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  1. Rum

    Do any of you rummers make your own rumtopf? Last week I found two pots of the fruit at the back of my fridge. They must be at least 5 years old - may be even as much as 8 years since I made that rumtopf. The fruit was still soaking in some rum. Its very nice with ice cream but I ain't driving anywheres tonight!
  2. Commission Builds

    As a youngster I funded my plastic kit building by building 'on commission' as it might be called. Back in the '60s there were a lot of plastic kits but few people had a real interest in building them. People got given kits as presents, sometimes the gift-giver didn't know it was a model kit. They came to me to have the kits built. Pay was minimal, but I got enough to pay for paints & glue and the fun of building the kit. I built, on average 3 commission kits per fortnight, plus my own two or three in that same fortnight.
  3. Why were ME-109G wing cannon underslung?

    The wings were thinner and the internal construction was changed. From the F version the powers-that-were decided two cowling heavy mgs and a spinner cannon would be sufficient fire power. By the mid-life of the G it was found more fire power was needed, especially to shoot down the US bombers, but it was too late to redesign the thin wing to take the cannon internally, but they were strengthened The first F series used a modified E wing thus it was that Galland was able to put cannon inside the wings of his F version.
  4. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Just under 4 weeks left to this ere GB 26 days by my counting
  5. Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    Clarify a point for me please - are we supposed to buy our kits from Jadlam?
  6. Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    If the price is right, ie not expensive, I'd join in
  7. 1/72 Frog Sea Fury X

    Thats coming on smartly now
  8. an idea/thought for the headlamps; finish off the headlights themselves. build a dam around the cavity and fill the cavity with clear resin. then sand that back to the profile
  9. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Sunday 15th; afternoon & evening. 6/10 cloud, not too warm nor too cold, no rain. I have my front window open and radio on. From outside; screams and shouts of many children doing what children do best; being children and playing. They are so loud I cannot really hear the music on the radio Most excellent!!
  10. Casting rubber

    No moulding rubber I use or know of would last more than a few on & offs. It rips apart too easily, the thinner it is the quicker it'll rip through An idea/suggestion; carve a bit of wood to the shape of your finger. Shape a piece of leather over it and then dip into boiling water. This may take a few attempts to get just right. The leather will shrink and harden. It will become a thin hardened cover for your finger
  11. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    Sign me up please Maybe a Lightning [jet] F6 or Harrier, or something
  12. How accurate Frog's Me Bf 110G4 painting instructions?

    Generally Frog's painting instructions are pretty accurate; you just need to change from the old generic 'dark grey' etcetera to a modern colour matched RLM paint
  13. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Halfords plastic white primer. I used it on this F-16, then just sprayed gloss varnish on it for the decals and the final finish. The kit parts were a mix of white and dark grey
  14. Dambusters 75 Anniversary Special Odeon Screening on 17 May

    Thanks for this. I just found out where the Odeon is in Belfast
  15. Tower Bridge Hunter - Airfix 1/72

    Xtradecal sheet number 72149 has a 'Tower Bridge' Hunter on it. Code number and letter are different tho https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72149 I've got the sheet and I'm doing that one myself