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  1. Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE20 / FF30

    On my build with the narrow front track it is indeed very tight, but it just worked with microscopical clearance. I can't recall bending or modifying the arms in any way, but it is very tight. I don't remember if the fitting of the arms changes a little when fitted together with the B29 parts, and don't forget part B6 on the right side. A dry fit with these parts involved might change things just the little bit. I can't find a perfect WIP-photo of this, but here is one on the finished model with the narrow front track.
  2. Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE20 / FF30

    The front axle is indeed a problem area, especially if you want to build it with a narrower track setting. Here are two photos from my stock version build (that I haven't so far come round to show in the WIP) hopefully showing how I modified the parts. I chamfered off the outer sections and repositioned the bolts. It's all a bit of a compromise, but looks quite OK on the finished model. I didn't have any problem trailing arms against the clutch housing, but it is dead tight.
  3. Airfix 2018

    A reissue of the 1/32 Bond Bug, please...
  4. 2x 1/16 Citroen DS19

    That's right; the steering rack does not fit anywhere at that stage. You just put it in there loose behind the radiator, for the time being. Then later on, when the the engine package goes in the bodyshell, the steering rack fits in two positions to the bodyshell.
  5. Matra-Simca MS670 kits?

    There are some resin kits in 1/24: http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/matra-670-124 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=34&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=47&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665 http://www.lemansminiatures.com/uk/produit.php?idproduit=46&sessionid=160380504858de3b1167665
  6. Porsche 917k Fujimi monza 71'

    There are variations, so for complete accuracy it's always best to find reference photos of the actual chassis# and race in question. I'm sure you'll beat the Fujimi plastic into submission in this case as well.
  7. Porsche 917k Fujimi monza 71'

    Please be careful with the front panel air exit duct. Many of the 917's had it placed off-centre to the right. Check references for the specific car/race to be sure. Just one sample photo here to show clearly.
  8. Each to their own...

    I would like one, if I could get all parts in one go, it would make a nice R12 Gordini, albeit with a good bit of scratching...
  9. It Lives!

    Sounds great! A bit like the proposed Figure Group Build a few years ago but apart we also include other animals (birds, dinosaurs, horses...) and also robots that are "alive" (C3PO and the likes)? Good idea I think.
  10. During the month of the December I found myself faced with the challenge of building a hotrod from Heller's 1/24 scale Citroen 15CV, together with +50 other modellers. Why then? Quite close to where I live there's a blasting shop owned and run by Johnny Persson, a great guy who is not only a blacksmith, fabricator, car/bike enthusiast and builder, painter, welder and what not else, but also sometimes a modeller. Every December he arranges a modelling event at his blasting shop, called "Johnny's Christmas Jam", where all participants meet up the first Sunday in December to get the same 1/24 scale car kit. Nobody knows what kit it will be beforehand. They then have only one month, until the Sunday a week into January, to finish the build with no limits on modifications - which are encouraged. The choice of engine and wheels are free, the rest should be from the box, albeit modified beyond recognition if so desired. Early in January everyone meets again at the blasting shop with their creations. The models are handed over covered and anonymously to be but on a numbered display before the participants and any other public are allowed into the showroom to see all the models and cast a vote for their favourite one. This year the theme "Hotrod", with free interpretation, was added to the challenge. The kit we got to build this year then turned out to be Heller's Citroen 15CV. What would I build from that? After a few hours of thinking and sketching that evening I had decided to build something that would honour French technology and Citroen and keep the hotrod theme in what I thought might be a bit more French flavour than traditional. So I came up with the story of this hotrod club in Paris; the toughest and most respected club of them all, "Hors-La-Loi des Rues Paris", with a reputation that makes the Gendarmerie leave them mostly free to do their thing and no one ever touching their cars at the hotrod events all over Europe they visit. One of the long time members is Marcel, who builds and drives a quite well known long, low and mean black Citroen Traction Avant, fitted with a 7,5 litre straight sixteen hemi engine and technology from the Citroen DS. I had reached the decision that I had to build a model of that car... The body has been cut up and modified in just about every way, the wheels are from a Citroen DS19 and the straight 16 cylinder engine built from four Alpine Renault A110 engines. Two weeks into the build I realised I had bitten off a bit more than I first thought... It seemed to work in the end, as to my surprise it was voted the winner, among some very clever and well built creations, which was a great honour. And here we have the base kit. What can be built from this kit under the theme "Hotrod"? A lot! Look at Johnny Persson's photos from the event here below. There are some very impressive creations there:
  11. Wonderful project and nice attention to the detail differences. This will be an interesting thread to follow!
  12. Routemaster Bus

    Good choice, it will be a rewarding build. I built mine, shortened to become the RM, just when it was released. One of the most satisfying builds I've done in recent years. Looking forward to your progress.
  13. Ferguson petit gris

    That's a lovely piece of scratch building in that plough, very well done, it will add a lot to the finished model. And the painting/weathering is impressive too, this is really progressing well! I so look forward to staring two of mine, but I have to finish a quite special Citroen build first, before this weekend, then I will dig into them.
  14. I may have said this before; but your painting is excellent! These are some very well finished and realistic looking models! Fantastic work!
  15. 2016 has been yet another year of not much modelling and very little forum activity I'm afraid. But I can at least partly blame this 1/1 scale project which I have completely rebuilt and upgraded, except the engine core (already done) and the empty body shell. This occupied most of the first half of the year; Early in the summer sadly my father in law passed away, and as we went through some photo albums in the aftermath we found a nice picture of him from 1968, posing in a new VW T2 van he was driving for a living back then. I felt I had to build that model right away, and it was completed in less than two weeks. The base is a Welly 1/24 diecast windowed bus that I cleaned up and modified, fitted Gunze wheels, my own decals and a figure I resculpted from some different pieces. He actually came out quite portrait like. RIP old man, you always did well. Then time came to once and for all finish off a project that has been going on and off (very much off actually) for about six years; Airfix 1/144 Vasa. There wasn't that much left to do, so not much credit can be taken for 2016 on this one, but at least it was finished during the year. WIP - RFI Next was this 1/72 Caudron C.448 Goeland from the 1936 Paris-Saigon race. RS Models kit with decals from both LF Models and Renaissance and some resin from LF as well. WIP - RFI The last I can find that I completed this year would be these two Heller 1/16 Citroen DS19s. I started them in February, but got most of them done only much later in the year. WIP And that's all there was for 2016 for me, apart from some started but still not finished projects, maybe for next year. May I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!