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  1. Uamf down?

    Thank you, James. I missed reading it with my morning coffee! David
  2. Short Belfast - ground clearance height?

    Mike, I am not sure how much it helps but Flight quoted 5ft 2.45in as the height of the sill and load floor above the ground and had scale drawings. I emailed the pages to you. David
  3. Revell 1/32 Hunter FGA9 help!

    I have an Aeromaster set for the 1/32 FGA9. It has D type roundels on it. You can have it but I am in USA so it may take a week or so to reach you if you are on the righthandside of the pond. PM your postal address if interested. David
  4. Israeli Super Mystere B2?

    Sounds a neat project but you don't have to do it as a re-engined Sa'ar. Israel flew them for years with the original Atar engines. David
  5. Stunning result showing what can be done with these old kits. David
  6. Glad to see this commemorated here. A very good looking model of the culprit and great photos. David
  7. Here's the old Pegasus limited-run kit of the Boulton Paul Balliol. I did it as Sea Balliol WP333 as I believe that may have been the last aircraft delivered to the UK Armed Forces with a Merlin engine. WP333 was delivered to the Royal Navy in December 1954. The kit is actually quite nice in some ways - the parts fit well and it has nice fine recessed panel lines and details. What it doesn't have is any interior except two seats. Not even a floor! Nor does it have a radiator to stop seeing right through the intake under the prop. So, I scratched an interior and radiator and I added the tailhook and tailwheel device to stop it snagging the arrestor wire. The kit wheels were too large but some old white metal ones for a Spitfire were just right. The exhausts stacks were horrid and stuck out too much at the rear end. I cut slots and fitted Aeroclub metal stacks that I fitted to be more recessed at the rear end. Paints are ModelMaster Acryl Silver and Yellow. The serials and titles, and the anti-dazzle panel and walkways, are home-made decals. So too are the landing lights because I forgot to cut the leading edges and insert some clear plastic and didn't fancy doing it after the paint was on. Comments and criticisms (except asking why I bothered instead of buying the recent Special Hobby one) are welcomed. David
  8. 1978-80 RAF decal sets

    Here's a Modeldecals advert from SAM Apr1991 that I happen to have handy. Obviously there are later decals not listed but there are also gaps for some of the older ones which were OOP at that time. I don't know offhand if any of the then OOPs ever got reprinted. David
  9. 1978-80 RAF decal sets

    If you find one, please let us know. There were printed lists in old (80s) magazines, and a mail order catalogue, that I have somewhere but I don't know how complete they were. I'll try and dig some out. David
  10. Firefly Images Wanted

    This appears to be from HMS Glory in 1950: eBay photo for sale of Firefly HMS Glory Does that help? David
  11. Early RAF Hercules colour question.

    I haven't used them but it looks like Dark Earth will probably be Vallejo Air 71.323 BS Dark Earth and UK Light Stone is 71.143. As to the interior, perhaps you should look at what I was told last year here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235018973-wheel-well-cockpit-etc-colours-for-c-130k-initial-service-scheme/&do=findComment&comment=2676119 David
  12. Early RAF Hercules colour question.

    Light stone. David PS - I see Graham just beat me to it :-)
  13. 617 Sqdn Canberras: nose flash colours

    Yes, the pic is from the starboard side and that wing, though thoroughly foamed, looks OK and the smoke seems to be on the port side only. David
  14. 617 Sqdn Canberras: nose flash colours

    Yes, Paul, there's a photo of one burning in a Flypast magazine article in May 2013. Its says the aircraft was WD982 that caught fire on start up at Binbrook on June 15 1954. David
  15. 617 Sqdn Canberras: nose flash colours

    Excellent info., Paul. Thank you so much. I suspect you are right about the silver one as WD706 was a Meteor. Yes, I will be building WD980 as she is in your Dad's photo. No crest and no tip tanks. Thanks again. David