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  1. It would be most unusual for the mechanics to weld the front fairing when they use rivets and screws everywhere else. Although welding of aluminium was known and done it was not easy, as easy as it is now.
  2. The lengths some people will go to to make sure those 1970s Paisley pattern curtains are never hung again
  3. Some LMS are cutting back on keeping Airfix because they are not getting the proper deals from Airfix Hornby My LMS tells me he can buy kits in smaler quantities and at a cheaper prices thru Hannants than he can direct from Airfix. He can get the latest kits quicker as well An order to Hannants can be any size but to Airfix he has to order 6 or 8 or 10 of a kit and the total order must be over £350 at a time; rather large for a small shop. On prices he says that he can buy a kit at dealers price from Hannants at 75% the wholesale price from Airfix Thus he's cutting back on what Airfix kits he keeps. He's already reduced the Airfix on the shelves by a third with it due to get smaller
  4. An alternative pricing 3 pairs of reading glasses £3.00 SM handle no 3 £3.50 100 x 10A blades £4.50 Electric wiring side cutters £1.55 Needle files £6.00 A4 self healing cutting mat £1.99 Vallejo putty £3.25 EMA Plastic weld glue £2.50 CA glue [4 of] £1.00 Sanding sticks £0.50 Tweezers X type £2.50 Set of paint brushes [2 x 4] £4.00 Cocktail sticks £1.00 Cotton buds £0.50 Blutac £1.00 Paper towels [2 of] £1.00 Sub total £37.79
  5. Stictly; No Its classed as 'impersonation' of a Police vehicle, an offence. But prosecution really depends on the discretion of the local plods A friend of mine had a genuine NY state sheriffs car, which he took to a show in Scotland. Scots police had him tape over the words Sheriff and also prosecuted him for having and driving a vehicle 'impersonating' a sheriff vehicle - they have sheriffs in Scotland but afaik no vehicles. Whereas he drove the car to the show he had to use a car transporter to take it home, forbidden to drive it on Scottish roads again. I had a Chicago Police Oldsmobile, so marked, RUC, as the PSNI was then, called out to me and suggested I didn't use it on the road or change the scheme or face prosecution. I changed the 'Cook County Police Department' to 'Cook County Sheriff Department'. Local plods were happy with that as we no longer have sheriffs. Cars marked with 'Police' can't really be used on open roads. In TV series the filming of the cars is done on closed roads usually. I doubt mainland plods would really chase after a Morris Minor for breaking the law. They're most likely to smile and laugh at it as it drives past - 'We actually used those?'
  6. Interesting discussion this. In N.I. my club is only one of two plastic model dedicated clubs. We are the sideshow at model railway shows We don't sell under the table, never have. Here there is an unwritten understanding that anyone who wants to sell buys a 'trade' table - even the host club pays itself for a trade table for its members. Different understandings
  7. Earlier today; a dhc Triump Herald, all over white and rust, in desperate need of TLC. The roof looked so bad that if hadn't been for the holes in it the strong winds filling it would have made the car take off like a balloon
  8. Not an 'expert' in any ways; but that looks like the paint was partially dry before hitting - which means too far away Up closer, with less presure Best way of reducing this now is to 'sand' it using toothpaste on a rag [or Micro Mesh - if you have that, but I doubt it]
  9. My bit o wire only lasts a week or so. Every time I need a thin bit of wire to make handles or somat I grab the nearest bit of fine wire. Then when t'glue needs pokied I can't find said pokie wire cos - durn it, I just used the durn thing So its off for a rummage in the fine wires box for another
  10. mmm, you may have to fix that pronto otherwise there will modifications made to the man in the cave. I trust the Shack and Dino escaped unharmed if they came to any harm; Now that would shurley be a great disaster
  11. Is that Mombasa Student's Union Annual Rag-day day trip out? We could only ever get about 12 in a Mini
  12. I must agree with the thread title: 1/72 is yesterday's scale Tonight I'm working on 1/48, 1/35 and 1/32 If the paint is dry on my 1/72 Tempest VI later tonight I might get back to 1/72 tomorrow [after midnight tonight]
  13. ah, but they could. A civil case. A wily solicitor for them could argue that having stolen the log book he sold it on and they could seek substantial damages for the loss of a really priceless bit of history. Onus of proof is lower in civil cases than criminal cases
  14. I still drop in to catch up on what is going on here but now that you guys are into the details of your builds there is not much for me to contribute. So I just read and watch. I look forward to seeing these models all finished
  15. Was he just playing 'chicken' ?