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    I have been interested in modelling since I was first taken to a model shop by my dad when I was 6. I am interested in most periods and various subjects from planes to cars to ships to star trek etc.

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  1. Amazing work Robert, Knowing how small the 1/72 109 is I'm amazed at how much fine detail you get onto it, the weathering is superb and the paint job is first class. On a side note, the videos you put together are really nice, it would be nice to see you make a PLASMO style build video, I think you have the ability to do a really good modelling youtube channel showing off how to make such superb aircraft. Rich
  2. Superb work, it's a stunning build, so much to praise, the weathering general finish overall it looks more like a 1/48th scale kit you've packed so much detail into it. Very well done, Rich
  3. Karlo, I found that although the fit of the wings was better as the join was more level with the fuselage parts there was still a small gap to fill and sand, the air intake still has to be put together carefully to fit without seams to fill or the upper part overhanging slightly, but the mould was cleaner than the old one so it went together better for me. The airbrake is better but again I remember there being a slight gap to fill when it is in the closed position. The main drawbacks were the lack of weapons in the new kit and also the lack of the guide-vane pieces under the cockpit/nose area, they are not moulded into the new kit and are not seperate pieces like they were in the older mould. Otherwise it looks really good. Rich
  4. I've already built this kit, it's not too bad, better in some places and worse in others compared to the older version. They've simplified it but have also improved some of the fit issues between parts like the wing uppers with the fuselage. The marking option in the kit is lovely too, the decals are superb. Rich
  5. Very nice job indeed, the splinter camo pattern is the best on the Viggen! Rich
  6. The attention to detail on this fine build is sublime, you've really captured the look of the real thing very well! Rich
  7. Wow! One of the best Typhoon's I think I've ever seen, so much detail packed in! Rich
  8. Stunning work, the weathering of the winter camo is excellent, a superb build! Rich
  9. Great work, it looks spot on! Rich
  10. Superb work, it looks very realistic, I like all the extra little details you've added! Rich
  11. Amazing work, it's a stunner! Rich
  12. Really nice, the paint chipping gives it a realistic look, very nice indeed. Rich
  13. Very nice work, the paint job is superb and the rivet work adds that extra layer of detail to make it stand out! Rich
  14. Fuad, amazing work as always, it's a shame a more mainstream manufacturer doesn't make a kit of this great looking aircraft, but you've done a spectacular job with this one it looks beautiful! Rich
  15. Superb work, I like the colourful scheme it's great! Rich