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  1. yeah that's totally do-able. Thanks for taking those shots Thom. I found a set on Evil bay which I will order shortly
  2. LOL - of course there's a huge mounting pin right there - couldn't be too much of an easy fix could it. It should possible then to thin the plastic from behind to make it more translucent without going all the way through. Green LED inside and Bob's your Uncle - lit windows!
  3. Don't get me wrong, it can be a bit of a PITA to get everything to line up (if at all possible sometimes) but really, it's not too bad - I've worked on worse - although not by much Cool story Kevin - I recall seeing an AN124 here in Melbourne once when I was flying back to NZ a few years ago. It was parked off to the side where no one except those on a plane could see it.
  4. great job Thom! Is the bridge/Gun hollow or solid? I am wondering if it's possible to stick an LED inside it is all
  5. I do like that - great job Will I personally can't see the chipping but I am also using a phone, so the pictures aren't as great as on a PC, but I will have another look later Its great to see some more SBY subjects here
  6. have been quietly plugging away at this. It is definitely not the easiest of builds, but I am still enjoying it I have most of the fuselage together - still need to put in the rear doors etc and they don't look to fit at all. lots of filler: as always, thanks for looking Si
  7. thanks for that Thom I have placed my preorder for them -
  8. I almost bought this kit today when I was visiting my LHS and then I remembered what a "fun" time you were having with this, so I bought the Academy AH-60L DAP instead Still, I have to admit, I am having more enjoyable time than you watching this come together.... sorry
  9. this is the one set I have never been able to get my hands on as it is constantly out of stock at HLJ etc I really like this little ship and have wanted one for a while now Looking forward to seeing more of this one although it doesn't seem like it would be a terribly long build though. How big is it (cm)?
  10. looks great Alexy. I contemplated buying the Barracuda exhausts but ended up buying the turned aluminium set instead. It's interesting to see that you have the inner tubes protruding from the read of the main housing. I read this is where Ken Duffy had some confusion as he wasn't sure if they sat on the outside or the inside of the housing (the instructions are not terribly clear here) If you were to build yours OOB, would you have yours on the outside or the inside?
  11. love that front on shot - it looks very real there Great job this kit I'd be proud to have that on the shelf
  12. which parts are badly molded? I have this kit and it looks fine to me on the sprues, but I have yet to start it and as we all know, looks can be deceiving
  13. The pictures of the shield generators look great but I would prefer to see pictures of the actual item once it's been fabricated. Could you possibly post some pics once you get them? That would be great
  14. I too have been watching this in the shadows and even tough I am not a ST fan, I can appreciate a fantastic build when I see it Brilliantly photographed, lit to scale and generally just amazing. Well worth the time it's taken you to complete it MH
  15. Agree with what Will said above. You won't find any better kits than what Bandai do. I built the 1/500 Yamato (from 2199) and it went together flawlessly and builds up into a very decent sized kit Not much difference in the Star Blazers version to the 2199 other than aesthetics. Its a different story however if you want to get into the technicalities of the series I got drawn into the series because of the author of the General thread above - Misrule. He is definitely an authority on the subject. If you want to know anything about the series - he is the guy to ask. The series itself is pretty awesome in a space opera kind of way. If you don't take it too seriously it's highly enjoyable and the graphics and ship designs are amazing. There is also a live action version which is OK but some of the acting is questionable to say the least - but again, if you don't take it too seriously, it's highly entertaining. I mostly watched it for the ships and the dazzling blowing up of stuff!