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  1. I like them all. Except the French one. I don't like Spitfires in French markings.
  2. It's too late, really. Decals are on and any paint/sanding, even with careful masking, is going to be tricky and the colours may not match. Best bet - and what I would do - is get another and try again. Then strip the first and try salvaging it - plenty of other NMF Spitfire mk 22s on available aftermarket decals. It's not that far off - I'd call it the primer/fixer stage - you just jumped the gun with the decals. Plenty of times I've looked at an NMF finish after I've sprayed it and thought it ready for decalling only to spot something before applying them, usually with lots of swearing. Beautiful job on the cockpit interior, BTW. Wheel wells should be interior green though.
  3. Is there anything wrong with ye olde Monogram kit? I've a part started one in the stash, along with several other Mustangs, including a Frog P51A that'll end up in whif markings at some point.
  4. No disrespect, but you really need to listen to what Ced was saying upthread. Seams are a bugbear at the best of times but ESPECIALLY so with regards to NMF or silver finishes because they can and will highlight each and every flaw, especially seams. The wing leading edges could do with a good sanding too. Look, it's a nice model, which draws you in and then you start noticing the seams as silver highlights them. And that's what prevents it being a good model. I tend to use Halfords Aluminium (UK based retail chain automotive paint) and I use it as the primer for NMF or Aluminium finishes so I can see where I've missed with the sanding stick or the filler. Works wonders.
  5. Fairy Power Spray does - or at least did, I haven't used it for a while - remove both acrylic and enamel paint. It will also remove Hallfords primer and metallics. I don't have failed builds. I have builds that I am happy with, builds that I am not happy with, and stalled builds. And nothing is ever so far gone as to be unsalvageable.
  6. The vacu Ambrosini 207 is the Modelaid one - got that today with an LF resin one and the vac is being passed to a mate. Nice work on the Polikarpovs. I've been in appreciation of your scratchbodge skills for some time now.
  7. Simon, give the back of the canopy a good sanding else it'll be a really tight fit.
  8. That's understandable for Airfix but do we have to bow down to these corporate scum here too? I say no! Rename the thread and give them the finger!
  9. They were very good for blowing up trains, I was told by a former Mosquito crew member in 1988.
  10. A "new" bookcase - approx 5-6ft tall - from a second hand shop on Elswick road for the princely sum of a tenner. All me existing book cases are both full and too small, so books are just stacked on top. They have two more for the same price, although I think I just have space for one, and that's if I get shot of the book case that's there already.
  11. Some cheap screenwash (I use it as thinner for acrylics and have never had any difficulties with it) and gloss black spray paint from one of the pound shops.
  12. Payday, so cleared out my ebay basket. £130 worth of books, including several on Reinhard Gahlen.
  13. I've a feeling that the Pavla canopy intended for the Airfix Ia (2010 tooling) will fit the Revell kit. I've detailed the various fixes for the Revell IIa in it's relevant thread in The Rumourmonger. I've yet to get mine any further forward, largely laziness but also disgust at the disappointment it really is. Really, stick with the Airfix mk IIa. Much better all round. 19 bleed valves? Short length of stretched sprue from the outer tiny circle on the leading edge of the wing. Simples!
  14. Rob, you'll need to fill the spurious panel lines on the upper wing tip. They're the ones that continue in line from the aileron hinge line. And don't forget to add the fuel tank bleed valves. As for Revell's "mk IIa"... Replace the wheels, the oil cooler, u/c doors, radiator and canopy. It's closer to a Va than a mk IIa and a complete disappointment. Overall, good shape, it's just the details that let it down.
  15. This slice of dark progressive house has been driving me mental trying to find it. Now I have!