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  1. Airfix 1\48 gloster meteor

    Good work. How did you get a finish like that without an airbrush, what paint did you use?
  2. Strategic Air Command on NowTV

    Just got the wife a Now box for Game of Thrones, handy that is. Haven't seen that movie in years.
  3. HAF F-16C "JASON"

    I agree, there's something very appealing about that scheme on whatever aircraft it happens to be on,
  4. Oldest kit in the stash?

    I've got an old Matchbox Corsair that I picked up at a show for a couple of quid. It's the only kit in the stash that I've absolutely no intention of building; the decals are completely brown and I've got better kits of the Corsair in the stash anyway. I bought it purely for sentimental reasons, as one of the kits I would have bought myself in the 70s.
  5. A weathered Airfix Victor B.2

    Good start, look forward to seeing this develop. I'm also intrigued by the first picture in your post, specifically what is in the top right hand corner of the photo on the shelf with the works in progress. Looks like a Shackleton maybe, but with a different tail cone?
  6. HS-125 Dominie

    Superb, really excellent.
  7. Fantastic work, weathered to perfection.
  8. Mike Beachyhead has died

    Sorry to hear that, his work with the jets was most appreciated.
  9. Excellent work, really brings the scene to life. I'm curious about the box art on the plane; I've never seen the kind of wiggly line camo on a British aircraft of the period before that it has on the cowling and leading edges. I take it this was one of the options with the kit? Do you know any story behind it?
  10. Musings on an air/sea rescue scene

    Interesting work, I look forward to seeing this progress. I've got that Lander in my stash, keep meaning to break it out to do something a bit different. I remember reading in an old magazine a recommendation to use cigarette ash as moon dust; apparently if you make a pile of it and the blow in the centre it makes a convincing blast pattern of the right colour and consistency. I can imagine how many arguments that must have caused among 1970s modellers and their wives/mothers when they started scattering fag ash all over the place.
  11. That's a very touching story and an impressive build. Thanks for sharing, your father was clearly a talented man.
  12. Heinkel He 111-P2; a cursed build!

    Excellent work, really looks the part with those other BoB veterans. At first glance I thought there was something odd about the engines until it occurred to me that most of my exposure to the He 111 has been from the movie Battle of Britain, which of course used ex Spanish aircraft with Merlin engines. Doh.
  13. London Bridge Attack

    Sick. What's wrong with these people?
  14. Hauntings and Paranormal shows on Syfy Channel

    I only watch Derek Acorah for fashion tips.