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  2. We have had postimage.org problems they had an identity crisis/hack/thingy but after a discussion Mike has run a database fix which ought to sort it Delete your links/bookmarks for postimage.org and search postimg.cc, then save that in your favourites That should sort it for you 😬Its been quite irritating.
  3. Great build and finish, congratulations Good to see it in a different colour scheme but it is a pity it doesn't have a pilot as the "flying" pics look odd without a driver.
  4. ICM 1/48 Do 17Z-7

    Great work David. I have the ICM kit of the Do 215 in the stash with many parts in common to your kit so it’s good to see how it’s going together. James
  5. Delta 1D/ E US Transport plane (72329) 1:72 Special Hobby The Delta was designed by Jack Northrop alongside the the Gamma in 1932 when the Northrop Corporation was set up with as a joint venture with The Douglas Aircraft Company. The Gamma was to be a mail plane where the Delta was to be a passenger transporter. It was a low wing monoplane with a fixed undercarriage. The wings were common to both aircraft with the Delta having a wider fuselage for the passengers with the pilot being seated upfront behind the engine fighter plane style. Space behind was for 8 passengers. The Delta flew in 1933 but suffered from a change in the regulations in the USA which prohibited single engined aircraft from carrying passengers at night, or over rough terrain. Only three aircraft were made before this regulation came into place with the first being used by TWA, the second by Pan-Am's Mexican subsidiary and the third to AB Aerotransport of Sweden. A single example was built for the US Coastguard and 7 more were built as executive transports. Of these three were purchased by the Spanish Republicans for use in the civil war there. Two of these were captured by the Republicans and used by them. The third was later used by the Republican Airline LAPE until the end of the war when it was also handed over to the Air Force. In addition to the US Built examples the Delta was built under license by Canadian Vickers where it was used as a photographic survey aircraft by the RCAF. The first example was supplied to Vickers by Northrop part assembled, and 19 examples were then built by them. This would be the first all metal stressed skin aircraft to be built in Canada. These aircraft were capable of being used with wheels, skis and floats although the latter was not a success due to corrosion issues. Delta were used for anti-submarine patrols in early WWII, but were withdrawn to training roles by 1941. The Kit The kit was first released in 2017 under the Azur FFROM label. The kit has 4 main sprues of injected plastic , and a clear sprue. The plastic is more limited run than main stream, the parts are well moulded with restrained panel lines, however there are a lot of ejector pins to clean up, all though on unseen surfaces. Construction starts without any surprises with the cockpit. The single cockpit for the pilot sits in the middle of the fuselage slightly higher than the main cabin floor. The rudder pedals are moulded to the cockpit floor, the side consoles are added along with the pilots seat. The instrument panel is then added along with the control column. Next up the 8 passenger seats are added to the main cabin floor. The cockpit and main cabin floor can then be added into the main fuselage along with the rear cabin bulkhead. Lastly before closing up the main fuselage the cabin windows need to be added. Once the main fuselage is together the engine is added to the front of the fuselage. The wings can now be added. These have a main full span lower wing with left & right uppers. Once the main wing is on the tail planes can also be added. The Spats and enclosed wheels are then built up and added to the main wing. To finish up the exhausts, tail wheel, aerial, pitot tube and propeller are added. Markings Decals are printed by Aviprint and look in register with good colour density. There are are three markings in the kit 1. Aircraft purchased for use in Elsworth's Antarctic flight of 1936, then bought by the Australian Govt for war use. Earth & Foliage Green Camo. 2. Ex US Coast Guard Aircraft used by the US Corps of Engineers in Eritrea 1942. Dark Earth & Olive Drab camo 3. The previous aircraft as a US Coast Guard machine. Conclusion It is great to see more boxings of this esoteric aircraft being released. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  6. 1/48 Gloster Javelin

    Nice one sir contemplating getting mine done too this year rgds
  7. Looks fantastic Tony. Great work as usual fella. All the best Chris
  8. Zvezda 1/72 SU-27 SM Flanker B

    Great looking Sukhoi
  9. Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    If you need any particular adaptation just define the situation Do you mean to have the slimmer letters with the white outlines? Easy FIONA and Fortuna share the same background which appears to be 'same in both schemes' but if not tell me how Simple graphics is easy ☺
  10. D.H. 83 Fox Moth, half scratch

    Couldn't agree more with that philosophy. Martian
  11. Airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang U/C Legs...Are they all wonky?

