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  1. Westland Sea King HAS/R 5

    Impressive work! as always. Quick question, where do you get your "Green Stuff" from?
  2. Takom Mark IV Male

    Great work! The chips & scrapes look really convincing
  3. Superb, and colourful, collection! Love the grey & dayglo scheme on the Provost.
  4. The Gnat is a lovely looking aeroplane, and it really looks great in this scheme! Great work, very impressive
  5. Lovely looking Ju88!
  6. Very smart! Love the colours, nice change from the usual SEA scheme
  7. Thank you all very much for all the comments and compliments😀 I appreciate them all.
  8. I have been building Fly's 1/32nd scale Wessex HC2, here's the link to the wip: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026000-westland-wessex-hc2-fly-132nd/&page=6 The Wessex is a helicopter I have always been a big fan of, having seen many service variants close up and had them overhead more times than I can remember. I am not, by any means an expert on the machine, but I just love the look of the Wessex. The kit is no shake and bake kit, but it is a canvas onto which a modeller can add as much detail as they wish. As the kit provided schemes were not that inspiring, I wandered away to produce a model in the colours I like seeing one in. I know there may be details present on my model not necessarily true to the period of the scheme, but I am not too worried about it. It is a large Wessex and I had great fun building it! A big thank you to all the members who chipped in with advice regarding the helicopter, and kept me supplied with great photos of the real thing.. And safely stowed alongside a colleague! Thanks for looking Angelo
  9. Thank you all very much indeed for all the comments, compliments, advice and support throughout this build. I am calling it done and I'm heading over to RFI. All the best, Angelo
  10. With regards to the intake mesh, this is how it was done. A very kind chap, DMC, sent me a piece of mesh after I accepted that the aluminium bodywork repair mesh from Halfords was way too big! The mesh I was sent is the same as the mesh used in these £1 tea strainer/sieves you can get in Morrison's kitchen section: I annealed it over the kitchen stove, heating it until it glowed red, then let it cool. Be aware, the handle gets very hot! Once annealed, I cut out the mesh and as the heating had softened it, it was easy to crush form around a block of Milliput I had forced into the resin FOD cover provided in the kit, taking care to align the mesh so it runs "North- south & east- west": The whole thing can be smoothed over the block using a brush handle. Once shaped it can be trimmed to size using a pair of nail scissors (Not the wife's!!!!) The trimmed edges are sharp and very stabby(?) so take care. To make the internal frame I used solder which is easy to cut and shape. The external frame running around the outside edge, was made using self adhesive aluminium tape. Hope this helps Angelo.
  11. I have got quite a bit done overnight. Camouflage completed, decals on and weathering started. The decals are a mixture of spares box, RAF roundel, Royal Air Force title, and letter A, and the kit's for the rest. The kit's decals are well printed, with loads of stencil data. The layout of the sheet make finding some stencils hard as the sheet hasn't been laid out so the decals are in numerical order. Also, there are a lot of unused decals present. Anyway, here are some more photos: Oil wash of Raw Umber applied to whole airframe following decal application, Oil wash removed! The black underside had some panel lightening with Panzer grey The model has had a matt coat applied and the final bits of detailing is being added: The exhausts are the kit's parts. They needed careful cleaning up and some thinning on the inside. I painted them with Alclad flat aluminium then used Tamiya clear blue, yellow, and smoke to give them a heat stained effect. Thanks for looking, Angelo
  12. Kubelwaggen Type 82

    It's not a case of "not appreciating" the model, I do, very much. I worked hard to achieve the finished product. I just don't have the room to have it on permanent display.
  13. The good lady, may she be blessed! , does wonder sometimes when I hang around the kitchen section of various shops. I do like to cook, but 9 times out of 10 it's because I'm looking for stuff suitable for modelling! I used a sieve to manufacture the engine screens on my 1/16th King Tiger!
  14. I was given the mesh by another member here, but I have found that a £1 tea strainer/sieve from Morrisons has the exact same mesh!