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  2. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Exceptionally well done sir!
  3. Great start, Giorgio. Your application of these colours bodes very well for the rest of the airframe - it looks like a masterful effort is underway. I look forward to your next instalment (but, in all seriousness, there's no hurry - I just enjoy these updates). Andrew.
  4. Beautiful work, love it Interesting alternative scheme, a nice change.
  5. H.S.Buccaneer

    But annoyingly nothing to hang under the wings...
  6. M-19 tank transporter 1/76

    Okay... There's no interior as such, just two uncomfortable looking seats. I made up a dash panel and a transmission tunnel to add a bit of 'busy'. I didn't get too enthusiastic, this is a model for building, but I'll have to do something about the on-existent glazing. Fit and engineering are perfect. There are plenty of photos of these trucks around, but I can't find many obvious improvements to be made. Mostly one could replace handles and mudguards and such with more 'in sale' versions. The little winch is nice, tricky to clean up or disguise the seam along the rope drum , though. I tried to establish the windings with a razor saw. Not much to say, it just falls together like a much more modern kit. Do excuse the squalor in which I choose to work!
  7. Nice progress and thanks for clarifying your metal foil approach to canopy masking. Cheers Jaime
  8. Dornier Do 18-D

    Good progress. I'm also very interested to see how your 3D-printing plan turns out, as I've been considering 3D printing as a possible future endeavour for adding detail to models. Cheers Jaime
  9. Nakajima A6M2-N (Rufe) Type 2

    Great to know the surgery went well and you're back in business Nice progress with necessary tidying up of small spots and areas. The engine looks really good! Cheers Jaime
  10. Some of the well detail added, I suspect these to be the wingfold hydraulics
  11. The rigging work on the tail boom and elevator is absolutely awesome! Cheers Jaime
  12. Help me build a Sherman

    A bit of inspiration?
  13. That scene made the entire theater explode. I then had to have an very uncomfortable conversation with my son. Please people, talk to your kids about 80's dancing before they find out about it from friends or movies.
  14. Personal WW1 Group Build: MkIVs & Whippet

    Not much progress in the last few days. Other stuff. Started on the Whippet. The track units are attached to the hull sides in this kit, so a bit more work to be done on those in preparation. More track rollers, same parts as the MkIVs. Same tracks too, with the same moulding pip and mould line as described above and the same need to check the idler position vs the number of links before fixing. Instructions say 69 links per side: I haven't got as far as verifying that yet. None of the lower run rollers are actually visible with the tracks in place, so they can be left just as they come off the sprue - again like the MKIV. However, the top run return rollers are visible through the mud chutes and these therefore do need to be cleaned up properly. Each rim has 4 sprue attachment points and a goodly mould line all round, and there are 20 of them. The real ones are cast and have soft edges. The moulded engine compartment louvres have come in for criticism, so I thought I'd try using the Airwaves etched ones. And gave up. The parts don't actually fit together off the fret, with only 3 louvres fitting inside the side panels instead of 4. So each louvre piece needed trimming down at each end. Having done this and got one together, they turned out to be far too narrow for the Takom kit. With the mounting flanges folded out they still fitted within the moulded kit flanges with space to spare, so at least 3mm narrower. Then I tried cleaning up one of the kit parts and thinning the louvre edges, and it came out OK. The side rivet heads need to be sanded off and replaced as part of the clean-up. The exhausts are surprisingly crude and I've decided to replace them completely. More on that later, but the preparation included: removing the moulded-on lumps where the exhausts exit the hull (these are just sheet metal guards over the pipes in reality); drilling the hull sides for new pipes; removing the moulded-on tabs that locate the silencers; drilling holes for wire U bolts to hold said silencers; replacing a few rivet heads lost in the process. I was toying with mounting the spuds on the tracks, which you don't often see on Whippets, but that had other implications. The rails on which they are stowed are moulded onto the hull sides and would be hard to replace neatly, especially the right one which has an S bend. Airwaves decided not to include these in their etch set, but on their record to date they wouldn't fit this kit anyway. Neither the kit spuds nor the Airwaves resin ones actually hook over even one edge of the track links, and the Airwaves ones are inconsistently shaped. So all of the attachments would need to be replaced with thin metal sheet whichever spuds are used, and I didn't fancy that very much. So, stowed it is then. That hides both problems. At the very rear of the right side of the fighting compartment is a small open-top box and a rail which look like they're for stowing something vertically up the cab side. No idea what as I haven't yet found a single photo showing anything stowed there, but whatever it is has a tapered or wedge profile as the stowages are that shape. But in any case Takom have just moulded them as lumps so they needed to be replaced with thin sheet. Hopefully some photos of this once I've got the hull sides and track units together.
  15. Today
  16. Do-24T Update-Kit, Italerie, 1:72

    Ooh. Thanks Stefan, that looks highly promising! You really aren't helping me resist the impulse to buy this kit! I'd really like to do an MLD X-boat in the pre-Pacific war NEI colours with the big orange triangles or an A49 boat after the escape to Australia and 'joining' the RAAF, but being Cyclone powered Do-24K they would require some kit bashing...
  17. I fail to believe that you don't own a shrink ray and a time machine. Stunning build. ZM should change their website to include this as the stock image!
  18. Just put a couple of Black Friday specials up on the website, limited numbers so get in quick ! Also the last few days of our November specials, pick up pens. http://www.modellingtools.co.uk Paul
  19. Here is my F-86D, I dug the image out for another thread. OOB using the kit decals... cheers Plasto
  20. KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    I’m still waiting on the F-101B. The first tooling was rejected. I know who designed the decals, they were all printed by Cartograf and delivered to Kitty Hawk over two years ago.
  21. What have you purchased 9

    And 15 years later, you still are
  22. Airfix Hurricane

    pardon my lack of knowledge on this one... ...what are the visual differences on this kit that show it as 'fabric wing' and what does it mean
  23. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Hi Tony, Great to hear that your build progresses... an update, whenever it comes, will be worth the wait. Take it easy, and don't try to squeeze too much into your weekends - from personal experience of some years ago, it just doesn't pay. Best, Andrew.
  24. Caproni Ca.310 Civil

    Some photo-etched parts that go on the landing gear (scissors and mudguard with braces) are glued in place. The mudguards are supposed to have compound curvature. Yeah, Azur, sure, you try that on a rigid PE part. There are also (of course flat) P.E. counterweights for the three tail control surfaces. They were replaced with fine piano wire inserted into drilled locations. The one on the rudder has a small triangular reinforcement as per photos:
  25. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    in platform flip-flops with (Because if I'd written 'thongs', people would get all silly.)
  26. Yesterday
  27. Breguet 19 and Potez 25 XXV: any fans?

    The surviving unrestored aircraft in the French museum is in the 'standard' overall khaki. Most exported French military aircraft of the 20s retained the standard French finish. So my best guess is that it's French khaki, with the undersurfaces overpainted the light colour. But it may have been completely refinished to the prevailing Turkish standards (whatever they were), or painted in the French factory to the Turkish requirements before delivery. Without precise documentation, it's only ever going to be a guess.
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