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  1. Awesome work Neil, those new engines are a huge improvement over the kit.
  2. G'day Vladi, Have a look through this Flicker album, lots of RAN photos here with plenty of Canberra mixed in Also there may be WW2 RN radar sets available in 1/700 scale which may have the sets you are after on them. Look forward to seeing what you finish up with Cheers Callum
  3. Such perfect workmanship. I'm in awe all the best for the new year Best regards Callum
  4. I keep pressing a key thats making me post early to continue...... I ended up raiding mine for some of the parts to get this finished as it was getting picked up earlier than intended. Heres how it finished up looking in its display case. Really happy with how it all finished up and I am very much hoping for the same results with FBW. Having 8 Armidales in the house at the same time was pretty cool I couldn't help having a bit of fun on my dio So thats what I have been doing to prepare myself for this little adventure. So thats it for now, Hopefully more soon
  5. Thanks Molly and Rob, its a big project but I am hoping that my little projects from last year have now given me enough practice to be able to do this without to many issues or unknowns, as well as the sub and chopper dio to practice with clear resin, I have done a couple of dios of a section section of the patrol boat base up in Darwin with the Dodo Models Armidales. Gave me a chance to have a play at all the land areas like trees and grass and buildings etc without it being too complex. The first version I posted in RFI a while back but this is the second version which I think looks a lot better in layout being bigger and the boats in the center. The second one was a commission, I
  6. That looks amazing
  7. Thanks for the comments gents, going to be at it for a while I think but should come up alright.
  8. Using clear resin to get depth of water. So the RANS website has had a few really cool pics showing how I can display the subs with the underwater hull areas visible. doing this has been a major headache but I think I have it sorted now. and from a couple of weeks ago images showing five Collins birthed. Something that doesn't happen very often. love the detail in these shots with all the gangways and mooring lines etc. I am so setting up something like this with mine. So after my first failure trying to get water at depth, I have been very nervous trying it again with clear resin. But another series of pics on the Navys Facebook page inspired me to try a little diorama as a practice run for using it. Having a spare Collins and Taipan I thought I would have a go. The white thing is a plasitc tube covered in cotton wool. The first photo of the chopper and sub show the wake being more under water with the lighter blue tinge instead of more white with the prop closer to the surface. looks crap now but wait for it. and the resin poured and hard as a rock. I love this stuff. theres a couple of airbubbles but thats only because I tried to move it before it dried. Then the surface is spray with these clear paints. I love these as well. Mixed together and thinned down with some clear coat they make a great water colour. I even mixed a little into the resin. But that is pretty close to what I want for FBW To finish it off I have added a bit of white paint to acryilic gel medium for the white water areas then some acrylic gel with out white for the rest of the surface water. Couple of dudes chopper attached to the thinnest bit of brass I could find that would hold the thing up and bobs your unlce (or auntie in this day and age ) I tried to use cotton wool for the mist from the rotors but it didn't work out too well. should have left it off. Other than that I am really happy and relieved this has worked out and as I said I love clear resin now and can't wait to get it done on the FBW dio. I know the sub and chopper are a bit off topic but they are related. Cheers Callum
  9. So I am getting a bit confused with the new BM layout posted that early. This is a series of pics showing the base being built up to where its at now. Thats the old base with the frame for the new one. the new measures 93cm by 56cm And the basic measurents worked out for the land areas The shape for the land areas built up, I also had to paint the water colour so it felt like I was working on a harbour instead of a bad carpentry project. Using plastic stock to get the gutters, footpaths etc road colour painted And masked for painting the concrete areas masking off and ready for the grassy dirt areas And how its looking now with some grass For the ships I am planning on having the LHD HMAS Adelaide AWD HMAS Hobart FFG HMAS Melbourne (one little hiccup is I am more than half \way through building mine and have her painted in the RANS storm grey but she has recently been repainted in the new Haze Grey and since I am going to have her sitting with the AWD I have to decide whether to repaint mine) I will also have 3 or four of the Dodos Anzacs when they come out. They are the reason why I decided to do the diorama bigger over the last one. And I will have 4 or 5 Collins class subs(I only have 2 so far) Because the subs are not water line I have to get a bit creative with how I display them. Thats where I got in trouble last time. Out of interest the first attempt cost me nearly $500 to setup for the water. which I have to throw away. For this second attempt I am using clear resin and its going to cost me all up under $200 to set up and its a larger base Lessons learned. This last pic shows the area that will be filled with resin for the water. it will come up level with the frame top edge. (its a 7mm depth) And thats where its at. Pretty happy with how its come together. I was a bit out with my measurements so had to improvise a bit but its close enough. Thanks for looking cheers Callum
  10. Morning all and happy new year to everybody. Been pretty quiet here, hope everybody is well. This is a second attempt at a project I tried to do a couple of years ago. The first attempt is posted here Even though the first attempt was an expensive failure the project has arroused a fair bit of interest in modern RAN ships. Orange Hobby have modified thier Juan Carlos to the RANs LHDs plus released better Collins class subs Dodo Models have produced the Armidales and are due to release the Anzacs in both pre and post upgrade plus Custom Hobby Decals are going to be releasing a range of RAN decals covering several classes of ships. Exciting times. My skill set has improved as well after building a couple of version of the RANs patrol boat base in Darwin. The layout for the second FBW base is bigger as I have tried to get the 2nd wharf in plus the base main mast as well. Heres the Google Earth image I am using
  11. Thanks again folks, Andrew S the water surface is clear acrylic gel medium just dabbed on with a thick brush. You can get it from arts supplies stores and its pretty cheap and lasts ages. you need to dab on a couple of thin layers to build up the wave effect. Its really only good for calm water though.
