is a comprehensive set of photos at the back of the book that deals with the interior (MIG colours) and 4 paint options in the book which are, Berlin 1980, Royal Scots 7th Armoured Desert, Green & Black unknown unit, and a OPFOR variant. Yeah, maybe an engine would have been nice too, but hey, I'm sure one will appear very soon from the one of the AM companies Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and start building it and figure out whether i'm mad enough to do the Berlin version Love & Kisses Mad Steve
  14. Afternoon chaperoonies Well it seems to just be getting better.... Takom have announced they will be doing the AML 60 & 90 Armoured Cars... So with a bit of sticky back plastic and a couple of loo rolls, you can have an Eland 90 and 60 So for the slow ones at the back, we now have.... Rooikat, G6, Oliphant, and Noddy Cars, (plus the RG 31 and Badger if you play with the Rosomak kit a bit) woohoo Mad Steve
  15. Afternoon Chaps From an absolute Tamiyaphile...... Yes, there are better kits than Tamiya, and there are manufacturers with better ranges. Tamiya don't always produce what we want, and when they do, there's many a 'what the...' comment. Being mostly a Car and Bike builder, my first preference is Tamiya, and i have bought their last 4 new cars and last 7 bikes. To be honest, I think they are having a harder time than they were 10, maybe 20 years ago, and many manufacturers are now being compared to them, that were not in the past, Aoshima is a good example. Why will i always buy Tamiya?... Well i know what to expect. I know that the kit will be well engineered, it will fit perfectly and it will probably be the best example of that vehicle there is (Benz 300 SL, Honda NSX, Ducati 1199, Kawa H2 just a couple of examples) Their paint as well, superb quality and has been for the 20 odd years I have been using them. But (and there is always a but....) Are they doing enough to keep up with the technology of kit manufacturing...? Quite honestly, I don't think so. The new crop of AFV's from Takom, Meng and Rye Field are fantastic, Tamiya don't actually have something to equal them. New cars from Aoshima ( the Pagani Huayra), and yes, even Revell with the Mclaren.... I think Tamiya need to pull their socks up if they want to stay in the game and compete, but then, remember that their main focus is RC cars and Mini 4wd racers, and that they are 80% domestic market driven.... Doesnt really matter what happens, I'll still go for the Tamiya kit first... but hey, thats just me Mad Steve