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  1. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Congratulations for this wonderful build!!!...or better to say for another wonderful build!!! I have had missing the real pleasure to visit here but today have got the chance to check. I have to say that this wonderful build started since you got your kit many moons ago, then, as you really pursued the truth, was not an easy thing as I really get predated all the info sources available to share a great pictures collection and details about this wonderful aircraft in Guatemalan Air Force Service (In Spanish "Fuerza Aèrea Guatemalteca"). The version you depicted here was the very best of all, the earlier was a plain silver without nothing more than numbers and FAG insignias and words. When in 1970 the aircraft began to be decorated with Shark Mouths in the nose and bolts in the tip tanks in a nicely jazzy way, the aircraft acquired a nice character. I remember it was in early 1970 when it happened as remember My Brother was coming from IAAFA Academy (USAF School for Latin America) in Albrook AFB, Panama Canal Zone in July 1970 when we watched one tow getting one of the aircraft to into the hangar to get paint in that way. The depicted Aircraft here number 721, was the one flown by Maj. Leonel Solìs Vàsquez, who turned the commander officer of the Squadron after the A-37 Squadron was formed. This scheme was the used in 1970 and great part of 1971 before celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the FAG Foundation, as by December of that year the aircraft began to wear a Black Quetzal Bird in the tail just above the numeral. It is, as always, a great pleasure to deal with the RESEARCH part of the team in this side of the pond, to help you complete the BUILD part in the other side of the pond, really enjoyed how my memories could be, after a lot of years, can be put together for advice and help do a masterpiece far away in the other extreme of the world. I grew watching those birds flying here and showing the flag even in other parts of the world like the celebration of the Panama Air Force anniversary, or even in USA Jacee's Air Show in 1967 when the Escuadrilla Quetzales did a great performance... What a time I as child I have had watching this silver shark mouthed and bolted birds air shows each december!!! Thank you for get in detail and scale the memorable aircraft in perfect masterpiece build!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Congratulations for this one!!! It's nice to find this lovely kit here after a wonderful beauty treatment, both inside and outside. all the things you have done paid benefits with the "Basic Techniques-Advanced Results" work you have done here. I was thinking one day to dispose of two Old Matchbox kits of this wonderful aircraft and even thought of using parts of one f them to try my hand to make a better "A" kit as there are no other choice, but have read an article dealing with the subject saying the kit maybe would not be perfect but is the only game in town and with a little add-ons and small enhancements one with a little love for the build can get great results... but you have surpassed the expectations and with all that scratch and work along the time the build (or better say rebuild) lasted, really ended in a better place than nice. MAYBE one day I will follow you using some of your ideas and mines are nearly as yours when you took the rebuild process. Looks so nicer as the NASM one!!! Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Hi Wilks!!! Congratulations for this nice and wonderful build. Here in this side of the pond those kits are very rare to be seen, but if one of them cross in front of me for sure I will got it ASAP to try my hand with this one rare variant. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi Jerzy!!!! It's a great pleasure to look and watch things I have never watched before citing your wonderful work in the web!!! I have been a little busy but will be in contact many more frequently. Wish you and your family a great new year in all sense and specially for your and your brother, a great model production!!! Cheers to all and when I find the CW 21 will ask you some questions about. Cheers and wonderful to read about you and your coming projects to stay tuned with!!! Luis Alfonso
  5. Hi Jerzy!!!! I have both aircraft in Vacuform... and was thinking in ADD one injected and found your great masterworks mentioned in the page here: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/cw21b.htm just under the epigraph " CW-21B models and accessories in 1/72 scale. Six models of the CW-21B are/were available in 1/72" and so, it was inevitable as i KNOW YOU, to come and enjoy a masterwork from your wonderful skunk works... Have enjoyed how did you do with the vac and how you saved this nice Martin bomber from the "Death Cutting Axe"... I know about the accident as your brother told me what have happened and how you saved them. I don't remember if this thread is from the ones you have saved after the Photobucket trouble BUT thank you very much for sharing and saving for posterity!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi Uncle Mario!!!! Trying to go ahead even against the cold and all trouble, wish and believe firmly in your prophetical words!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  7. Hi John!!! I was interested in getting one of this kits and was looking many chances to get one since the 80's and then watched the Ebay and found as you said a list of people wanted to get rid of this kit but a higher prices, and I was visiting the IPMS Guatemala Convention to cheer old friends, admire their works and look for something interesting, when the guy inthe entrance, also a friend of mine had a something bad shape Delta 2 box of this kit and as I asked if he had something to sell offered me this one in sale at Q40.00= +-US$5.00 and was told this kit has no decals, I think no problem for me. Soon watched what could I found to have an idea what I have bought and got your thread. I liked the job you have done in both kits but watching the Youtube movie, think like more the Delta than the Valom, seem more real than the other, and after end something in the bench will replace the kits at work with this one. If she gets at least 40% as nice as yours will be very very happy. ALSO: I have found whet important is to have the alive thread pics, as they are highly useful to all around!!! Thank you very much for that too!! Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Lynx MK.90 Dannish (Hobbyboss 1/72)