    Thanks! I'll certainly buy more, but I would have thought Airfix would have sorted the problem out by now. I'm certainly impressed with the kit and will have a bash at sorting the leg out...hot water, candle maybe?

    Richard Alexander, in the April GWSIG newsletter Cher Ami, says they're still planning on the extra resin and lots of PE sets some time in the future. In the context of the Bristol Fighter "10 colour schemes, half a dozen figures and hundreds of photo-etch detail parts." Paul.
  13. 1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    Some lovely plastic card work here and who can resist a Matchbox build? I'm in! Martian
  14. 1/72 Sea Vampire F.20

    Hi Couragous Good luck with your build. I look forward to seeing this build up. Thank you for posting the images too Serge. I have the Revell Fb5 and would like to convert to the Sea Vampire one day too so this is very helpful. Will watch with interest and Serge I will have a look for your conversion thread. Thanks guys All the best Chris
  15. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Blimey Tony, this looks like still a lot of work Keep it up, it's going to be awsome in the end Ciao
  16. Nice work Hendie, I particularly like the way you have tackled the exhausts. Martian
  17. 1/72 Heller Vampire

    Don't want to be seen as nitpicking but remember, these aircraft were painted silver not NMF so they should have a fairly uniform finish, no hint of panelling. There will be some wear around often accessed panels but remember, these aircraft were in service when the RAF had plenty of manpower (National Service personnel in many cases), they would have been kept very clean (especially the OC's aircraft)! RAuxAF units exhibited a high level of esprit de corps and kept their aircraft scrupulously clean (the only pictures I've seen of dirty RAuxAF aircraft were those on APC in Malta with a large amount of powder residue around the gun muzzles - you can bet they didn't stay that way for long). At the end of the day though it's your model.
  18. Mil Mi-24 Hind - Revell 1/72

    Those engines look good sir . Simon.
  19. Bf 109G-6

    Gloss coat, decals & idea wings camo.
  20. CF-104D Starfighter 1/48 Hasegawa

    I promised to do something a bit more interesting than just going on about the seemingly endless rounds of sanding and polishing that appear to be a Martian's lot these days. This being so, I began work on fitting the transparencies yesterday, only to discover that, guess what? they didn't, well not very well. My displeasure was compounded by the fact that I managed to get some CA on the centre section. Following some very bad Martian swear words that would not translate properly into English even if we didn't have a no swear policy, I began gently micro meshing the offending part back to clarity and filled some of the less bad seams with Mr Dissolved Gloop. I finished sanding the seams back this morning and gave the canopies a good polishing with Novus 1 polish. For those not familiar with this stuff, it was brought to my attention by Jared who runs the Rebels At Cloud Nine YouTube channel. I have a number of types of plastic polish but this stuff is easily the best I have come across for working on transparent parts and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Next up was to mask off the clear parts adjacent to the worst joins and to fill these with Milliput. I was particularly peeved to find that the rearmost transparency stood quite a bit clear of the fuselage. I momentarily thought that perhaps I had sanded down the fuselage too much in that area, until I realised that it was one of the areas of the fuselage that hadn't needed much attention. Anyway, that is the state of play at the moment. I am off to spend the weekend with some friends near Oxford and hopefully the Milliput will have graciously decided to be ready for sanding by the time I get back. Thanks for looking Martian
  21. Dawn Patrol at Stow Maries

    Splendidly atmospheric, thanks to all involved & for posting. We deliver cask ales to the pub in the village. I still haven't gotten around to diverting onto the aerodrome. Maybe this Summer.
  22. 1/72 Vickers Valiant Airfix

    Brilliant, well done on the white, I just can’t get to grips with spraying it
  23. A classic French Fighter of WW2, this depicts action, prvni serioy stroj-leto 1939. Note no roundels on the side of the fuselage...
  24. Today
  25. New Airfix 1/72nd B-25C Mitchell

    What an absolute beauty. A superb paint finish and weathering. It really dies look like a lovely kit. All you need now is a 1/72nd scale Yossarian sitting in the nose!
  26. A stunning build that I missed first time round. A beautiful paint finish and terrific markings. I only hope the RN are allowed to do something similar when 809 stands up although I've heard the MOD won't allow any unit markings to be applied. I'm sure they know what's best for morale and esprit de corps.
  27. Lightning F.6 landing gear

    Some photos of Ex.Saudi Lightnings being 'dismantled' sowing the undercarriage, which as @stever219 says is silver. I can see no other colours. John
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