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  1. Restraint? It actually reminds me of the keys carried by railway ticket inspectors on trains in eastern Europe to open locked compartments. Also, in some cases, carried by criminals to open locked compartments once they've gassed the occupants to sleep so they can nick stuff. Ask me how I know.
  2. Probably about 20/month on consumables unless there's a kit I particularly want. I've weaned myself off impulse buying because of the size of my stash. I might have the occasional splurge though if I see something I like for a good price like my 1/24 Typhoon for 70 notes.
  3. Smart that, lovely work. I find airfix decals the pits these days, really thick and rigid.
  4. That's excellent work, very convincing. I wonder what they used on the original aircraft, poster paint maybe?
  5. That's a mad bit of masking work, breathtaking.
  6. That's very nice and a cracking finish. I take my hat off to you, Tamiya paints are difficult to get a good finish with by brush.
  7. It's hard to say. My wife has had a couple of "fines" from overstaying in private car parks before and just ignored them- nothing happened. Maybe the best thing would be to speak to your local CAB or disability association if there is one.
  8. Bummer. Have you been checked for fibromyalgia or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome? My missus has these and has some quite similar symptoms to those you describe.
  9. They are indeed interesting, thanks for posting them. Were they all in flying condition at the time? I recognise several of them from the current static displays.
  10. Looks good but I'm pretty sure he just missed, if that was the bridge he was aiming at.
  11. The was a segment on "Why Don't You?" dedicated to modelling back in the 80s.
  12. There's at least one thread on BM alluding to the 30% discount on Airfix in some places. I visited our local outlet at Houghton Hall garden centre today to be told that Hornby are to close around 100 concessions across the country. This is sad news for me as it's one less model shop in an area that didn't have many to begin with, but it also reflects the situation Hornby must be in. Whatever the rationale for doing this is it doesn't presage well for their future. On on the plus side I picked up a 1/24 Typhoon for 70 quid, still the most expensive model I've ever bought.
  13. Thankfully this was in an area the public would not normally go.
  14. You've made a good job of a really crappy old kit. The GR3 is my favourite harrier and is well overdue for a retooling.