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  1. 'Whirlwindski'? SHQ 1/76 (20mm): 2x Type 95 Light Tank 'Ha-Go' 1x Type 94 Tankette & Trailer 1x 75mm Type 95 Howitzer Also:
  2. Just noticed the sprue-gates on the sprockets! Those are probably going to need some fettling.
  3. These sites are very useful too: Lists almost every Braille kit ever released in any format. Has some useful reviews, hints & tips from some very experienced Braille modellers.
  4. No Wespe or Grille AFAIK, but the Marder II (available in 1/72 from MPK Modellbau), Marder III Ausf H & Marder III(r) (all available in 1/72 from Unimodel) are all OK. There's also the Pz.Jg. I (4.7cm Czech AT Gun on Pz.I chassis, available from Italeri in 1/72) and a DAK special SPG: It's a 150mm Infantry Gun on a Pz.II chassis: (available in 1/72 from Attack Hobby). PS - There's also this: (also available in 1/72 from Attack Hobby). PPS - Don't take on Attack Hobby kits lightly, even their newer stuff.....If you've got a good few older kits under your belt and are OK with fiddly resin bits you'll be fine, if not.....
  5. Looks good to me.
  6. Do you actually need to drill the holes.....Willl they be visible with the armour in place? I'd add any bolts afterwards too, a sliver of stretched sprue glued in the hole, trimmed to size and lightly sanded, then a drop of liquid poly to smooth it.....Job's a good 'un.
  7. Very nicely done indeed, especially for a first effort at armour.....Really impressed.
  8. I wish 'other company' would pull their bloody finger out and announce something.
  9. Don't forget to put a shine on the inner (axle 1, 3, 5 & 7) roadwheel rims where they make contact with the track guide teeth.....Distinctive Panther weathering feature.
  10. Fascinating.
  11. I thought I was already down for this one? Please sign me up (SEA & ANZAC). Certainly up for it, I've kinda bought most of a 1/76 (yes I did say 1/76) Japanese WWII wargaming army.
  12. Wow.....That turned out really well! I was a bit skeptical when I read your initial musings on the idea, but I'm really impressed with what you have made.....It looks just right.
  13. It's a shame the Czechs never used the Potez 25.
  14. That's the fella!