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  1. 1/48 RAF FGR 2

    Great work! Those camouflage colours look really good!
  2. Airfix 1/72 Vulcan XL360

    Great start mate!😀 Looking forward to watching this develop.
  3. Very nice! I like the water line staining you've achieved
  4. Spectacular! Fantastic job on the camouflage
  5. HMS Vanguard

    Great looking Vanguard Sam, Nicely done!
  6. Losing respect

    Having read nearly all of Ambrose's work, it is true that he does take a dig at the British, he's not a big fan of Montgomery, he didn't think much of our weaponry, but where credit was due, especially with "Pegasus Bridge" he did lay the laurels firmly where they belonged. As Mike said, he's only one author, and I have read British authors who have been "unfair" towards our allies. Read him, take on board what he has to say, then read some one else's account of the same subject. I have read a lot about Market Garden and it always makes me smile how some writers seem to be writing about a totally different campaign to others! :
  7. Thank you, again, very much for all the lovely comments & compliments. I appreciate them all. Cheers, Angelo
  8. Thank you all very much indeed for all the comments and compliments, they are greatly appreciated!😊
  9. This is my HP Victor K2, WIP is here: It is most definitely not a "Shake & Bake" kit. I added the Flightpath K2 detail set, and the interior set from White Ensign. The kit had it's panel lines engraved, and various other kit details refined and enhanced. I used Xtracolor enamels for the camouflage colours. Definitely looking forward to the new Airfix kit later this year! Thanks for looking! Angelo
  10. HP Victor K2 1:72nd scale

    I'm calling her "Done"! I had a real battle with the main undercarriage. I just couldn't get them to fit tin the bay without having to trim lots off to get them in the bays! Some very VERY fine turned brass pitots were added to the wing tips, and now I am paranoid about knocking them off! A bit of weathering in the form of panel fading and oil streaks. Here are a couple of photos. I will get some clearer, brighter ones done for the RFI post. Thank you all for staying with me, and for all the support, and comments. Angelo
  11. HP Victor K2 1:72nd scale

    Thank you all very much! You are all very kind
  12. HP Victor K2 1:72nd scale

    Thank you Martin. (I'm sure the Airfix version will be an easier build!) Work progresses. I have added a wash to the panel lines and I have done some panel fading. A matt cote has been applied and the masks removed. Next stage is dome oil streaking, and then it will be time to build the undercarriage!!! Thanks for your continuing support & interest! Angelo