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  1. Very nice Ken
  2. Very nice work , Ken. Especially the cockpit.
  3. I will be watching with great interest as I built one in the late eighties. I also had rigged it, yes a lot of work. I moved from Brisbane to Casino left the model on the bonnet of my car and a gust of wind flew it away. I picked up most of the pieces with the intentions of rebuilding it. It would be easier to start with a new model. Best of luck with this one. Stephen
  4. Hobby Boss 1/72 Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B

    Looking for some info on this kit I found this If it is slightly different Nigel has built it. I have some work ahead of me.
  5. Hobby Boss 1/72 Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B

    Some more photos of the kit bits. Decals. Hope they are better than the Zvezda decals. I have a Zvezda Mil 8MT and the decals are pretty sad in that kit, too. Marking options. PE I should start looking for reference material on the internet. I don't know where to start. Thanks for looking . Stephen
  6. My son gave a Tamiya Hind for Christmas (which I have finished and have been too slack to take any pics), this has started an interest in Russian helicopters. This will be a slow build as I want to finish some other projects before this one. Probably should not start but I am having trouble fitting the canopy to the XP-97. Some pics of the kit bits. I have also got Eduard mask and Part PE set. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  7. 1/72 Bristol Sycamore

    Exquisite modelling Nigel.
  8. Love your video builds Mr Big Modeller. Stephen
  9. Some teachers were just cruel and they enjoyed it
  10. We had colours, how bloody boring. Stephen
  11. 1/72 Bristol Sycamore

    Another Nigel Heath masterclass on the go.
  12. A beautiful model, Phil1.
  13. RS Models 1/72 XP-79B Flying Ram

    Thanks Caerbannog for the pictures. I think I will mix my paint using your pictures as a reference. I am going with my thoughts on the location of the seat/cushion, CedB. Bloody uncomfortable way to fly a plane, I think???????? I have placed enough weight inside the fuselage/wing to make the plane sit on her wheels, I hope. A hint for anybody looking for lead shot. Go to the gun shop and tell the lovely lady what you are doing and she will gladly give you some lead shot. DON"T get it from evilbay as I did, re this link http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172667127345?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I bought 3 of these, growl. Ready to close up the fuselage halves. Pretty isn't it. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  14. 57+9+6= PR.3

    Do you build anything but canberras, Canberra Kid? Martian and Stephen, Losing the plot before it has even started. I would like to build a B57, but I don't think it is possible to obtain all the necessary kits to make a start. Stephen