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  1. DS Probe Yak-ult

    That's going rather well. I think the grey was a good choice as it contrasts nicely with the more colourful tug. W
  2. I've had great success with older Trumpeter AFV and ship kits. They tend to be cheap but full of nice parts. Look for sales. I'm still using a German AA gun and Stryker I bought online for a song. For specific parts like engine bells the Bandai Gundam accessories are cheap and extremely good quality. Cheers, Will
  3. Skellingtons!

    Thanks for the suggestions, I ended up doing something a bit different with a sort of burning eye sigil. I wanted something symmetrical so it was clear how the design fitted on the banner before it was damaged. Painted in thinned black and white and then blocked in. I used pure white for the flame and then glazed it with the GW yellow and green glaze paints (and a little Thraka Green wash) to provide the colours. That way it should match the look of my Spirit Hosts. Varnish time next. Cheers, Will
  4. Skellingtons!

    Thanks Clive! I've finished the red across all ten now, and done a bit of work on the leather to try and make it a bit more contrasty and interesting: I'm not sure what to put on the banner - a skull would be traditional but maybe overkill. Spooky castle? Moon? Hot vampire lady? Remember these have to be filtered through my limited freehand skillz... Cheers, Will
  5. Skellingtons!

    After a bit of soul searching I remembered that what I really want is Padley Gorge skeletons in a mossy forest because I miss being near it. I think the desert would be easier but I want to give it a go. I also tried holding a skeleton up in front of Old Father Elm's base, which has some autumnal features and I thought it looked OK To start with I've darkened the bases with a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade, with Athonian Camoshade in the low areas. The rocks and a few small stones were picked out with Mechanicus Standard Grey and then I drybrushed everything with Zandri Dust and a little Flayed One Flesh. The rocks had another layer of drybrushing with Celestra Grey and Abaddon Black to knock them back a bit, and I added lichen with sponged Iyanden Darksun + Dorn Yellow, and Ogryn Camo + Death World Forest for the greeny patches. I thought the lichen was a bit srong so I sponged over with Mechanicus Standard Grey to make it more patchy. The base edges are Steel Legion Drab which helps bring out the cool greens in the bone. I've also given the reds another, finer highlight with Lugganath Orange, trimmed back with the Evil Sunz Scarlet. In theory this should make the reds less intense, but I think maybe the bright highlight helps the rest recede and look richer? Plus it's terribly fashionable... I need to finish that stage on the "command group" skeletons, and then do something about the leather which is now pretty dull by comparison. Also wondering about adding a yellow-green glow to the eyes, which would tie them into the ghosts I painted before, but it might be naff. Cheers, Will
  6. Skellingtons!

    Heheh. That might offend Boney... I did the red bits last night/this morning: They're Khorne Red with a heavy Agrax Earthshade Wash. Then I highlighted with glazes of Evil Sunz Scarlet thinned with a water/flow improver mix. This looks really patchy and bright when it's wet but much better when dry. To smooth the edges I went back and glazed the mid-tones with a Khorne Red/flow improver mix, covering the edges of the scarlet and quite a lot of the shaded areas as well. Lastly I added some edge highlights with Wild Rider Red and blended with the scarlet. I think I might add a few more bright edge highlights with a light orange though? I went to block in the bases so I could see what they looked like and picked a lighter brown. I quite like the contrast between the warm sandy base and the green bone, so I'm currently doubting my plan to put them in a green environment. Maybe mossy tundra would still be a good idea, or desert with succulents? Cheers, Will
  7. Skellingtons!

