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  1. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Assuming all Sherman headlight guards were standard issue, then any generic set should do. A couple simple sets I've found are from Eduard and Passion Models: Another one from DEF Models has a bit more: regards, Jack
  2. Just an update on Steve's build over at Finescale. It took 14 weeks to receive a replacement wing sprue from Italerie - unfortunately they sent identically what he already had. He might try obtaining the fuselage replacement sprue, but his interest is waning on this one. regards, Jack
  3. Jabo Staffel 10./JG 27 ?

    Nick, thank you for that reference. Not familiar with that book, but searching it out, yes a German publication from 1995. It must be true then, and Emils in the Jabo unit is completely wrong? To be fair though, one sentence cannot account for the inventory of 10./JG 27 during a roughly four month period. Perhaps they started with F-4B's, but some losses were replaced with the earlier type? Sure would like to know the source of Evengy Velichko quote " Bf109E-7/B equipped 10.(JaBo)/JG27, StaKa was Oblt. Richard Echhardt (KIA 25.10.42) " over at the 12oclock forum: http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=49033 regards, Jack
  4. Canada did have some Tribal class destroyers, but will have to check which shipyards built them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribal-class_destroyer_(1936) So the question rises (again?), if it is a British design but built in a different country, does it count for this GB? regards, Jack
  5. Jabo Staffel 10./JG 27 ?

    In May of 1942, JG 27 had a 4th Staffel attached to it's third group to perform exclusively in the fighter-bomber (Jabo) role. Depending on the source, I find the aircraft listed either as the 109-E4B or E7B? This unit only lasted about 3-4 months when III.Gruppe relinquished it's control, and it became part of JaboGruppe Afrika. Any ideas of how these aircraft might have been marked up? I'm thinking it was typical Luftwaffe tropical scheme, with aircraft number possibly in blue (Staffel colour) on the engine cowl, and the wavy style Gruppe marking also in blue. Gruppe emblem (shield graphic linked below), would be in front and below the cockpit window. Not sure about a bomb symbol. Thoughts from the members? regards, Jack
  6. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    There's already slated a Panzer IV STGB end of next year: regards, Jack
  7. BoB 257 Squadron Codes and Serials

    The book covers I had linked are an ongoing series published in the UK. The publisher does offer some savings on the shipping price if you are a resident there. http://www.wingleader.co.uk/ regards, Jack
  8. BoB 257 Squadron Codes and Serials

    Maybe something in the series of Combat Archive books being published on the Battle Britain, but not likely as it is a common problem of finding notes that do not include both the serial and aircraft code. You won't find anything for May as 257 was flying Spitfires then. The following month they began to replace with Hurricanes, and only on 1st July were they declared officially operational. regards, Jack
  9. GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War

    I've been thinking of doing a captured T-26 1933 model, (known as type T-26B with Finnish forces), but my god a lot of fixes to the HobbyBoss kit if one desires accuracy: http://www.track-link.com/forums/site_blogs/19436/flat regards, Jack
  10. fokker streak decals?

    Old thread, but now Aviattic has come out with decals in the three popular scales. At 1/72 scale you have enough for 4 aircraft. Great unless you plan only for one build - that is a lot of decal left over. http://www.aviattic.co.uk/172-decals.html regards, Jack
  11. 2018 Groupbuld calendar

    This is a great addition ... I was just thinking earlier what the 'announcement' would be, but was not expecting this pleasant surprise. Since they are century themes, maybe consider the RAF and WW1 GB's open year long, and allow crossovers from the other group builds - or would that be making them too special? regards, Jack
  12. 1:48 Display Stands - What do you use?

    For 1/48, some of the larger clear plastic stands will do, but honestly, the home made ones using a wooden base and clear acrylic rods look very pro. You could possibly find a wood base at a trophy shop, but if you really want to skimp, just a plain plank varnished up will do - doesn't have to be ornately carved. regards, Jack
  13. Spitfire rearming and gun muzzle patch application films

    Would the drum type cannon ammo be an indication of the Spitfire mark? I don't know if the Vb was belt fed right off from the start? regards, Jack
  14. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    lol, no worries, I think the competitive spirit of the majority would rather have over the top numbers to support their fave GB's than seeing everyone content. -------------------------- About that Master Box Austin, thanks for that - another one to add to the stash. I'd probably do the KuK version, having an interest in Austrian subjects as my parents are from the Slovene region. regards, Jack
  15. Groupbuild poll for 2018

    Assuming the graph at the top of the page is current, looks to be a three way tie with 60 votes apiece. if you think about it, if people voted diplomatically we could conceivably have everything tied, and all 16 GB would make it through? regards, Jack