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  1. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Most assuredly yes
  2. Ultimate laziness?

    They can be quite handy for parking in congested cities. A few years ago when I worked in Belfast a Smart car used to share a parking bay with two motorcycles. The car parked tail in to the kerb. On that road parking fees were for the bay, not per vehicle, and it looked like the three owners took turns to pay, or just display the paid ticket.
  3. The top 3?

    No, the RFC/RAF were very strict on their accounting. A 'kill' was only allowed if an independent observer on the ground saw the machine crash out of control. A pilot could claim a 'possible' of an aeroplane seen diving out of control
  4. Ultimate laziness?

    back on to ; too lazy. One of my sons got the sharp end of my wifey's tongue when he started to send her or No.1 dottir text messages from his bedroom when he wanted snacks brought up
  5. Ultimate laziness?

    They remind me of a wee lassie's' toy dolly pram
  6. Oh, the irony

    Just had to share this; This morning I saw a local authority truck being rescued by a recovery truck. The truck being rescued had one front wheel right down into a pot-hole or road subsidence. I don't know if it was damaged but clearly it could not drive out of the hole. The irony? It was a DOE Roads Service truck with a team filling in pot holes
  7. Ultimate laziness?

    Near me lives a man who uses a powered invalid scooter to take his dog for walks. Enquiry has found that his man does not need the scooter for mobility; just for doggy walking
  8. two-seat venom and vampire - visual differences?

    Get a Frog/Novo Sea Venom and take off the hook and its cover and you have a Venom N/F
  9. two-seat venom and vampire - visual differences?

    The Venom has a different wing; thinner and with different taper
  10. Best way to make hole for stand?

    Modern Airfix kits have markings for the new stands; these are 2 x 2mm holes. For these older style stands with new kits you could use an etch or razor saw to make two nicks in one fuselage half, then carefully pare away the material inbetween
  11. Pet hates.

    Today my pet hate is.... seagulls and rooks fighting outside my flat from the crack of dawn the worst scene from 'The Birds' can't match it No chance of sleeping through it
  12. Any tree experts in our tribe?

    Don't think of it as 'crooked' just a kink. It'll be slight. After a few years the thickening of the trunk will cover it. As it was shown to me by an apple orchard owner. He was doing dozens of trees so his was a rough method but he showed me how it had worked for many many years. ~ Using a chain saw he cut a long narrow three sided V into the trunk, just into the heart wood. Then he cut the branch into a long matching point. He aligned the branch so that the sap wood of the branch was with the sap wood of the trunk. The branch was a tight push fit into the trunk. Then he bound it round with two big iron rings; like giant cable ties except in galvanised steel. When all that was tight he slathered it all round with tar, totally covering the cut area. It took him maybe about 15 to 20 minutes to do all this. The V cut was gauged by eye and was really no bigger that the diameter of the branch. The orchard owner told me he would do about 100 trees each year. I asked him about failures and he said he rarely had any. The branches he was using had been cut off from better yeilding or younger [less than 120 years old!] trees over the prevoius few days and stored ends in peat
  13. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    A metal spring On my cars the finger loop at the top of the spring has a hole which goes over a U shaped hook; this is a standard styled item One side of the U is riveted to the bonnet, the other side of the U is shorter than the other Hannes drawing would work, but I've never seen any like that The spring is rather strong and stiff. When unlatched it will stand up on its own. The bolt fitting at the bottom is sometimes kept very slightly loose so one can swing the spring down to right or left to get it out of the way. Racing regulations stipulated two spring latches each side and one or two leather straps of certain dimensions, this depending on engine classification
  14. Scratch building a roll cage

    What about using thick copper wire from heavy duty cable. I have thicknesses up to 3mm diameter. All gleaned from scrap left over from street lighting and house/factory rewiring. Once bent the pieces can be easily soldered together
  15. Any tree experts in our tribe?

    I wonder if you could graft a branch onto the broken tip. The grafted branch would then grow upwards as a new tip. The new tip would not be in 100% alignment but slightly off-set, but after several years that'll not be noticeable I know this can be done on apple trees