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  1. Thank you for your tribute, I'm sure any of the Tuskegee guys would tell you......very well done for a build that is outstanding.
  2. Mig-15, Tamiya 1/48

    It was a model while it remained in the box, when finished it became a classic mastierpiece......nuff said
  3. Harrier Mk 7

    Well that puts another loadout plan on the dung 'eap......I'm thinking of sticking with cold war jets...where if ya had....pretty much ya could load it; think I'm dingy.....on Yankee station they loaded a bloody loo on a Skyraider!!!, and dropped it....probably 'ad some guy on the ground going WTH!!!.
  4. Harrier Mk 7

    I'm one of those who loves to see a combat aircraft with a shed and a half of ordnance loaded up, so with that said in what situation would a Mk 7 Harrier have the guns in place on a sortie?
  5. Regarding WWII RAF GP bombs

    Thanx all that is the very info I needed..I'm off and running
  6. Regarding WWII RAF GP bombs

    'ello lads it's me again with another question regarding the accuracy of a kit's parts. I'm in the later stages of a build of Tamiyas Mossie FB Mk Vi..IIRC the RAF GP bombs had a rather long ring surrounding the fins' however the ones in the kit has rings that if you'll pardon the pun comes up short. I'm no expert or officinado on the subject so I'm asking were there variants of the smaller class of bombs that had a short ring like the ones that come with the kit. I'm prepared to break out the Evergreen plasticard tubes and scratch build the ring meself. The pix I've seen leave me a bit befuddled. I'm aware that at the start of the hostilities the bombs used were from a stockpile that varied and had to be used rather that go to the expense of making more and having them go to waste, unlike the bouncing, or rolling bombs created in later years TIA mates
  7. Yes S Vietnam 1970/71 Thailand '72 and again in 75/76
  8. Again very nice work....SEA did put quite a beating on the aircraft..the humidity was horrible on both us and the planes
  9. Very Very nice work...I admire it from more than one perspective....
  10. That is one very very fine build, don't laugh lads, but this one and the A-6 remind me of "Mothra" of Godzilla fame...especially this one with the way the front fuselage is designed.
  11. Ikimedia... strikes again

    Thanx mateys I'm dancing in me wheelie, 31 Squadron, Jags and Phantoms, and Tonka's Oh my, Jags, and Phantoms, and Tonkas...Oh my (think Wizard of Oz and sing) now if I could find 31 Sqdn decals in 48th for the Jaguars, and Phantoms
  12. Ikimedia... strikes again

    Sir........surely you gest...MoD, mis-ID'ing one of it's own.....tsk..tsk...someone at the MoD needs a crash course in Squadron Identification... "Yes Wing Commander"... "I told him to shoot, he said it had a star on the tail"....
  13. Ikimedia... strikes again

    I frequently use wikipedia for quick refs....not for firm 'ard intel, but this one has me shaking me 'ead...the bloke who wrote this doesn't know any better or doesn't care as long as the piccie is clear. I'm a diehard fan of the Goldstars...from a long time ago..and if it's one RAF Squadron markings I know it's them. So lads tell me why ikipedia would ID the aircraft in the link as a 15 Squadron aircraft when it clearly ISN'T. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panavia_Tornado#/media/File:Image_of_a_15_Squadron_GR4_taken_over_Royal_Air_Force_Lossiemouth,_and_surrounding_countryside._MOD_45155748.jpg It's just me, but I'd prefer they had two racks of Brimstones and one GBU....they'd have more ordy to work with.
  14. Natural light Photos

    Bloody 'ell....I was thinking those were pix from and airshow...the Tu-22 and the "Hind" had me wondering, but WOW!!!.... that is some of the best Photography I've seen in ages.