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  1. Fuel economy

    I’ve got a 10 year old Suzuki SX4 1.6 ddis and if I’m happy to trundle along the motorway at about 50 I can average 80mpg. It’s at its happiest in the highest gear at under 2000rpm as long as the road is flat. In the rural areas I usually drive I can generally get about 65 but urban driving knocks me down to about 55. Given the age of the car though it’s remarkably economical, especially given it’s a 1.6. It’s actually better than the Honest John estimates.
  2. 1/48 RAF Phantom markings

    That’s a great little resource, thanks for posting it.
  3. Kitty Hawk is the worst!

    Can’t you take it back to the shop you bought it from?
  4. Snowmageddon

    There used to be one, it was disbanded years ago because the government came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time trying to do civil defence after a nuclear attack. Not a political post but a fact of history btw. Probably the closest we have mow are mountain rescue and HM Coastguard volunteers, they do fairly similar tasks in some areas.
  5. Snowmageddon

    Quick clip of what it was like up our way, bear in mind it wasn’t snowing when I took this, what you can see is spindrift.
  6. Snowmageddon

    I managed to get out to the shop earlier in the car, not bad for a 2wd hatchback with ordinary tyres on. There’s nothing on the fields at all, it’s all on the road in huge drifts. Someone has carved through these so it was pretty much ok to drive on but I was treated to no end of head shaking and whistling through teeth by people who said I’d never get through unless I had four wheel drive. I grew up driving in these sort of conditions and I’ve never needed it yet. The only tricky part was when some cretin in a tractor decided to stop on a hill to gawp at something and left me to do a hill start on ice. There was some choice language as I’m sure you can imagine. Massive respect for the men and women grafting away to get the power back on. Thanks to them we’ve now got electricity, heating, and the ability to cook easily. It was quite sobering to have to stock check the cupboards and cook on an open fire while the snow continued to pile down. Depressing thought, but imagine if the power had gone off permanently? Most people in my village were running out of food and coal after a few days and we’re relatively used to bad weather round here. I went out for a run a bit later and saw the roads that hadn’t had a plow through and the drifts were epic. One was a good twenty foot, no word of a lie.
  7. Snowmageddon

    So we’ve now got about two foot lying, the wind has scoured a lot of snow off the fields and onto the roads, leaving drifts of above head height, Oh and our power went off last night and hasn’t come back. I reckon we’ve about 2 days of coal left and then we’ll be burning furniture. I made dinner tonight on the open fire - spicy bean and chorizo stew, baked potatoes, and bread baguettes (admittedly part baked already). Wasn’t bad I have to say. We’re doing ok for candles and I’ve got a couple of hurricane lamps plus about a hundred gallons of kerosene in the back yard. I’m going to tab over to the nearest shop (about 5 miles) tomorrow for some essentials and a massive amount of chocolate and crap.
  8. That’s looking great, you’ve really nailed it
  9. Very smart, lovely job.
  10. Snowmageddon

    Do modern locomotives still have a sanding system to assist with grip?
  11. Snowmageddon

    The car is starting to disappear and it’s still coming down. I’ve decided to spare the dog but it’s not looking good for the old lady next door.
  12. Snowmageddon

    Does Argyll get that much snow usually? I’d imagine it’s a bit close to the Gulf Stream for that. Funny though, my part of the Pennines can be like that sometimes, I put it down to the Helm Wind.
  13. Snowmageddon

    The missus has been checking our cupboards and they’re worryingly bare. I reckon the dog might be going around on three legs if this keeps up, which it seems to be. By all accounts we’re not even into the worst of it yet.
  14. Snowmageddon

    Isn’t Johannesburg about to run out of water? Or is that Cape Town I’m thinking of?