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  1. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    Watch out for the dust air filter. The instructions are a bit vague about how and where to fit it. You'll see a pin on it. Look on the inside of the part with the wheel wells/belly section and you'll see a hole flashed over, on the belly part. Open that up for the pin on the dust filter. All Typhoons were fitted with the dust filter from and after July 1944 Go by the instructions for what hangs under the wings; some Typhoons were only bomb carriers, others were only rocket carriers, they did not swop about being one or the other. Each armament required different training and different delivery. Edit; 5V-X carried bombs, ZY-Y carried rockets
  2. PK-8 Gloster Gladiator

    I reckon it the 3 blade Fairey Reed. The centre of the two blader with spinner is thicker than the Reed
  3. Pet hates.

    ah, but maybe you do - so much that you've used up your last jar and have forgotten to re-stock?
  4. Wessex HU.5 with aftermarket decals and spares box upgrades

    Looking well. Some nice detailing I shall be copying you when I come to building mine
  5. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    A handy list Then there are all the Mark 10 or X versions of aircraft without a ten in their main name; eg, Wellington Mk.X, Whirlwind HAR.10, Messerschmitt 109G-10
  6. Matchbox II GB Chat

    The silver Mk.VI, [F6] were not NMF but painted high-speed silver and were usually in squadrons serving in the Middle East, eg 6 squadron
  7. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    yup, you've got it
  8. PK-102 Tim's Jaguar

    That looks well
  9. Computer help please

    What size of floppies are they? I have a USB connected floppy drive for my old 3 1/2 inch ones Stuff on my 5 1/4 and 3 inch discs might not be retrievable now, and I just ignore the 8 inch discs now, but they are in storage somewhere...... The USB connected drive cost me £4.50 at a local computer store, maybe just early last year I bought it
  10. Pet hates.

    Loch/lough is properly pronounced similar to rock. Its a Scottish/Irish* word for a body of water, we both pronounce it the correct way * Scots prefer Loch, Irish prefer Lough; same word - same pronunciation
  11. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    No problem with an A-10 at all
  12. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    I reckon thats acceptable; the number 10 is part of the title
  13. 10th BM Anniversary GB

    I'd have to say no as the X is a description of the wings form and not used as the latin letter for the number 10 This I say yes to
  14. Pet hates.

    My new Yaris has auto-dipping headlights; has it advantages and disadvantages, but I can switch the auto off. I miss my Suzuki with auto-on head lights; they'd come on when the daylight level was low. The Yaris don't have that
  15. Reputation Number

    Thats how many 'Likes' you've received for your numerous postings Every time someone hits the Heart button [lower right] on one of your postings that number goes up. Not immediately cos sometimes the computer system needs a few minutes to do it