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  1. I wonder if that would be down to more bad seamanship than poor craft design. You know what they say about a bad tradie blaming their tools and all I still don't like that bridge wing design of the Andromeda though - no matter how many different views I get of it. It still reminds me too much of the snake thing from Prometheus and the wings are too thick. I would almost look at making my own replacement. Something with a little more finesse and style. I like the Yamato's bridge section in that respect. Mind you, given that Earth and the Garmilla's have joined forces I would have thought there would be more of their influence in their style. Maybe they just aren't THAT buddy buddy just yet
  2. I'd like to see the carrier version of the Andromeda - that could be quite cool (at least, the mental vision I have is) Like you said, I thought the Andromeda was also a one off ship like the Yamato. So on this one, there is no one super ship to save everyone - just a whole fleet of them. No "hero" ship so to speak because they are all the same.Maybe a nod to a Cosmic Communism?
  3. sorry for the delayed reply guys- I have been using my phone of late and it's super slow in making replies. Thank you for your kind posts everyone Si
  4. it is looking quite good isn't it. I like the look of the new Gatlantis Capital ships - but need more views. Is it still the same characters from 2199? If so, they have't aged a day! Still, that won't detract from the enjoyment of watching them destroy ships left right and center. Wonder what happens to the Yamato then if the Andromeda is the new flag ship? It was still flying about in the last series - although less the wave gun
  5. bloody hell! (not my first words but this is a family friendly forum) - you have my full respect. That's awesome! Well done on achieving a fantastic finish on a very complex and time consuming scheme
  6. Oooh I like that! Oddly, I watched this movie just the other day and looked up this exact kit. At $260+ for a 1/48 kit, I couldn't justify that but after seeing this, I may change my mind once I'm feeling a little more flushed :). What color did you use as a base coat?
  7. thanks guys All is forgiven Will - I don't expect you to comment on everything I did wonder if it would peeve off a few hard core SW fans - so I tested the waters (so to speak) by posting it over on SSM. Not surprisingly, it didn't seem to well received there
  8. As others have said before me, it's a great way to make an introduction with a very rare subject. Is this the Russian equivalent of the P-3 Orion except bigger? Hope to see more of your work on here soon Si
  9. not a big fan of the aircraft itself but I love the paint work! The shape of the plane does lend itself well to this type of scheme Great work Si
  10. There is the Anigrand 1/72 kit (which I bought recently) and TMK, that is the only 72nd kit of the Clipper available. Although I would happily be proven wrong
  11. what is this? Forgive my ignorance..... Loving the paint work on the Zero - nice touch with the blue nose
  12. Im not a trek fan but I appreciate some time consuming masking when I see it It looks really tidy Ray! I think this is the first Sci-Fi subject I've seen you make. Hope to see more Si
  13. I really REALLY like that paint job! It really suits it. You should consider selling these masks - they work very well Great stuff! In regards to weathering, AndyRM101 would be the guy to take reference from. He outlines a lot of his techniques in his WIP threads and are well worth taking the time to read. I can only speak for myself, but I have learnt a lot about weathering from them. I personally would pick out the hoses etc and use a wash but it depends on how much you want this worn. If you want it beat to hell and back, maybe you should have done some chipping etc using a metallic undercoat etc but a sponge piece may well do.
  14. there is some really nice detail there. This would be a great WIP (hint hint) I also think it could look cool painted in some kind of splinter camo - although the original scheme does look cool
  15. So will you do the hand cannons? A kit that detailed is crying for that kind of lighting, and given how smart you are with programming, I am sure you could make it do all sorts of crazy things