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  1. You're thinking of the more modern kit, but Flugzueg definitely released an He 60 in the early/mid 1990s - a mate had it in his shop on the shelf for a number of years. I remember going through the box contemplating it and the plastic was white, the moulding was reminiscent of the early pre-MPM.
  2. Flugzueg did a Heinkel He 60 floatplane, which I suspect was MPM tooling. Their Arado Ar 240 definitely wasn't. Much cruder and different plastic.
  3. MPM didn't produce it or indeed the Fw 187 for themselves (under their Special Hobby brand) until much later. They did a lot of the tooling and production for quite a few small German companies in the late 1980s/early 90s. Airmodel (the Frank-Modelbau brand), Karo-As and WK Aeromodel being three that I know of. Graham, the Kara-As Falke was a nice kit for it's time but well and truly eclipsed by the mid '00s SH kit. The older boxing still turns up from time to time and, with care, some excellent results can be got from it.
  4. I've got that kit somewhere in the loft at me Mam's. Typical early MPM production for one of the small German 'garage' companies. Also have their Fw 187 'Falke' too.
  5. Warning! Warning Will Robinson! I'm pretty sure that Special Hobby made exactly the same error with regard to the larger chord rudder on the 18, in that it's too tall. Edit: having just checked one in the stash, it is the exact same height as the narrower 14 rudder and thus incorrect.
  6. Prices are subjective. I paid £2 at Telford for an Aeroclub one with a Rareplanes vacform.
  7. The wings are too long, amongst many, many other issues. They also do a two seat NF Venom. Based on the same mould with similar issues.
  8. Mention of Clarkson and Top Gear brings this to mind From three superb sounding V12s to three sublime V12s in the Astons.
  9. Ced, I've still got a HUUGE bag of pilots for you. I'll try to remember to get them in the post soonish.
  10. Paragon did one some years back. Best of luck finding one.
  11. It's a barely noticeable extension, perhaps less than a millimetre. The small carb intake is not the one from the V.
  12. Claudio, that sort of conversion was attempted in ye olden days when we didn't have the availability of resources. Now we do, so really, it isn't worth it for all the extra work it would entail.
  13. As mentioned in this thread, I did an 81 squadron Spitfire PR21 some years back but was unable to load the photos. Well, finally(!), here they are! Cobbled together from a homecast resin copy of the Ventura Spitfire F22 wing and radiators copied from the Aeroteam Spitfire F21, with everything else being Airfix PR19. Initially, she was in overall PRU Blue but languished as I couldn't remember what whiff role she was meant to have. Then I had a brainwave - respray her silver but as a lacquer and have bits of her earlier scheme showing throw having been washed off in a tropical storm. I'd seen photos of Mosquitos and Hornets with similar effects so knew it would work.
  14. Awful. Absolutely awful.