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  1. I'm still hoping for a 72nd Avro Tudor!
  2. Telford announcements

    Twenty notes for the Hunter? They can had away and... Second hand examples at their priciest weren't that high! Thankfully I have quite a few salted away.
  3. Fw 190F-8/M-82 conversion options

    I'd forgotten about the KP kit and I'd suspect that ye olde Frog/Novo kit would be available for peanuts.
  4. Individual codes for 16 Squadron FR IX Spitfires

    For the pink paint, best to do your own mix as all the ones supplied are way too pink when it should be a very pale pink that's really an off white. My mix is one full bottle Xtracrylix white to which I added 5-6 DROPS of Xtracrylix Red Arrows Red. Here's a whiffed FRXII in said paint. The photos of their aircraft seem to all have five spoke hubs.
  5. Fw 190F-8/M-82 conversion options

    Ye olde Italeri kit or the more modern Hobbyboss one. I'd go with the latter as the plastic is thicker and thus better able to withstand heavy conversion work. I'd suspect that the RV resin one would be a copy of the former anyway.
  6. 1/72 - Kalinin K-12 by MikroMir - released

    You may well need a bigger shelf for it... Is the K-12 likely to be available for Telford?
  7. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    That's pretty much what I was thinking.
  8. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    More colour options than anything else. Middle East high altitude with Azure blue underneath rather than PRU. I may well do one from the Eduard IX that's languishing part started in a box - it comes with the long span tips as standard.
  9. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    It's just given me an idea for another one or two Spitfire 9 whiffs as well...
  10. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    I'd go with either PRU Blue or possibly Azure Blue. The latter is a wonderful shade.
  11. Sea Hornet to be returned to flight!

    The fact that they are willing to simply try to build a complete Hornet is more than good enough for me. All power to them!
  12. Mr Models also has a decent stock of Provosts. He did at the last show I saw him at.
  13. Sea Hornet to be returned to flight!

    Oh. My. God!
  14. Finally.... I know someone who will be very happy with this. Although maybe not with the price. Hi Vince!
  15. I'm not greedy - I only want the one, as I've a few old Airfix ones and a pair of High Planes ones salted away.