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  1. Yeah, this bothers me to, seen it on few pictures. but it won't be the turn-off for me. I think that the layer of thin Mr. surfacer along the panel line with brush would solve the problem easily. Once dried the panel line will still be visible, but not as deep/wide. Removing excess surfacer with cloth and mr. color thinner should go at the end. So, no using sanding paper in order to preserve details around. I think it should work, but still amount of work I would like to pass... More turn off for me is the price + shipping I've already sent email to blackmikemodels with inquiry
  2. GWH Su-35S build

    I will surely buy it when it arrives, for me must have
  3. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Thank you all, glad you like it Ade, there is no secret I used valleyo acrylic paint, a bit thinned, and I've put about two to three layers, each one after the previous was dried.
  4. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Hello everyone, here are some new progress pictures. I've used Eduard brassin set, but with replacement barrels from master model and also I've used Baracuda ammo chutes, since I've found them to be nicer (there is really no need to buy extra chutes, but I had these from before because at first I didn't plan to use eduard set. However it is huge improvement. I will paint barrels at the end. Bye for now!
  5. Hello, and thanks! I'm really glad you remember, I did hang around on ARC a lot, while I was younger and when I was less keeper and more builder Reagrding the wood - it was painted with oil pant. Here are some progress fo wood painting: Cheers!
  6. thanks, I plan to add a wing, but only one, vertically positioned beside the plane
  7. Thank you, glad you like it! I will maybe finishe one wing and put it beside it
  8. Hi, here are pictures of Horten 229 in 1/48 scale. Well, it is not in fact finished, I still need to do some cleaning and add bits and fix some parts. I didn't still add hatches and brakes, since I had an accident with one brake and one hatch leg, so need to fix it. Upper part is glued but only on some points and very lightly, so it can be removed. Inner areas are completely engraved since it came with no details. those wooden planks at the back are scrathcbuilt. Hope you like it, cheers, Marko
  9. Hi, here are some new photos of current status. Thanks for watching, bye!
  10. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Hi all, I've scrathed the radiators. One will be mounted, and the other won't. Now, the radiator area is in the progress. I would suggest the DVD "The Mosquito Explored" from Flyingzone publications, without it I wouldn't go into this. This is just a base for futher work. Now the fun part goes Cheers!
  11. New from TANMODEL 1/32 Su-33

    for me, the su-33 is the best 1/32 I could think off. Just after the 1/32 Fw190D from Tamiya I understand that some preffer more common variant of the Flanker family, but then again we already have big Su-27
  12. New from TANMODEL 1/32 Su-33

    because it is the ultimate rumour
  13. New from TANMODEL 1/32 Su-33

    OMG simply stunning. Can't wait it to be released. Will buy one asap
  14. Hi, here are some progress pictures. I've added the wires (streched sprue). Instrument panel is from the kit. I' ve received the eduard brassin engines - that has to be the best set I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Cheers!!