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  1. How many of you have Wingnut Wings kits in your stash? and Why if not

    The J.1 has never sold out Arthur.
  2. The WNW Camel is coming!

    "Thank you" and "WETA" are words that are not very often seen together in the same sentence.
  3. Handley Page 0/400 1:32 scale

    Part-works are a mug's game.
  4. The WNW Camel is coming!

    My Camel / LVG "Duellists" boxing that I ordered from Duncan on Sunday arrived on Tuesday. Unbelievable service, and definitely the way forward for me now with WNW.
  5. The WNW Camel is coming!

    I think that Wingnuts scored a spectacular own goal when they invited Weta to the party.
  6. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Order placed with "Black Mike" aka Duncan for the "Duelists" Camel boxing this afternoon, and received confirmation within a couple of hours that it's already on its way. On a Sunday afternoon! Now THAT is what I call service!
  7. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    My first ever kit of any description was a 1/48 Japanese Chi-Ha tank, the make of which I can't remember (Bandai maybe). Just assembled it, applied the "transfers" and called it finished. My first aircraft kit was a 1/72 F-86 Sabre (possibly Frog but again, I can't be sure) which I had built, painted and "transfers" applied inside an hour. It was a mess. My first Airfix kit I'm pretty sure was the Red Arrows Folland Gnat. Timeframe for all of the above: 1969/70-ish
  8. The WNW Camel is coming!

    A few guys in the States have managed to get hold of some, but the whole delayed availability issue surrounding these Camels has been nothing short of farcical. Makes you hanker for the good old days of ordering direct from WNW: Order confirmed same day, posted out usually within a couple of days, kits in yer mits within around 3 weeks. The free postage was another bonus of course but I could even have lived without that in order to still get the same level of service now. And involving Weta in the food chain has been a disaster.
  9. Handley Page 0/400 1:32 scale

    An expensive experience! I'm sure it'll be a nice kit though.
  10. How many of you have Wingnut Wings kits in your stash? and Why if not

    You are clearly very sensible and possess great self-control. Most of us just see something we like, buy it and only worry about where it's going to go once it's built!
  11. The WNW Camel is coming!

    The constant pushing-back of the release date makes me suspect that all is not well at WNW. Also they always used to be keen to show at least some of the things they had "in development". Now though, nothing. I would not be surprised if this were to prove to be their last-ever release (some may be generous and count it as 6 releases, but for me it's 6 boxings of the same subject). Although I would be more than happy to be proved wrong.
  12. The WNW Camel is coming!

    The saga seems to get more farcical by the day.
  13. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Prices: The only way is up! Hannants: Some consolation for them just replacing the $ sign with a £ sign. Price war: One can but hope, but I wouldn't bet my mortgage on it.