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  1. Stunning work, the attention to detail is sublime, well done! Rich
  2. Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon 1/72

    Great job on this kit, I know it's not the best Typhoon out there but you've done a great job on it! I'm really hoping that Airfix bring out a new updated version of this kit, something at the level of the Hasegawa or Revell offerings, they would sell well I'm sure! Rich
  3. Smer 1/72 Hawker Tempest Mk V

    Really nice, I built the Heller boxing several years ago, I remember the undercarriage being a little weak but generally I thought this was a great kit, you've done it real justice! Rich
  4. Awesome work, a stunning result, I love the mods, the opening doors look amazing! Great job Rich
  5. Really nice, nice weapon load out too, I think I might have to do a Have glass scheme at some point! Rich
  6. Awesome idea, love the spitfires rolling in, reminds me of that evocative scene from the Battle of Britain when Pinetree roll in on Stukas over Dover! Rich
  7. F-4J Cabriolet

    I always love these little tit bit stories that get made into modelling form! Great job with an interesting story behind it, well done. Rich
  8. New Airfix 1/72nd B-25C Mitchell

    Great job General, really like the look of the desert pink bomber! Tally Ho, yipperty-dip and zing zang spillip! Rich
  9. Great work, every time I see someone posting a completed build of the Eduard 190 I'm blown away every time, they are all so good, and this one is right up there! Great work, and on an interesting subject. Rcih
  10. P-40 AVG 1/72

    Really nice job you did here, the little touches with the base and figure add to the model greatly, well done! Rich
  11. Thanks Russ, I really like your builds, it's giving me the motivation to do a few more Vietnam period aircraft to go with my RF-101C, F-102 and A-1H. Rich
  12. B707, DC-9, B727, B747 Airliner Builds

    Really nice, the level of care in painting to get straight demarcation lines without any ridges or imperfections is great, my favorite is definitely the 707, you can't beat TWA colours! Rich
  13. Another lovely addition to your extensive Vietnam period aircraft, the collection must look pretty good by now! Rich
  14. Nice work, I don't fancy his chances! Rich
  15. Beautifully presented model, excellent work all round, the photography is just as good as the build, great work! Rich