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  1. Shackleton spray paint

    Hi Lord Riot Have you tried your local Halfords they can mix the colour that you want I have had satin Gray mixed by them in store all you need to do is quote this BS number BS381c 638 as 300ml cost £15 to mix, the paint is acrylic, but I do recommend you use there plastic primer just in case. and the primer will cost about £7 you will have enough paint left to do a couple of more small to medium models Geoff Arnold World Helicopter Sig IPMS Telford
  2. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    Hi All Again Just looked at Hannants web page and they are selling the Orion at this time for £69.99
  3. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    Hi All I have been modelling for longer then most some 50 years and remember in the early seventies Hasegawa kits were competitively priced because the importer AA Hales used to import them (without the box around them) and boxed in the UK by the importer as this was cheaper (they could get more bagged kits in each box) without a lot of wasted space around them for example the Lockheed P3a Orion cost about £9 compared to today's price of £60. I am aware that prices have risen in the intervening years but I do agree the prices of these kits is well OTT and the importer should think about consider doing this again. As the import charges are less for incomplete items.
  4. 1/48 1970s British forces choppers?

    hi RMP Fujimi also did a Wasp in 48th scale and Revel also did a early piston powered Whirlwind. Geoff Arnold World heli sig
  5. Victor SR.2

    Hi Meatbox8 If you look on the lower outer wing panels you should notice drilling holes ready for the wing refuelling pods. Telford IPMS World Heli Sig Geoff Arnold
  6. Victor SR.2

    Hi Canberraman I have just looked at my A/F Victor and the parts you require are in the the kit air fix give both the tail cones in the kit the parts you need are on frame F part numbers 11 and 12. Geoff Arnold Telford IPMS World Heli Sig
  7. two-seat venom and vampire - visual differences?

    Hi Boot neck Cyber hobby did a two seater Dh Venom night fighter in there 72nd scale range but Hannants do not have any at the moment you could try another source. Geoff Arnold World helicopter SIG
  8. Unloved Kits.

    I Build helicopters and as for displaying them it take little room on the shelf as have no rotors on them at home. and only at shows do I put the rotors onto them and store them in various sized pizza boxes to keep them safe from damage. Geoff Arnold World Helicopter SIG IPMS
  9. Hi Dermot What 72nd Revell EC135 kit did you get the extended landing gear from as every one(I've got 5 of them) in my stash seems to have the short skids as I would like to make the west midlands police EC135 hoping you can help all I need is the Revell box number. thanks in advance. Geoff Arnold
  10. Revell Contacta Professional Glue

    Hi I use a small length of 24swg piano wire which is just the wright size to go through the needle if you cant get the piano wire 10lb (4.5 kg) fishing line also works
  11. Yet another Shackelton question.

    Hi Richard and all I was a Survival Equipment Fitter from 1969 to 78 and I believe the seat harness were the light brown in colour similar to that used on the Lincolns, in about 1964 when I was a cadet I remember them also on helicopters, later the harness were medium blue webbing, and starting in the mid seventies started to appear using Black webbing. Geoff Arnold.
  12. This is also the way that the 38 Sqn Shack's were put into the T2 hangar's at Hal far and Safi in Malta
  13. More on Airfix 2017

  14. signal red bs381c537

    Hi Selwyn Thanks for the contact Selwyn. Geoff
  15. signal red bs381c537

    Can anybody recommend the best Halfords rattle can paint is closest to this British standard colour as I am starting to build a collection of RAE (rasp ripple) models