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  1. The trademark issue is not so much with model or toy companies paying Boeing for permission to use a trademaked name, logo, etc. as it is with protecting the trademark from other, bigger, infringements. For example, let's say Airbus decided to name their newest passenger aircraft "Dreamliner." Certainly Boeing would file a lawsuit as they have trademarked that name for a passenger aircraft. But, if Boeing has not been protecting the trademark by sending a cease and desist notification or filing a lawsuitanytime they come across a company using it without permission, Airbus could argue in court that the name "Dreamliner" had defaulted to public domain because Boeing was not being proactive in protecting their trademark. Yes, it's a longshot that the court would rule in favour of Airbus, but, Boeing does not want to take that chance.
  2. "This will not be an OOB build...There will probably be quite a few more bits and bobs..." ... and fire extinguishers- mustn't forget the fire extinguishers. Looking forward to yet another how-to by one of the masters. Lou
  3. Not sure if it would work but you might try photo etched model ship deck chain, comes it several scales and types. Lou
  4. Wow... kind of reminds of of the Friday evening commute when I lived in Los Angeles.
  5. Excellent work.
  6. Welcome to BritModeller- you'll find a great group of members from all over the world, with skill levels ranging from people just starting out(or returning to the hobby after being away for a while) to professional modellers. The great majority of us are just folks like you who just enjoy the hobby and have fun doing it. There is lots of great help here so don't be afraid to ask- everyone is friendly, happy to help and lot of guys and gals who are very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjets.
  7. Congratulationson completing another masterpiece and the excellent tutorial that has accompanied it. Looking forward to the RFI and the Helix build.
  8. Very, very nice build. It brings back a lot memories- I couldn't convince my dad a 426 GTX would be better for the family than a Valiant with 225 slant 6. How did you get along with the Vallejo Metal colours? I just picked up some but haven't tried then yet.
  9. LOL. So what you're saying is that even if I have the pest controller spray the house before we move in, the carpet monster will still appear... Dang! Do you think an exorcism or maybe having some chanting Druids drop in would help? Note to self: Always check pockets before sitting down at the modeling bench.
  10. Here is my wokrbench but it usually isn't this tidy. I found the idea for he paint racks I found on-line. They are made from aluminum L channel and they work great. (I was going to post a link but it's gone away.) Unfortunately I just dismantled the entire set up yesterday in preparation for a move to Utah. The good news is t the new house, instead of sharing a corner of the family room, there I will have my own hobby room complete with a tile floor (farewell carpet monster) sink, freezer and, with any luck a microwave. SWMBO may not see me for days. (Oh, maybe that's her cunning plan...) (Sorry about the photobucket link- I'm on the iPad and can't figure out how to make the photo actually appear in the post. šŸ˜•)
  11. I can't find anything for the 1940s but if it helps, in December 1952 the UCSG issued a new Paint and Color Manual (CG-263) covering just about anything that could be painted- shore installations, ships, boats, vehicles and aircraft, including amphibians that were to be painted in "aluminized lacquer". Here's a link to the manual- the aircraft information starts on pagd 203 (section 3-15-1)
  12. Here's a helpful tutorial from Swanny's Models website on the S.C Johnson's acrylic floor polish- aka Klear, Future. etc. (i.e. whatever name it's being sold under this year šŸ˜³)
  13. Looking great!!