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  1. Panzer VI Tiger STGB

    I don't see myself having time next year, but possibly 2019, so in that case, put me down for a Tiger. regards, Jack
  2. Thank you Beard. I'm going for option two, Warburton's mount serial BP885 in an overall dark blue and the lightened blue section of the roundels. As I understand it, this Spitfire was repainted in theater with local mixed paints, but will be trying out Hataka's Royal Blue. regards, Jack
  3. This was planned for the Made in Britain II GB, so continuing it here ... First the Vokes filter, gone ahead and glued it to the wing bottom, but normally this should be done after the wings are attached to the fuselage - yea, unconventional me. I noticed some open gaps (circled red above) right where the wing leading edge meets the filter. So to fix that, wedged a length of sprue inside the filter to spread the walls a bit, it helped. From test fitting, also noticed there was a step where the back of the filter joined the faring that is molded on to the wing underside. Sheet plastic and some sanding fixed that. Now for some real gaps: The wing roots on this kit are a problem, but oddly I didn't have this much fuss on an earlier Sword kit of their Spitfire V. Needs major dihedral to eliminate that space, so trying this for the first time, and added some plastic sheet along the whole wing root: It still required a bit more sanding for a finer fit, but here's a shot for test fit: Pilot and cockpit details in place. Also adding a trio of scratch built recon cameras, the side fuselage one is already in place - though can barely can make it out in the photo: regards, Jack
  4. GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War

    Count me in ... if it makes it in for for the 2018 vote, hope it will be placed in the second half of the year. regards, Jack
  5. Looks good, just wondering why the edges of the camouflage would not weather. regards, Jack
  6. Hello brodiebear -thanks! regards, Jack
  7. Spitfire PR Mk.IV BP885 questions

    Thank you Graham, I will take this all in to consideration as the build progresses. regards, Jack
  8. Spitfire PR Mk.IV BP885 questions

    Working on the Sword kit, and apparently the overall dark blue colour was a locally mixed paint applied after the aircraft was already serving in the Mediterranean theater. So my questions are: 1.) - no stencils applied after repaint, only serial code? 2.) - wheel wells dark blue? 3.) - both hubs on either side of tires painted dark blue? 4.) - black prop nose? About the prop nose, in the b/w photo, it looks to be the same tone as the blades, but it could just be dust on a dark blue nose? I'd post a direct link to the period shot, but is from a now defunct photo bucket service, it does appear in this inspection thread: regards, Jack
  9. I'm sure Tamiya's price will be way up there due to the brand name. It will be interesting to read the pros and cons of the kit once released, as there does appear to be some room for improvement over the Eduard and Zvezda products - see the comments here: http://scalemodels.ru/articles/10880-obzor-zvezda-1-48-Bf-109G-6-vs-Eduard-1-48-Bf-109G-6-late.html regards, Jack
  10. A13 Cruiser Mk III/IV/IVa

    No problem Gordon, it's an interesting question. As far as I can find, only Accurate Armour and Friulmodel have made aftermarket tracks for the Crusader. In their description, I think if it was historically correct, they would of mentioned their suitability for Cruiser tanks in order to increase sales of that product. Unless of course these were made before the A13 kits were released and they never bothered updating their packaging . https://accurate-armour.com/search?terms=crusader http://www.friulmodel.hu/en/atl-69-crusader-i77/ regards, Jack
  11. A13 Cruiser Mk III/IV/IVa

    I haven't checked closely enough to find a statement that indicates whether or not tracks from the two types are interchangeable, but looking at the the track widths, the Crusader's is half inch wider. I think that would probably make it enough not to fit the smaller sprocket of the A13 on the real thing? http://www.wwiiequipment.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52:a9-a19-a13-cruser-tanks&catid=37:cruiser-tanks&Itemid=56 http://www.wwiiequipment.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54:crusader-tank&catid=37:cruiser-tanks&Itemid=56 As a model you could probably get away with making them fit, in fact someone here states that is exactly what they did: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/3/t/139993.aspx Mind you, no mention was made if this was historically, or mechanically, correct. The other thing to consider is track pattern, and to me I do notice a difference, particularly the openings down the middle of the track. To some this may not be significant. regards, Jack
  12. Hataka Red Line Paints - Avoid

    Thanks for the heads up. I'd consider it a bonus if you have to dilute the paint to work in the airbrush - more mileage per bottle. regards, Jack
  13. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop

    As promised, some closeups of the canopy fit. Bit of a gap on the starboard side front windshield portion, but since taking the photos been able to mostly correct it by slightly sanding down the raised section of the fuselage wall side. ------------------------------ About the wing halves fit, I did find some pour stubs in the way, and those had to be carved out of the way. regards, Jack
  14. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop

    Beard, thanks for the heads up about possible issues. From the link, their problem was a canopy that was too narrow. So went and cleaned mine up for a test fit. It's quite good actually, and if anything there is s very very slight overlap on the fuselage sides. I did have to sand a bit the forward edge of the cockpit where the front windshield mates. This made the canopy sit better - I'll try and get a phot up to show this soon. Jack
  15. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop

    Thank you to both Johns. About those added plastic tabs, I have the crazy notion of cementing the wing tops to the fuselage sides before mating them to the bottom wing section. regards, Jack