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  1. Car issue,

    We have a dashcam now and the link shows why. The chap saw a woman and thought he would say that she was at fault but as you can hear the indicator was on for a long time before the turn. Webcam was a tenner off ebay Nobody hurt but car had my wife, daughter and 3 grandchildren in it, doesent bear thinking of what could have happened Rodders
  2. Car issue,

    because you say it was cat D when your mechanic bought it which means it was in an accident already I fear they will write it off and the offer price will reflect the cat D status. best go looking for a new car methinks Rodders
  3. Lidl oil paints

    Has anyone tried the oil paints that Lidl has on sale to make washes for models Many thanks Rodders
  4. Beautiful well done Rodders
  5. Airfix 2018

    Yours and mine both Rodders
  6. English Electric Deltic Prototype (DP1)

    Black fives owe a lot to Stanier working for the GWR at Swindon. Everyone knows that GWR stands for Gods Wonderful Railway Rodders
  7. Star Trek Discovery

    I have watched all the episodes of the new star trek and Ilike DS9 better
  8. Airfix 2018

    Airfix seaking doing well!! I have 9 of them Rodders
  9. Oldest kit in the stash?

    original Airfix Gosling Rodders
  10. Recommend me a good acrylic gloss varnish

    And the bottle i bought took over 4 weeks to dry Rodders
  11. Westland Sea King HU5

    I have been thinking of doing the same mod so will be watching with interest. Rodders
  12. Jet Provost T3

    I am building the starter kit T4 at the moment so look forward to watching this build. 1 tip check the nose weight guess who didn't. Rodders
  13. What have you purchased 8

  14. I will bring it down from the shelf of doom now that I have the NZ decals Your is 100% better than mine and I didnt try to do the conversion Rodders
  15. I also saw it at Fanbroughmany moons ago Rodders