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  1. I tried all those alternatives. Really didn't like them, with Gimp being particularly frustrating. I really loved PSP, especially version 9 but then Corel got a hold of it and thoroughly trashed a nice piece of software. I'm getting too old to learn new tricks. It was hard enough unlearning the metric system
  2. Need to look into that. I spent Sunday wrestling with Corel PSP which steadfastly refused to work on a file for the floor on the train. When, after about 3 (literally !) hours I finally got the artwork completed, I printed, or tried to print it out on decal paper. The decal paper I bought was supposedly the thinnest on the market - unfortunately, I bought it about 2 years ago and it must have "dried out" (?) as when it went through the printer, the decal film started shredding off the carrier paper and truly mucked my printer up. I resorted to printing on photo paper, but I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the result. Anyways, regarding your latest exploits... By the looks of that - YOU NAILED IT ! in case you were wondering - I had another week or two away on business. Back now but have got a lot of catching up to do before I can get to the mancave in a serious session
  3. I wish I could offer some rather more innovative advice.... but... just keep at it Bill, I know you'll win in the end
  4. nice job. It scares me just looking at it
  5. rotor head looks great. IMPRESSIVE even Nope - they're all on the same side of the country as me at present. And because I'm sick of the snow round here, I'm heading up to wunnerful Erie again next week to have a look at their snow
  6. so would a good sneeze !
  7. That's be this one here (oops - just saw the shipping price on that one !!! - there are cheaper versions out there) It's a bit more expensive but if you need to drill holes around corners this would be your beast. Though at that price, I'd maybe just buy two of the cheaper versions and cobble them together. I did seriously consider getting one of these and replacing the motors with higher torque versions before I bought the lathe, but by the time I figured in all the ancillaries, and extra few bucks covered the cost of the lathe. ... but for $50 - it's worth a shot.
  8. I always try and figure out how many I'm going to need to do me through the next couple of months, double it, ... then buy twice that amount! Sometimes I break 'em on the first use, sometimes I can get them to last quite a while. With the thinner ones, if you stray from the perpendicular while drilling, they're a gonner. Still, they're the best drills out there by far. I tend to agree Nigel. The problem will be that it will be in a display case, so removing the roof for a quick look-see won't be an easy task.... unless I hinge it.... and use a couple of bimba cylinders with a remote control to actuate the open and close..... Not going to happen! *cough* (is that a South African expression ?)
  9. yes, I knew that was coming. I had planned for a toilet roll holder on the wall, plus one of those vertical roll holders no devil's donuts though !
  10. this is looking unbelievably nifty Bill. All neat and everyfink. Great skills on show for something so small
  11. Even though I bought a mini lathe for the train build, I'm starting to think along those very same lines, and there are jobs where it doesn't make sense to fire up the lathe, but the bead lathe might come in real handy. I especially like the version with the twin motors.
  12. glad to see you back George. Nice weathering (as always)
  13. or if you're feeling lazy - check out bead lathes on ebay. They can be had for less than $50 with free shipping