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    I have been interested in modelling since I was first taken to a model shop by my dad when I was 6. I am interested in most periods and various subjects from planes to cars to ships to star trek etc.

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  1. Lovely build, a nice looking F-16 in a cool scheme. Is the streaking and staining done with oils or some other method? Rich
  2. Nice job on everything in this diorama, the attention to detail is superb and looks very realistic to my eye. Great job! Rich
  3. Superb work as always Fuad, especially like the weathering and the little diorama scene, I didn't know about this aircraft so it's nice to see something new. Rich
  4. What a superbly made and detailed aircraft, you've done a great job here! Rich
  5. A really nice adition to your vietnam war collection, you must have a fair few aircraft from this time period now! Rich
  6. Really nice work, looks superb. Rich
  7. Really enjoyed the build log, just shows you what can be achieved with imagination and plastic! Rich
  8. Really nice work, What you've done to the interior is superb, the weathering is really nice. Rich
  9. Stunning work, white aircraft are always difficult to weather, but you've done a brilliant job here! Rich
  10. Superb attention to detail, all of the little things have been captured on your tiffie, well done! Rich
  11. I have to agree with k5054nz that it made me think of Ray Hannah in Empire of the Sun! I particularly like the idea of using pastels on the spinner to give the effect of prop blur, the final result looks quite convincing. Rich
  12. Really nice, you don't see too many of these. It's a shame more model companies haven't made more examples of this aircraft, particularly in 1/72nd as it's a superb and historic aircraft. Rich
  13. As exceptionally crafted as ever Fuad, the cleanliness of your work and attention to detail is second to none. Rich
  14. Really nice, I've never seen this scheme before it certainly is striking. Rich
  15. Really nice work, I've got one on the go at the moment, and you're right it takes a lot to update and modernize the original Airfix/Heller kit to get a realistic version from more recent conflicts. Fortunately there is a wealth of aftermarket out there! Nice tip on the door rails, I overlooked this on mine but fortunately I haven't gone far enough along that I can't sort this out straight away, it does change the look of the model somewhat. Rich