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  1. Terrific build Andy, it's got a lovely spindly look and your colour scheme feels different without stepping outside the magic world of Star Wars. I wish I was as daring with the contrast as you are It always looks so nice. Will
  2. Finally we're a credible threat! Will
  3. A friend of mine has promised to bring some lemons and a large gold brick. I have one out of those three things! It would be easier to modify a tablet and do it as an Android app, but less cool. Will
  4. Ah, we all know the towel is where it's at Cheers, I had fun rotoscoping our faces. I also learned a valuable lesson in choosing your base photo - the black metal bit on the right hand side has a microscopic "engine turned" texture (concentric grooves) so all the removal of the existing logos required care to line up the grooves as much as possible. I ended up adding a greasy fingerprint to hide them... Will
  5. Hi folks, I thought you might be amused by the following piece of Photoshoppery wot I did: Having seen the book as a "real" device like this, it's quite tempting to make one. I'm sure a cheap Android tablet or similar could be re-purposed Cheers, Will
  6. As opposed to super type! Maybe standard is a better word W
  7. Looks stunning from the low angle! Will
  8. Thanks! They're printed on my crusty old laser printer - it's a Canon LBP5000 - and then weathered. It claims to print at 600 dpi but I haven't actually confirmed that I'm using the right settings to get this. It's good enough for Warhammer though! I printed some catfood tins for a robot model a few years ago and they were more visibly dotty: Cheers, Will
  9. I have wondered this, but I think it's probably supposed to be "star ship, destroyer class, ordinary type". Will
  10. I finished the tank, the final touch was a little propaganda poster, which is really a bit high off the ground and doesn't quite fit, but I think is a good addition anyway. It's printed typing paper sponged with GW washes and then detailed around the edges with Scorched Brown paint. I painted the backs similarly, crumpled them up into balls and then glued them in place with PVA. Here are a couple of close-ups of the newer metal bits: I made a few posters and added a couple to the dome since it was a bit flat-looking: Here's the scenery group shot so far, time to paint figures now as the Orks are all on paperclips and can't be used to play the game. Which is winding my daughter up as she's glued all her figures and they're ready to go. (click for bigger) Cheers, Will
  11. Blood for the Blood God is really useful - slightly different colour to Tamiya Clear Red, but when you flick it or blow it onto a model it's sort of stringy and you get neat visceral effects. I think I have the pus one as well (Nurgle's Rot) but haven't used it much - it's a lovely (horrible) bright yellow-green. I wasn't sure I liked the sound of Typhus Corrosion (which is like an oily wash with bits in) but I've seen some OK results with it. Cheers, Will
  12. Thanks guys! It is a bit fashion-conscious - lots of mini painting uses it at the moment - but it's pretty useful. The teal is complementary to rust so you can have rather vibrant weathering. The paint is a bit odd - it's very thin, goes on like it's going to dry away to nothing and then is rather vivid when it does dry. I think it must have a lot of matting agent despite the wash-like consistency. You can get the same effects with e.g. Hawk Turquoise but the technical paint is very convenient. I quite like using it heavily thinned to add patina. Cheers, Will
  13. That's looking marvellous, the markings are really crisp and I like the white against the red. Have you done all the weathering with the Vallejo washes, or are there enamels in there as well? Cheers, Will
  14. Think this is just about done? The light's not great here so I'll take more pictures tomorrow, and see if there's anything I missed in the process. Oh yeah - I was going to add a poster or two but forgot, so will do those tonight. I painted in all the plaques, did the skull eyes as tiny gems, and added some more scratches where I'd made marks, highlighted the scratches on the yellow and worked on the metals. I stippled a mix of the metallics on my palette (gold + silver) and Agrax Earthshade over the domed parts of the tanks to distinguish them more from the other surfaces and supports. Over that went some more drybrushing and sponged/stippled Asurmen Blue wash, and then I ran Agrax Earthshade around the lower edges and blended it in with a cotton bud. I've also added a bit of shiny goop (various AK things) to the two tubes and a couple of other leaks, and a general verdigris wash to the pipes. I mixed this from Agrax Earthshade and Nilahk Oxide and quite a lot of water, and went over it with Agrax where I thought it was too strong. Then I painted some streaks and spills over the top to enliven the tanks a bit. Cheers, Will
  15. Thanks! It's lost a little depth under the varnish so I might need to add something painty over the top? Been doing the metallic bits this evening, not too far to go now. Will