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  1. Please post them up, I'd love to see your model!
  2. I added a set of figures from Mini Art and some more stowage. capture capture capture capture capture capture Thanks again, Angelo
  3. Tamiya's old Bren Gun carrier has been around for ever! A basically sound little model, some detail is a bit heavy or basic. I replaced the Bren guns with ones from their new British infantry set and added stowage from the spares box. Figures are from the kit. Painted with Humbrol enamels. capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture Thanks for looking Angelo.
  4. I believe the runway at Fairford is supposedly 3,046 m (9,993 ft) long, St Mawgan's is about the same. RAE Bedford's runway is 3,200m (10,500 ft) I do not assume that these figures are 100% correct so if anyone has more accurate data, please post it up
  5. No I'm not. I attended RIAT a couple of times as part of the Emergency Medical Services and we were put up in the rat holes accommodation which was an interesting experience!
  6. Only $45 million? Last time I was there, about 4 years ago, the accommodation blocks were condemned as unfit for human habitation and having spent a week in them, they will need to be completely demolished and rebuilt. I think the more they dig, the more they'll find to do.
  7. image hosting above 5 mb
  8. I've noticed that when the original Dambusters has been shown on television recently, they have not adjusted the name.
  9. Very nice! Great weathering 😀
  10. If you can get hold of the book "Soldier I" which is the biography of one of the soldiers who took part in the raid, he relates an incident as they were leaving the building with the rescued hostages, when one trooper ran up to a Police officer, lifted his respirator and asked "who won the snooker?".
  11. Thanks for all the comments & compliments, very much appreciated! The main "trick" I use when weathering light coloured vehicles is Tamiya Smoke. I thin it down with their own thinners and apply it as a filter and as a pin wash. On top of this I will then airbrush a lightened base colour in the middle of panels. For the streaking I use dots of Raw Umber oil paint which I draw down using a broad flat brush, moistened with thinners. A final touch is a very pale dust colour on the lower half of the vehicle which I then streak with the flat brush. The figures are painted with enamels. The uniform gets a wash of thinned Smoke, before its dry brushed for high lights. The skin tones are Humbrol flesh with various high lights and shades added to the face. I then mix Tamiya's Smoke (Love the stuff!) with their clear red to get a caramel like colour which is thinned and washed over all the skin surfaces. Next time I start a similar project (I have Bronco's DAK Stug III) I will do a WIP. Thanks again Angelo
  12. Very,VERY nice! I like the way you got the coated effects on the optic lenses!
  13. Great looking Sandie! Have always liked the Sandtrooper, hence doing one for the UK Garrison of the 501st: image hosting free no registration Great attention to the little details that differentiate the Sandie from the normal Stormtroopers, and nicely weathered too
  14. Here's another trailer: I have to say, this looks like its going to be very good!