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  1. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Morning Chaps A slightly different take on the subject. I was retrenched in May after 12 years with the same company. That 12 years was basically working away from home, coming home at weekends only, and in one case, only coming home every 8 weeks for 10 days. The Employment situation down here in SA is not good and construction has taken a real dive, so finding work is not easy at all. This is where my best mate, soul mate and all round nice bird Mrs Mad steps in and offers me the position of House Husband. She has a fantastic job. She earns 3 times what I did, and we can live quite comfortably, so I thought, hmmm, maybe give it a go. Cooking, cleaning and all that is a doddle, i'm used to doing it anyway, and the Man List seems to be getting longer every day, but you know what, I am enjoying it. I'm not taking crap from clients day in and day out, stress levels have dropped to almost nothing and the best part of it all, we see each other every day and its actually made our relationship stronger. What do I do all day? well there's all the usual stuff, cooking, cleaning etc, making sure everyone has lunch etc, the Man List gets tackled as things need doing and i usually try to keep afternoons free for modelling. Downside is sometimes you feel a bit down, but its important to keep your brain busy, yeah ok once in a while you just veg watching the tv, but its not every day. I do need to get some exercise going as i' m not as active as i was on site, but hell man, not having to answer to, report to anyone and being your own boss, its worth it. The biggest thing tho, there seems to be a much clearer picture of what is important in life. My life isn't ruled by stress, I'm not driving a thousand kilometers a week and I'm not missing out on half of my families life anymore. So yes Lost Cosmonaut.... its a big change and you think that you are going to be bored out your skull.... but believe me, you are just about to start living Mad Steve
  2. Evening Chaps Well another one I have finally managed to finish. I have been after this bike since I saw it in the mid Eighties in the window of Beatties in Birmingham, and that slobbering young yufe vowed that one day he would build one. I finally managed to get my hands on one early last year, and it is an original 1982 issue kit. This was from the time when men were men and bikes were BIG... The 6 cylinder Z1300 was something you politely let past you, if you saw one coming up in your bike mirrors,( in case it bit your head off) I tell you what, it certainly was a challenge... It is just massive! To give you some idea of the size, its two and a half Tamiya Ducati Panigales in length. Even tho its a 35 year old kit, it went together without fault. The decals however did not decide to co operate, so the natty gold and silver stripes weren't used. The hardest part of the build was actually painting the wheels Its finished with Tamiya TS 37 Lavender, decanted and airbrushed on. Its a fantastically detailed kit, the engine is just a work of art, and I loved every second of the build. This was my #1 grail kit for many many years, and I have finally made that young boys dream come true. Now I just need to find the BMW R75 and ill be happy as a pig in poo Hope you enjoy, all comments are appreciated. Mad Steve
  3. Spirit Levels!!!

    Hiya Hovis I don't know if this is of any use to you... http://www.johnsonlevel.com/P/190/MachineMountableElectroni We have used similar devices on site where we have sat inside a pickup while the level was moved around. Hope it helps Mad Steve
  4. Very Nice indeed Simon
  5. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Afternoon Chaps Nothing much really, usual boring mix of stuff... Would this count First time I've ever seen a Mclaren Mad Steve
  6. Morning Chaps Been a while since I posted anything..... (no comment) I have FINALLY finished the GT500! This got off to a great start, then stalled and then went on in little burps after that. Its finished with Gravity Colour's Ford Grabber Blue and Zero Rubber Black. The stripes were originally the usual white ones that came with the kit, but the decals just did not look nice, so off they came and black ones sprayed on. None of the wiring comes with the kit, so I printed out some pics of the actual car engine and added as much as I could. The complete dufus that i am, I lost the aircleaner from the front of the engine, so I had to scratch build a new one. This really is an excellent kit. The interior is really nice, and the engine is excellent, but I think Revell may have missed the mark a bit by not adding a bit more detail in the engine bay (wiring etc) and just adding a few more details that would have made it stand out just that little bit more, like separate windscreen wipers, maybe adding masks for the windows, proper mesh grills for the front vents... Having said that, its an excellent kit and we need more in this scale Mr Revell, (how about a Modern Camaro?) Hope you enjoy, all comments are appreciated. Mad Steve
  7. Pet hates.

    Moaning Chaps I agree with Mr Panzer's comment above wholeheartedly. OOB is OOB, you build what comes in the box... Period! This has sparked another thing in the dark and cobwebby recesses of my head. Modelling magazines when they do builds of just released kits and then add all sorts of AM stuff to them. Airfix Magazine, just for example, when they do review builds of their new hairyplane kits. Why not just build the thing so that people see what the new kit looks like, what you get in the box and how it builds up as it comes..... Maybe its just me, (probably) BTW Mr Panzer... What is a West Middle Sex Modeller???? It sounds aaaawfully naughty Mad Steve
  8. Ignore

    Evenin all I do believe we have come to the point where we can institute syncronised ignoring.... Either that, or its.... time... Mad Steve
  9. Ignore

    ahh...... I see your And raise you YES!!! 2 Ignores Mad Steve
  10. Ignore

    What on earth is the of reprobation? Mad Steve
  11. Ignore

    It might be because you speak foreign and wear skirts
  12. Aoshima - are they rare?

    Hiya Chaps MaltaDefender. Aoshima actually produce some very good kits, and of late they have produced some truely stunning cars. Some of their older offerings are a bit basic, most without engines, but on the whole they aren't bad. Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Easy are probably your best bet for most of their range. As to your enquiry on the Starion, there's actually a couple available: Aoshima: the one you saw from a Japanese TV show, but its 1/32nd scale (and has gull wing doors) Fujimi: 1/24th scale, available if you look around, try ebay. Bandai: 1/20th scale very hard to find and stupid prices.... Hope this helps Thanks Mad Steve
  13. Ignore

    how many of you sat and watched Tony's dancing Banana's (Sorry, my ignore button is broken, well thats my excuse anayway Mad Steve
  14. Ignore

    I believe they are an internet group of fishermens mums
  15. Pet hates.

    Morning Chaps I find it funny that, if you say you don't like dogs, people can understand where you are coming from. Say you don't like Cats on the other hand and you suddenly become an emissary of satan . I have had people become physically upset with me when I say that I don't like them, or excuse myself and leave because the cats are crawling all over me.. I'm sorry, I love my dogs, They have gotten me through the hardest time in my life, but they live, outside! They don't walk all over the kitchen counters while Im making food, they don't poop in a box inside the house and most importantly, they actually listen when I tell them to do something ( well, most of the time ) I can understand that you find comfort in your Cats, Just as I find in my Dogs. I can understand that you think Dogs noisy smelly animals, just as I find Cats So rather than having a whole protracted arguement about it... lets agree to disagree Mad Steve