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  1. Dragon's 1/72 Pz IVD - has anyone seen the tracks?

    Where have you lot been.....You were all warned about Dragon's new Braille output at least a year ago! The track units are worse than you imagine, yes they are single piece, but they are also moulded in DS-100.....Yup, Dragon give you soft, squishy road-wheels, sprockets & idlers all moulded from a materiel that is well known for crumbling to dust after a year or two. Dragon have officially lost the plot, their reasoning being that 'Girls und Panzer' will make them more money than serious modellers. I kid you not. If you want a decent 1/72 model of an early Ausf Pz.IV, you are going to be kitbashing.....End of.
  2. T-55M Command Tank (Finland version)

    Very nicely done indeed.
  3. Manchester Arena Attack

    One of the few good things to come of this was the public response for the two homeless lads who helped out.
  4. Manchester Arena Attack

    Sixty-eight children were murdered in Syria last month when the bus carrying them to government lines was attacked, were those children any less precious? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/16/sixty-eight-children-dead-suicide-bombing-syria This all has to end.....Our children will never be safe until theirs are. It's not rocket science. PS - I am in no way directly linking these two horrific events, nor am I drawing equivalence between them, neither am I making a political statement.....I'm just trying to state what should be blatantly obvious to all of us.
  5. Manchester Arena Attack

  6. From Russia with Love GB chat

    Yup.....Well fifty 1/72 T-34 kits, I've got three in 1/48 as well.
  7. From Russia with Love GB chat

    Time to open a thread I feel (sorry for my prolonged absence). Nothing says (Soviet) Russia quite like a T-34 in my opinion.....I've got quite a few to choose from (I just hit the fifty kit threshold IIRC).
  8. "A" vark

    Love the subtle fading.
  9. Lovely build Paul, the stowage really makes it feel more British, will have to get a set or two.
  10. 1/35th British A41 Centurion Prototype 1945

    The Dragon kits released under the GUP label are not what you might expect.
  11. Pzr IIL "Luchs"

    Good work nailing those tracks down Peter, you had me a bit worried there for a minute!
  12. The Maus that roared!

    Not if you are cunning:
  13. Sherman Ic Firefly Hybrid - Dragon 1/35

    IMHO coarse textured masking tape looks better than foil for scrim, the rougher the cut edges the better too.
  14. Standard and/or Austin Tilly Opel Olimpia Kurogane Type 95