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  1. Cyprus - early and late scheme, but this helicopter in modeller look is mix from Mi-24P and Mi-35M. And yes, i'm initially going to make three timelines of Mi-24s decals - early (A and D), mid (V, VP) and late (P), so, third decals (for A and D) will be too, probably in 2019.
  2. Decal from box - Zvezda will show in next few days - its design just finished and coordinated, its will be comprehensive decal form modern Russia operation helicopters, three marking scheme. But a little later Begemot will release big decal for Mi-24P, as did it before for Mi-24V/VP - it will be something about 30-40-50 markings, i'm work about it just now.
  3. I'm not Homebe, byt new sprue - in close-up photos, two lasts photos of same sprue from both sides.
  4. Actually only one last sprue is new, all other - same as in Mi-24V/VP model.
  5. Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    Still one questions from all untill Nuremberg-2018 - what wiil be the secret model 1\48???? I'm know this, but its a secret...
  6. Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/tg70e97isanrxdq/Zvezda Catalogue 2018.pdf?dl=0
  7. Zvezda catalog 2018

    Yes, this series prepare young russian modelists for future hard life...
  8. Zvezda catalog 2018

    Zvezda will buy ex-Dragon mould, as did it many times before (Mi-28, Su-24, Su-24M, Su-24MR, T-72, T-80, BTR-70, BTR-80 and many others). Pictures with MiG-15UTI - mistake. What will be "secret item" - just a little patience.
  9. BTW - i didn't say that Zvezda never will release 1\48 Yak-130 (never say never), but "surprise 1\48 model", as i know will be other subject. What it will be - a little patience untill Zvezda's catalogue release or untill Nuremberg exhibition. Anyway after finish two current big project - Su-34 and P-63 Kingcobra i'm goint to work about comprehensive (all possible operators, as usual for us) Yak-130 decal, which definetly will release in 1\72 and 1\48 scales.
  10. In Russian Post offices this model cost about 900 rubles - 12-13 GBP. If you are not fun of blue painted Tu-204C - in future Zvezda will release passanger and cargo versions with other decals.
  11. Begemot decal now prepare big decal for P-63 Kingcobra in 1\72 and 1\48 scale. One of marking scheme will be one of two P-63A - Kingcobra Mk.I FR408, which tested at Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE)/ One of big question - which shades of Dull Red and Dark Blue used in this time at insignia?
  12. To stakor: Of course, i'm prepare material few years ago - and wait this model release.
  13. Far, far away, but real subject was in modellers wishes, which were sent to Zvezda at many webforums.