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  1. Ignore

    Can I bring the matches? ah, the man who knows the answer to that also understands women
  2. Royal useless mail

    Back to the original post Do you have a legal letterbox or other recepticle for receiving the mail? Under the Post Office Act the postman is legally obliged to deliver the letter to the address on it; not to the person named on it. However, for him/her to do so you must have a legal letterbox A legal letterbox afair is a slot in your door, approx halfway up and is approx 10 inches wide by 2 inches height. A vertiical letterbox on one edge of the door, or one near the ground is not a legal letterbox. Should you not have a legal letterbox postie is only obliged to try delivery once of each item If postie is delivering other peoples mail into your letterbox; take the letters to the police [as the PO doesn't seem to care] Mis-delivering letters like this comes under the category of interfering with the mail - a criminal act, which can attract a custodial sentence upon conviction. It comes under the same part of the PO Act as stealing the mail, or opening it. Have you a local MP? ask him/her to contact Royal Mail on your behalf Send Royal Mail some bills for your wasted time and petrol costs sorting it out I had a postie who wouldn't bring packages to my house; I had to collect them from the sorting office 17 miles away. Complaints got nowhere so I started billing them for my costs. They ignored the bills until when they reached a substantial amount I put it into the small claims court; costs received and postie changed before it got into court
  3. You could use ANZACs and use these heads from Historex Agents Price: £8.25 : 5 heads with Wolseley helmet. 1/35th RESICAST (R355649) Also; but they might be too tall for you, in 1/32 the Airfix Multipose Afrika Korps comes with the Wolsely helmet, that could be used on the Multuipose 8th Army figures - something which I'll be doing
  4. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    No so. The letter or numeral ; 0 was not used till late renaissance but the zero or nothing was represent in money with; - [a simple dash], also the use of roman numerals was used; thusly 10 [1 zero] was X, 20; XX etcetera from antiquity Also; there was no year zero, year 1 AD was from the first day to the 365th day becoming year 1, year 2 was year 1 + first day to 365th day Year 1 BC was 365th day to day 1, the next day was day 1 of the year 1 AD
  5. Hawker Tempest II

    I haven't had a chance to start this yet You on the scrounge? It'll be going into my spares box where it will be forgotten about I suppose I could let someone have it
  6. WWI Whites were they really Persil bright?

    When I used to help white-wash farm buildings we added a handfull of copper sulphate crystals to every 10 gallons of wash; it was to keep the white white
  7. Non-yellowing varnish

    I can assure you that the Humbrol enamel gloss varnish still turns yellow. I tried a fresh tin earlier this year; its already showing signs of yellowing Sometimes it takes a lot longer for a varnish to yellow If you want to be really sure, use an artists varnish, an acrylic; artists don't want their nice paintings turning yellow
  8. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Wot he says; Matcbox didn't have a magazine the way Airfix did. Kits were listed in a catalogue with the diecast vehicles, usually crammed into the last few pages. But they regularly advertised in the comics and Airfix magazine
  9. Ignore

    I say chaps, jolly good wheeze this jape, eh, what?
  10. Road rage

    I encountered three eejits on the roads today The last is the simplest; I'm on main road thru village going at about 20mph cos of traffic, eejit comes out of road on my left, didn't stop, just drove straight out and tuned right. I found my brakes are really good. A real surprise him coming out cos he was coming out the wrong way from a one-way street First eejit; I'm on main road, approaching a road on my left I want to turn into [I have my left turn indicator on] 4x4 coming in opposite direction, signals to turn right; obviously into the same road. Just as I start into my turn he accelerates and also turns and near rams me. He has to brake hard not to, then blares horn, gives me some fingers and mouths somat me. The road we were turning into is a single lane road, no room for two vehicles turning like that Second eejit; try following me on this. I entered a roundabout which has contolling lights on it. Left lane = left turn only, middle lane = straight on only, right outer lane = straight on or right turning. I'm in this outer right lane wanting to go straight on. Just as the lanes exit the roundabout there are two sets of lights. I was held by a red light [I was signalling my intention to go off here] eejit #2 comes onto roundabout in left turn lane, cuts thru a gap into the middle lane and attempts to cut in front of me just as I/we move off on the green light. I just narrowly missed getting t-boned by him. My car has surprising acceleration when I require it.
  11. RPM models - any good?

    This is their 1/72 Mack Bulldog; I added the three soldiers and the load Underneath; almost all those details were separate parts Similarly underneath one of their 1/72 Ford Model T ambulances; Separate diff, drive shafts, steering components, spring units. I actually left some parts off this. A different ambulance, just to show how small these are for to be putting in such detailing; next to the 1/76 Airfix K2 ambulance
  12. Recommend a courier for large parcels

    Try UPS. My son has sent large parcels of car parts via them and they don't cost too much I sent a sheild which was about 38 inches long, 25 inches wide and about 6 inches deep when wrapped to Scotland for about £10 [38 x 25 x 6 inches = 97 x 64 x 15 cm approx]
  13. Christmas menu

    Spam, spam spam, eggs, bacon and spam less spam I'm not fond of spam
  14. What Cheek!

    I've been getting them too. One about every three days. They go straight into the spam box I decided to look at the one I got yesterday 'Up-grade my account' Wow! $10 off - only $1.10 per day!! I quit p/b about 1 week after their ransom demand I shifted to smugmug - costs me about $40 for the year; thats $0.11 [11 cents] per day! No adverts on smugmug; they are dedicated to just hosting for you to put your photos onto forums etcetera
  15. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I'll be there Friday to Sunday Mainly at the Northern Ireland branch tables. I don't know where we'll be but last year we were just about 1/4 from the front doors, in the middle across, of Hall 1. I'll also be spending time at the Airfix Modelling SIG tables. They were not far from the NI tables last year I'm staying at the University Campus for three nights PS; I have a trolley...........and a picnic box sort of thing with wheels too