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  1. My jaw hurts. It hit the floor when I saw this wonder! That is a fantastic piece of modelling! Beautifully built, painted and weathered
  2. Just found this, from a Japanese fan magazine: free upload
  3. Found this, not sure if its canon, but it shows orange parts with black panels: free upload
  4. I got it from Comet Miniatures, who now trade as Timeless Hobbies and do not show it as available. I have seen some on the Bay, but the prices can be a bit "silly". I'm glad you like the flying juicer! It was and still is, a very imaginative design, and I love the noise it made when it was flying. I remember seeing some fan art in the Fanderson magazine, SIG, on an idea to how it opened up. The top dome was raised by the central structure, and one of the fins hinged up to allow access. The only time you saw the inside was in the episode "Ordeal" when Colonel Foster was abducted, but it was pretty psychedelic! The same magazine also suggested that there were various sizes of UFO depending on the mission.
  5. I have always been a big fan of Gerry Anderson's work, especially UFO, his first live action series. Having seen Kallisti's excellent build of the UFO, I dug out my old one made by SHED. It was built a long time ago, it is vac form & white metal, and half the size of the Kits For Cash one. I spruced it up and took some pictures: windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot windows screenshot I then took it outside for a picture up against the sky: windows screenshot Thanks for looking
  6. CT Gascoigne's, Tavistock Street Bedford. Never really saw much of Mr Gascoigne, but Jim who ran it for him was a real star!
  7. Considering how old the kit is and the challenges it presents to the modeller, you have done an outstanding job there! Great work, very impressive!
  8. Tibbs has done that, regularly! (usually where we store the cat food) And he has got himself shut in my modelling room overnight, with no mishaps!
  9. He generally gets into everything. He came home all pink once, after getting into a bag of plaster when our neighbours were having an extension built. I have had to rescue him at least three times out of the willow tree in the garden, and I have lost count how many times he has fallen in to the bath!
  10. Today is Comic Relief so Sergeant Tibbs decided to put on a red nose: upload a gif (Actually he just got his nose stuck in some ketchup!)
  11. Gloster Gladiator.
  12. Superb! Wonderful looking Panther, great weathering!
  13. Lovely looking Hurricane! Having just built one of these beasts, I appreciate what a 'challenge' they are to build. You have done a great job!
  14. Superb looking Phantom! Great work overall, especially with converting the crew from non aircrew figures, very impressive
  15. screen shot on pc Purchased in Woolworths, with a tube of glue and a tin of Airfix's own gloss green to paint it. The canopy melted as I used too much glue. Happy days