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  1. Much as I admire their casting, I'm dubious about the accuracy of the 3 spoke wheels - the plastic ones in the kit had larger hubs but the wheels themselves were the same size as the 4 spoke hub wheels yet the 3 spoke wheels should be significantly larger. Personally, I'd check these in the flesh, so to speak, before handing over any wadge.
  2. I'd still like a Hawker Henley. There currently isn't a kit of it so the likelihood of any competition is nil.
  3. From what I remember, it fell together. Although the canopy was a pain - Magna's canopies always were. Not really a lot of parts (20) to it to go wrong, really!
  4. To follow on from me MB2, I give the assembled ladies and gentlemen my in service Bristol 135. Magna kit straight from the box and decals from the spares box. I honestly can't remember what squadron she's with, but then again, she's a 2007 build.
  5. "Repeat please!" Joking aside, I've been doing various whiffs with Polish and Czech squadrons and if and when I get round to doing the proposed MB2 with retractable u/c, it'll be with the same squadron albeit in the later day fighter colours. Actually, the codes are for a squadron that never formed, between the Polish and Czech squadrons. Handy place to hide a what if?
  6. I had intended to post this last week but wanted to hang on till after 'uddersfield so as not to spoil any possible surprise! It's the Merlin kit! Yep, I know, Merlin kits were abysmal but this was one of his least worst efforts - I hesitate to use the words "good" or "better" when applied to Merlin! The fuselage is too slim and the canopy is both thick and optically unclear. Other than assemble it, I did some detailing in the cockpit with plestic strip, etc, to make it look a bit better although probably inaccurate anyway. The prop is a De Havilland three blader from the older tool Airfix mk Ia Spitfire, although I'm not sure if the Dagger rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise. Anyhoo - MFM! It's one of my older efforts - circa 2006 - but has been stalled due to canopy issues. It got dug out for a semi-official Martin Baker Group Build over on I did pick up another one at Telford last year - there's one on ebay right now - and if/when I get round to it, I'll widen the fuselage by about 2mm to make it look more prototypical. Incidentally, I have a pair of Magna ones and they are far, far superior! Photo: Rob Sullivan
  7. More likely the ejection chutes were patched and doped over, much like on some of the PR aircraft.
  8. John Aero definitely did the spats for the Frog Maggie - I have a set somewhere. I'd be amazed if he didn'thave the relevant prop too.
  9. I'm amazed no one else thought of it...
  10. When you get to priming this beastie, I'd suggest using a Halfords metallic spray. It'll help the actual coat, but will also highlight ANY and ALL flaws in your build. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.
  11. James, have a think about doing this again but as a master for a possible fix for the kit. Not everyone has your skills but could probably hack out the relevent plastic and insert a new resin piece!
  12. D*GE shouldn't have the blister as it's a wartime aircraft and the mod was July '45 IIRC. All the others should have, and in the case of J*MR definitely has. I can't speak for the 48th wheels, but the ones in the 72nd Eduard kits will need the three spoke hubs wheels replaced. The hubs themselves are bigger but not the wheels. It's one of the few flaws in what is now the absolute Platinum standard Spitfire kit.
  13. Keep an eye out for the old Rareplane vacform. They seem to be rather cheap at the moment.
  14. The Amodel 109K isn't too bad, being a cleaned up Heller K with some extra detail.
  15. Both whiffs. But given the nature and rebuild work on the aircraft used in the film, there's enough doubt to have them looking almost real.