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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I believe the mismatch in camouflage schemes came about because they used wings built, and painted for single seaters which they had already available, and mated them to the twin seat fuselages. By the end of the war they were using any parts available. I know with Fw 190Ds they used wings, access hatches and cowlings from various machines, brought together to make an airframe, which is why they were such "harlequin" like finishes.
  2. Very nice! Just love the way these Jeeps look. (I've been watching Rogue Heroes too. Interesting!)
  3. Thank you all for your comments and compliments, they are very greatly appreciated. The Swastikas are not included in the kit and were sourced from the spares box.
  4. This is Revell's new kit of the Me262 night fighter. I added some after market seat belts, everything else is OOB. Nice kit, I had a few fit issues, but it is a lovely looking kit. I used Mr Color paints for the RLM colours. image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration image hosting without registration Thanks for looking Angelo.
  5. Great looking Tiger! Shame to see one being blown up
  6. Hi Tony, thanks for the feed back. If only you knew the fun and games I had mixing the beret colour! in some reference photos they looked almost purple! I don't think my photos show the colour too well. they are, I assure you maroon, and not RMP scarlet, they just don't show up well in the photos, honest! As for the jackets, yes I saw pictures of Paratroopers wearing Denison Smocks with the Saracens, but I also came across pictures of them in DPM as the Saracens were still in Ireland when DPM was standard issue across all regiments. Again, thank you kindly for all your comments, I appreciate them!
  7. That is very impressive! Great looking model
  8. Glad I've sparked so many memories! Raymond, The bin bags maybe a bit of artistic license , but I do remember us having them about the late seventies, early eighties along with the tin dustbins.(I've heard about the bin banging as a warning. A good friend of mine who was out there with the Royal Regiment of Wales told me that on their last night out there they chained a stack of bins to the back of their Land Rovers and drove around all night dragging them crashing and clanging behind them!). I built the house fronts using foam board, onto which I stuck some self adhesive brick paper I got from a company called "Custom Dioramics". The design of the houses were based on online photos, actual properties near where I live, but ultimately I found some downloadable railway modelling card houses, and scaled them up. For the doors and window frames, I made them using wooden drink stirrers. The figures have been in my stash for ages! I got them from my old local, now long closed model shop, many, many years ago. I have a few other figure from them covering the "troubles", including Squadie in riot gear with baton & shield, a female RMP, and an EOD operative in the full kit. For the DPM, I started with the sand, and worked my way up the colours, green, red brown, and finally the black. I had my old DPM jacket with me as reference as I was painting. Thanks for all the comments, compliments, memories and advice, all very greatly appreciated
  9. Seen this "in the flesh". Great model, and some very nice weathering
  10. A lovely looking model of a fascinating subject
  11. Thank you for all the comments and compliments people I'm by no stretch of the imagination an expert on the Saracen. While "researching" the diorama I came across this picture of a Saracen titled " Belfast April 1981 " an I believe it shows one with the reverse flow stuff fitted. I can't see anything relating to the top hatch in the shot though. host images
  12. The SLRs do look too big, but they are the ones that were provided with the figures, which are 54mm so technically slightly bigger than the 1/35th Saracen.
  13. Great looking Tiger!
  14. Lovely work! Great weathering
  15. Got one of these in the stash and your build has got me inspired to get it built. Great work!