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  1. Lovely job R/odders
  2. Looking good Colin It will be superb when its finished Rodders
  3. Special hobby ch-37c Been looking for a long Rodders
  4. Thanks but I am sorted the build is in the huey group build gallery Rodders
  5. Superb models and superb photography I can only aspire to such skill Rodders
  6. My Christmas off this year from working as an HCA on a busy ward in an acute Hospital but to make up for it I will be doing a late shift on new years eve and an early shift new years day. Rodders
  7. It dos seem a bit out of square. The outside frames when seen head on should be equal That said really love this build. I reckon if you have used PVA to glue the windows you could get away with straightening it but it is your model so your decision. It's nice to know you are the same as me and have the occasional blip Rodders
  8. More Modelart decals off eBay 1/32 HAS3 Lynx (another one) Rodders
  9. I have the original Harrier GR1 and the hurricane The detail in the Harrier cockpit is very basic and sparse I would not recommend the Harrier for a novice Rodders
  10. As always a riveting build from you Bill Rodders
  11. Little cars on this forum is the person to go to for this I have only ever had excellent service from him. Rodders
  12. I don't like the blurred props my personal opinion is it distracts from the build Rodders
  13. Italeri 1/72 hind This kit has just hit the binI have given up on it What’s your “Probably not made by Heineken” kit? Rodders
  14. I have the academy 1/48th scale one Rodders