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  1. hi All , spaddad was correct with his description of the Injection moulding process except..... if you get the Sprues that were moulded when a shot of Mould Release was sprayed ( I did some contract work for a Melbourne Injection Mouldin' Machines Manufacturer years ago and wittnessed this part of the process ) Don't think there is any Mould Release on your parts ? Dip a cotton bud in A Grade White Spirit ( Camp Lantern ) and brush the large surfaces " Wipe on " ",Wipe off ", Grasshopper ! the surface is'nt shiney anymore vital for glue matin' surfaces And you don't havta leave overnight .....a waste of modellin' time. I had a Modellin' Mate that always brushed on (3) coats of paint on his Aircraft models why ....... he said the paint peeled off when the Model was handled...... when advised STILL did'nt incorporate the degreasing process ....said "it's wastin' Dish Washing Liquid " g.g.m.s. ! Apparently the amount / cost of paint used on a model was'nt considered cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  2. hi Nigel . stand your not as if you are cookin' ICE ! and you probably paid for the Washer anyway ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  3. hi All , I have also found that usin' Medical Acetone (from Chemists) when repairing Medical Telescopes the purest Solvent is required is ideal for cleaning Resin and Etch Parts , do not use on plastic ! It's the "Little Things " a few years ago a "Modeller " disclosed he never washes his Resin model parts before assembly. A few years later if was revealed .....that he did'nt build ALL his own Models ! Its the "Little Modellin' Things " yeahhhhhh !
  4. hi ALL , has anyone noticed that you can't glue "Snap Kits " and the new EGG PLANE Kits by TIGER with Poly Glues ? It appears that the plastic is a different composition and pretty well only glues with a Super Glue or Araldite and the mating surfaces have to be absolutely grease free and scuffed . I built (2) of the GRAFIX Spitfires (yes, the one with the back to front Wings ! ) the 2nd one I chopped up to represent a " Wotif " Local Fire Brigade Bushfire Spotter........ it keep fallin' apart ! g.g.m.s. ! cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  5. hi Tank 152, the mating surfaces have to be absolutely clean before gluein' Coz .......they do fall apart later ! Makes sense don't it ? mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  6. hi ALL , I always brush the Sprues with a soapy film and rinse before assemblin' the parts big deal ! and then before big deal.... coz over the assembly I have been eatin' 'n' drinkin' greazy stuff a wipe over with "A" Grade White Spirit is benefical. One of our Master Model Builder recommended wearnin' gloves durin' the building ........ g.g.m.s. ! cheery " modellin' " mumbas ! GEOFF F.T.G. 3156
  7. hi All, came across this eBay Site yesterday, tonytrooper (UK ) have bought from this eBay Site before excellent Seller ! They have added to their inventry 1/50 Alternate steering Truck Cabs for Scania ,Volvo , Mercedes and DAF now........ I should be able to make a Scania PB Irizar INSIGHT VACATSHUNS Greek Tour Coach. The unfortunate thing for me was .....I only became interested in Buses / Coaches after returnin' from theTrip in 2014 .....and did'nt take a snap of the Greek Tour Coach or the U.K. National Express Coaches we travelled in. The UK Buses /Coaches are well catered for on Flicka .etc . cheery mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  8. hi All agin, yes the LINCOLN Kit scales were all over the place and some barely fitted in the skinny little ( very nicely printed) boxes . Nowadays one can reproduce the "awful " Transfers on one's Home Printer either as per Original with ALL the inaccuracies or trick 'em up to sumthin a bit more accurate And yes .....'bout time Someone produced roolly good 1/72 V.Viscount's and Lockheed 'Lectra's cheery "Weekend modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  9. hi All, I used to buy these LINCOLN Kits from WOOLWORTHS in Dandenong Vic in the 60's. They sold for 4 Shillings and were at the time excellent value as AIRFIX sold for 4/9p They were bigger than the AIRFIX 1/72 Scale kits and cheaper than the REVELL 1/48 Kits but were simple Construction and the Transfers were awful ! I actually still have some of to this day, the Lockheed Starfire ( I believe the 1st Kit they produced ) Lancaster, Sunderland ,Viscount, Brittania, Canberra, Fokker Friendship in both the LINCOLN and KADER Range bought on eBay and have doubled up on some for the Poolroom....... and one to build ! cheery "Old Models " mumbas ! Geoff F.,T.G. 3156
  10. hi Procopus , thanks for your response ,yes I agree it is annoyin', I found that the Aileron problem was difficult to correct as it involved trimming (3) surfaces without ruinin' the look of the Area ...... a bit here and bit there However there a few other unexpected Issues with this Kit....... and I'm NO Spitfire Expert !....just an old Aircraft Fitter ( Airframe ) ....and THAT'S MODELLIN' ! btw: I have decked the Aircraft out as an RAAF 453 Sqd EN522 FU-F flown by W/Com John.R RATTEN (a Tasmanian ) who was the 1st Australian to pass the Empire Training Scheme, He survived the War....but died in a Hospital from an illness Never got Home . cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  11. hi Dave , as to the Malcolm Hood part # C13 even when placed in the retracted position and lining up on the runner groove the inside of the edge sits the equilent of 3" above the Fuselage ( will be even more when I trim the inner surface down to a more realistic thinness. I don't want to trim the bottom edge down as the framework would then go over the bulging part of the Perspex There are roolly good Photo's of a Spifire's Canopy in the closed position in the " A Spitfires Anatomy site " and there are lots of excellent,clear photo's of the Cockpit's gear . I think its the fully restored Spitfire that they recovered from a Normandy Beach. BTW: Wooksta ! did you dry fit the Aileron to an assembled wing..... that's where the difference is . cheery "modellin' "mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  12. hi Procopius ( wot does that mean pal ?) your photo is of a one piece Canopy .... not an open Canopy ! and wot Spitfire Model do you picture ? ...coz.... its not the EDUARD MkIXc ( late version) #70121 ) ! Have a look at all the photo's of this Kit's builds....none of them have the Ailerons flush ......... of wot is pretty normal when the A/C is parked modellin' mumbatations ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  13. hi Peoples , nobody has mentioned that Ailerons are 1mm too deep and stick out of the Wing trailin' edge cripes! and requires bit off here and bit orff there to make it look right. The Kit "open" Malcolm Hood is too high when placed in the open position and too long when in closed position. "Jezzz !" This is the only part that needs replacin' with a PAVLA or VENTURA Vac Canopy cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  14. hi Peoples , I use MICADOR Art Fixative available in Gloss ,Satin and Flat in an "Extra Large Size " 450 gm Aerosol Cans $20.00 aud also use it to seal my "Self Printed " Deeecalz. The Product is Aussie made " " but....I expect there are Euro equivilents cheery "pre Christmas Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  15. hi LaurieS, thanks for your informative Response I am roolly lucky here in Ferntree Gully Vic 3156 as there is an Automotive Paint Supplier (MILSONS ) up the road 'n' round the corner , they can advise me and can supply the Products in Bulk that I require for Modellin' and are a lot,lot cheaper than a Hobby Shop. btw: I bought a 400gm Spray Can of Clear Flat Acrylic the other week, H B BODY Spray Fill (made in Greece ) and its great ! ref: I thought that it sprayed too thick 'n' fast from the Aerosol Can and really got stuck into wrinkling the Johnson's Kleer.......g.g.m.s.! I now decant into my Paasche Airbrush Cup....... dries quickly and flat!,flat!, flat ! cheery "preXmas " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156