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  1. Some great work detailing this kit and making it look as good as it does, well done! Rich
  2. Beautiful looking Canberra you have there General, always look forward to seeing what you've built. Rich
  3. Jolly Rogers history in 1/72 (31 planes)

    Awesome collection, I cannot believe they only gave you second place, surely this collection deserved 1st! Rich
  4. Absolutely stunning work, the variation in colour and the excellent weathering, particularly the ventral fuel tank are impressive! Rich
  5. Great effort, it still looks very nice, you can see the tonal variances from the black basing technique very well. I had the same problem with the decals on the leading edges and wingtip tanks, they were too thick to conform, it took multiple applications of decal set and decal sol to get them to adhere and even then the ones on the wing leading edges cracked and broke in several places. I think that in having to be such a bright orange the colour has to be thick so as not to allow any bleed through of the paint below, but it would be nice if those decals came in two parts that could meet in the middle, if I do another one, I will probably cut the decal in half prior to wetting it and applying it, that way no bends and tears! Rich
  6. Great work yet again Fuad, knowing how small this kit is I'm surprised you haven't gone blind from all that fine rigging work!! Rich
  7. Nice looking Spit, Hasegawa instructions are amusing at times "Dacksford Base"! Rich
  8. Carl's going to need a bigger gun! Oh, and nice build! Rich
  9. A superb build, the paint job is first rate, I like the contrasting yellow pin stripe, the carbon decal work is great too. Personally, I think a darker grey would work better with the dark wheels and yellow pin stripe, but I still think it's a great looking La Ferrari, and I'm glad you're nephew likes it and gets to keep it! Looking forward to seeing the third build! Rich
  10. Beautiful work, the NMF looks stunning, on a unique looking aircraft. Rich
  11. Really nice work, the weathering is lovely, Great job once again Fuad! Rich
  12. Sea King HU 5

    Great idea, looks excellent! Rich
  13. 1/72 Fujimi A-6A

    Great work, looks spot on to me. Rich
  14. Stunning work, the attention to detail is sublime, well done! Rich
  15. Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon 1/72

    Great job on this kit, I know it's not the best Typhoon out there but you've done a great job on it! I'm really hoping that Airfix bring out a new updated version of this kit, something at the level of the Hasegawa or Revell offerings, they would sell well I'm sure! Rich