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  1. Aoshima Gigant

    Very pretty. I love the purple accents from the heat stains On the new stand, a nice thing about the existing one that could be worth preserving is that it angles into the model from the back. It has more of a leaping forward stance as opposed to the look of the "big vertical rod up its bottom" technique. Mind you, if it's clear rod that probably doesn't matter. Cheers, Will
  2. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    Awesome stuff Adam, I think I like the asymmetrical one even more. I knew they were small from the Flickr photos but seeing them by the paint pots or that massive 4:1 scale model of a hand really brings it home Will
  3. What a great loader, looks busy and worn yet difficult things like the chevrons are really neat. BTW, I don't know if this is in the instructions or not but I believe there are two little black T decals which go in the PWL circles to make the old-style Caterpillar "Block-C" logos that were on the movie loader. I don't think Halcyon acquired the license hence the subterfuge. Sorry this is a bit late, I've not been following along like I should've been. https://www.caterpillar.com/en/company/history/archive/no-31-caterpillar-chevrolet-throws-it-back-to-the-early-1970s.html Cheers, Will
  4. Excellent This is one of those curvy retro suits I didn't like at first, but I saw 08th MS Team and it completely changed my mind. It's good in the original series too. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic! Will
  5. HG Zaku High Mobility The Origin kit

    I think it looks OK, but if you want to change it you could repaint the surface and apply a very thin layer of the epoxy (or just gloss varnish, or acrylic medium) over the top? Not sure what caused the bubbles, but it can help to warm the stuff beforehand to get it nice and runny. The project as a whole is going great, I like the broken bits and the exploding tank has loads of animation Will
  6. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    He looks scary with the new eye! For the snapped wire, the LED current is so low that you could probably manage with a twiddle joint - scrape the enamel off the ends of the wire and twist together - tweezers or needlenose pliers would be good here. Lay the ends flat and pot it with a dot of epoxy to stop it coming apart, and it'll look like some kind of scientifical component. If you want to be really fancy you could measure the resistance of the finished join and subtract that from whatever value you pick for the current limiting resistor HTH, Will
  7. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Best one yet Nick, the colours are amazing. He looks almost luminous in the photos Will
  8. That's a great mapping of the scheme onto the Starfury's shape, the chevrons really suit it. W
  9. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    Always nice to see some nicely-built GW stuff on here. The sentinel colours are great - warm yellow vs. blue-black. The Onager looks very serious in the khaki too. Cheers, Will
  10. Horizon 1/20 Tyrannosaurus Rex and Apatosaurus

    I feel really bad for the big herbivore, she looks really unhappy. Nice work. Will
  11. Steelheart's Champions

    Thanks! I can't seal them without messing with the gold, but they are to be played with, hopefully tomorrow. I'll just have to be careful. Thanks Andy, it's actually much simpler than I was expecting it to be as the moulding is very useful. I painted it with Boltgun metal, washed it with whatever the new blue wash is (Drakenhof Nightshade) which is a lovely blue-black, and then retouched most of the scales with the metal and highlighted the bottom edges of a few protruding scales with the much brighter Stormhost Silver. The latter is a Mithril Silver replacement and is lovely and bright, but the flake isn't as fine as Mithril. We had our club competition today and I wanted to take these figures and get them off the table. I was able to find some olive wood salt bowls with lovely grain, but they're a bit too big at 80mm diameter so I made some name plaques to fill up the space a little. The general idea came from David Soper's tutorial here, but I had to adapt things to what I had, as usual. https://sproketsmallworld.blogspot.co.nz/2016/09/making-titlename-plaque-for-display.html Here's one of mine: They're printed paper laminated onto styrene with PVA. but instead of printing the lettering in black I used a very pale grey and inked it by hand so I could soften the characters, add marks, serifs and long descenders. It's obviously nicked from Tolkien's writing style, but I think GW have borrowed that a bit for the Stormcast banners and such, so it sort of fits. After the glue dried (heat gun as I was short on time) I cut them out with a compass cutter, sanded the edges, and added the colour and wear with GW washes and paints. They could do with a flat coat still, but everything's only blu-tacked together so that's an option. Cheers, Will
  12. Steelheart's Champions

    Thanks both of you! I think Severin is my favourite as well, I really like figures with bare heads. Although Angharad is pretty cool too, I don't think my photo is at a low enough angle for her pose to read well. Will
  13. Hi all, Sorry I've not been around much for the last month or so, a lot going on with work, travel, and a project that I can't talk about yet. But I did find time to paint some figures over the past week which has been very good for the soul. These are one of the two teams from Shadespire, which is a Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar off-shoot involving tactical combat with miniatures and cards. The game is very good and the figures are possibly even better. They're single-pose clip fit which means that they're quite easy to paint disassembled if you take care. Except for big sword guy (Severin) who had to have his sword arm cut off so I could get at the inside of the cape. They're metallic (mainly Alclad Pale Gold) so very shiny: The sword blade and hammer faces are graphite powder over a thin layer of Boltgun metal, which polished up so well that it reflects the rest of the model It wouldn't have been possible to do this without separating the sword as it's quite a messy process and the cape needed to be pristine. The other team members are Angharad Brightshield and Obryn the Bold: Annoyingly the ringed planet against a nebula on Angharad's pauldron is partly hidden by the shield. I re-posed it slightly to open things up a bit but I need to take another photo to show it off properly. Anyway, hope you like them! Cheers, Will
  14. Film help

    I got to choose a film from the video shop when I was a kid, and I picked this, rather to my parents' disappointment I think. I absolutely loved it, and spent lots of time trying to recreate the spaceship in Lego. It hasn't aged well though! Unlike Ulysses 31 which is still great Will
  15. That's a lot of gun. those Kotobukiya add-ons are insane. Will