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  1. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    I reckon a case by case basis is the way forward.....But if your model clearly meets the 25% requirement (taking into account the comments above and keeping @Threadbear's suggestions in mind) you should be OK to continue with it without needing to ask the hosts.
  2. Cool project! My Mojo's long missing presumed dead, hopefully the Sherman GB might do a Herbert West on it. Try spraying a sheet of plastic card with your basecoat (possibly with a few random misted highlights) then work your filters over this to see how they change the appearance of the base.....Strongly recommend taking a look at some of @AndyRM101's AFV threads, he describes the process in some detail.
  3. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    I believe the usual 25% rule applies, hopefully @Enzo Matrix can confirm.
  4. tank 2

    Are you by any chance using Tamiya paints?
  5. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Welcome aboard. We're almost up to a battalion!
  6. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    What are the options? I'll have a poke about and forward you anything pertinent.
  7. TANDEM PROJECT - Sturminfanteriegeschutz 33

    IIRC there were actually two batches of SIG-33, half went to Stalingrad (area) the other half went to the relief of Stalingrad.....Might be able to help with some references, I'll have a look.
  8. MACO Models closed down

    That sounds promising as (AFAIK) the SWS was one of MaCo's own tools, not a collaborative effort.
  9. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    My apologies #36. Welcome aboard Gaz & Gav. Now that is an interesting (but quirky) kit.....See the review here: http://www.172shermans.com/kitreviews/ESCI/M4A1prev.htm If you want a M3 the Mirage Hobby kits are the way forward in 1/72. It's a decent kit, the weakest link being the running gear.....As it happens I might know a chap with quite a few 1/72 Sherman spares.
  10. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    It's a nice little kit, if you want to upgrade it I believe there's aftermarket out there and I may have a few items that could be of use in my spares box.
  11. Panzer VI Tiger STGB, 18 May 2019 to 18 Aug 2019

    I have a reasonable amount of the latter, spoilt for choice with former, I could actually do a full company of Tiger Is or IIs! PS - IMHO VK.45-02 should be added to the list of eligible subjects.
  12. Panzer VI Tiger STGB, 18 May 2019 to 18 Aug 2019

    Hello all.....Have Tiger, will build.
  13. Vosper MTB 234 -1/72

  14. Panzer VI Tiger STGB, 18 May 2019 to 18 Aug 2019

    Yup, but preferably not before 2019!
  15. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    That's the plan.....As for duties & responsibilities, can you say "Herding Cats"? Nah, it'll be fine, a little nearer the date Enzo will create a subforum for the GB and give the hosting team access to a private section where all will become clear.....Mostly our job is to help with references, maintain morale and so on. On the subject of references, this website: http://www.theshermantank.com/ & the related thread at Sturgeon's House will prove invaluable: http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/266-the-m4-sherman-tank-epic-information-thread-work-in-progress/ 'Jeeps', the author, is a top fella and certainly knows his Shermans.....I'd imagine he would probably be willing to help out if you need to ask specific questions.