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  1. that does look rather remarkable. If you are going for realism.... I think you hit it !
  2. canopy turned out good - completely as I expected mind you. when you've finished making the flotation gear and then found out that it's scalekrept and too big, I'll take it for the Scout thank 'ee very much sir. (just make sure it's around 1/48)
  3. I feel that is a perfectly reasonable request dunno how I ended up getting the blame for that one but I'll happily accept responsibility you should have seen the sponsons earlier ! The "flotation aids" are positively high tech !
  4. nearly there, nearly there. Don't give up now. You have my utmost respect for gritting your teeth and staying with this one. From the pile of crap you started with, you've done a great job and produced a good Wessex worthy of display anywhere. and the utmost thanks for blowing my - oh, should I have bought one of those when I had the chance? - conundrums right out of the water. I am Soooooo glad I didn't.
  5. great job on the tires (and the other stuff)
  6. looking very nice indeed. I am very impressed with your attention to lumps, bumps, and greeblies. Very helicopterish
  7. hey Rick - nice to see you back again. I haven't noticed you around for a while - hope things are fine with you
  8. oh there's been plenty of large scale plasticard abuse going on - I must have cut at least 20 side frames in an attempt to get two I can use.
  9. Well, a day of frustration, annoyance, cursing and progress - in other words, an average day for a modeler (aside from the progress part!) In accordance with Bill's instructions, I planked myself downstairs at a reasonably early hour to immerse myself in things trainy. The dynamo safety chain got fitted (not as the spellchecker tried to imply... fetid The chain isn't exactly to scale but it's close enough, it was easy to find, and it was cheap. I'm not going to tie myself in knots over that part. Now, the right way up - Still to paint the brackets but I wasn't having a painting day today. I can't remember if I've shown a shot of this area now all the doobrie-wotsits and greeblies have been fitted, but I think it's looking remarkably industrial and oldy-worldy - train like. I mentioned earlier I was going to get back on to the superstructure today. Well, I did. It was frustrating. I tried making some side frames by hand - it was very time consuming, frustrating, and not very pretty. It was incredible difficult to keep everything aligned and looking neat, particularly the corners of the windows. In the end I resorted to the supposedly automatic computer controlled cutter. It was also incredibly frustrating. For whatever reason, it does not like these side frames. Not one bit. I don't know whether it's the length of the parts or it's just crappy software/hardware. Here's a typical issue.... note how the radius on the top right corner of the window doesn't match up with the rest. The cutter does this randomly but far too often for my liking. In the end, I found the best (not perfect by far!) results were obtained by using a very low pressure, fast speed and doing a double cut. That left enough of a trough for me to follow with a new blade in the knife and eventually got all the windows cut out. There will be some remedial work in the future, but I've had enough of phaffing about with these side frames and want to start moving forward. I even went as far as getting some quotes from on-line businesses for laser cutting, but quotes went from $25 to $75 and no-one was very confident of the results.... so home made, and remedial work it is then ! While I was cutting, I drew up the vestibule ends and the diaphragms and got them cut out at the same time. When I'm cutting smaller parts like these the cutter seems to handle things reasonably well though it's still not entirely happy with extremely small radii such as those in the vestibule window openings. The rule shown above will give you an idea of how big this thing is going to be when it's finished. (pssst.... it's in inches, not real world units) Though only two vestibule ends are shown above, I cut out a few extra while the cutter was running. The reason for that is that this (the superstructure) is the area where I have no plan, and I know I'm going to screw up at least one set while trying to figure this thing out. All my focus was on the chassis and getting that to a decent state that I've never really put much forethought into how this is all going together. I really need to sit down and go through my drawings again to start designing for this scale. However, the temptation to make a start proved too much so I carried on regardless.... I cut a template with the same profile as the vestibule end which allowed me to start putting together the three pieces that make up the vestibule end, and start adding some stiffeners for some structural strength. I have started to cut out the entrance in the vestibule end, but not fully - I wanted to leave as much as I could in there to help keep the shape while it's all going together. Once I'm happy with the strength, I'll finish cutting out the door. and that's it for this evenings installment I'm afraid. Here's a quick shot of the vestibule end sitting on the chassis... It is sitting a bit high just now due to the template I have taped in there as a former, but at least it's given me a little bit of confidence that my dimensions are right. Everything I had for this area was face on dimensions, and not true dimensions so a little bit of trigonometry had to be used to figure out the width of the sections on each side of the central throughway. At least I am starting to feel I am making some headway. The chassis seemed to take forever, and the side frames were a real stumbling block for a while, but I think I can start moving forward now.
  10. it's really coming to life now Reconcilor.. I think this is now officially a mixed-media kit the razor saw is a must-have tool for any modeler
  11. S'done. Now working on those darn side frames - they're a real pig
  12. I was actually thinking of getting back on to it today Bill. (if swmbo lets me that is) I found some chain for the dynamo so planned on getting that done and starting on the superstructure (again)
  13. how come you keep getting all the fun ?
  14. who's Dan ? and where is he ? hmphhhhh Martian, I'm surprised you let that one pass you by