    Hi folks, After finishing off another project after Christmas, I built a box of skeletons as light relief. I've got 5 skeletal horse and 10 with spear, plus a big monster (Mortarch) which isn't quite cleaned up yet as it's so complicated. I finally got some primer on the foot troops at the start of the week and have been busily painting them: I'm being good and working in a batch of ten, but I only took pictures of half of them as I hadn't blacked out the metals on the rest. They're relatively old models and I got them as part of the Start Collecting: Deathrattle box at a bargain price. The main problems are cleaning them up (you can see I missed a few mould lines) and the small gluing cups for the shoulders. The other joints are fine. I guess they also suffer from being pre-Age of Sigmar so are designed to rank up on 25mm square bases, which means all the legs are marching in step. I've tried to get some variety with the spear positions and such, and obviously GW give you a lot of choice of heads, arms, shields etc. which helps too. The bone is Tamiya Olive Green sprayed from below and Deck Tan from above, over black primer. I dryrbrushed them fairly heavily with Ushabti Bone and a little Flayed One Flesh on the high points, then cleaned up the dust with a soft brush. Once that was all done I misted on Tamiya Clear Orange from above to warm up the top surfaces and complete the hue shift from green. I also added a few edge/face highlights on the skull, shoulderblades and spine with Pallid Wych Flesh and touched in the teeth (too clean still!) with White Scar. I also used a bit of Agrax Earthshade to outline the spine and warm up some spaces like between the ribs and in the backs of the knees. All the other stuff is still in progress, the red is Khorne Red with Agrax Earthshade, and the spear shafts are a weird combo of Celestra Grey, thinned Baneblade Brown to warm it up, and a heavy Nuln Oil wash. IIRC the leather bits are Steel Legion Drab shaded with Agrax again. I got about half-way through highlighting the red last night but my hand was cramping so had to stop. I'll get some more pics of that in a bit as it looks a lot more exciting than the above. Cheers, Will
  8. G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    The hand painting is more charming though. You've definitely got the anime look with the internal and external reflections Will
  9. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Thanks for the info, sorry for my inability to put a coherent sentence together. I blame lack of sleep... And belated happy birthday to boot You are marginally more grown-up than I am! Will
  10. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Nice work on that box, how difficult you do the slits? Etch saw? Will
  11. Lovely blue Mike, nice to see you doing a bit more on this one. It gives me confidence to know that seemingly abandoned builds are really just simmering under awaiting their moment Will
  12. Giemme's 2017

    Great collection of builds there. The Harrier is lovely and tidy but I think Maximus is my fave - those blue eyes Will
  13. Spice Mining and Sandworm

    Thanks, I think it's just a matter of psyching myself up and trying it. It wouldn't be that hard to repaint her, I suppose - apart from the belt, most of the tricky work was in the conversion. I think pigments would be a great idea, they're generally very fine, but I think I'll wait until I bed it in to the ground and treat it all at the same time? W
  14. Spice Mining and Sandworm

    I put her away for a while in a ziplock bag to keep dust off, and when I went and found her again a few months later to do a bit more, she was sticky. I think the enamel varnish didn't dry fast enough owing to the bag, and that allowed the plasticisers time to leach out and stop it from ever curing. I've got her in a nice airy case at the moment and it seemed to be getting better for a while but hasn't corrected itself Her head is fine though as I never varnished that. I was going to try an acrylic clear coat but I think I probably need to try and remove the enamels with thinner and see if I can save the paint job. Or strip and start again! As I understand it, the vinyl's softness comes from plasticiser and this stops the enamel curing reaction from happening properly. So it shouldn't be a problem to remove the enamel as it's not the vinyl that's chemically damaged, just the varnish. In happier news, I've done some more on the Sandworm's skin: I glazed the mid shadows with Castellan Green, and the highlights with Vomit Brown, then washed all the skin folds with Agrax Earthshade. Once that was dry I drybrushed with Vomit Brown, Fire Dragon Bright, Flayed One Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh in increasingly small areas, then finally washed the whole model except the mouth with a mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmian Medium. I think the folds are a little dark and blobby, and might need to be redefined with some fine line work in paint, but otherwise I'm pretty happy The side view is a touch weird, I'll need to get the angle right when I base it. Will