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  1. Great stuff, and loving that hangar. Is there a build thread for that in here?
  2. Good work, looks the biz. I feel your pain about the decals, there's nothing worse when you've shelled out for some AM and they won't cooperate. Almost makes me want to take up armour modelling sometimes....
  3. Good effort, looks great. Strange about the dayglo, I think I've had something like that before. I use Tamiya dayglo decanted from an aerosol these days, much easier.
  4. Tasty, hope mine turns out as well. Is all that detail in the bays stock or did you add bits?
  5. Oh yes, I'm loving that. I've got a thing for target tugs and I can see I'm going to have to add one of those at some point. Quick question if I may; what's going on with that open panel next to the cockpit? Is that part of the stock kit or did you open it?
  6. Very smart builds, great finish. I'm well impressed with your decalling; did you use masks? I can't see any trace of carrier film there at all, even in close up.
  7. *Makes annoyed face* You're right, there's plenty of people (including reps) who make that excuse. It's total cack in my opinion; yes, if you're heading down to Seathwaite or Eskdale then it is a bit of a hike but most parts of Cumbria outside the Lake District are perfectly accessible at all times of the year via our extensive network of excellent roads. I live a few miles from some of the places that were hardest hit by the flooding and my usual commute to work takes me over a 2000' mountain pass and I've never not been able to get where I need to go. Not having a pop at you in any way Roys but it's a pet peeve of mine.
  8. Ah, fair enough. Penrith seem to have been winding down their stocks of kits for quite a few years. It's kind of similar with Keswick; as it happens it's my home town and I visit quite often. I've noticed that a lot of the kits they stock have been there for quite a few years and are hugely overpriced so I wouldn't be surprised if they don't sell that many and are running down stock. As I mentioned before, Bowness haven't done much other than Revell for several years; I actually commented something along the lines of "Revell are doing ok out of this shop" to the wife on a visit way back in about 2008. Is Craft Hobbies that smaller shop on the side street, not the one with the stationers downstairs (Heaths?)? I haven't been there that much to be honest but I didn't get the impression they did that many kits to begin with. If you're up north at any point it's worth popping into Jacksons in Wigton; only a small shop but they do a good range of stuff for the size. Probably the only proper model shop in Cumbria that I'm aware of.
  9. Impressive, looks just right.
  10. I'm curious to know which shops you've visited because I've not noticed this in North Cumbria, not that we have many shops up here. With the concession at Houghton Hall going it's left a hole certainly but the likes of Hobbycraft and Jacksons still seem to have plenty. If one of the shops you visited was in Bowness then they haven't stocked anything but Revell for a long time. I don't get down to Barrow much anymore so am not sure about the shop there.
  11. I can't help but think this comes down to a bit of common sense and courtesy. I really can't see what is wrong with a couple of boxes of kits under the table for members to punt on a few unwanted kits for a bit of pin money to put towards that Typhoon that's on special offer over the way there. As long as nobody is going to trip over them (and lets face it, the club will have a vested interest in making sure that some fifteen stone guy isn't going to crash down onto their table full of models) then there's no sensible objection. By the same token, as T7 and a few others have pointed out, if the club then takes the urine and fills most of their table with items for sale as some undoubtedly do then it's understandable that traders get the hump. Some people are just chancers and it spoils it for everyone else. I definitely think the modelling community would lose something by not having the opportunity to pick up stuff from under the table; in my case, it would have been the 1/48 Hasegawa Japanese F104 that I got with a boxful of Belcher Bits and aftermarket Canadian decals for £20 once. No trader in his right mind is going to offer a deal like that so the vendor wasn't pinching custom from anyone.
  12. Great work, I find the Hurtgen campaign really interesting if only for its complete pointlessness. It was an attrition battle in the tradition of the Great War and large swathes of the forest are still out of bounds to this day because of Schu mines etc.
  13. I occasionally build, and I appeared on Blue Peter once if that counts?