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  1. 1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster, Dambusters

    Thanks guys! Well, sure, but it's not like I did some magic trick on it. Just some simple airbrushing and masking with rolls of white tack.
  2. Hello all, Just finished this new tool Airfix Avro Lancaster B.III last night. I did it as ED927, AJ-E, which was lost near Haldern in Germany before hitting its target, no survivors. I quite liked this kit, even though it came with a warped nose on one fuselage half, which was corrected with some hot water. One thing I don't like though, are the wingtip lights and windows on top of the fuselage, Airfix should have done those in clear plastic. Top colours are Humbrol 29 and 163, bottom is a 50/50 mix of Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black and XF-17 Sea Blue. The exhaust streaks were done with pastels. I painted the Upkeep mine in some rusty red color (Revell 83), because from what I've read about it, most were still in their red oxyde primer when they were used. There might be many errors on it, but I don't claim to be an expert on Lancaster, and I mostly just followed the instructions. Thanks for looking, and I hope you like it. Pete
  3. F-15 undercarriage

    Ah, hmmm, you didn't mention the scale, and since pretty much every time an F-15E is mentioned, it's about 1/48 kits, I assumed this was the case here as well. I don't think G-Factor ever produced 1/72 legs for fighters. And to be honest, I doubt you would see any difference between the vanilla and strike versions in 1/72.
  4. Firefly Mk. IV cockpit questions

    Cheers! That helps. Black it is, then.
  5. F-15 undercarriage

    If you have to use metal gear legs, I would try to find G-Factor ones instead, even though they're probably hard to find and a bit expensive. They are made from brass and a lot stronger than the SAC white metal ones. The landing gear in Eagle kits is usually pretty weak because of the design of the real thing, and SAC's stuff is just copies of kit parts in rather soft white metal, which will probably sag over time.
  6. A-1H Spec OPs 83rd squad, 2 camo types?

    There are a few more pics on this page of those 83rd SOG Skyraiders here: http://vnafmamn.com/VNAF_skyraiders.html
  7. Firefly Mk. IV cockpit questions

    Like these? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/257649-quickboost-qb-48-581-british-ww-ii-gyroscopic-gunsight
  8. Firefly Mk. IV cockpit questions

    Hi, I am currently working on the 1/48 Special Hobby Fairey Firefly Mk.4/5 kit, and I have some questions about the cockpit. I should add that I am building it as a Dutch Navy one. Not strictly a WW2 subject, I know, but somehow it seemed more fitting to ask it here anyway. First of all, I've read somewhere that from the Mk.4 up, the cockpits were painted black, and no longer the interior grey/green colour. Is this correct? Second, I assume the flare pistol should be a brass colour with a wooden handle, is this correct? (TBH no idea if the Dutch Navy even used them, but it comes with the kit, so might as well use it). And what about the tubes next to it? Are these the flares themselves? Or are they tubes in which the flares were stored? Which colour would they have been? All photo's I find of Firefly cockpits have these removed. And third, I've read somewhere that the provided gun sight is incorrect for later Fireflies, it should be a gyro type. What do these look like? (I know I can google for this, but since I was asking stuff I figured I might as well ask about this too ) Thanks in advance!
  9. Revell 2018

    Revell hasn't reboxed a Hasegawa kit in ages. I think the last one they did was the 1/48 Harrier GR.9, back in 2008.
  10. jordanian air force 1/72 decals

    Xtradecal did a sheet with a Jordanian Hunter on it (X72-058). Zotz did a sheet with a Jordanian F-16ADF (72016). F-104 decals can be found on Albatros Modelworks sheet 72-006 and Microscale 72-181. There might be more out there, but it would help if we know the subject you need them for.
  11. Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    Because it's not the 1st of January yet
  12. F-84F Thunderstreak & Mk.7 Atomic Bomb

    Yup, Staffel 1 of JaBoG 33 at B├╝chel starting training in 1958 for the nuclear strike role with the F-84F and the Mk.7 to be more prepared when the Starfighter would enter service from about 1960 onwards Interesting. That would be a bit unusual. The pylon looks pretty much standard on this one, though: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/full_size_0297/1446344-large.jpg Also note the RATO bottles under fuselage.
  13. Airfix Lancaster wings, little tabs.

    Great! Now I know what they are. Never knew they were used in such numbers and that they were so small. Thanks guys. Now I have to find out if the one that I'm building had them installed or not.
  14. Airfix Lancaster wings, little tabs.

    Hi all. I am currently working on the Airfix new-ish Lancaster kit (dambuster version) and I am wondering what the little tabs on the leading edges of the lower wing parts are for. You can see them quite well in this review. You're not supposed to glue any other parts on them or anything, and they don't correspond with little notches in the top wing parts. I did some searching, and they seem to match those little things next to the nacelles on this Lancaster B.II, and also here. But I don't see them on many others. Anyone got an idea what they are for, and if I should keep them on or sand them off? Thanks.
  15. RF-4C vs RF-4E

    Out of the 88 Luftwaffe RF-4E's, Greece recieved 27 (including 7 for spares) jets, Turkey got 46, 33 for operational use, the other 13 for spares. Also, the RF-4B and C used the original USN style inboard weapon pylons with the straight leading edge, the RF-4E got the later USAF style ones with the curved leading edge.