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  1. Used at RAE Bedford for arrester trials back in 1968/69
  2. Only rescue tasked Wessex had one blade painted yellow on top ,to make them visible to other aircraft when low down in the hover . all tips where painted yellow to give the pilot a visual reference when hovering near cliffs ect.
  3. Received a heavy shower from this aircraft in the Lake district in build up to first Gulf war. It was very effective ! !
  4. Try Whirlybirds they do some replacement doors
  5. Should be Dark Admiralty Gray for helicopters some early Whirlwind had LAG.
  6. At Telford they said early next year.
  7. I seem to remember it was an ice warning aerial which was add later to the Wessex the Sea King has them on the port side under the cockpit window .
  8. Just heard from Airfix Victor in warehouse , money taken so delivery soon.
  9. Just heard from Airfix Victor in warehouse & money taken so delivery soon .
  10. Mike my e mail is Thanks for help Len
  11. The Navy used two style of tank the plain one was early fit, one with raised fairing on upper front was the revised one used on C/D aircraft .
  12. Hi Mike could you send to me also as this is a future update I will be doing to my Mk3 thanks
  13. Wessex HU5 845NAS 1/48 for me.
  14. The Royal Navy site shows a Wildcat on this op.
  15. All set up to go tomorrow open 10:00 free admission.