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  1. I have a frog one but the box is in a terrible state I don't actually know where it came from it isn't my cup of tea but who knows one day it maybe. Rodders
  2. I am going to miss this build when its finished. I have learnt a lot along the way. Rodders
  3. 1/24 Mossie where the dickens will that go? Rodders
  4. This is the Italeri H-19B kit with the heritage models nose and the decals from a RAFDEC sheet on whirlwinds I am just about to use the same combination to build the HCC12 Royal flight aircraft but using a sheet of queens flight decals instead Rodders
  5. Great build. I remember it in the flight shed when I worked at WHL Rodders
  6. 1/24 Mossie Where to put it when its finished? !/72 Special hobby CH-37C always wanted this kit 1/72 Kaman Seasprite 1/72 Airfix Lysander 1/72 Airfix seaking both HC4 and MK3 I find because of the delay between people getting paid early in December and being paid in January there isn't a lot of spare cash in Jan and eBay stuff can go for quite a lot under its normal price eg the Mk3 seaking was £10 plus free p&p and the HC4 was £7.03 Rodders
  7. Looking good to me congratulations. Rodders
  8. Lovely build I do like the JP. Airfix must be on to a winner with the number being built on this forum Rodders
  9. I love this kit counted up this and the Mk3 kits I have and found I had 7 togeather with 5 Revell so you could say I like seakings.I have never used PE on this kit so am looking forward to how you get on. Rodders
  10. I remember flying in a6(cr) at a families day at VL and I do recall the soundproofing missing and pretty sure there was a radar panel as well Rodders
  11. Superb build well done Rodders
  12. The 1/48 Jetranger was produced before as a Kiowa and that was the ESCI kit Rodders
  13. CH-46E Rodders
  14. You will be fine Looking forwards to the finished products Rodders
  15. I haven't seen one of these built for a long time Looking forward to your finishing the build. Now if Airfix were to do a new kit of this in 1/48 scale I reckon it would sell well. Rodders