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  1. Well, I would have posted another little update last night but it appears my home IP address is being BM blocked and I can only access this site from work now. Just to make matters more exciting, my work ITwits don't allow us to visit postimage as it's classed as a malicious site. So.... here's a little preview of what I did last night....
  2. Site access problem

    I can only access the site from work now, both my home computer and cell phone are affected - been like that for a couple of days now
  3. Sadly, it's the same one. I just have to keep telling myself that I'm going to exotic far flung places or I'd go nuts. Today has been a day of pain. Pain like no other. Pain like stabbing your own eyeballs with a sharp stick... repeatedly! Se all these blue dots? Well, I thought I'd try something daft (just for a change) and made all these as part of the etch last night. I didn't expect them to actually work, but they did. But trying to handle them... I gave up But back to the instrument panel... I started gluing the panel overlays in place. I used GS Hypo for a couple of reasons - 1, it comes with a nice fine nozzle to place glue accurately (provided you're someone else and not me!), and 2, it takes a little while to cure, giving me time to move things around to get in the right place... eventually. Oh, and 3... 3 reasons... once it's cured and iflike me, you've mucked it up and there's glue oozing from corners etc. you can very gently with a fresh scalpel blade, scrape the excess away. By this point, my eyes were starting to burn... look at the size of those little boogers that I'm trying to glue in place But I got there and as you can clearly see, with lots of oozing glue everywhere. So, after my eyes began sizzling like eggs in the drying pan, I changed tack and glued on the adjustment handles for the rudder pedals. Then it was back to the IP again. Being completely stupid and a glutton for punishment to boot, I discarded all the little blue dots from way above and started cutting little stubs of the finest styrene rod I had.... finest meaning smallest diameter, and not... oh never mind... These were in turn glued onto the IP like so.... and then it just got worse from there... by now the sharp stick in my eyes also had thousands of little pins and needles Eventuality we ended up at this point. Complete and utter madness. Madness with a capital EM. And here it is beside the kit part. Was it really worth all that effort? I dunno. The paint is still not fully dried in the shot above so I'm hoping it will highlight a bit more detail as it fully dries overnight. Next up will be some color and all the fun of painting the buttons and stuff... as well as a bit of a clean up
  4. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    I think if you head down to those shops you so frequently frequent, and ask the little lady with the mauve colored cardigan very nicely (but quietly) - she has a secret stash of mojo stored on one of the under the counter shelves. It comes in little bottles and is quite expensive but I think she'll see you right. She may also have some little angley periscopey things masquerading as ear studs
  5. piece by classic piece this is all coming together. Your skills with plastic are something for others, including me, to aspire to
  6. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Ah.... lego. I went and bought some 1-2-3 blocks for the same purpose, and still can't get things square/straight/pointing in the right direction. The conning tower is starting to look the business Steve. Why is it called a conning tower? I guess you just got conned.
  7. judging by others comments, I think it's yours See! Told you so! That's a different club entirely Nigel and their garb is an all in one pointy cloak. I'm much more sartorially inclined... think along the lines of Rincewind shopping at the Army & Navy Surplus. I must have seen it or at least something very similar. It's far too much hard work trying to be original.
  8. Catching Pictures in the Air

    I'm not sure Ced. All I know is that we went with the reviews all of which stated it outperformed the competition with ease, had plenty of oomph, and handled styrene effortlessly. I've spent hours with it but for the most part have just been disappointed with the results.
  9. Back from my wandering travels, this time the Shangri La that is otherwise known as Detroit, where we did manage to find a fantastic middle eastern restaurant. So good in fact that we rated it in our top 5 restaurants. A complete surprise, but welcomed nonetheless. It looks like while I was away, you lot got some modeling in so I had better try to catch up. Sheep seems to be the order of the day so we started off with cutting some windows in some masking tape. Which was then smeared with plastic putty and embossed, debossed and generally just messed up by dabbing some wire wool over the putty as it started to cure. Can you tell what it is yet? can ya can ya? After the putty had cured, I threw some paint on. First was a coat of aged concrete which was more of a buff color. When I realized that shade was too far off, I added some aged white, more washing it on than painting it. It's really difficult to photograph such a light color so I have adjusted the contrast in this shot to hopefully show the texture to more effect. Even at 1:32 scale you would be hard pushed to see the strands of wool on the sheepskin. The 1:1 tended to get a bit flattened and matted after them aircrew bums sweated on them for many hours. 'Scuse the horrible paint job on the seat - there's a lot more work to go into that seat before it's ready for general consumption, but you get the idea. The sheepskin also need trimming to shape. This is just the rough cut. Directors cut later. I think I'm happy with the level of texture on the sheepskin. A Flory wash should help bring out the texture a bit more. I'll apologize now - the next photo's are very repetitive but I took 'em so you're going to see 'em. I had my cloak and pointy hat on this afternoon. That hat must have been a bit cockled over 'cos things didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. But on the bright side - we have some cockpit parts to be getting on with. But do they fit? Well, they fit at least as good as the kit parts do! (Yes, I know the IP is back to front in this shot!). It's close enough and I'll be able to get it fitted without too much drama. One of the things that I wanted to capture were the small notches above the smaller gauges. In CAD it looked easy - it always does on the big screen. It wasn't until I printed it out that I realized just how small everything really was. The notches are there, but they are tiny. In fact there's just a hint of notch so whether they are still there after painting remains to be seen. IP with center overlaid panel (this time facing the right way!) Then with another smaller panel overlaid in the center panel and a comparison against the kit part. If I'm being fair, the kit part isn't bad, and is pretty accurate - I just didn't like all the bezels around the gauges which don't exist on the 1:1 this shot just because I took it.... Followed by a rather poor shot of the dry fit. It was difficult to get anything to focus on with the brass being so shiny and now I really must tidy my desk up - as Perdu pointed out, things are being assimilated into the desk and it's getting harder and harder to find anything toodle pip and all that.
  10. Catching Pictures in the Air

