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  1. frightened fishing gnomes gastronomically
  2. From 'Kits for Cash' Cutty Sark. Took a notion to build it having never done this one. I'm usually reluctant to buy something like this secondhand in case of missing parts but this box is still sealed in its cellophane 1/32 VW Beetle and two off 620mm x 85mm x 0.6mm aluminium - from someone else
  3. oopsie; Olivier, just spotted your work on the wheels/tyres. You put a small disc on the valve. This is actually a thin nut. Half the thickness of a normal nut Tyres had inner tubes, like bicycles still have, the valve from the inner tube sticks through the metal wheel rim and a nut is screwed on to lock it in place. If the valve stem is not locked the inner tubes does what we call 'walks' as the vehicle is driven, this puts strain on the valve which can pull out of the metal rim or even rip out of the inner tube
  4. 48mm, I turn into almost 2 inches, wider than modern tape which is about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches or about 40 to 42 mm, so 48 mm is A OK Usually the tape only runs past, around, the driver's area, ending well before the tail. In my model [above] I have the tape right to the fish-tail as I was making this model car to look like one a friend owns and that is how he has the tape.
  5. A major function of the exhaust wraping was to protect the driver and or riding mechanic from burns* on the pipe. Could Bordino have touched the other pipe from his side of the car; maybe he could *In 1933 Sir Henry 'Tim' Birkin died of septecemia caused by a burn from the exhaust on his Maserati. The size of the burn was about the size of a 2 Euro coin. Dr Benjafield who was his friend and racing team captain had friends who were scientists; one of whom was experimenting with penicillan and needed test subjects, but Tim Birkin did not tell anyone about the burn until it was too late. Time from getting the burn to death - about 3 weeks. [some sources differ] Mechanics memories said there was no cover or tape on one exhaust because it was not needed as the driver could not reach it; but he did, he leaned over to talk with a mechanic during a pit-stop
  6. no sense, all fun
  7. Here you go a linky link Searching was required
  8. with pinky green smurfs
  9. Basically, as you can imagine, the brighter the UV lamp the quicker and better it all works. The time difference is not directly proportional; ie 36w is not 4 times fast than 9w, its more like 16 times faster. AFAIK LEDs have too low an output to work effectively Did you read the tutorial someone wrote up on Bitmodeller?
  10. My wife ran off with my best friend well, he wasn't my best friend until he ran off with my wife boom boom!
  11. we already have a game like this but its for four words Mike allows it to run under duress, not sure if he'd allow another one
  12. Don't panic yet. They try this every so often. Also the image says you have used up your bandwidth Bandwidth is the amount of gigabites your photos use; if you have 1000 gb and 100 people look at 10 of your photos that = 1000 so you have reached your limit and your photos disappear for a while. In a day or so, or maybe two or three the gb will reset itself and your photos will magically re-appear
  13. As Graham says; it was on paper. Anything I have only refers to it as design concept - in case of a shortage of Merlin engines, but never progressed further than the sketches
  14. Impossible to get it accurate, but: I use beach sand which I then put through a fine sieve. I use the fine stuff which comes through, almost sand dust, for fine and the left overs for where I want a sandy stoney desert