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  1. Shot Down

    Fox, I think maybe these will give you some insight to guage possibly the "real time" damage of a P-51 that came down in the manner you're aiming to depict. Don Gentile's "Shangri-la" came down in a similar manner with VERY similar results to the one you're trying to create here. The following pics are the result of the incident inwhich Gentile destroyed his stallion with a final going home victory "buzz". The props caught the ground and that was all she wrote for "Shangri-la" of the 4th FG, 336th, FS. Hope these help Regards, Hurry
  2. Shot Down

    From what I can tell from this picture it would appear the tail is intact and still attached to the fuselage but, its twisted slightly to the port side. Because if you look at the flap on the left side of this photo, you'll note the elevator on the port side horizontal stabilizer is showing. Which would lead me to believe the tail dug in and twisted slightly to port. This aircraft was repaired and returned to flight status after this incident. Regards, Hurry
  3. Shot Down

    Fox Malcolm, You wanna wreck it and lighten your load in wrecking it? lol Here ya go... this ACTUALLY happened and I don't think anyone has ever done a dio of it! Would be VERY unique in anyones collection. ..."Test pilot Paul Balfour attempted a wheels down-landing when the engine of the NA-73X stopped while flying 250 feet over Mines Field(Now Los Angeles International Airport). He overshot the airfield boundary and put the prototype down in a cultivated field with this sad result. Luckily there was no fire, for Balfour was trapped in the cockpit and could not be released until rescuers had dug away the soil. The farm shacks have long since given way to a more palatial structure, for the spot where the first Mustang came to grief is now covered by the International Hotel. Of interest are what to appear to be gun ports in the wings but were, in fact, merely painted loactions."... -- Pg. 10, "Mustang at War" by Roger A. Freeman. Regards and good luck, Hurry
  4. AH-6J Little Bird

    Have a buddy in 2/160th at Campbell... nice "little bird"... Interesting side note... the "Little Birds" flown in the film "Blackhawk Down" were flown by the actual pilots who took part in the raid portrayed in the film. Regards, HURRY
  5. Grumman X-29

    My father actually worked on components for the X-29. It was definitely a unique bird. Awesome build! Regards, Hurry
  6. Jenko... With exception to the roundels on the side of the fuselage and on the lower wings... that is a beautiful Sea Hurry. Its a VERY nicely kitted example. The roundels that you have on this particular example are what are known as the Type C.1. Implementation of these roundels were implemented for the time frame of July 1942 - January 1945. With this roundel lasting on some Hawker Tempests till 1947. The roundel implemented for 1941 would have been the Type A.2. Which is the same roundel used during the Battle of Britain. The roundel looks similar to the Type A.1, which all four rings of the roundel are equal in proportion. However, for the Type A.2 the outter(yellow)ring is slightly thinner than the inner three. The lower wing roundels which you have here were also implemented for the same time frame as the fuselage roundels(July 1942 - January 1947). The lower wing roundel would have been the same as they were during the Battle of Britain utilizing the Type A roundel with the three equally proportionable rings of red, white and blue. Again great job. Best Regards, Hurry
  7. I have to say I built one of these last year in 334th FS, 4th FG colors(QP-Z)... and outside of modifying it into a P-51D-5-NA... it was a nice kit to build... Artie, nice kit and build... well done! Regards, HURRY
  8. "Blood, Sweat & Tears"

    VERY NICE Sandy! Regards, HURRY
  9. Beautiful build of a Bermuda! Mid-1930's obsolescent design by the time of WWII but, they did right nicely for towing targets for fighter trainees! Regards, HURRY
  10. Raptor bait... lol Very Nice build Regards, HURRY
  11. Same aircraft... 44-73155 P-51D 334 QP-D My Achin' Back 44-73155 P-51D 358 YF-L Hovde, Maj. William J. "Billy" Ole VII 44-73155 P-51D 38 CG-A My Achin' Back(Artwork retained) I agree the above doesn't take anything away for the build... damn fine work Sundown. I will say this I have tons of pics of the 4th FG at Debden... for my build purposes... and it appears that aircraft with very close serials to 44-73155 don't display wing or tails stripes although the earlier 51's do. It appears that when they elongated the red trim on the nose that the wing and tail stripes went away or remained, if on earlier aircraft. Regards, Hurry
  12. Both birds are 44-73155... transfer of aircraft to other units was very common during the war. Regards, Hurry
  13. Beautiful kit... very nicely done. However, I doubt if this particular bird was ever painted as depicted but, that certainly doesn't take away for the incredible job you've done with it. Here is a picture of the same bird in service with the 358th FS of the 355th FG. If it was painted as you have it depicted then a LOT of the things painted on it would have to of had to be removed when transferred to another unit. IN this case the 358th... the rudder does appear to be red and the trim around the cowling is also red. However, the red on the wing tips, the red trim around the cowling and the wing and horizontal stabilizer stripes would have to have been removed. We would see that in this photo but, we don't... so its is what it is... The red trim probably went back only as far as the exhaust on the nose and the wing tips remained polished aluminum. The tail number was further back and the only thing they probably ended up removing and/or changing was the spinner to white and removing the wing and tail stripes. All that aside... a BEAUTIFUL kit nonetheless and thank you for sharing. Regards, Hurry
  14. I like it! Beautiful build and done just right... I also like the attention to detail leaving out the main gear skirts. Great job! Regards, Hurry
  15. Thanks guys for all the great comments... Mike, thanks for the great feedback and I'll definitely look into the items and methods you mentioned for my next build. This is all a learning experience and I enjoy building these birds. Its a great way to relax and give myself a challenge at the same time. Not sure what my next build will be yet... I'd like to do perhaps a P-40B or perhaps go in the opposite direction and either go bigger with a B-25B or perhaps Navy / Marines with an F4F or F6F... Thanks again everyone Regards, Hurry