    Hi Bruno!!! Nice model My friend, keep on building!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Luis Alfonso
  9. UH-1H Chilean Air force (Revell 1/72)

    Hi Bruno!!! Welcome and Congratulations for your nice Huey Build!!! Maybe its not the very best in this scale but, as you have seen, it works. The only thing that this kind of models need is real love for the build and get the better you can from it. Keep on my friend and you will go higher. Thank you very much for sharing and cheers from Guatemala!! --------- Hola Bruno!!! Bienvenido y Felicitaciones por tu buen modelo!! Puede no ser el mejorcito en esa escala, pero como vos has visto, funciona.La ùnica cosa que este tipo de modelos necesita es un real aprecio por contruìrlo y extraer lo mejor que puedas de èl. Continùa armando Amigo y llegaràs muy alto. Gracias por compartir y saludos desde Guatemala!! Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Congratulations for this materpiece!!! Looking for missing things I have pending from last year, remembered you were working in this "Million Dollar Kit" and have forgotten to check how the Ancient Dinosaur have been ended.... It's not a surprise you have achieved a nice buit model with that so marvelous tricks and plenty of good "Old School Modeling Techniques" used together to get a Show Stopper in any contest table or exhibition. I liked how you started to plan this build and really your story reinforces the ideas i always have had about what is getting inspiration to build something wonderful and the tenacity to look for practical ideas to be translated in miniature processes to get a high quality work. I liked the way you made all that you scratch and how inventive your mind is, you worked this bird like an miniature engineer, think have got into a miniature one to look how to improve the raw material provided by the box to get an outstanding model, how you transformed the old and ancient kit in one that rivals with anything modern technology can present. The most I liked is the rotors and armament system, but all the job done in this one is first class. The painting and weathering techniques and final results impacted my eyes. Thank you very much for sharing and wish you a GREAT new year 2018 with plenty of good surprises in your bench to make us smile and rejoice. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  11. 1/72 Fly Models Ilyushin Il-10

    HI My Dear Friend Roman!!! I have wanted to check this build before BUT have had a lot of issues to deal with.Congratulations for this great and highly commendable work!!! Anyway, have watched the great you you have done in my phone, and wanted to have a chance in my PC to check better and bigger images to enjoy what you have done. First, I have watched the job carefully and have to say you have done a great job with it, have liked a lot the nice painting and weathering job you did here, and all the build itself. Another great job for the shelves!!! I agree with Steve and was thinking if you know about a comparison with the old KP kit??? I have not know any of them and would be a nice chance to know more info dealing with this models. If this one is better than the other, soon in the Ebay and with other sellers would be a great availability of the KP kits... Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  12. Have discovered this kit last night... look after one and maybe get mine before 2018... I always have liked this aircraft nhd have found once a walkaround from one Russian guy who contains a huge lot of pics... was dealing with the idea of make one from scratch BUT looking at the sprues of this kit, elected to make something to buy it. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers!!!
  13. HI My Friend Roman!!! Mmmmmm......WELL, here the only word I can say is I M P R E S S I V E!!!!... The first of the row is the one I that make me to break something like a self made promise of not buy more kits before March 2018... but anyway, is well broken to get one Il 4 to replicate yours... Have watched my stash and found some of the wonderful kits you have depicted here, not in the same brands, cheaper, simpler and maybe very rough... but with at least a 30-40% as wonderful of yours here, I will be more than happy!!! Thank you very much for being a great cheerer, a prolific builder with true love for the hobby, for haring and for your kindness and friendship!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  14. Hi My Friend Roman!!! I have watched how this RS brand kit turned around and after watching carefully the detailed pics you have shared here can only say that if with a problematic kit like this one you have got this result, its not strange your marvelous works with kits that has no complications at all, but with this one, the only thing I can do is give you a "Hats Off and Standing Ovation"!!! Thank you very much for sharing!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  15. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this nice masterpiece you have added to your showcase, for sure will be an attraction next contest you go!!! I liked a huge lot the way you have finished this bird, this paint chipping finish likes me a huge lot since you have done it before with the Marauder, and following this nice tutorial you have shared here is a tempting to try this...and watching the nice results really makes one wondering about that more than one time. Maybe the kit would be a nice shake and bake, but the nice finish you achieved here with this nice weather and nice preshading, for sure makes this bird an Out of this world one!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso