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  2. Nice work! Looks especially good in the desert camo
  3. Hi All. Quick update before I head out for a curry! Underside has been blended and I'm calling done. I've painted the third camo colour on the top surfaces of the Su-27. The edges needs touching up, and then some more shading and highlights. But coming on....
  4. The hood is coming out nicely and I can't even tell that you modified it. I do have question about the small gap at the bottom rear of the hood where it meets the cowl; is that supposed to be there? It seems a little out of place with everything else; just an observation. I'm glad that you have had a small amount of time to do some personal therapy work on the Rolls and have the time to read our musings. I hope things are improving for you all.
  5. Hope that's not blood in your first pic Johnny I've got the RB RivetR also (the mini version same as in the pic). The good thing about it is that the 'rivets' it makes are actually round and not square. Another possibility for larger recessed rivets or screws would be a beading tool like jewellers use, these come in reasonably priced sets from your favourite on-line supplier at about £11 for a set of 23 tools. Other brands are available
  6. I can't recall any Swedish interest in the Meteor night fighter. But eventually Sweden bought the Venom NF.3 - without ejector seats. They were delivered with a lead ballast in the nose. After delivery the ballast was replaced with the radar sets removed from the J 30 Mosquitoes (NF.30) that the Venoms were replacing.
  7. having trapped his thumb bent trumpet? Google Dizzie Gillespie👍
  8. Hello, good to hear from you. I'don't know, where you can buy those T-shirts. Was a webfail photo. Maybe google? Cheers.
  9. A great 109 and a superb careful painting work. The chalked number #174 on propeller blade is an interesting detail. I loved the fuselage code letters "U.F.O."... :-)
  10. I'm jealous! ZM412 flew low level down the Clyde yesterday and I was in the ***** supermarket Richard
  11. They certainly do but the beastie in the hangar was not surprisingly...grey!
  12. That looks fabulosa! And I passed on a decal sheet with those markings some years ago 'cause I was looking for something 'more striking'...AAAAARRRGH!!!
  13. All I can say is Wow, what a first episode especially the ending.
  14. Thank you very much Ventura happy too new that I'm not the only italian in this forum Grazie di cuore Ventura piacere di sapere che c'è un altro italiano oltre me nel forum
  15. Those early Vettes are the best looking cars ever designed,whether a mild custom or stock...Great job xp....
  16. Go for it Johnny Lightnin'. There's a corker of an accurate Pee-38 out there for Fs2004 Flightsim(The all-red "Yippee" IIRC). I used to virtually "display" it some years ago and can attest that they go very well plus being pretty nimble for a big lass. I also note that the good Dr is once again piftly swissing behind the instructions,he really IS a rascal..... Like Tony's spoonerism of Miss V.Nert Pipples too(be he did a bit of "twiddling"too,trying to tune in no doubt).
  17. Looking great borez. The frame work is amazing I will have to bookmark your build for my future 917s just to try and get close to how good yours looks. Shaun
  18. Yes! In @Rob G original post he called it "One of the best modelling tools that I've ever bought". Later he notes "Don't use it with the wax, it makes decals not work properly." Helpful.
  19. Lovely job,those Trabbys are so darn cute....
  20. Great result, especially the finish with that brush-painted Vallejo metallic. There are several allegedly metallic paints in the Vallejo range: just so that I can rush out and buy the right thing, could you please give me the product number? And how did you apply it? Multiple coats or over an undercoat first?
  21. I assume the colour of the PBY is the same for the DO24? Late 41, early 42???? Paul
  22. Hello,Jan - Great work here as always.I love your 'Cobra' in this interesting and colourful scheme and also the 'open door' features which add good extra detail. Well done indeed. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  23. That's how you're supposed to do it! Great stuff! Keep it coming, I got one of these kittens om my radar, so all tips and tricks are welcome!
  24. Dear Olivier, The mesh alone isn't enough te represent a radiator, so I used both...front and rear..and mesh on both. Without the kit's will be just mesh and that looks like there's just mesh Also...the "15" looks much better with the radiator...white paint went through the mesh...on the radiator. With a nice result. I painted the brass casing before assembly, because you can't paint the interior of it afterwards...the outside needs another coat of brass after filling and sanding. Careful masking needed now!...I don't want to see my "15" mesh destroyed by brass paint. Yes...I know the kit's radiator is wrong, but changing this (and the engine cover with it) is beyond my modeliling I have to live with the shame Edit: it's also easier to mask and paint the "15" on the mesh when it's not yet part of the whole construction. Cheers!, Robin
  25. Nothing for it then but to cut them apart again and shim them out... good luck! She does have quite wide wheels:
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