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  1. The wings from a PM Horten 229 are a decent and cheap basis for scratchbodging!
  2. No, it's definitely John Simm.
  3. Be aware that the u/c well cut outs on the vacform components do not match up with the fuselage ones! IIRC, there was a proposal for the P.1083 to have a Sapphire engine, rather than the afterburning Avon. Since I read that - and I forget where I read it - I've argued that using the 1083 wings with an F4/F5 tailpipe would have been a shortcut prototype to get the new wing flying.
  4. Looking like Zathras! It was probably the best episode Capaldi has done, surpassing Heaven Sent (but only just). And it's the only episode that conveys the body horror of the Cybermen properly, genuinely chilling, although the Big Finish audio "Spare Parts" did a fantastic job. Somehow, I doubt next week will be even half as good.
  5. I use this bunch for my casting resin, largely as they're fairly close to where I live: https://www.ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk/ Don't know if they have what you're looking for at the right price, but they do have a lot of useful gear.
  6. Discovered this rather lovely piece of very floaty and melodic progressive house in an online mix on youtube. Very evocative and emotional piece. Lovely.
  7. Even if Hasegawa *had* grasped the opportunity for a two stage Merlin Mosquito - and they must have been planning it given the breakdown of the wing/nacelles - I'm certain it would have been as much of a disappointment as their existing Mosquito, with all it's myriad faults. Including: thick and blunt leading edge, paltry almost non-existent cockpit interior, split canopies, lack of u/c detail, horrible fit and in some examples, warped plastic. All for a vastly inflated price.
  8. Inspired by a t-shirt Spaddad was wearing at the IPMS Tyneside show a few weeks back, I just had to get one of these:
  9. Oddly enough, I moulded the complete wheel assembly from the new Airfix Blenheim to use in tarting up ye olde Frog kit. Nice work.
  10. Eduard 72nd Spitfire VIII Weekend Edition off ebay.
  11. Another option is cross kitting the Airfix Vb and IXc, as the wing from the latter will fit the former. All you need to do, surgery wise, is remove the radiator mount on the IX wing and blank it off. However, going down the Sword Seafire route is the best option, largely as you get spare bits.
  12. No, I don't think it's the Monogram one either.
  13. I can't identify whose tooling it is but I can say whose it isn't! It's not the Airfix, Heller/Smer, Italeri, Hobbyboss, Tamiya or Revell.
  14. Hmmn. This is the best shot of the kit parts I could find, and it's a double boxing with a Bf 109: It's not the Heller kit and AFAIK, Hawk never did a mk I. The bag says mk V/IX. The prop is definitely not an Italeri one, it looks more like the 1996 Revell kit, but that had separate wing tips and this looks to have full span. The sprues are rounded. Anyway, I won the auction, so we'll know soon enough. This is it: A quid plus three quid postage. Cheap enough to be disposable. Free paint too. Can't be robbed.