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  1. Forgive me if there was any confusion, but no, the subject I was addressing were those of the opening post - Austro-Hungarian Eindeckers, or more specifically those six sent to the K.u.K. Kriegsmarine. To make it clear a third time, no I have no proof, and it was put forward only as idea for discussion. regards, Jack
  2. Is it really that outlandish as it sounds? Research has shown that some late war seaplanes were covered with 'black bituminous tar based paint' to protect from salt water - granted this was on the floats and struts. Obviously there was no concern from the added weight, but is this what is seen on the tails of the Hanriot floatplanes based at Dunkerque? Delicate fabric, not the picture I have of war machines. Again, it was just a suggestion, but if you have proof otherwise - great! regards, Jack
  3. With regards to the 109G, it might be a toss up between Eduard and Zvezda - depending what's important to you. Definitely be aware that Eduard's initial boxing had a mismatch in scale between the wings and fuselage, which has been corrected in subsequent releases. They are top choice if riveted surfaces are important. There is still some rumbling with the height along the fuselage,and the exhaust tips being about 36mm (or 0.75mm at 1/48) too large. regards, Jack
  4. Great job, and that tissue work replicating the canvas top is just brilliant. regards Jack
  5. The Revell kit is a rebox based on Italerie's 50 odd year old mold, according to Scalemates: I don't know which is better - Dragon or Tamiya, but the latter does include three crew figures, and Tamyia does sell a dedicated zimmerit set for their Elephant, which can be found cheap on ebay. regards, Jack
  6. Back to Eduard's release of SE5a, was looking over the marking options. Seems to be a mistake with the Canadian Burden's aircraft markings? Serial is correct as are the 56 Squadron identity strips, but his personal marking should be a V and not the number 3. Also not sure about the wheel covers, as C flight was usually associate with white. regards, Jack
  7. According to wiki, well into late 1941, German film industry, or Agfacolor, was still having problems capturing colours properly in the outdoors. As for the screen grabs of the 190's, looks more of repaint over the fuselage crosses than a film problem? regards, Jack
  8. A number of shape issues may have also contributed to the 'good price'. regards, Jack
  9. Yes, it's a question regarding the measurement for the collar insignia, because I need to scratch build those. I did find an ebay auction photo of the rank pip, or 'cube' with a ruler beside it, indicating about 1.2mm - so I can use that to calculate the tab size, but it would be great to know the actual dimensions. regards, Jack
  10. Would anyone happen to be a collector of Soviet insignias, have a bookmarked site, or just simply know the measurements of the collar rank markings, aka as Pilitsi? I've an idea to do, or rather convert, a resin bust that evokes this unknown soldier: regards, Jack
  11. If they were painted green, I wonder the possibility that ship stores were used? Pre-war, naval ships were an olive green colour, and there was also the anti-fouling green paint. regards, Jack
  12. Bf 109V-31, apparently testbed for the Me309. See page 5 of pdf below: regards, Jack
  13. Was just leafing through the Fokker Eindecker Compendium 2 by Josef Scott. There is mention of possible green painted aircraft for the KuK Kriegsmarine, but no source given. This description is from their no.15 profile illustration (p.51), but they decided to go with a CDL finish based on a private source photo. regards, Jack
  14. Eduard's first release of their G-6 had the wrong wing scale, some kind of error when designing on the computer? Never got noticed until it was on the market. It has since been corrected with the second release. regards, Jack
  15. Can only guess, but looking at the box numbers at Scalemates, they all are three digit affairs, beginning with zero.[]=All&q=HE-111&fkCOMPNAME[]="Roden" Could be the web vendor's numbering system for their own inventory, with the "U" representing Ukraine - but then all the Roden kits would have that? regards, Jack