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  1. Oh well - here goes: When I'm finished with the Caribou over in DeHavilland MegaGB I'll start on the Mercury in the Prototype GB and when THAT is done, I'll come back here to start on this: At the moment I'm going for the F with a whole bunch of Durandel missiles! Cheers and I hope to see you back here! Hans J
  2. Go on then - a quick look at what's in the box. Actually there's not a lot! The main parts are all moulded in one piece each, so there is no glueing left and right parts together, only top to bottom! They even supplied a base and a metal rod on which to place it when it's done! Look for yourselves! - Notice, that the instructions are printed on the back of the box! I think that this really is going to be an easy build and actually no weathering as well - I mean, the thing hasn't flown yet! Cheers Hans J
  3. That F/A-18 is flying mighty low - because that surely can't be a model - can it? Well done - or do you say:"Good on'ya"? Cheers Hans J
  4. ...steady as she goes... Cheers Hans J PS - couldn't wait - sprayed the wings aluminium today - it was my "To h-ll with the torpedoes! Full speed ahead"-moment!
  5. Thanks. I can't wait to get the masking off and see how much one can actually see of it! Cheers Hans J
  6. Decaling - part deux: Cheers Hans J
  7. ..and it's friday and the weekend starts! The last couple of days have been quiet as I just have been giving the model two coats of gloss varnish in preparation for the decals. So I literally have watched paint dry! Anyway - here goes: i hope to have this one finished by the 1'st of april, as there is a modelshow in our neighbouring city of Randers the day after, and I would like to bring this one along with Harrier. As I have said before, I don't participate in competitions, but I like to bring models on display. Let's see how the coming week turns out! Cheers Hans J
  8. I'm not saying anything!: I think it'll work out just fine in the end! Cheers Hans J
  9. Who am I fooling: Cheers Hans J
  10. And we continue. Now this time I'll leave it alone - for real - at least 24 hours (!) because the 'United Nations' letters on the nose has to be removed using tape and I want to be sure that the paint doesn't come off. Now the 'UN' letters are altogether a different matter....maybe just a little peek.... As I write in the photo the next thing are 1-2 coats of clear gloss for the decals - then decaling - then another coat of gloss to prevent silvering and then a coat of semimatt - like the Harrier. Then - and only then - will I paint the wings silver/aluminium. I don't want to risk having metallic flakes popping up in the clear coats, so I'll 'Sit and wait - just sit and wait!' Cheers Hans J
  11. THERE IT IS! The REAL Batmobile! (IMHO ) I know - I know - the 'Tumbler' was fantastic and the Batmobile from Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad are also great looking, but this - THIS (!) is the real deal! And you have nailed it! Cheers Hans J
  12. Optimus Prime! - well actually only prime(r)! A little update - is it just me, but do most modelling consists of waiting for paint to dry? I've never tried this before, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll perform! Cheers Hans J
  13. I'm back! Thanks to the help from Patrick, I decided to make my own masks for the 'UN' and 'United Nation'. Here's what I did: First the 'United Nation' using Letraset letters: The 'UN' required a different approach, where I used a Tamiya decalsheet as template - the kit decals were too slim anyway: I hope this is of help! The blue comes out a bit lighter than it actually is. Now - finally - I can get on with the painting - firstly a coat of gray followed by white for the fuselage and silver/aluminium for the wings. Cheers Hans J PS How do you like the new presentation?
  14. Hi Carts! You're not alone in thinking that Alien 3 was a good movie - somehow it put a Finale to the story - Alien 4 however........ Anyway - your diorama looks to be on the right track, and you're right - the movie has a distinct 'brownish' look to it - like an old abandoned industrial plant. Cheers Hans J
  15. Hi Patrick! Thanks for the information. In looking at the picture again, I can see the the UN markings are indeed NOT black but a deep blue - Roundel Blue, perhaps? Anyway, my problem stays the same, and I think I'll have go with what's in the box - the light blue markings. However, you say, that 320 - the one for which I have the decals, were natural metal only. Was this the wings only or the whole plane? Thanks in advance. Cheers Hans J