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  1. Help with Whitley model please.

    There is nothing overly special about the markings; they can be put together from generic letter and roundel sheets. Sometimes Frog Whitley decals come up on ebay for a couple of £ Then there is this Xtradecal sheet; https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72231 another possibility is to beg spare decals from someone who has built the Airfix kit
  2. Help with Whitley model please.

    It is as John says The Mk.VII had the aerials
  3. 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk2c

    The box top actually has a de-cannoned IIc* on it. The kit and markings represent the de-cannoned IIc flown by the BBMF * you can see the artist included the IIc wing bumps and it actually says IIc on the box
  4. 28mm Chess Set - Battle of Borodino

    Could you do a small cannon behind two gabions?
  5. To get into the November voting you need 30 names minimum with two of them as Leaders
  6. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Does anyone know just how long the individual work threads remain open for? My WiP in very old GBs are locked for new posts but I can edit my old postings in them If the WiP threads were to stay open for a while longer I'd post up the finishing my JP5 and maybe others will do the same for their unfinished builds
  7. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Can you believe it? One month of the GB gone already!
  8. Q: MB 200 interior colour?

    afair; Most French aircraft were finished in a mid shade blue/grey inside in the years up to 1939. That is the colour I'll be using on my Amiot 143
  9. 24 th Airfix Hurricane

    or Build it in the markings of 310 squadron and join the BM 10th Anniversary Party GB http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/612-britmodeller-10th-anniversary-gb/ Which is on NOW at your favourite modelling forum - Britmodeller
  10. Thats the reason why my stash is so big Remember, did I not build two Hawker Tempests in the Matchbox GB, nearly finished two Provosts and planned to build two Sepecat Jaguars, each one slightly different? In reality; the early years of the growth in popularity of plastic kit modelling. The kits of those times are not very good. You might call them ............ umm........ a very rude word Harry Webb was on about dolls when I was birthed If I can find a decent kit from my year I'm in; so pencil me in for now
  11. 1917 'self-propelled gun' photo

    The Royal Navy were responsible for Armoured Cars and such vehicles. They built many single types, or just a few of a type, on Type B bus and Dennis chassis
  12. Lockheed Model 10 'Electra'

    For the lights; you could heat stretch some clear plastic sprue. Cut a length and hold the cut end near a flame. The plastic melts back on itself forming a lens shape. I do this for nose lights on such as Gnats, Hawks, Harriers etcetera
  13. PK-10 BAC 167 Strikemaster

    I'm waiting on a slow drying coat of red to dry, before giving this another coat. I reckon that at this rate I'll need three more days at least to finish it Therefore there is no chance this'll get into the gallery Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish
  14. Matchbox GB II - Build List ** now with interactive LINKS **

    Thanks for doing the stats Rabbit Leader Its been fun keeping tabs on what was being built and by who I reckon the PK-23 Hawker Tempest was the most popular kit