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  1. Morning Chaps Well I'm going to throw in a couple from Africa's Bottom if no one minds. Our national Newsagents, CNA, used to be a great store of Esci Kits which was a nice surprise after moving here in the early 80's. Great stocks of AFV's, couple of those stupid aircraft kits and why are all these cars clogging up the shelves (oh for just 2 minutes now getting all those kits in a basket) But two stick in my mind... Track & Trestle in Durban was a great little shop and it opened my eyes to manufacturers like Monogram, Revell, Fujimi, Hasegawa. At that time I was into 72nd wargaming so every other weekend i was on the bus to Durbs, and would hang around in the shop for a couple of hours.I used to love the Nitto armour kits with the full interiors. I started taking note of the pretty boxes of cars and bikes from Tamiya, (they looked so shiny). Maybe if i just have a look in one of the boxes.... These guys started to spark my interest in 35th scale, and I got a Monogram Brumbaer on sale one weekend... and on the next visit the owner showed me over to those shiny boxes again and told me certain Tamiya AFV's were 20% off.... went home with a Chieftan and a Ford Mutt! Next up, after we had moved to Joburg, was Hi Tech Hobbies in Westgate shopping centre. After a couple of months I asked, and was given a weekend job and that was just like a dream come true for me... Frank, the owner, had a wide and varied taste and his interest actually got me interested in a couple of other aspects of the hobby (die casts and RC gliders). Those shiny boxes still kept catching my eye... until I finally took home a Tamiya CBR 400F, my first bike kit, and it all just went potty after that I remember clearly, Hi tech was the instigator of my stash... I had come into some money, bought myself a new bike, (brand new!, plastic still on the seat new ) and next stop was Franks, came away with six kits, the most I had ever had in one go and when I got home and put them on the shelf, I felt a strange sense of, mhhh whats the word.... (moooore moooore moooore) Ahh man, nice memories Mad Steve
  2. Yeah It was about that time i was in there too 76, 77 ish. My dad used to build AFV's back then, and only Tamiya ones so getting to go with him to Beatties was a real treat. I was always enthralled by the big F1 cars, but still being but a wee lad.... Nice memories Mad Steve
  3. Afternoon chaps Strange but true, there are people on this planet that do not know what a Spitfire is.... Mad Steve
  4. Afternoon Chaps Beatties in the Bull Ring in Brum would be mine. I was my first real 'grown up' model shop, where I was introduced to Tamiya and a whole bunch of other waaay cool stuff (for an 8 year old)... Mad Steve
  5. Afternoon Chaps & Chapesses Yeah, Wingnut Wings Felixstowe... Its intimidating Where the hell do i put it... Every single Felixstowe model I've seen is an absolute work of art... (so it goes without saying i'll stuff something up ) Mad Steve
  6. Morning Chaps and Chapesses Oh this is a topic made especially for Chez Mad, especially the modelling room area of the house... Now we've all been silly buggers and superglued ourselves to the cutting mats, drank the turps instead of the coffee and marveled at just how cool your modelling knife looks sticking out of various appendages (foot in my case).... But have you ever broken bones modelling...? Got up to get something out the cupboard, move back to chair, sit down, (well sit down where I thought the chair was) and bam!... broken wrist. One is not a mere whisp of a boy one was when I were but a wee lad, so full weight of me fell on me wrist I did not think it was amusing, but Mrs Mad just could not contain herself..... Mad Steve
  7. Oooooooooh, You got the black one Best of luck with this, I'm sure you'll knock it Tammy Mad Steve
  8. Hiya Will It is rather large yes. I will get round to posting it once I've got a few other things out the way and cleared a suitably large area off the workbench. Mad Steve
  9. Evening Chaps & Chapesses I know its not a favourite here, but I still swear by Dettol. I know its a slower process but just works fine with me. 500ml bottle in an ice cream tub, and equal amount of water, leave the parts to soak for a couple of days and bobs your auntie. The paint will come of with a toothbrush, then rub the body over with some kitchen towel then wash the body off with warm soapy water at the end. That's the trick with Dettol, don't use water to wash the paint off... Mad Steve
  10. Evenin All My first Airfix Kit, and my first kit, was the T34 with the two turrets, on my birthday in 1977 This was followed the next day, with a boost in funds from the Birthday monies, by the Matador and 5.5 inch gun. I walked into this addiction, eyes, arms, hands wiiiiiide open, signing fa la la la la laaaaah..... (And just btw, it took 3 years, yes, three whole years, before I actually built a wingie thing) Mad Steve
  11. Morning chaps and chapesses I'm going for whats on the box rich, the black and yellow. I did consider doing something different, but I actually like those colours so I'm sticking with them I learnt very quickly that its a different ball game altogether painting something so big Mad Steve
  12. Yeah, dog ran out into the road... I hit it at about 30k's and hour and broke my back and my hip, dislocated my shoulder... good fun. I don't ride anymore no. After meeting and marrying Mrs Mad Ver 2.0, she had this odd thought that a fully functioning husband and father was better than one splatted on the road somewhere, so i sold my Triumph Tiger and bought a Subaru instead Mad Steve
  13. Hey, no need to tell me about it, I've been praying to the gods for an original 12th scale GSX 1100R ever since I drove mine into a dog Mad Steve
  14. Afternoon chaps and chapesses Short answer is noooo Tammy. The GSX R is available in Die Cast , and I think maybe the RR is as well, but there's no kits of them Mad Steve
  15. Morning Chaps Yeah I know Keith, I was just thinking the same thing, in, what is it, like a year, maybe two, we've gone from 0 Bugatti's to four, and at least another 3 Pocher's on the forum as well. Very nice actually. (Hope somebody will start a Huracan thread when they get one ) Mad Steve