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  1. Frisian Flag 2018

    Too bad you didn't go this week. I went there today and the weather was pretty nice, especially between 11 and 1, and later in the afternoon. No coat needed. And it's going to be well over 20 degrees this week!
  2. Academy F14A 1/72 Nose Weight

    I don't think a Tomcat kit needs much noseweight, if any at all. I've built a few of them, and I don't recall putting anything in the nose. But, for what it's worth, Hasegawa suggests 5 grams.
  3. F-14D (2004) appropriate weapons loadout?

    VF-101 was the Fleet Replacement Squadron for the F-14, and as such didn't go to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to fly missions. Most of the flying would have been without any armament, but they did train for weapon deployment. Basically anything that was cleared on the Tomcat could be loaded. So basic Mk.8x's, GBU-12, -16, -10, -24, 31 etc. Targeting pod of choice was the LANTIRN pod, on the right shoulder station. Not sure if BOL rails were used by them, as they would have been more usefull in theatre, but basic LAU-7's were used for the Sidewinders.
  4. Local interest Tempest V

    Funny, I was also briefly toying with the idea of building a Tempest from 501 Sqn as a local interest build in this GB. Mine would have been from the other side of things, though. Squadron Leader Joseph Berry, famous V-1 killer, was shot down just 5 kilometers from here in 1944, during a raid to Bad Zwischenhann in northwest Germany. It was a low level raid with 3 Tempests, and Berry's plane (ZJ600, SD-F) got hit by small calibre fire from the local German radar station just outside my town. He couldn't get to altitude to bail out and crashed into a field. I couldn't find the Eduard kit, though, so maybe some other time. I'm looking forward to your build!
  5. Test Support Viper: 81-0688

    Apart from the Hasegawa kits, Eduard reboxed the Kinetic F-16A with (slightly) different markings for this one. Both Speed Hunter and TwoBobs did decals for other red/white Edwards Falcons.
  6. Luftawaffe Sabre Mk.6 question..

    I quite liked the Xtracolor matches for the Luftwaffe colors. Here's what they look on my F-84F:
  7. Ghost Scheme Polish AF Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter K

    Hataka suggests FS36375 and FS36270, which is the same as their F-16's. They are based at ƚwidwin in north west Poland and all belong to the 40.ELT (Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego, Tactical Squadron). There are only 18 of them left, so just look around a bit, and find 18 different numbers
  8. 1/48 NF-5A Freedom Fighter

    Thanks guys.
  9. Hello, Here's my Kinetic 1/48 NF-5A in Royal Dutch Air Force markings. I started this kit in november last year, but it was put on hold for a while because I was waiting for some rocketpods that I wanted to put on the wings. Sadly, fate wouldn't let me have these, so I opted for some recycled Hasegawa Mk.82 Snakeyes instead, that I turned into inert ones. These kits came with a mold flaw in the clear parts, and the wingtip fueltanks are identical, not mirrored like the real ones. I emailed to Luckymodel, and they provided me with correct parts for a small fee. The instrument panel is not correct for a NF-5A, but who's going to notice. I did change the leading edge flap a bit, to make it more like the NF-5 ones. I used MR Paint on it, and Dutch Decal markings to make it like a 314 Squadron one, based at Eindhoven AB. The big E was applied for the 1978 Tactical Air Meet at Wildenrath. The real K-3047 later went to the Hellenic Air Force. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.
  10. Revell German MK 41 SAR Kit Colours

    All the Revell colours mentioned in the instructions are still availlable, both in enamel and acrylic. The numbers are the same for both.
  11. 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk.IV, Dutch Navy

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Much appreciated. I'm not happy with the weathering. I should really put more effort (and some money) in learning the secrets of post shading.
  12. FB-111A Aardvark 1:72 Hasegawa

    Very cool! What paint brand did you use? Those SAC colours look pretty good.
  13. Hi all, Here's my just finished 1/48 Special Hobby Fairey Firefly Mk.IV, done as a Dutch Naval Air Service one, based at Biak in New Guinea in around 1960. Not my best ever build, but at least I managed to finish a Special Hobby kit this time. Previous ones always ended up on the shelf of doom for some reason. It was painted with Humbrol and ModelMaster, decals from the kit and a gun sight from Quickboost. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it. Pete
  14. F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    There were definitly more F-4C's in Euro 1. I already posted a couple in Post 2 (The California ANG one and Arkansas ANG ones). But here are a few more, starting with an Indiana ANG one A Hawaii ANG one And then there are these from Oregon, third one from the right and Texas. There's also a photo of a Louisiana one out there, but it's rather small. Pretty much, yes. The basic pattern was the same for all, but there was a lot of variation between them. Here's a nice profile that shows the wraparound pattern.
  15. F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    Easy, there are plenty out there. Here are a few nice ones for instance https://f16crewchief.deviantart.com/art/457th-TFS-F-4D-in-Euro-1-Scheme-434417351 & http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&p=836345 And more: