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  1. Getting used to weathering Decals totally fictitious because the kit decals would not fit around. the bolt heads As this is 1/35 scale please look from 10 foot away Thanks for getting to the end Rodders
  2. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    I enjoyed it I went on Saturday. I agree with you about trader prices I brought £100 to spend but was put off by the prices charged by the traders and took 80 home to be spent on ebay. I think it much better than the old Yeovilton show at least you can see everything as the lighting is better. Rodders
  3. M3 Grant - Academy 1/35

    I am inspired Lovely build Rodders
  4. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    To get over my lack of mojo I purchased a Tamiya Chieftain. as I had never built a 1/35 tank before and it has worked. I have so far built a panther, Churchill, Sherman, Mk IV Female and currently have a T34 on the go. I have a few more that I have purchased and intend to buy a few at the Tank Museum show this weekend. I think it is the fact that 1. I can see what I am doing as the parts are large enough and 2. I only live 40 minutes from the Tank Museum and I can see the real thing anytime I want due to when you buy a ticket it allows access to the museum for the whole 12 months. Rodders
  5. Airfix 2019

    Nice decal choices for the Sea king. Rodders
  6. Ladbrooks just quoted 500/1 on a 1/12 scale Nigel Farrage
  7. Is the any sign of a MH.1521 Broussard in 1/72?

    I have lots of modelart decals without models to stick them on Westland Wasp comes to mind Rodders
  8. Car issue,

    We have a dashcam now and the link shows why. The chap saw a woman and thought he would say that she was at fault but as you can hear the indicator was on for a long time before the turn. Webcam was a tenner off ebay Nobody hurt but car had my wife, daughter and 3 grandchildren in it, doesent bear thinking of what could have happened Rodders
  9. Car issue,

    because you say it was cat D when your mechanic bought it which means it was in an accident already I fear they will write it off and the offer price will reflect the cat D status. best go looking for a new car methinks Rodders
  10. Lidl oil paints

    Has anyone tried the oil paints that Lidl has on sale to make washes for models Many thanks Rodders
  11. Beautiful well done Rodders
  12. Airfix 2018

    Yours and mine both Rodders
  13. English Electric Deltic Prototype (DP1) **FINISHED**

    Black fives owe a lot to Stanier working for the GWR at Swindon. Everyone knows that GWR stands for Gods Wonderful Railway Rodders
  14. Star Trek Discovery (Beware, possible spoilers!)

    I have watched all the episodes of the new star trek and Ilike DS9 better
  15. Airfix 2018

    Airfix seaking doing well!! I have 9 of them Rodders