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  1. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    You did right on the grey! Seconded, what reference??
  2. Spanish Airforce C.8 1/48

    really bad pictures, but I sprayed it Tamiya gloss black as a base... we will see if it works out.... https://flic.kr/p/HC656v https://flic.kr/p/Eru9Ms of course, tip tank stabs were also added maybe pictures are showing, or not.... it says error on flickr... ??
  3. IAI LAVI 1/48 -help?!

    Hello everybody don't really know myself what got me into buying this general shape of resin supposedly representing the best!"! availabl 1/48 model of IAI attempt to challenge the F-16s reign over Israel in the late 1980s I already learned quite some things, e.g. that it was not powered by a PW-100, but a smaller version (GE-404 sized), also intended for the IAI Super Phantom, the PW 1120... all in all based on the F-16, but way smaller!! - interesting-!!! so, here it is, not "extremely" detailed or symmetrical (port/ starboard) etc... any good ideas on how to tackle it? decals look good at least! so here is what I have got an d my best attempts to align the fuselage , and also fit the cockpit section into place F-16 style intake, also fits nearly perfectly relatively nice PW-1120 with the characteristic sectioned petals so again, any ideas apart form the bin would be very welcome! Best, Werner
  4. Well done! Load out and weathering look good!!
  5. Hellfires look good! Are those from the kit???
  6. Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    The blue looks very good to me!! Great conversion!
  7. F/A-18F VFA-103 Jolly Rogers

    Nice start Always good to see JR!!
  8. 1/48 HobbyBoss MiG-31B/BM Foxhound

    great work! interesting how different those R-77 look around the nose! PS: your photos lately seem to be a bit on the bright side... did you change any settings?
  9. nice one! what is the story behind these tanks??
  10. Tigershark GR.3 Gulf War

    great model and idea! but what happened with the poor Jags?
  11. MarkSH's NF104

  12. some work on the rear fuselage, as already mentioned in before's post, no need for cutting on newer (Revell and ACE) boxings regarding the wing tip pylons, obviously there were some small changes from the prototypes: I did not fancy cutting the kit pylons from the wing and decided to modify them myself instead.... best, Werner
  13. thanks Bosse! I have this one waiting since 2014... maybe even longer ..... and 2 Ms also.... probably in some special marking one day! (I am hoping someone wil release the white tiger scheme from this year!) thanks Hewy! yeah, the Revell (or ACE) Rafale kits are really great! (I had on hobbyboss copy once, but resold it was not comparably quality-wise. they also took shortcuts with some transparencies....) if you buy a new kit, take care to shop for a recent boxing, as these cover the production version rear fuselage chaff and flare dispenser recesses already.... no need then for the Wolpack-d update!
  14. I spontaneously started another kit yesterday night.... French Airforce Rafale B 1/91 Gascogne Opération Harmattan DMold seamless, full length intakes Wolfpack-d upgrade to series production standards Decals: either Syhart or Authentic Decals (or a combination ) more than enough decals I guess, have to find out which squadrons where used back in 2011 over Libya... probably Scalp mission, or Hammer AASM... quick fit of the excellent kit: (my son needed something to play with ) Scalps mounted, they look great! one of the weak point of this kit are the intakes, that are simply open at the back.... but there is an expensive, but likely well worth solution by DMold : some surgery needed: fit is excellent then! more soon hopefully! any input eagerly awaited! best regards, Werner