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  1. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    Hot water. Dip the bit in, let it soften then carefully bend it to the correct shape. You may need to repeat the process a few times as resin sometimes seems to have a "memory". Bulkheads may well make the fuselage conform.
  2. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    If it's anything like their Seafire 17, two of whatever is stated on the box. The Seafire I found to be excellent value for money, especially with the spare Seafire XV (late) fuselages included.
  3. supermarine spiteful canopy

    The Pegasus Spiteful canopy is frankly awful. Too thick and too wide. Besides which, the cockpit area on the Pegasus Spiteful had an odd cutout for the canopy that shouldn't be there - the real thing has the fuselage top deck continue all the way to the bulkhead. Not to mention the fact that the tail surfaces are too small and incorrectly shaped. Sadly, the Rareplanes one has similar issues. If it was me, I'd give up on the Rareplanes one as it's too much work to sort out and go directly to the AZ Seafang, which makes into a reasonable late Spiteful once the wing fold is filled and the sting hook replaced with the relevant section from an Airfix Spitfire F22. The AZ Spiteful is a complete abortion and a total waste of time, effort and plastic. Apart from being underscale, the cockpit interior is complete fiction and the fit is vile. I loathe the sight of the only one I finished. Avoid the CMR kit as it's just as bad. I'm of the opinion that the CMR Spiteful and Seafang were used as masters for the AZ kits. The Pegasus one, once the tail surfaces and cockpit/fuselage issues are sorted out, looks pretty decent. It has the brutal chunkiness of the Spiteful down to a tee. In the best "Blue Peter" tradition, here's one I finished earlier. The prop's from an Airfix PR19, homecast resin wheels and tail surfaces plus a spare canopy (as clear as it is ill-fitting) from a Magna Spiteful. Despite it's flaws, I'm rather fond of the Pegasus kit and the bulk of my whiffed Spitefuls have been from that kit. If you decide to go ahead with the Rareplanes, I'd advise stripping an Airfix Spitfire F22 of the tail surfaces and anything else useable. What's left can be used with the Airfix PR19 to do a Spitfire F21. It will crosskit - I've done it and I know of at least three other conversions. Edit: The AZ Seafang looks to be about right. I'm not sure how underscale the Spiteful is, but a standard Griffon spinner is too wide for it. The Seafang is a lot chunkier. The new one looks to be a simple reboxing with new FAA whiff decals, as well as a Seafang F32 serial.
  4. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    You could get away with the early TR.33 sans folding wing and Lockheed u/c. The first 17 or so didn't have them. T3 conversion? Most of the post war ones appear to have come with tropical intakes as standard and no one does them. Paragon did, but apart from being unavailable, they were wrong, being too boxy and flat, whereas they should follow the contour of the cowling more. You could use Hurricane or Spitfire Vokes filters with some surgery, as they look to be fairly close. Pavla does a T3 conversion, but it's wrong in many respects and IMO not worth bothering with.
  5. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    According to Colin at Freightdog, there's only a few who do clear resin casting and it has a high failure rate (I had a spin myself with only bad results). Hence he's sticking with vacform canopies with his Supermarine 327. Perhaps Mel should reconsider the clear resin and switch to vacform?
  6. Pointers on building the S&M Hastings

    Ta for that. Just have to get one now - I bowled up to Mel on the Friday at Telford and asked for both the Hastings and a Cranberry, only to be told that he had neither. Pity, because he'd have had £170 instead of me putting it aside for next year.
  7. Post-war RAF Mosquito

    Magna did a conversion for the TT39 geared to go with the Matchbox kit. Try finding either of them now... Best base kit for any Mosquito bomber or bull nose NF would be the Tamiya kits with resin engines. However, two stage Merlins are now thin on the ground - Attack Squadron have ceased production, unsure of the availability of the Blackbird ones (and they have a nasty solid section inside which will need grouting out before the u/c will fit properly), the old Airwaves ones were geared to go with another kit, so I don't know if they'll fit the Tamiya Mossie. CMRs are the wrong shape and short, Pavla's are too short. Paragon ones are spot on for the Tamiya but finding rocking horse poo is easier. Finding a blown side panel bomber canopy or the bulged bomb bay that'll fit the Tamiya kit is another story. Two options - Aeroclub and Paragon did both but like the latter's two stage Merlins, you'll have a hard job finding them.
  8. 680 Squadron RAF in the Mediterranean in 1944

    Without a photo, possibly. Their PR aircraft would naturally be in the relevant scheme, but given the theatre they operated in, the hacks are likely to be in a desert scheme.
  9. 680 Squadron RAF in the Mediterranean in 1944

    Alan Lake's "Flying Units of the RAF" lists 680 Sqn as having 3 Hurricanes: Hurricane X - AG153 Hurricane IIB - Z5132 (James J Halley's "The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force" lists this as a Hurricane I) Hurricane IIC - HV295 No mention of any codes though. Hope that's of some use.
  10. LF Thoughts on Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro 2 in 1 release

    Don't automatically trust Scalemates to be correct. The few times I've used it, I've found a fair few errors and omissions.
  11. Canopies for AZ Model 1/72 Bf 109s?

    Pavla do Avia S199 canopies, Erla and blown, and these are intended for the AZ kit.
  12. Zac, if you're doing it in 72nd, the best basis is the Skybirds '86 kit - IF you can find one!
  13. Vickers Valiant

    The excess strain explanation is overused - it was actually the alloy used in manufacture. One unused spar was sitting at Vickers, tested and found to have similar cracks. Whilst the Valiant fleet was being grounded and withdrawn, the entire Hastings fleet quietly went through Radlett and had their spars refitted. Same material.
  14. PF659 Dehavilland Mosquito PR.34 question - photo attached

    Don't trust ANY of the captions on that page as most are blatantly wrong! TT.35s listed as PR16s for Cliff's sake... Some nice photos there, none of which I've seen before, especially the last one of a Sea Mosquito TR33. Looks to be one of the early ones with the De Havilland u/c. Thanks for that. PF659 Built by Percival at Luton between 6/9/45 - 26/7/46. Probably shadow - the photo quality is too poor to tell much and most of their aircraft were in overall Aluminium dope.
  15. A swift question

    Nowhere near as good. To my eyes, the back end looks fat and there's some talk of the nose being iffy. Fit is so-so. Not to say it's bad, especially if you're getting it cheap, but the Airfix one is the superior kit.