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  1. Wonderful build Drift, Congratulations for the build and thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Congratulations for this Wonderful build without any flaws...I like a huge lot the way you have finished this wonderful kit. Thank you very much for sharing!!!
  3. Hi Aaron: Congratulations for this wonderful build presented here!! This bird really looks as you said, a nice build with some add-ons depending the type ofmodeler each one is, but seems is a more friendly raw material to obtain without mess a great stunning build. The Glencoe kit here mentioned has its roots according with Scalemates Site, in the mid to late 60's Lincoln International from Hong Kong release in 1/65, also after them was released by another Hong Kong company named KADER in a smaller box together with many 1/144 airliners and other scales aircraft wothout wheels but with a nice base to leave the aircraft in flight attitude. Afetr a long time I got the Glencoe releases from the mid to late 90's four times as I liked this bird, and got happy because when open the box found this is the same kit released by KADER that I never had the chance to buy in the 70's. The kit measures 1/65 and also have found inthe web a case of a build by Carmel J. Attard from Malta here: modelingmadness.com/review/korean/gb/attardsyc.htm This gives testimony about the quantity of work one have to invest for a better build than the OOB anyone can get. Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Great build Patrick!!! I have told a friend of mine and also a BM modeler that will be there that please take all the pics he can to send to me when watch this one face to face, want to look the real quality of the model and the wonderful build you did. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  5. Hi Uncle Mario!!!! Congratulations forthe build....the birds Look so resplendent in this dress!!! I was remembering the early 80's when I had the Old Lou Drendel's Squadron ·# 27 F104 In Action book...Just the one with the blue background and the nice bird flying trying to get out of the painting, together with the same stable Century Series book as permanent residents in my night light table...I bought tons of F104 kits starting with the 1/48 old HAWK chromed and white, following with the 1/72 Old Airfix, Hasegawa's, Matchbox, and continued with the 1/48 Revell C/G and ESCI models with plenty of decals for nearly every conceived version and country, followed by the 1/72 ones...as have been a strong F104 fan made whatever I wanted at that time...not so highly worked as at this time there were not so high need to do it and we though that every model was perfect, and we were happy with whatever any brand launches to the market. Really I was so happy at that time!!! Maybe soon will start again with that fever, for me have not been another aircraft with the elegance and sleek lines as this one...and your rendition here gives me the reason about this thought. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi Marcel: Congratulations for this Wonderful build with special livery on a familiar aircraft. O willlook for more infor about the subject and if this one had any operational use after WW II to get a kit to build thisone as you did, in french colours!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. Hi Jovac: Congratulations for this lovely and clean build. I like the way you have finished this bird, new mint condition as recent factory roled out. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Hi Jessica!!! In fact, the true wonderful job achieved in every one of all those masterpieces makes true the fact of attention of this old post, and remember that every time there are new guys and gals looking for what's special at this site, and without a doubt, your wonderful job is so outstanding that can't pass unadvertised!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  9. Hi Roman!!! Congratulations for this nice build My Friend!!! I liked a huge lot the enough level of detail and the nice tricks you have used here, for sure will take note as have one Russian Spitfire in my mind to depict the bird flown by Juan Lario Sanchez, a Republican Spanish pilot that after the SCW flew with the russians in WW II, and BTW the paint scheme AFAIK, is nearly the same as you did here. Its a nice gem of a build that you have obtained with this so called "obsolete" kit by the experts...maybe Eduard can release better kits but the case is what any modeler can obtain great results dealing with nice raw material and talent as you have done in this case. Maybe the other kit can give many more detail and finesse but the one showed here forme is suficient. Also, think that maybe the other newer models could be more expensive but looking at your wonderful results here, If I have had enough of them, I would be happy to have a very friendly kit that leaves anyone work so nice of which can obtain the very best of it. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  10. Wonderful build Kevin!!!
  11. Hi Friend Invidia: Congratulations for this wonderful trio you have build, wonderfulidea to follow you in that kind of builds. Thank you very ,uch for sharing, Cheers. Luis Alfonso
  12. Hi Chris: Congratulations for this nice buidl of this old but nice kit. Thank you very m,uch for really do justice to this one with a nice resplendent build. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Hi Lowbrow: Will take all your advices when build mine, maybe will try the NOVO boxing, so their decals are not the very best, can work after a Microscale Liquid Decal sollution over there, and this is theversion I like to build. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  14. Hi Again Roman!!! Congratulations for this nicely done Labotchka. I don't have any Eduard kit in my stash, but watching your nicely done build and judging the quality of their kits was thinking seriously in some of them, as seem the kit has all the details missing in the others, and even buying a new spinner seem the investment pays its benefits. The problem would be what I will do with the older ones, the answer is build them anyway. This colorful birs look res'lendent inthis color combination and the build liked me a huge lot. Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  15. Hi Roman!!! Congratulations for this nice Pony you have done here. This kit really looks fine, and cheaper than Tamiya. I like your nice build specially in the colourful way you did it, the weathering effects and the way the silver looks, a real fine and well done build, and thinking in that undercarriage legs state and watching there are two sets in the pack, was thinking in when I do mines, will invest in that aftermarket parts to have a secure built model in their three legs. Well, now what do you think about a camouflaged one to balance your colourful shelves??? Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso