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  1. Don't feel to bad PC, the Soviet efforts may have inspired this:
  2. Yes I do believe the crew were in it on its one and only flight.....All survived AFAIK, but the T-60 was rather the worse for the experience. But if you think those guys had it rough:
  3. I think the strakes are actually the trailing edge of the pillars mounting the front wing, one on either side.....I think you are probably on the mark regarding their purpose though. That's all part of the fun.....Spend millions developing a car, then give it to Pastor Maldonado! Just discovered this rather worrying titbit in an interview with Hamilton:
  4. Have a yellow-car:
  5. Very nicely done sir....You have taken those kits to an entirely new level. Are those ROCO .50cals? The peculiar way the mould the barrel was one of the things that made me ask.
  6. No need to scratchbuild now fella: I'd provisionally recommend replacing the (Military-Wheels/Amodel T-60 with the ACE kit: It would fit in beautifully in the upcoming From Russia With Love GB.
  7. I really hadn't realised what a low profile the T-64 has until I saw that image with the penny.....Bet it was 'cosy' for the crew (as opposed to uninhabitable, like the T-55 & T-62).
  8. Wow that Sauber looks lovely, bet it'll get loads of TV exposure too.....As the other cars lap it! The rake on the rear wing and sweep on the front is a real throwback (though to what I'm not entirely sure).....On first impressions, these new cars really do look fast!
  9. Yup, I'd definitely expect these to attract an SDB or similar in the near future, but I was wondering how easy they are to use/maintain, compared to say, a T-55.....I suspect the answer is 'not very', but I'd be interested to hear from the horse's mouth so to speak.
  10. New cars should be appearing daily most of next week, starting tomorrow with the Sauber, then it's Renault, Force India, Mercedes, with Ferrari & McLaren both on Friday. Saturday nominally brings us the official release of the Williams, the remaining teams, Toro Rosso, Red-Bull & Haas all reveal their efforts on Sunday.
  11. You are doing a grand job, loving all the texture you are creating (or removing).
  12. TBH I'd never have known if you hadn't told me.....But I suspect you could have guessed that! Top notch stuff, a pleasure to follow.
  13. Looks like the T-64 used a roadwheel for an idler.....Do any of the T-64 kits come with spares I wonder?
  14. Thats a bloody good job Phil.....They aren't the easiest L&L to fit , even to the kit they're intended for!