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  1. The Silk Purse in Keswick. Only small, but a good selection of kits and also related books etc. Plus a dog that you always fell over.
  2. Hi, great effort. I built this kit recently in an Israeli scheme, no way was I getting into those decals. Well done for carrying it through.
  3. Good one, looks the biz.
  4. I was a few streets away when it happened. It's hard to describe just how scary it was being on the street in the aftermath, especially as a dark complexioned man carrying a large black rucksack. I'm on a train now heading out of London and I've never been so glad. Massive condolences to the victims; there's just no need for this sort of thing.
  5. In terms of technology I really can't say because I don't know enough about it, but I can't help but wonder if this golden age is really more of a swan song. Look at the average demographic of modellers; middle aged and onwards men for the most part. If I'm lucky I've got another thirty years of modelling in me but I always feel that I'm one of the younger ones at most shows I attend. Games workshop might provide a new generation of modellers for the future but I wouldn't like to bank on it.
  6. Cheers everyone, ceiling definitely. It needs to fly!
  7. I detest it. In my opinion it's the one aspect of modelling that can truly mess as well build kit up with no hope of repreive, especially if the damn things silver like most of the ones I've used recently have tried to do.
  8. I haven't posted any builds for a while and to be honest this maybe isn't the best place to start as the photos aren't the best but I'll try and take some in daylight later when I've hung it in the cave. It's the special edition of the the Flight Test Phantom that I picked up in the Wonderland sale for about £20. I couldn't be faffed with the scheme in the box and I've never built an Israeli aircraft before so I thought "why not"? The wife got me the decals for Christmas a couple of years ago now and I thought I'd throw it together as a fairly quick build. I've made no great attempt at authenticity of type and, unusually for me, I've built it wheels up because I simply don't have room to have this on a shelf. It's absolutely huge, and I love how it captures the beefy presence of the real thing. I haven't gone too mad with the weathering but have added a few streaks here and there. You can't really see it too well on these pictures but I will try and do some better ones in the next few days. The only major investment in effort on this was the pilots; the only ones in 1/32 I could see at hannants were almost as expensive as the kit itself and to be honest I didn't rate them anyway. What I did was pinch a couple of spares I had kicking about; the pilot started life as the driver of the Tamiya SAS pink panther Land Rover. I added a bone dome to the basic head shape and then took a casting of this with the face and grafted this to the guy in the back, who was originally a Tamiya modern US soldier. I added survival vests and pouches to them and shoe horned them into the cockpit along with various wires and things to bling the whole thing up a bit. You can't see that much anyway.
  9. Yes, I liked that. They should bring back British Pathe, however bad the news is the music and voice over make it feel like you're living in a John Mills movie.
  10. I build mainly Cold War aircraft with black cockpits so there's little point in adding much resin to that. Similarly I've dabbled with pre painted etch for instrument panels etc but to be honest I struggle to get much satisfaction out of using them. The most fun I have with kits is when there is little detail in an area and I can spend a few hours replicating what should be there with bits of plastic and paint effects. It's still just a small plastic aeroplane at the end of the day but at least I'll have learned something along the way.
  11. Edinburgh has a good park and ride scheme, I'd avail myself of that if I were you. The Castle Terrace car park is handy for Wonderland but for God's sake don't park there all day. You'd be half way to a Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito within three hours.
  12. I don't know if it's just me but does that look a bit top heavy? Imagine that bugger falling over on your foot if the dog brushes against it or something.
  13. Great stuff, and loving that hangar. Is there a build thread for that in here?
  14. Good work, looks the biz. I feel your pain about the decals, there's nothing worse when you've shelled out for some AM and they won't cooperate. Almost makes me want to take up armour modelling sometimes....
  15. Good effort, looks great. Strange about the dayglo, I think I've had something like that before. I use Tamiya dayglo decanted from an aerosol these days, much easier.