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  1. Old school! Good one, interesting take on the scheme.
  2. Cool, neat collection. There's a certain sad irony at the placement of the joints on that Comet jigsaw though....
  3. Interesting you say that, I had a similar experience with their decals on the Shackleton. Very poor quality and difficult to work with, even in comparison to old Academy decals.
  4. Good stuff, looks the biz. What was up with the decals?
  5. Just wondering, is there actually any difference between the two, other than the Mr Metal Color being twice the price? I was spraying something today and ran out of the the Mr Metal halfway through. As an experiment I unearthed an old tin of Humbrol and cut it with some cellulose thinners. I masked off the bits I'd done with Mr Metal and then sprayed the Humbrol on the rest of the model. The difference between the two finishes was indistinguishable; they both laid on with the same dark grey matt finish to begin with and then both buffed down to the same very metallic steel like finish. For the sake of consistency I then overcoated the original Mr Metal surfaces with the Humbrol, buffed it down, and overcoated with Alclad Gloss. The results of this are very satisfactory to my eye and I'll certainly be doing this again; I'm just glad I found out about this when I did as Mr Metal isn't easy to get hold of in my area.
  6. Very smart indeed. Lovely understated weathering.
  7. Christ on a bike, that's a grim day all right. The car keys must have been the icing on the cake.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The awkward thing about it is that it's an in house department that does this as an add on to their usual facilities management, and as a couple of people have suggested it's been done by someone with no training and not a great deal of common sense or pride in their work. Unfortunately doorstepping them isn't an option; they are in London and I'm in Cumbria so dropping in on them is not an option. I could have phoned but at the time I was too busy and afterwards I didn't trust myself not to really lose my temper. As a couple of people have also pointed out, it could well be the tool that they are using that is contributing to the proble; I use a similar tool occasionally for publicity material and it is a bit of a pain. That said, it's the same as any other IT system at the end of the day; GIGA - garbage in, garbage out. The mistakes were 100% down to input error, compounded by the fact that the system doesn't allow you to save drafts. Therefore the information has to be inputted fresh each time, thus increasing the chance that a bad workman will make new errors at each iteration. As to the idea that the person is in some kind of trauma, yes that is a possibility. It's equally possible I've also had a rough few weeks, but it doesn't mean I'm coming to bits at the slightest criticism. If somebody gave me a ticking off about some obviously poor work I'd done then I'd likely be annoyed about it for a bit but I'd like to think that I'd have the maturity to think about whether they had a point and whether I needed to learn from it. It's called being a grown up.
  9. For info, this is the aggressive part of the email that has caused the upset: "I apologise if it seems that I’m somehow being pedantic or fussy about the information that goes on the card but at the end of the day it is something that will be given to colleagues in other parts of the business, external partners, and other people of influence. Therefore, basic spelling mistakes, random typographical errors, lower case letters where they should be upper case, random words such as “Tel” being inserted where they haven’t been requested and so on look amateurish and give the impression that we don’t know what we’re doing as an organisation. I’m not sure why you haven’t been able to reproduce the text above on your system, perhaps it would help if I make a complaint to your management and see if they can do something about it? Can you please reproduce what is written above exactly, in the case shown above, without amendment, and without spelling mistakes or random words being inserted? Thanks."
  10. I seem to recall we'd also get Tornado pilots from whatever Squadron was based at Leeming at the time moonlighting occasionally. They loved getting up and throwing the Chippie around.
  11. Thanks for that, I'm glad it's not just me. There's little that's logical about any of it to be honest; I started to wonder at one point if the person was deliberately pushing my buttons for effect. I don't want to generalise about millennials because I know plenty of them who are very savvy and switched on but there is a certain stereotype of "generation snowflake" that is functionally illiterate (unl3ss itz txt spk) and can't take the slightest criticism even when it's justified. I can't help but wonder if I've just met one? God, I'm turning into such an old fart. Edit; basically I've come to the conclusion I can get away without the cards. Better that than have to continually argue with someone who is incapable of doing their job or wasting donors money on something that makes the organisation look amateurish. It's an in house department unfortunately, and while I generally like to be on the right side of colleagues fortunately I can comfortably get on with my job without having to have much to do with them. As I mentioned before, my email was a bit abrupt but I have apologised for that.
  12. OK, maybe I am but I'd like to ask for a few independent opinions. Long story short, I've got quite an involved, stressful job in a large charity that most of you will have heard of. I recently changed jobs into a new role and amongst other things have had to order some new business cards to give to colleagues and partner organisations when I'm working with them. I have to order these through a certain department and one of my admin colleagues sent this team an email with my title, team, and contact details, all present and correct. I received an email this afternoon with the proof for the card and there were no less than four significant errors on it, including two glaring spelling mistakes and missing and incorrect information. I politely emailed back asking for them to revise the card and it then came back with one of the phone numbers missing its dialling code, thus rendering it useless. Again, I politely asked for this to be amended and sent an email with exactly what I wanted on the card. I then received a third proof that had spacing problems (i.e. one phone number all run together while the others were spaced out properly) and one word of my job title in lower case when it should have been upper. At the time I was trying to get on with my proper work and was involved in Skype meetings and was starting to get a bit exasperated. I therefore sent another email with exactly what I wanted on the card and suggested that they copy and paste this in so it was correct. What I received in response was another proof with mistakes in it and an excuse about how their system wouldn't allow them to paste information in. At this point I lost my rag a bit and sent a rather snotty email asking them to reproduce what I'd sent them twice already without spelling mistakes, missing or unrequested words, spacing problems or issues with capitalisation. I then got an email from this person's manager telling me that they thought my email was aggressive and rude and that I should apologise to the person who had been cocking up my cards and interrupting my work all afternoon through their own incompetence. Needless to say there was no reference made to the inconvenience or aggravation I'd been put to. I might add that although my email was quite abrupt it was not a personal attack or threatening in any way, nor did I swear or be abusive. It was more of an unvarnished reflection of the catalogue of mistakes that this person had made throughout the afternoon. On reflection my last email was a bit harsh and I've been the bigger man and apologised to the person for the tone of it. I've also asked the manager to reflect on the performance of his subordinate and consider the reasons why things went off as they did; I've also asked him for an apology for the poor quality control displayed by his team, and by extension, himself. I'm not holding my breath though, he impresses as a bit of a prat. I can be a grumpy sod and have high expectations of people but, all things considered, am I really out of line for being annoyed by this?
  13. 2199 (Workington) Squadron. 11 AEF at Leeming wasn't it? Do you remember that miserable sod of an OC who ran it? Can't remember his name but he nearly turned our Squadron away because some previous visitors (i.e. nothing to do with us) had mucked about with the radio in the back of the Chipmunk. There was another pilot, a decent old boy called Ernie Veitch, who talked him out of it; I remember his name because he appears in my 38/22 quite often.
  14. Looks great to me, I understand what you mean though; sometimes a build just isn't fun and it definitely colours your view of the end result.