    We did. Even although the tunes weren't tunes I would normally ever listen to it was still a blast for the most part. A few bits I hated but mostly enjoyed the proceedings. I've done that several times now and I'm still vampyre free. I'm not entirely sure what the half life of whipped garlic is Isn't the inside the same plane too or have you got some kind of Tardis thing going on here? You seem to be mastering the art of maskery with expediency. I have one of those sitting in the basement - it was used for several train parts but I must admit I was never happy with the quality of the cuts, or more correctly, the translation of the art geometry to the final cut. It just never seemed to handle curves with any degree of accuracy, and wasn't all that good on straight lines either. Now was it a cheap machine. The stuff you are producing further up the page looks top notch
  11. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    nice soldering work.
  12. Catching Pictures in the Air

    I just ate two bowls of whipped garlic in a Lebanese restaurant two nights ago and no-one will even be in the same room with me today. Oh, while we're on the subject of aromatic foodstuffs... I just found out the Red Hot Chili Pipers are playing in Wilmington tonight so and just heading off to see if I can get a ticket - wish me luck and I'll comment on your posts when I get more time Tony
  13. It's been a bad week so far. Apparently I've had a bad rash followed by a severe case of the Olivia Newton Johns. How much can a man stand before capitulating? Serious stuff beckoned - the sort of serious stuff that takes a few nights work for very little show and tell, though I'll show and tell anyway. That's just the way I roll. Between this and a few other threads, there seems to have been an abundance of brass this last week or so, and who am I to buck the trend? Brass! Let's have some brass. Okay, not a whole lot of brass but the intent is there. Just need to join those three bits into one. Then, once soldered I can chop most of the brass away leaving me with a small thingy which ended up being inserted into a small piece of styrene rod - once I eventually drilled a hole that was reasonably central that is. Yup, you know what's coming. It's the fire extinguisher for the cockpit. I knew you knew that. Looking at my reference photo's I spotted that the extinguisher is mounted on a bracket on the cockpit bulkhead. Now I need to make a bracket. Easy... I chopped some rod of the same diameter and tested those against some 'C' channel I had lying about to see what looked appropriate. The base of the extinguisher was rounded off and I decided to mount the entire gizmo using a rod through the bulkhead just to make sure it didn't go walkabout later in the build. Extinguisher all painted up and mounted. The green label is a scrap of decal which I had lying about, and the restraint around the extinguisher is two lengths of flattened lead wire. The nozzle up top was painted silver, then followed up by a wash of alclad titanium gold (again). The restraint is actually sitting a bit low on the bracket but the pinning rod was in the way so I couldn't get it centered. Go on, shoot me! 1:1 digit included for size reference. Dry fitted just to check it isn't going to interfere with anything (so far!). Not a lot of room for that seat but I think I can get away with it. And that endeth the extinguisher saga for this episode. A couple of nights work all done but worth it in the end I hope. Which brings me to the next remedial task - the brass work on the tail. I wasn't happy with how the two meshes were sitting on top of the tail so they came off and I used a micro chisel to cut a small recess for the brass to sit in, and hopefully not stand so proud of the plastic on my next attempt. There will be some remedial work to the remedial work no doubt. More to come on that in next weeks exciting episode. Lastly for this evenings Hendie's Helicopter Hullabaloo I have a question for those knowledgeable folks out there. The bum seat cushion. When I think back (far faaarrrrrrrr back) I do not remember a cushion for bums. I remember a big hard yellow survival pack with just a thin scrap of sheepskin on top. I checked @bootneck's really handy post on the Wessex seat He does state that this seat was from a civvie version, and I think that seat has had a cushion put in place just to make it look like a seat. Am I out to lunch on that? I really don't remember a cushion for buttock comfort. All input gratefully received. Of course, if I am right and that 'cushion' should be painted yellow then I've just given myself the task of somehow recreating a 1:32 bit of dead sheep on the seat.
  14. Nice work Bill. I was surprised that you didn't attack the home brewed route earlier - it seemed ripe for the picking