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  1. 1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    I dont have FB either. The news was about a presentation by the director of Eduard for future releases including the MiG-21. Earlier this year it was declared by the Czech company that the first Fishbeds will be out in spring 2018. Based on the presentation there is chance that the original plans to do the 72nd line of kits in a similar pattern (MF, SMT, bis, R, PFM, PF) as the 48th is no longer considered. PF after the 2 MF versions and leaving out all the others. Best regards Gabor
  2. I believe this has already been mentioned. The model and the sprues shown at the Japan show were the very first test examples. They are far from the final version which will be on sale! The fact that Su-35 uses tinted canopy is pretty obvious for anyone. For me as a researcher of this project the job is to highlight the different details which should be included in the kit. Yes, the question of the tinted canopy was pointed out in documentation years ago. I am not the manufacturer, so decisions in this question are not up to me to make. As a modeller I can only hope just as you! Best regards Gabor
  3. It was about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the RBT. I have just received from Cold War Studios the latest nose conversion for the RBF version. Yes, it is the one which had many camouflaged airframes!!!!!!!!!!!!! So till the interceptor arrives there is time to do another Foxbat with some fascinating camo! Best regards Gabor
  4. A question was raised over at ARC about the positioning of the flare dispensers on top of the stinger tail by another manufacturer and how wrong they were in doing this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the flare dispenser units (officially VB-50 unit) on top of the stinger tail. It was like that on prototypes and early planes, about a dozen of them. So if a manufacturer wants to represent these aircraft in their kit then it is OK. Some of these early “Grey” examples had the flare units repositioned to the bottom during overhaul, but not on all of them. The G.W.H Su-35S kit represents current production version with flares on the bottom. I did recommend at an early stage to have two versions in the kit, but it would have complicated the kit, additional parts, increased costs . . . Important design philosophy behind the G.W.H Su-35S kit was to help modellers. Make it a buildable kit without unnecessary brake down of fuselage structures. Top and bottom of the fuselage is made in one piece to: - help in construction, - make building the kit as simple as possible, - avoid unnecessary joint lines (which ultimately could mean unnecessary mistake and misalignments of parts bringing with it need for filler – destruction of surface details . . . ) - correct setting of wing angles The tail stinger is an integral part of the kit as you can see from the photos and only the brake parachute cover is given as a separate part at one end and the nose cone at the other end. To make two versions of the flare units would have complicated this and it had too many cons against the pros for this version. Best regards Gabor
  5. I am speaking about the G.W.H Su-35S in this case! All the “previews” should be about this kit. Future plans? If you look at it this way then the G.W.H Su-35S kit is still a “future plan”, it has not hit the shelves of model shops. Anything beyond G.W.H Su-35S is pure speculation and if you look back in time, you will see that no such announcements are made so much in advance. It would be completely injudicious from a company to do this! Mind you there are other companies who in a reckless way publish completely fictitious lists of future releases. As far as I know G.W.H is not like this. Sure everyone has plans and ideas or aircraft types that one likes but it is pointless to speak about them at this moment! What we have on menu at the moment is the G.W.H Su-35S in 48th scale. So lets have a look at it in the weeks ahead! Best regards Gabor
  6. I sincerely hope that it was worth waiting for this one! Here is the G.W.H Su-35S! Have to say that a lot of work has gone into this kit. I think I did say this before but can only repeat it again: The kit was designed by modellers for modellers. On ARC a question was asked about a separate engine. In early design stage there were a lot of options. To have a separate engine. Well it could be, but here we would go back to the same questions as asked with the MiG-29 kit, where you either had the engine inside or just separately. If you have it on the stand separately then you will not have it inside the aircraft or there will need to be 3 engines in the kit. In terms of cost for a kit that is a lot of parts and a much higher price tag. There has to be a balance! Today I believe that the G.W.H Su-35S kit in its present form gives that balance. Instead of an engine you will find a lot of fine details which are usually made as part of the main moulding. Up to the time when the G.W.H Su-35S kit will be available we intend to show as much of the fore coming kit as possible. Hope to be able to show more photos at the weeked. We hope you will like the G.W.H Su-35S kit in 48th scale! Best regards Gabor
  7. Mig-25RB Foxbat 1:48

