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  1. Steven F Udvar Hazy Centre

    Great pics. One of many US museums on my to do list over next few years.
  2. Jagala A-10 Landings - Its that time of year again !

    Wow I'm totally jealous Great pics
  3. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Yes you are correct. That's what I get for rushing through them using small thumbnails to rename them. Thanks for pointing it out. Fairly sure the rest are OK
  4. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    There was definitely one that came through the top of the hedge- the gasps from the crowd were rather pronounced. Must have been a bum clenching moment for the pilot As I said a great event that I was in two minds about attending particularly with the weather when I arrived at BHX in the morning to travel down to Biggleswade. Wasnt entirely sure it would have been my cup of tea but so glad I went in the end. The light at the end was superb particularly for the Lysander and PO2. Would recommend it. A great event and super value for money at £18. No problems getting to and from the event either. All well organised and very civilised when it was over. Just a pity I had to drive for 2 hours afterwards to get to RIAT in preparation for the next day.
  5. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Only a few more https://www.flickr.com/photos/91231569@N03/albums/72157683158057662
  6. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Great event. You can walk around everything before the event and get up close to them all. Was a great variety but with the slight wind the more delicate stuff didn't participate. Would definitely go again.
  7. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Its a 1938 Schneider SF38.
  8. A few average RIAT pics.

    Nowt wrong with those. Was there myself and had a great day
  9. Shuttleworth Classic Evening Air Show June 2017 (More added.)

    Excellent photos in glorious weather. Its a great venue when the weather holds. The WW1 evening airshow I attended didnt get off to a great start but at least it improved as the hours went by.
  10. Monday RIAT departures

    Too late I know but I thought you were still able to pay at the gate. East I know was full but west still had a fair bit of space left. There were also quite a few people outside the west enclosure in the car park taking pics who I assume did not have tickets and I was surprised they were allowed to do so if that was the case
  11. Yeovilton Air Day 2017

    Great pictures. Love the fluffy Rafales. Been twice and really enjoyed both occasions.
  12. RIAT Sunday

    Would have loved to have witnessed that
  13. RIAT Sunday

    A few from Sundays display. A400M Airbus Defence and Space (11) by William Willis, on Flickr Army Air Corps WAH-64D Apache (20) by William Willis, on Flickr Belgian Air Component Sea King Mk48 (9) by William Willis, on Flickr French Air Force Couteau Delta Mirage 2000D (48) by William Willis, on Flickr Italian Air Force Tornado A-200 (9) by William Willis, on Flickr And the star of the show for me Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi Su 27 (95) by William Willis, on Flickr
  14. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Billed as a World War 1 air show but had a bit of everything from the Shuttleworth Collection plus a couple of guests. Despite the dodgy weather at the start it turned out well. Would definitely make a return visit if the dates matched up. DSC_0073 by William Willis, on Flickr DSC_0139 by William Willis, on Flickr DSC_0972 by William Willis, on Flickr DSC_0903 by William Willis, on Flickr
  15. Budget Airshow Lense (Inc Duxford Airshow Photos)

    I started off with the Tamron 70-300vc. Its a good starter lens but I soon outgrew it as I found it limiting once I attended a few more airshows. Upgraded to Sigma 150-500 and even now still keep looking at the 150-600. Enjoy it and keep practicing. BTW I still have the lens and use it occasionally.