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  1. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Not only did he have one hell of a voice, he was also one hell of a guy to tell a story in an exciting way, using that voice. Sadly missed indeed. Thanks for posting this one.
  2. Airfix Bluetits

    Very well done, beautiful painting! They make me happy every time I see them. Must do my own soon.
  3. It's looking great! It's such a pleasure to look at well cleaned up and prepared resin parts being put together.
  4. Lovely! Again a huge amount of my favourite material; Resin! It can only be great!
  5. 1/72 Saturn V

    Thanks for all the comments. I've been a bit distracted in my 1/1 scale workshop as usual, and hit some problem on this workbench as well, but a little more progress at least. @Gimme Shelter Hehe, no, it's not the cheapest modelling project I've started, but mutual support and open cards both ways has worked well for many years together with my dear lady, so I'm lucky that I can just carry any(?) stuff through the door. @71chally@Eric Mc Yes, there is a surprising amount of inaccuracies and lack of details for a new tooling. It will certainly look like an impressive Saturn V if built OOB, but it is a bit disappointing. @Will Vale Thanks for your encouragement Will, it's good to be back on the bench with a WIP-thread, even if it won't be the fastest I've done. I do have a couple of 1/72 Star Wars models I would like to build before too long, so yes, there may well be some Sci-Fi again. Looking forward to it. I have done a bit of work on the top of the S-IC tank to ensure its round and that the resin LOX-dome and forward skirt will fit well. After also adding a bit of plastic in two places on the LOX-dome edge I was quite comfortable with the result. With some paint and the vent pipes added I think it will pass. Then I started with the S-IC/SII interstage, and hit more difficult problems. The resin part is conical in shape and much too small in diameter at the bottom. I think the mould may have given up, but I have already informed Martin and showed him this problem a few days ago, and he would look into it, so we'll see what happens. This is the Dragon part, fitting well and correct in length, but lacking a lot of detail and only half the number of stringers. My spare plan, if the resin fails, will be to use the Dragon part and then replicate all the work Martin did to create his master part using Evergreen strips, but with a bit of luck I may not have to. There is plenty of other work to do, so I'll wait a bit with this to see what Martin comes up with. In the mean time I will either climb upwards and start looking at the SII aft skirt, or go downwards and work on S-IC aft skirt and thrust structure, another area I expect problems and work with...
  6. 1/72 Saturn V

    @RichO It does indeed need a lot of preparation to come together. I hope it will be worth it in the end. @Corsairfoxfouruncle It should finish at a total height of almost 154 cm if everything works out. We'll see how close to that I will arrive.
  7. 1/72 Saturn V

    A bit more progress. The bottom seam of the elongated S-II tank is finally done after a few rounds of filler and sanding. With that all the major tank bodies are done. I then turned my attention to the S-IC forward skirt resin part, it needed some clean up and filling. The exterior is done here. The interior needed more work. Quite a lot of air bubbles needed filling and excess resin from mould bubbles removed. While the filler was curing I started work on the LOX-dome that will go inside the forward skirt. An hour or two of therapeutic fine sanding work later the inside was also ready for primer. I will probably have to paint the inside and the dome before gluing them in place to avoid spraying paint down into a hole, something that never really works for me.
  8. 1/72 Saturn V

    I got quite a lot of work done on the tank walls today. To shorten the S-IC intertank structure stringers I first masked with a 6 mm wide tape and then put a sturdy Dymo tape above. I figured this would give me a protecting edge to cut and sand against. The extra ring glued to LOX tank top was then cut to length and the necessary filler sanded smooth. After a bit of cutting and sanding work and some filler I had a 6 mm longer RP-1tank and 6 mm shorter intertank structure. The S-II LOX/LH2 tank is about 6 mm short, but the new resin aft skirt includes a longer bit of tank section. I figured I would adjust the length of that resin piece to give me what I want. There will be a lot of filler and sanding, but the tank wall seems are in need of that anyway. All the resin parts require a good deal of cleaning, filling and adjustment. This one was fairly easy. The S-II LOX/LH2 tank wall seams done. The two pieces joined and seem filled. The fit was less than perfect and it will take a bit of work. I couldn't resist stacking up the S-IC parts; thrust structure/aft skirt, RP-1tank, intertank structure, LOX tank and forward skirt.
  9. 1/72 Saturn V