    Based on sprue photos above: YES. In real life as I have said there is a chance that there are still old (RBT) sprues around inside the new RB boxing. I guess till they run out of the old sprues (original RBT nose sections) there could still some surfacing. Well looking from the stand point of the producer the sprues with the original nose (RBT) are "PARTS NOT FOR USE" in the new RB kit since it has its own new sprue with the RB nose. So if you find upgraded RBT nose in your RB kit, treat it as a special BONUS! Best regards Gabor
  8. 1/48 - MiG-25RB "Foxbat-B" by ICM - released

    I would cool down any overheated expectations for new versions from ICM. This is part of a Mythology that was built up by some “Wish list makers”. In no way was any follow up kit announced by ICM till now! We wish for a lot of things, like right now (at 08 AM) I would love to have a full Brit breakfast but will have to do with a traditional continental one here in Hungary. Seriously out of the present kit, with little blood only the MiG-25RU two seater version could be made by ICM (if ever). A new nose, plus ejection seat, additional cockpit details, canopy . . . It would be much easier for ICM to make an RBF / RBK nose section with rework of the present plastic and adding a new instrument panel. The RBS could also be an option. To make a MiG-25PU would need a brand new fuselage since it was the derivative of the interceptor P version! This is something that is not taken into account by most modellers, for them a two seater Foxbat is a two seater. The interceptor version is even further away: new nose, new wings, hopefully new fuselage were the spine cross section is corrected together with the after cockpit section. But then again the question would be which particular version would they make: the early MiG-25P, the modernised MiG-25PD or PDS . . . For the moment we have to do with the current two version, or to be more precise also with RBF! My new nose is in the post from Cold War Studios so a camo version should be in production if I am finished with other things including my continental breakfast. Best regards Gabor
  9. Mig-25RB Foxbat 1:48

    As far as I can see this time around ICM has corrected the stencils and the “dark” ones are now black just the way they were on 99% of aircraft (hope Mike can confirm this). But while in the Revell re-box of the original RBT kit instrument panel and side consoles were provided to make the cockpit “work”, it is strange that ICM did not follow this. ICM has received a lot of critiques for the lack of decals for the instruments with the first release, sad that opportunity was lost in correcting this with the second kit. The box art is a bit strange. Have a look at the completely distorted way the recce pods camera windows are shown. Mind you the early recce covers were a bit different so for Cairo based examples some after work should be required. But the box art is not representing this. It is interesting that on home ground some of the new kits still have the original, wrong shape nose sprues in the boxes. At least this is what has been reported by from Russian language buyers. Suppose the boxes going for Western export now have the corrected nose section so you can build either this or that version. Best regards Gabor
  10. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    They looked more like a Hind! If I reember right these were used for training. There was a need for something that did look like the Mi-24. Best regards Gabor
  11. They have made the correct weighed / slightly squashed tires this time. In the first go they had fully round ones, making the kit stand on tip toes. Of course you can simply sand down the bottom of it but then you will be missing the slight bulge on the sides. Best regards Gabor
  12. Now that the Albatro is out, will anyone make a decent Aero L-39 Albatros as well in the quarter scale? What will now be left for AMK? The competitors ruin all their plans: Tamiya F-14, ICM MiG-25 now the Trum Albatro. OK there is still space left for them with an Albatros. (on a stick) I am not surprised, spelingh is a problem for some of them out there. Best regards Gabor
  13. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    Not really, it is all very easy: the Mi-24 “D” models still had the Falanga missiles on the wing tips (the short "cigars" with big wings on perforated metal rails) with its guidance head, under the operators (the one in the front) cockpit. It is the square-ish looking small dome painted camo colour on the left side (looking in direction of flight). For the “V” the supersonic Sturm anti tank missiles in pairs on the wing tips (no rails) inside the cylindrical green containers. And the guidance antenna inside a perfectly round black coloured dome under the cockpit of the operator. It is bigger and round in comparison to the Falanga guidance dome. Everything else like the dust filters (PZU) on the intakes, or the exhaust cooling mixer (EVU or later bigger EVU M), the Ispanka "disco-light" or the different versions of the ASO-2V jammer dispensers were used on all versions so they are not of importance in identifying the sub-type of the Mi-24. Best regards Gabor
  14. Hi Victor, Thanks for the comment. Yes, I know. I can only hope that the manufacturer will at some time make an annoucement of some sort about the kit. This is very frustrating! Best regards Gabor