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  1. Airfix price increase

    hi ALL , I see the grizzlin , Modellers have never had it so good ! " Suck it in " and improve your English...that tells a lot ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  2. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    hi ALL , gunna write about Kits that have'nt bin produced. Has any one made a Conversion set for a 1/48 DH-9A ? The closest Kit I have come across is the RODEN 1:48 DH9C the Passenger/ Air Ambulance Aircraft I have'nt gorn into the Specs of a DH9C compared to a DH 9A ........ the Fuselage difference is obvious. And yes, I bought a WINGNUT NUTS DH9A ..... the Bees Knees ! cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  3. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    hi ALL , but then ....... I don't build "Green Boxes " ! cheery "weekend Modellin' "mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  4. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    hi ALL , if you really want to have a grizzle about an Aircraft Kit that cannot be fixed it's the GRAFIX Spitire (both 1/72 & 1/48 ) the Wings were made back to front it even shows the error on the Instructions, Anyway I built it as per Instructione' did really good paint work/custom Deeecal application I showed the completed model to an "Expert" on Aircraft.....he did'nt pick it ! .....went off in a huff when I explained , I bought (2) the 2nd I chopped up into a pretend local Fire Spotter Aircraft...even gave it a Victorian Aircraft Manufacturer Name....some believed me ! g.g.m.s. ! Has'nt hit the Comp Tables yet . cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  5. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    hi ALL , if I read that Someone has moved House , I'll scream !...... we don't care ! A bad kit is only the Modellers inability to carry on reguardless ......it's only pretend ! How does the Modeller handle stuff in real life ?... . " take their Bat 'n' Ball ? " Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  6. hi Spookytooth , yes, I have heard that the Sunderlaland was called the "Porcupine " by the Germans as the AIRCRAFT was very hard to approach without bein' stung ! A Pig squeels when approached and bothered the Sunderland said nuthin' and keep its Enemies at bay. .......... sometimes for hours or until the Attackers were runin' outa Fuel and had to go Home . There were no 30 second engagements ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  7. hi ALL , the Sunderland has NEVER bin called "The Fyin' Pig " by the Crew, NEVER thought of their Aircraft as a "Pig " more of an Aircraft that they knew would get them through ALL the XXXX that wot was shot at them ........ and git Home .
  8. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    hi ALL , My 1st model Kit was the AIRFIX Mig-15...... and I STILL have it ! ........ wellll, in pieces ! My local I.P.M.S. ( Aust.) Committee Maffia were gobsmacked that I introduced a blast from the blast....way,way before them ! cheery "modellin' ' mumbas !
  9. Moebius trucks

    hi ALL. is the newly released MOEBIUS FORD '70 F-100 Shortbed Pickup a new toolin' ? Frank /Geoff Melbourne ,Australia
  10. Airfix DHC2 Beaver questions .

    hi wotever, I looked the Expedition up It was / is the A.N.A.R.E Adventure to the Frozen South bbbbrrrr ! No Yanks .... I think ! There are Deeecalz around for these Expiditshunz. cheery " modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156 !
  11. Airfix DHC2 Beaver questions .

    hi wot ever, contact Frank Morgan aka ModelArt Aust. Francis built a 1/24 OZ Antartic Expedition BEAVER a few years ago mumbatatshunz !
  12. hi all , I was quite pleased to "fondle 'n' chat " to the Sunderland at DUXFORD in May 2014. ....much to the embarise of my Non Everything Modellin' Brother in Law. g.g.m.s. ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  13. When dispatched means dispatched

    hi ALL , have you tried other Tracking Sites ? The question/sus that a Post Office stalls mail..... could be true A few weeks ago I ( eventially!) recieved the Items I had ordered from a Seller 13kms up the road The small parcel had taken (11) days to travel to my address ! The Seller had posted the package on the day he had stated. This incident is NOT the 1st time tardyness from this P/O has occured ........ is there angst between the Post Office Clerk and the Customer ? and here's me thinkin' all the "Little Nepolians " had passed on ! Geoff
  14. When dispatched means dispatched

    hi all , on another note: a Shonky eBay Seller. Beware if you come across a Chinese Seller offerin' a Vintage CONTRAIL H.P.42/45 Aircraft Kit at an incredibable cheap price .and ALL for "free " post ! Yes....... I bought the kit....and then mmmmmmmmm ! ........ somethin' stinks here ! as I saw the same on a nutha Site sometime later His/Her MO is always the same (pretty dumb ) ID will be xxxxxxxy_0x x= numbers y=letters The Crook had (3) Sites goin' all with the same Kit same table top eBay shut the Seller down after my intell input...... and They started up agin ! All ended well for me as I recieved a full refund from eBay/PayPal " you'll git your Jimmy " !
  15. AZ MODEL Breguet 14 Instruction

    hi ALL , a mate needs a copy of the Instructions that came with the 1/72 AZ MODEL BREGUET 14 2B ( Finnish Airforce) Model Kit # AZM7233 please beem them to me. cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156