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  1. Oh yes - Oh yes! The decaling has begun! When this is all done I'll give it another coat of gloss varnish to seal in the decals. When that has dried, the whole model will be given a ligth coat of matt in preparation for the weathering, which I'll keep to a minimum (maybe! ) But before I start the weathering, I'll leave the model alone for about a week to give the varnish a chance to fully cure! Gives me a chance to start my DHC Caribou in the DeHavilland MegaGB too! Cheers Hans J
  2. No boomy bits on this one - clean as a whistle! Just the pylons - and this way I've saved myself som time! You don't know how close it has been! Cheers Hans J
  3. The last update for today. The paintrepair on the wing wasn't good enough for me - too light so after I had given the model an allover coat of gloss varnish I decided to paint the offending area one more time. Now it's better - much better. So i proceeded according to plan - the undercarriage: Cheers Hans J
  4. I've got three of these - I'm rich - RICH ya hear!! Cheers Hans J
  5. Couldn't sleep - so I took a picture of my workbench: Cheers Hans J
  6. 61 - all too soon and all too sad. I always liked him - Twister and True Lies are alltime favourites! RIP Bill Paxton
  7. I just had to! Besides this I've painted the outriggers and the main landinggear. Cheers Hans J
  8. I'll be using Xtradecal X48107: The History of RAF 4 Squadron Part 2 1964-2012 as seen here to the right. It has the roundels, numbers and some of the stenciling - the rest will come from the kit's decals. Cheers Hans J
  9. And now the underside is done too! Next is a coat of gloss varnish in preparation of the decaling - ooohhhh - so excited! But first for at night of resting and thoroughly drying! Cheers Hans J
  10. I'm not a 12-year old or a military man, but I like both your F-16! They are cool! Cheers Hans J
  11. I've been pondering getting this kit as well and your model has given me another push in the direction of my LHS! Cheers Hans J
  12. Now that's one colourfull bird if ever I saw one! You've really transformed the good old Hasegawa kit into a piece of beauty! Cheers Hans J
  13. And Hewy - here it is: Just one more colour on the underside and the fun really begins - Let the Beguine begin (what 's a Beguine anyway? I only know from that song y'know! ) Cheers Hans J
  14. Another quick update: ....but I'm looking forward to the 'Umasking' (or is it Demasking or maybe The Demaskisation! ) tomorrow! Cheers Hans J
  15. Yes - exactly as you say - scan the instruction - put it onto word - measure the kit (lenght & wingspan) - increase the size of the picture to the length (rigth and left side) and to wingspan (topview) - print it out. I'm sure there must be an easier way, but this works for me. Cheers Hans J Thanks Hewy - all part of the fun! Cheers Hans J