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  1. Airfix 19 - fill the panel lines on the tip that continue on from the aileron hingeline - they're totally spurious.
  2. Probably because the manufacturers consider it to be too niche a market to risk significant outlay in a tool that probably won't sell enough. Sea Vixen and Sea Hawk are more marketable because there are extant example still flying, thus giving an Airshow factor. Haven't we done this to death anyway?
  3. From a charity shop, and largely because I've loaned mine out: 1984 - George Orwell I try to read it at least once a year. From ebay: Hidden Agenda - Martin Allen (Duke of Windsor's treachery) Hitler's Gulf War - about Rashid Ali's nazi backed coup in Iraq in 1941 And a bottle of Micro Sol so I can sort out the MBT decals on a whiffed Mosquito torpedo fighterthat's been on the shelf of doom for far too long. Also arriving today, although I'd bought it on ebay a few days back, was "The Venlo Incident" by a guy called Best, who was one of the MI6 gadgies kidnapped by the SS during that operation and his subsequent torture and confessions knacked MI6 in Europe for some time. The SS guy in charge of the operation? Walter Schellenberg...
  4. Rather enjoying some mixes by Johnny M at the mo. This is one of his most recent.
  5. Interestingly, the Matchbox Tempest has the hardpoint locations moulded onto the wing.
  6. Just use them on the Tamiya kit? If they have an (incorrect) square panel just aft of the exhausts, use them on a Hasegawa kit, as those are the originals Neil did in '99 and intended for that kit - it was before Tamiya released theirs.
  7. Did you win, Lawzer?
  8. It's not my scale - the Matchbox 32nd Venom put me off it for life - but the B.XVI in there has me tempted. Hmmm, B35 in 105 Sqn markings?
  9. Looks like Special Hobby are going to do the full set of two stage Mossies. Personally, it's just the bomber/PR ones that interest me, which is less bad news for my wallet.
  10. I picked up the same kit in the kitswap at Telford for coppers last year. It's vastly superior to the Airfix one and better than the boxed Russian one I have that was missing a fuselage half... I'm tempted to give it the wing of a Supermarine 224... Or something else quite whiffy - there was a Russian racer that they put forward as a fighter in the same timeframe and Amodel did a kit of it. Just nabbed "Hitler's Last Chief of Foreign Intelligence: Allied Interrogations of Walter Schellenberg" by Reinhard R. Doerries to with the Schellenberg book I got earlier. I've a download of it and it whilst it is intriguing, I just can't read books on screen. I'm terribly old fashioned and must have the proper thing in front of me. Again, the price dropped to something I was happy to pay!
  11. I bough quite a few of those some years back as Wilkinsons had some of the Smer range in stock for 2 quid each. IIRC, the Tempest and the Hurricane IIc were the only ones I managed to get. Kit markings were for Beaumont and Closterman. The Heller Tempest is a lovely kit, whoever's box it's in. It's just a shame that fashion has dictated that recessed panel lines are the in thing, as it's now overlooked in favour of Academy's Tempest. That's possibly a good thing as you can often pick up the Heller one far cheaper second hand! I've got a set of those markings somewhere and they're less use than a chocolate fireguard. At least you can eat that!
  12. Airfix released the Heller Tempest twice. Once in the "Aircraft of the Aces" boxes - can't remember the guy's name but the codes were EDM - and then in Beaumont's markings later. It was on the box art and I think it was just at the start of the Hornby era in 2008, because we got the Vista Fulmar and PM Sea Fury in Airfix boxes at the same time. It was a relief to get a Tempest V boxing without Clostermann in it!
  13. The only difference, IIRC, between the I and II is the tropical intake filters on the II, and they are in the Vista kit.
  14. One of the finest - Cambridge University Press. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't!
  15. Offhand, I think it's the panel line parallel with the wing leading edge. It was where Paragon told you to cut with his version of the 2 stagers and also where Paul Lucas told you to cut with the B.IV series I engines.