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  1. Italeri released a F-104G ~last year . But in 1/32. Never heard of a 1/48 one coming out!
  2. there resin from LEM so you can start soon on it!
  3. fantastic brute force short range fighter bomber model!! like it a lot!
  4. You can build M4s from nearly every Fitter user country but Libya, Peru and Hungary . They only used the M, M2 and M3 versions of the Su-22. And then Egypt that did not use the Su-22 at all. Only early Su-17s and Su-20s! Rverything clear now?
  5. Turned out great ! And you managed to finish
  6. Boxart is also the same as the 1/35 version.... Of course still a possibility
  7. the problem is the Su-22M3 (as the Su-22 and Su-22M) had a different engine (R-29, more or less the same as the MiG-23) leading to a much fatter rear fuselage..... hopefully Kitty Hawk binrg out this version later, their fuselage molding definitely set up for this modification
  8. Libyian M4? not sure... do not think there is a pic out there of one... Su-22M3s, yes, but those look very different in the back! no objections on the Polish jet though
  9. any any update???
  10. Nice start! Going to watch this unfold:)
  11. Yeah, of course nobody is to blame.... only the other party.... Whatevery the reason - not a really satisfying solution on an everything but cheap kit... Just to make sure that everybody understands I really support and appreciate that these kits exists: I have bought 2 of these kits and some resin incl one set of canards already.....
  12. thanks, that is the discussion i am referring to any news about the resin nose by RSSM ? any news about the kit nose in general? how misshappen does it look? (when build!)
  13. those are lots of big bombs!