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  1. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    I picked one of these up in”The Works” for a fiver a few years ago, be interested to see how it builds. I was thinking of doing mine in the old Brawdy wraparound camo myself.
  2. Mistercraft Hunter F.6, 1/72.

    I’m astonished Italeri haven’t had them in court for that box design though. Being a bit short sighted I’d easily have picked that off a shelf as one of theirs.
  3. Smart build and what a great idea with the photo.
  4. The Mighty Vulcan Decals 1:72

    Sorry for the bump but does anyone know if these are likely to be reissued or where a set could be sourced? The store for the link above suggests they’re out of production.
  5. He’s there quite often I understand, Chester as well. I think he divides his time between the two. I went back to the office all excited and one of my colleagues said “Oh him. He’s there all the time”. Bloody Luddite, she’s probably into Will Young or something. Anyway, back on topic - great little dio, I like what you’ve done with the mud as well. It’s quite a hard thing to model.
  6. Superb, some of the old Militia must have still been on the go back then? Were they as radge as they were made out to be? Good one for getting your son into it, you really have to see them live to get how good they are. I followed them for a few tours in the 90s, doing it old school hitching everywhere and sleeping rough. I was never “following” in the tribal sense as I kept myself to myself mostly but it was good fun. I also met Ed Alleyne Johnson busking in York a couple of years ago - lovely bloke.
  7. Indeed. One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. Been a fan since about 91, first saw them on their small venues tour in a grotty little club in Greenock in ‘92. 👌
  8. Good job. Is that title an NMA reference by any chance?
  9. Beautiful, you’ve really nailed it.
  10. Great work, lots of little added touches that really finish it. What is the red stuff around the wing roots, some kind of sealant?
  11. God almighty, how bad does a factory have to be to get closed down for environmental reasons in China? Maybe I’m being a bit ignorant, and please slap me if I am, but all we seem to hear about is how dirty Chinese industry is and how smog laden their cities are. And who’d have thought that a musical instrument factory could be a major polluter? *edit* reading back in the posts above I guess that question has been answered already. If they are trying to clean up their act then good for them.
  12. Italeri 1/35 Landrover 109

    Nicely done, very neat build. Good work.
  13. 1/72 Canadair CP-107 Argus

    That’s great, some real commitment to the build and what a brilliant result. Top work.
  14. AEC MkV tipper

    Great work. What’s the story with the half cab if you don’t mind me asking? Presumably it’s based on a real vehicle, was there a reason why they were configured like this?
  15. Have posted these before but thought they might be of interest.