  12. Thanks for the further comments, won't be too long till there are decals to do both sisters from the Orange Hobby kit so I will be building them together soon. The ships have the ramp at the bow because they are based on the Spanish Juan Carlos LHD and they operate the Harrier still. It was cheaper to keep the design as is for the RAN instead of doing a redesign.
  13. Thanks for the further comments folks. This Canberra now has a new home with one of the real ships crew and he seems quite happy with it. I Bought a replacement kit with the the funds from that and will be doing HMAS Adelaide next for my Fleet Base West diorama. Also have another 2 Canberras to build after that for commissions for more navy folks. This is a popular ship. On a side note Orange Hobby have expressed interest in doing Canberra and Juan Carlos as 1/350 scale as well. See what happens there Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Cheers Callum
  14. Interesting reading this post, I have never been a cat person but lived with my brother for a year and his cat and I became good mates. Other than that I have been more of a dog person but the last few months I have been thinking of getting a cat for company. Next door to my work lived an elderly couple and I got to know the gentleman but his wife died last year and I never seen him out and about anymore. His family would visit and I would chat with them about how he was going etc. but he has now had to go into care as he is struggling a bit on his own. 2 years ago though they had adopted a 2 yo cat from the pound but with everything happening the cat needed a new home but one couldn't be found so she was heading back to the pound when the familly asked me if I knew anyone who would take her in. Up shot of the story I now have a new flat mate. This is Gracie, she is four years old and she is just gorgeous. Shes a big kitty but after six weeks I still haven't figured out if she is fat or its just all fur or both Sorry you don't really need a walk around. She hasn't really been a problem but it was the wife who looked after her and since her passing I was warned the old fella has let her pick up some bad habits (He loved her though, even now he still keeps part of his dinner to give to Gracie He was happy to hear it was me who took her and the family have been showing him how she is going through Facebook). So the first couple of weeks were getting her rehouse trained and getting me trained up with how to deal with cats. I stooged when I stocked up on supplies and had the scented crystal stuff where she was used to the clay. used it the first night refused to after that and took a liking to under my computer chair or just holding it in for near 2 days at one point, by this point getting quite concerned she was going to explode I did a google search and she ended up spending the second week locked in the bathroom while I worked through different ways to to get her to use the tray again. By the last night of the second week she had been having the bathroom door open but the bedroom closed so she could sleep on the bed/ That night I said to her as we were going to bed that I would leave the bedroom door open so she had the run of every where, but if she didn't behave herself she would be back in the bathroom. She just turned around and hissed at me the cheeky bugger. Of coarse ten minutes later there was a suprise under the computer chair and she was back in the bathroom She then immediatley also used the kitty litter tray and then started scratching at the door to get back out and since then she has been great. I've even been letting her outside for a while and she comes back in and uses it. Its thought she may have had a pretty rough first couple of years in life and her behavior shows something happened. She won't come up and sit on my lap at all and she didn't before either she is quite happy to sleep balanced on the back couch behind my head or on the arm next to me but not the lap or on the coach next to me even on the bed she will only sleep at my feet and has only once ventured up the top end of the bed for a quick look and a pat then moved back down She always places herself ready for a quick get away and it really cuts done how she can show her affection as other cats seem to do. She still likes a good pat and scratch though with a hiss letting me know shes had enough if you keep going she pulls out the claws The biggest thing is all the fur...........everywhere and brushing her, I have no idea how to brush a cat, but I'm learning ,she won't let me do the underside though and I am just cutting knots out as I find them. She could really do with a bath but I don't really see her taking that well. At least I will find out if she is fat or just fluffy She is pretty quiet and laid back, her meows are pretty soft and usually in answer to a question or when I get home she gets a bit excited. She is not that adventurous and doesn't jump up on benchs or tables (yet) and prefers the lowdown nooks and crannys for hiding. Even when she goes outside she generally just sits and watches everything on the front step although she does like the tree across from my flat. I've had all my modelling stuff away while I get to know her but I don't think she will have any interest in causing trouble. She does like to throw a little stuffed bird toything in the air so I do have visions of that landing some where it shouldn't, they are not big throws though so should be right. The only real issue I see is I just know I am going to end up with car hair in my next water based diorama Sorry for the spiel, call it new parent syndrome Cheers Callum
  15. Thats amazing work, well done