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  1. Airfix 1:32 QF 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun

    Awesome project, loving it.....But I'm not a fan of that flag (at all, even slightly). Toilet paper was scarce during the war and flags are soft.....Plus it's what that particular design is most fit for, IMHO. Just don't see British troops draping their position so.....Plus it strikes me as a fairly good way of attracting 500lbs of 'serious trouble' from above.
  2. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Magnificent work Nige.....Hope you are back on track with the main features of the build, Italeri did you absolutely no favours whatsoever on that front. The detail you are adding looks superb and the tracks are massive improvement.....If you can get the model sitting just right on its tracks the rest of the build tends to follow naturally, they are the 'make or break' part of an AFV build IMHO.
  3. Hasagawa 1/72 British Armoured Cars - LINKS FIXED

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.....Where on earth did you read that? The early eight wheeled armoured cars were the Sd.Kfz.231 series, these had a ladder chassis with an armoured body mounted on it.....Quite a few of these vehicles survived right until the end and were seen in the fighting for Berlin. The Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma was a late war design with a monocoque chassis. Either are OK for Normandy, but they are not the same creatures at all. FWIW PS - Great site for all things armoured car: http://www.warwheels.net/
  4. 1917 'self-propelled gun' photo

    Now that's what I love about BM.
  5. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Turns out he didn't invent electric cars either.
  6. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    You have to be ******* kidding! This one has been popular over the years, I think you'll find it has a few users hereabouts, probably including yourself: https://www.paypal.com/uk/home I'd love one of these: And then there's this: I mean c'mon.....Don't you just want to hum the Thunderbirds theme tune when you see that? Have you seen Banksy's 'Dismal Land'? Compared to Musk's efforts that's pretty much what I'm seeing elsewhere, period. Yeah, but he wouldn't get a 'Culture' reference if you slapped him around the face with it.....Apparently he's not alone in that.
  7. I got a metal hull too.....Not too convinced about those, but we'll see how it goes. Don't think they have released their T-62 range yet.....But they should be pretty popular as, to date, the ESCI/Italeri POS is the only offering in Braille.
  8. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    You are making the classic capitalist error of equating profit with progress.....Once people stop doing that, we might actually get somewhere as a species.
  9. So we going to open a T-72 thread then? Mine arrived safely this morning.....Cheers. PS - Any news on Modelcollect's T-62.....That's one I really want to get hold of, the ESCI/Italeri kit is utter
  10. First To Deir ez Zor

    Zedval bits arrived.....The word 'exquisite' would be the first to spring to mind! Also a Modelcollect T-72 'Syria' from Black Mike Models.....Recommended, on both fronts.
  11. Barkmann Panther A Zimmerit

    Weird I always thought it was an early Ausf G, but you are right it was an Ausf A.....Here's a profile (make of it what you will): No photos of 424 that I can find, this may be of interest: http://www.achtungpanzer.com/gen5.htm
  12. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Title says it all really, the world needs a leader.....With newly revealed (to me at least) information, I have become convinced that Elon Musk is that person: https://www.space.com/39690-elon-musk-explains-falcon-heavy-core-booster-crash.html Need I say more?
  13. Altered Carbon on your telly!

    Well that sounds promising!
  14. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    Absolutely top notch modelling fella.....I'm onto my third notebook here!