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  1. Lancaster horizontal tail elevators

    As noted near the start of the manual it was scanned from a 1943 publication and at the top of most pages it gives when the page was amended, the one on pg 153 has Oct 1943 while pg 388 has Nov 1943. Plus when mods come in it takes time for them to be implemented, unless they are essential. The best bet is to look at photos : Jari
  2. Tamiya´s Skyraider to Korean War variant?

    This explains the armor plating: http://tailspintopics.blogspot.ca/2013/07/ad-armor-all.html as noted in the article the way you can tell is if the step is has a ledge and the one here has it: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv34-52/114.htm here is a Marine Skyraider in Korea and you can see the armor plate: Jari
  3. AEC Matador(Marshall?) 6x6 fuel bowser details

    Here are a couple more but of the wrong angle: somebody in the way again: edit: here is one that floats, not on it's own: Jari
  4. AEC Matador(Marshall?) 6x6 fuel bowser details

    Don't know which version of bowser this one is and not that great quality: Jari
  5. Lancaster horizontal tail elevators

    Here is a manual on the Lancaster: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/aircraft/uk/avro/lancaster/a-p-2062a-and-c-the-lancaster-manual.html scroll down to pg 153 to see the tail plane. Jari
  6. Bomb trolley size ??

    I just happened across that one, haven't seen any others. Jari
  7. Bomb trolley size ??

    Here is a manual for a bomb trolley like in the above pics: http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/aircraft/uk/avro/lancaster/alvis-straussler-bomb-loading-trailer.html Jari
  8. A-4 skyhawk questions ?

    Dennis, the site: http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/VMA - 214.htm is up and running but no mention is made of the E, just C being operated by the Blacksheep. Jari
  9. Bomb trolley size ??

    Here are a couple of pics of Mosquitos getting a cookie: edit: here is another one: Jari
  10. A-4 skyhawk questions ?

    Here is one from VMA-311: note it has the chaff housing but most likely just has a blanking panel in place of the chaff pod. Also when carried, there was another chaff pod beside the hook attachment point. Jari
  11. A-4 skyhawk questions ?

    Here is a VMA-223 A-4E and you can see it doesn't have any antenna under the nose: probably none under the tail as well. 214 may have "borrowed" some Es from 223 as here: http://ganymede.meccahosting.com/~a0008a2d/Blacksheep_History.htm says they didn't get the E until March 1970. This site: http://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/VMA - 214.htm gives official records for VMA-214 but it seems to be down for the moment. Jari
  12. A-4 skyhawk questions ?

    Your best bet to to search the squadron you intend to go with and check what antennas they had at the time. Here is a early A-4E Flight Manual that has a little bit of info: http://aviationarchives.blogspot.ca/2016/09/douglas-4e-skyhawk-flight-manual.html do a Slow download to get it for free. Jari
  13. Looks like they'll come out with the Mk-7 by itself as well: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10492275 Jari
  14. Whitley question

    Here is a b&w pic of the rear turret, note the doors are open but the inside of the doors do not look that dark, almost matching the outside colour so my guess they were green: Jari
  15. Russian aircraft at Latakia II

    The MiG-29SMT is in action: Jari