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  1. How well do you know your Soviet era MBTs? Check out this useful, if not entirely unbiased, guide:
  2. I've been expecting this: TBH I don't have much time for McLaren anymore, they've lost all credibility and their connections with some truly ghastly foreign financiers do them no favours either.
  3. He's not all of us you know.....See that's at least two sold already!
  4. Nice figure but that bow appears to be sorely lacking in power.
  5. Hmmmm.....My comment has just been mirrored by Eric Boullier, smells strongly of 'imminent parting of the ways' to me.
  6. These are not just cars..... No, it really isn't.....I very rarely visit this area of the forum because I don't model cars, but I'm a massive F1 fan, doubt I'm alone in that. Might be possible to get the mods to merge them though?
  7. Hendie beat me to it, so I'll have to go with.....Cogtastic!
  8. We seem to have two F1 threads (again):
  9. Deja-Vu: It seems that switching to Honda from Mercedes wasn't such a brilliant move after all.
  10. Glad you already decided make the change, (that sounds so wrong) I was going to point the issue out but fortunately someone beat me to it!
  11. I'll second the above.
  12. Magnificent as always Andy, the shading on the wing panels works a treat! (Off to WIP now to find out how you did it. )
  13. That's a lovely little model sir, a genuine gem!
  14. Those are all excellent ideas.....I look forward to seeing them. Welcome aboard fellas! PS - We are now half-way to the vote!