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  1. ah - I thought that the resist had to be opened and handled in the dark before nuking it with the UV. That has been one of the things putting me off diving feet first into this. So it's okay to open and handle under normal light conditions as long as it's not left out too long ? I've bought stranger things (sadly) It certainly looks like you've got it under control. My digiti secundus and medius are crossed for you.
  2. I for one think you are a lot further down the path of enlightenment than you think you are.
  3. what's odd about exquisite? Seems normal enough to me. It's all coming along swimmingly Crisp. Where would you say your mojo is on the mojometer ? (or should that be mojometer?)
  4. always nice to see someone expanding their skill set, particularly when I can pick up some tips. I've often thought of trying this out but never pushed myself to purchase the necessary alchemists kit
  5. Dornier Do 18-D

    Isn't that half the fun ?
  6. the Nimrod? Nope. I have absolutely no idea which a/c I'll end up modeling. With around 3 years in NMSU and another 4 years in ASF I think I must have worked on every Nimrod that we had. I'm not even sure what scheme I should choose. But as @Martian Hale so observantly noted above, I have a few years yet before I have to commit to anything Two that spring to mind are XV256 (that crashed during take off at Kinloss) or another that gave us 6 weeks off when someone forgot to take the lock pin out of the undercarriage when they were doing hydraulic functionals at the end of the major. The lock pin worked. The undercarriage went in one side of the wing and out the other without folding, destroying the "Y" beam and a few other bits in the process. I was in the cockpit at the time and remember the airframe vibrating and shaking so much we thought it was going to fall off the jacks. Thankfully, I was not the one at the controls, but I did learn some new Anglo Saxon phrases that day. I don't know how I would find out that a/c serial though
  7. thanks Bill but nah. Following my long tradition of being totally boring and predictable it's going to be another 28 Sqn, but just to spice things up I think I'll do the Alpha male this time around in other news, guess what happened to sneak past SWMBO earlier this week ? A small clue... at my rate, I reckon that build should start sometime around 2024/2025
  8. Wow. Only two bits glued and already there's 18 responses. I guess the Wessex isn't the worst choice of a build then. Sorry if I missed anyone above with the likes and wotnot - the deluge of responses has taken me aback somewhat. Anyways - thanks for all the interest, and I'll just reiterate that this will not be a quick build. I may go as far as to say that this particular endeavor may end up making Herr @Fritag look like a speed builder by comparison. Please do -and I hope you like it despite it not being a fast whooshy thing. a bit shorter than I anticipated like this? Sheesh... all this time I've been clicking on the 'share this post' then adding the link using the link button to link the link instead of just pasting the link to link the link to the link. 'doh! (thanks btw I can be a bit of a Luddite at times) fishnets just never look right with the kilt do they Well, yet more time was spent tonight pouring over the instructions and pushing bits of plastic together, but with no glue. Maybe it's just me but I am finding the lack of location points on the plastic in conjunction with the vague instructions rather confusing. I've probably spent at least a couple of hours trying to figure out how it goes together. So far without much success it has to be said. oops, have to rush - I'll report back later
  9. how do you know it tastes vile ? Yet more perdu wizardry in action. Keep it coming
  10. certainly looks spitfire-ish enough for me
  11. Thank you for another interesting and wonderful build (impressed by the wipers - I had enough problems with those in 1:48)
  12. oops - I forgot to add that one. It's the Fly 1:32 Wessex HC2 which you can find over here...
  13. Big As MAZ

    agreed - very smart
  14. thanks Ron. A little change is definitely needed here before I start resenting the build. I'll try your tip about the rattle cans - thanks
  15. Since I seem to have hit some leaves on the rails over in my Pullman Car build and have been stymied by my nemesis, the unassuming but terrifying nightmare otherwise known as... the paint job, I thought I should try and refresh my batteries by trying a diversion - namely, starting self flagellation another build. I've had this one in the stash for a while, and my interest was sparked by @HL-10's very nice Fly 1:32 Wessex build (sorry, don't know how to add that nice little box thingie with the preview) so I thought what the heck, let's give it a go. What's the worst that can happen ? Well, let's get some things straight before we start... this will not be a quick build. I just can't do quick builds. Also, as my slightly battered psyche joyrides on the sinusoidal monorail that is mojo, I will probably switch back and forth between this build and the Pullman Car to keep things (namely me) interested. Scratchbuilding? Well it goes without saying - yes, there will be lots of scratch building. There may even be some 3D printed parts or some resin parts cast up. Let's wait and see shall we? So what are we dealing with here ? Well, here's a couple of bits of 1/32 Wessex taped up and sitting in front of my 1/32 Pullman Car (yes, it's just the chassis so far, and yes, it's upside down). I never realized just how close they were in size to each other before. I'm going to need a bigger display case. and we're off! I actually glued two parts together 'scuse the 1:1 feet photobombing the picture. As this thread continues, I'll try and (constructively) review the kit. So far there are some nice aspects, and some not so nice aspects that I have come across. The most immediately apparent is the lack of any alignment features which is proving troublesome, particularly as the parts also have different wall thickness - you can't just go and glue a tab on the back of one part as the surfaces then end up at different heights. Then, part edges aren't square - tale a look at the gap on the reverse face here. (That will be dealt with later after the glue has cured) So, a short post to start the proceedings, but more to follow as mojo is rising