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  1. That is quite some brave cut Laurent!! Any other observation? Do you have plans to put it against? Thanks for showing! Cheers!
  2. Hi werner you've not visited for a while, youve got a yak 28 kit i believe, any thoughts on the different canopys I've  searched and to be honest not come up with a lot I'm leaning, as im building a late version to the canopy with a frame down the centre what are your thoughts on this ,if you dont mind of course

    1. exdraken


      Hi Hewy,


      Yes I have one for a week now, and it looks fanastic!

      as for the canopy, it took me a while to even see he difference.... ;) 


      and no, unfortunately no idea what means early and what late in terms of years..... 


      you could paint up both.. and when someone challenges you for putting up the wrong one (as for sure will happen ;) ) just take out the other one .....

    2. Hewy


      Yes i like that idea ,i did use the one with the frame down the centre as a paint mask for the cockpit  for priming ,but after looking at more pictures it occurred to me that there were late ones with the rail down the centre so ive got that canopy in a bath of ipa now,the paint is coming off well at least,thanks anyway


  3. Great cockpit work! Looking good! Are therr any strike alert dedicated panels or control boxes in the Zipper?
  4. AND you can keep the rarely modeled topic! Good luck! Good you found a solution for the numbers Happy modelling, Cheers, Werner
  5. That makes some sense!! So you are aiming for a Yak palace
  6. Where is the model? That is not the photography section of real aircraft!! Fantastic and absolutely realistic looking! Need to improve my skills....
  7. Cracking read! Nice entertaining stiry with lots of truth! Some additional comments for the lessons to be learnd section: • do some research on what you are going to build ( makes the redult much more convincing and satisfying) • try to be as close as possible with regards to model mark, color scheme and operator • do not take the above too serious and kepp on building great models! Cheers, Werner
  8. what ever you prefer! some more info:
  9. hmmm, not so fast: as far as I can see Myanmar/ Burma also operates 9.13s
  10. Great work as usual!! well done, excellent use of the masks I'd say! Your load out seems valid to me...
  11. relatively good cockpit photos of a P and in the link below there are 2 more builds and lots of interesting info here on BM in the "Nato vs warsaw pact in europe gb" and rumormonger section!
  12. Great start, or better great modelling as your build is already quite advanced!! are your going to convert it to a recce Brewer? (PP)?
  13. providing a low prize kit might be good for sales, providing a sloppy kit no so much I guess. people will even refrain from buying a different, maybe much better kit afterwards... can't be to hard noticing this things when designing the molds...
  14. nice project, and a good start! early F-16 are a bit neglected, but lately some nice builds came up here! F-16s where not really high-tech jets then... just bomb trucks and light fighters with Aim-9 capability that was to change soon after though!
  15. every Mirage is beautiful sorry but this one especially