    I will start with getting all the major parts prepared and corrected, and then assemble the stages, before turning to more details. First I glued all the tank halves together. With that done I measured the length of all the parts to see what I have to modify, and then layed them all out in a row. These are the main parts I will use. All the grey sections have to be altered slightly in length. The bad thing is that most of them are too short. The IU (Instrument Unit) and SLA (Spacecraft LM Adapter) on top I will probably build up from the clear kit parts with some 3D-printed details instead of the resin, as I think I want one quarter of SLA in clear to show the Lunar Module inside. On the other hand that might mean that I should also do a quarter of both interstages clear to show the engines of the S-II and S-IVb stages... The model will be possible to disassemble into the real sections though. Here we have the S-IC RP-1 tank glued to the intertank structure. The RP-1 tank is apparently about 6 mm too short and the intertank structure 6,5 mm too long. They will pretty much even themselves out. My idea is to remove 6 mm of the stringers and smooth the seam, and then scribe a thin new seam 6 mm higher up. The S-IVb LOX/LH2 tank is 8 mm short. I have a resin cylinder to replace it, but it seemed less work to correct the plastic than prepare the resin. I glued on a segment ring I will have no use for to add some material. With the glue fully cured this was cut to length and sanded smooth. Not an insignificant amount of work, but no big problem. The LOX tank for the S-IC stage is about 12 mm short. I'm trying the same method here, gluing a segment I won't use to get material to work with, cut back to correct length and sand smooth. This will be more work than the S-IVb tank and probably need some filler, but first the glue has to fully dry.
  10. 1/72 Saturn V

    Time has finally come to dig into that big box of Dragon 1/72 Saturn V that I bought as soon as it was released, in early 2013 I think it was. It's been in the stash for much longer than I first planned (how unusual...) and it's quite a long time since I build Airfix 1/144 Saturn V, so it's not a moment to early now. Here we have the box, and a lovely size of a box, isn't it. There is quite a lot of plastic in the box for a start, but there was still room in the box... As I've had the kit in my stash for a while, and as I'm quite attracted to the subject and the whole Apollo era, I have spent some time filling up my box with additional stuff as I've learned some of the Dragon kit's shortcomings. This is what my box contains today, a bit more than Dragon put there in the first place: I've added parts over time as I wanted to make a real project of this. I first got a set of batted F1-engines for the S1-C stage in resin from LVM Studios. Soon after I bought the complete decal set from CultTVman, drawn by Rick Sternbach. They look quite impressive on the sheets. More recently I also decided to add the various resin parts available from Martin's Models to help with some of the corrections I want to make. There's also a range of 3D-printed parts available from two designers via Shapeways, and as I had already thrown all sanity away (I'm quite good at that, and it's actually a habit...) I decided to add these to my available choices as well. And that leaves the original content in the Dragon box, of which not an insignificant amount will be replaced, or modified... I plan to make a longer project of this, most likely spanning over the horrible winter that will approach later and once again make life difficult for a couple of months. It won't be the perfect Saturn V build, but I plan to make a number of corrections to lengths and details of the various segments of the vehicle, using research and advise that people with a lot more knowledge than me have published. Most of all I plan to enjoy the build and twelve in the atmosphere of the era when the Saturn V did the job of putting these brave men on the path to the moon. I hope you will enjoy the build too and you're most welcome put in some advice and ideas as I progress with my build. I think this Saturn V will be the mission of Apollo 11, for obvious reasons, but I'm not fully decided yet. Actually all the missions would deserve a good model...
  11. Any air racer models available?

    If you don't mind short run kits High Plane Models have an interesting range of racers available, also in 1/48: https://www.hpmhobbies.com/brands/High-Planes-Racers-(Limited-Run).html They will require some work, but offers very interesting subjects. Here is my build of Miss Ashley II as an example, although 1/72.
  12. Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE20 / FF30

    On my build with the narrow front track it is indeed very tight, but it just worked with microscopical clearance. I can't recall bending or modifying the arms in any way, but it is very tight. I don't remember if the fitting of the arms changes a little when fitted together with the B29 parts, and don't forget part B6 on the right side. A dry fit with these parts involved might change things just the little bit. I can't find a perfect WIP-photo of this, but here is one on the finished model with the narrow front track.
  13. Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE20 / FF30

    The front axle is indeed a problem area, especially if you want to build it with a narrower track setting. Here are two photos from my stock version build (that I haven't so far come round to show in the WIP) hopefully showing how I modified the parts. I chamfered off the outer sections and repositioned the bolts. It's all a bit of a compromise, but looks quite OK on the finished model. I didn't have any problem trailing arms against the clutch housing, but it is dead tight.
  14. 2x 1/16 Citroen DS19

    That's right; the steering rack does not fit anywhere at that stage. You just put it in there loose behind the radiator, for the time being. Then later on, when the the engine package goes in the bodyshell, the steering rack fits in two positions to the bodyshell.
  15. Matra-Simca MS670 kits?

    There are some resin kits in 1/24: http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/matra-670-124 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=34&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=47&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=46&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665