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  1. can't wait to see the rest of it being built up
  2. I'd say carry on doing what you're doing.... I also lay it on a bit thick - safe in the knowledge that it's very easy to remove excess once it's all cooled down
  3. thanks Colin. I think I'm going to redo the light to make a wall mounted version, but haven't figured out the shape just yet. I think you're right about the chrome effect though. I've been busy traveling for work over the last few weeks so modeling time has been almost nil. Then this weekend we have to visit friends for their kids birthday so at least one day is wiped off the calendar. Don't people realize I have work to do ?
  4. only in the evenings I believe. Looking wonderful there Mr Baron. A three square or a four square file in around those rungs will really tidy things up - you'd be surprised how little solder needs to remain in order to keep things nice and solid. The interior is going to be a thing of beauty
  5. i'll ditto that. already did. not quite as much, but still substantial. yes
  6. sorry - it's really not my fault. I didn't start this. If only you had referred to this gaping orifice as a duck bill, this thread could have been about 3 or 4 pages shorter.
  7. nice detail work Nigel.
  8. I like the chairs but am I the only person here who is imagining a group of very tall people with very short legs sitting in those chairs ? *edited* 'cos I wasn't entirely happy with the content of the post and it's schoolboy-esque humor - (though it was written in all seriousness). - and the question has now been answered anyway
  9. I miss the old country when you show photo's like that.... then I remember the weather... them bang seats sure are bangin'
  10. it would have to be a T2, and only a 1971 model at that. The 1971 still had the small rear lights and the wrap around bumpers. I never really liked the large rectangular light clusters on later models. However, I'd never find a Devon Conversion over here so I'd have to settle with some US variant it's no surprise as cars are such a way of life over here, that you can buy after market air conditioning for pretty much anything. There was a 1969 MG (another vehicle I owned at one point) for sale the other week and I looked into air conditioning for that. The AC kit was around $2K so fairly reasonably priced. I did that a few years ago, or at least, a few miles of it when I was working out at Flagstaff. I still bought plenty of mementos to bring home for all the folks though!
  11. sorry to be so late in the game here Crisp, but have you thought of using TUCONN Connector Pieces for tubing and rod from Uschi ? His version wrap around the outside of the rod and may help create the illusion of unions at the joints, and you eliminate the skinny bit in the middle. *edited* OOps ! just saw that they were for much larger diameters than those you are working with - never mind. I'll leave the link here though in case anyone else finds it useful
  12. Flush it shall be chaps. (I saw what you did there btw !) Now I've just got to make one - since I'm heading off again this week, I'll have plenty of time to think about it. in most cases, I agree. I do love the primer though. thanks Rich. the issue is that all of the lights with the exception of the table lamps are very near the top of the paneling (not counting the ceiling lights) . Running wires underneath the floor will cause more problems than it's worth. I plan on bringing the power in through the kitchen, and from there I'll be running the wires inside the side frames - I have a 2mm gap between the outer styrene and the inner paneling which gives me plenty of room. I can then bring the wire out at each light location. Come to think of it, bringing the wire in through the kitchen only gives me access to one side - I can use the electrical cabinets since I'll have one in each corridor. That's what electrical cabinets are for isn't it ? Ah... interesting idea! I'd never have thought of that. I had intended to run wires everywhere, but that sounds like a much neater solution. Thanks ! Agreed. I think I shall have to do some dry runs with the paneling to make sure it all works, but you have certainly given me food for thought with the wire management It's not the 1/32" space that the issue. if you look at the wall at the lower end of the bathroom shown here - that's a 1/32" strip of basswood (with a sheet of photo paper bonded to it). Technically, if I'm keeping things to scale, that 1 thickness of basswood is all that stands between the bathroom and the dinette - and that wall has two lights mounted on the dinette side. Somehow, I have to run wires for two lights within that 1/32" thickness, and not damage the finish on either side. While our champion nano-scale builder perdu could probably manage it... I'm a bit ham fisted and I think I'd be struggling to get anything in there without damaging one side or the other. I think I will relinquish scale accuracy here and go for two layers - that will help me eliminate the warp, and give me some working area to bury those wires in.
  13. thanks Eric - that really is outstanding work. I love the way you have captured the decals (I know it's the wrong word but...). and you can be justifiably proud of it too !
  14. lovely work. May I ask what film you are using for the masking ?
  15. Roy, the only reason I sold it was because I moved to the USA. I could have brought it with me, but the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting in the wrong side of the vehicle, and having to manually change gear, made me pucker at the thought of driving it over here. So, sadly, we sold it and have regretted it ever since. In the 10+ years we had it, I completely redid the interior fitting a rock and roll bed, reinstated the forward hammock, and a whole bunch of other upgrades. I also had the entire chassis reworked and all the outriggers replaced. It was in really good condition and all it needed was a respray. - I had polished it so much, it was down to the primer in some areas Another thing to consider was the fact that there was no air conditioning - even on a slightly warm day in Scotland, the inside of the T2 was like a furnace, due to all the glass around the vehicle. I can only imagine what it would be like in the 80+ degrees we see here. However, the wife has started talking about getting another one, so I may look into it and see how much it would cost to have air conditioning fitted. that engine is coming along very nicely indeed.