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  1. Nice work so far
  2. Hi guys and thanks for the comments, glad you like it. Paul E , there have been a few folk wanting to do the Kiwi Anzacs. As far as I can remember you leave off the observation post on the flight deck and they don't have the same system for landing the choppers and adding Phalanx. I haven't looked but I think the style of hull numbers are the same as RN I could be wrong though. Hawk graphics do the kiwi bird emblem for the funnels but the company are hard/ impossible to get hold of these days. Pre mod can be built straight out of the box but the post mod kit needs a bit of work. Mainly the wall around the hanger door. there is some differences between the pre and postmod ships. I have to go back and fix mine up as I have only just really clicked onto just what the differences are even though they have been staring me in the face for a few years now. So far I have added the flight deck, ladders and a few other pe bits and given the hull a paint job and started with the decals. once the area around the hanger door is fixed I can finish the decals and then start fitting her out. One area I had trouble with was the funnel vents. Gee they are small. I love the fact that there is even windscreen wipers for the bridge windows molded on. I wish I could actually paint them though But thanks for looking and more to come soon Have a great weekend Cheers Callum
  3. Well redid the resin and finally got it right. Pretty happy how the water is looking. Its not finished yet still needs more colour on the surface then acrylic gel medium for the wave motion but I can't add that till all the ships are finished and ready to attach to the base. My Anzacs have arrived as well and I have already started the first one. Gee they are nice little kits. Well done to Dodo Models. So Thanks for looking and more to come soon Cheers Callum
  4. You have been at this for a long time mate, gee thats awesome workmanship though.
  5. Thats some lovely work there, well done
  6. What a gorgeous pair, well done
  7. Lovely little Beaufighter Neil, well done
  8. Thanks guys, Holden 05, I have my Anzacs on the way, actually there are 16 of the buggers coming. Got some commission work to do. Hanging out to get them though. Will have 4 post mods on this Diorama though. Ian, Thanks for the kind words. Had a bit of a setback, I put the subs in place and started pouring the resin. Was looking really good till I realized 3 of the subs were sitting too deep in the water. I still had a another layer of resin to add and by the time I did that the water level would have pretty much covered the decks of the subs looking very wrong. Not sure what happened but all I could do to fix it was pull the resin out and start again. Got to blow off a bit of frustration taking to it with a hammer. So I've just had new subs arrive and more resin and just have to get it all back together again now. Hopefully I get it right this time. Fingers crossed Thanks for looking and more to come soon
  9. Awesome work Neil, those new engines are a huge improvement over the kit.
  10. G'day Vladi, Have a look through this Flicker album, lots of RAN photos here with plenty of Canberra mixed in Also there may be WW2 RN radar sets available in 1/700 scale which may have the sets you are after on them. Look forward to seeing what you finish up with Cheers Callum
  11. Such perfect workmanship. I'm in awe all the best for the new year Best regards Callum
  12. I keep pressing a key thats making me post early to continue...... I ended up raiding mine for some of the parts to get this finished as it was getting picked up earlier than intended. Heres how it finished up looking in its display case. Really happy with how it all finished up and I am very much hoping for the same results with FBW. Having 8 Armidales in the house at the same time was pretty cool I couldn't help having a bit of fun on my dio So thats what I have been doing to prepare myself for this little adventure. So thats it for now, Hopefully more soon
  13. Thanks Molly and Rob, its a big project but I am hoping that my little projects from last year have now given me enough practice to be able to do this without to many issues or unknowns, as well as the sub and chopper dio to practice with clear resin, I have done a couple of dios of a section section of the patrol boat base up in Darwin with the Dodo Models Armidales. Gave me a chance to have a play at all the land areas like trees and grass and buildings etc without it being too complex. The first version I posted in RFI a while back but this is the second version which I think looks a lot better in layout being bigger and the boats in the center. The second one was a commission, I
  14. That looks amazing
  15. Thanks for the comments gents, going to be at it for a while I think but should come up alright.