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  2. Well I haven't made it. BUT. If the GB closes at the end of Sunday, rather than the start, then I have another day, assuming I get back early. Work and poor paint choices did for me in the end. Here's what I did do: The canopy. Interior framing is made from painted 5A fusewire and glued inside: Rockets: Airframe all done. I had a very nice undercoat of Hu64 on but then I added a coat of silk Hu165. It just refuses to brush on smooth, even with a ton of dilution and flow enhancer. I've sanded it back and I will go for a Matt mix of Hu64 and Revell 57 "grey" to give it a slightly more bluish tinge: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  3. Nice work there, the finish looks good. Were they the kit decals? I have an older boxing with a high vis scheme.
  4. As somebody mentioned, Trivago. Notice how the woman mostly stands with one knee bent? Is one of her legs longer than the other?? Any perfume or aftershave ad, a Hollywood blockbuster in 30 secs with absolutely no meaning or comprehension whatsoever. Girls riding motorbikes with flames, some bloke doing a moody press conference inside a room made of 4 big sheets of cardboard, etc.... M&Ms. Bloke comes home to find his wife in bed with an M&M sweet. Isn't sweets meant to be for kids? So kid's are being introduced to adultery? What?? Happy egg company. "I've got a good idea for an ad, everybody about to eat an egg, or put the box on the table, has to dance around awkwardly......" Wee boy want's to make a spaceship out of the Fairy liquid bottle, (notice it's not a rocket ship anymore as the bottle is rubbish-shaped now), but the Fairy will take ages to use up. Tell you what kid, it's only a flippin empty bottle, I'm sure if you hoke through the bins you'll find another odd-shapped item to make a flippin spaceship out of!!!!! That dishwasher tablet ad where the wee boy dressed as Sherlock Holmes finds some dirt on the glass dish. When it comes out clean afterwards his ma shows him it and he says "bo-ring" Have you ever wanted to punch the wee fella in the face so much??? I'll show you bo-ring kid, why don't you effin do the dishes instead of f@rting around getting BORED!!! Mr Muscle. When it was a UK made ad, he was a wee weedy bloke, but then the Germans or whoever took over and they seem to like big animated butch blokes. Same happened with the Aquafresh toothpaste man and Captain Birdseye, til someone wised up on the latter and we got the salty sea Captain back. Is Mr Muscle and Aquafresh man the same person??? How many toothpaste ads have to get the line in "my dentist recommended"???? ALL OF THEM!!!!! Just because a dentist isn't allowed to advertise one paste above another, it's suddenly happening in the third person!!!! Has no toothpaste manufacturer any different ideas??? A Nissan Juke driving along the pages of a giant book.... WTF were the writers on!!!!! Why would I want to buy a Juke cos of that???? I have to lie down for a bit......
  5. Coming together nicely Tony. You B707 AEW is 'interesting' as well.
  6. I have ordered one, so we will see how the 2 compare. Though I know the Kinetic kit should be streets ahead.
  7. Flying Tiger freighter decals, or they've missed a sure trick.......
  8. Looks great Noel,
  9. I thought I’d better update this to where I’d left her on Monday before I headed back to work the next day. I finally got the paint I needed and patched up the bit where I’d done some repairs plus a couple of errors in the pattern. Once dry a coat of clear.......in which doing I discovered I really do need a proper spray booth, and old box doesn’t quite cut it! So I have a new one on the way! Once that was dry it was onto the decals, or so I thought. And HB struck again with the amazing research (I didn’t help here either), more on that later. Needless to say that task was soon abandoned while I wait for some proper decals to arrive. As mentioned in the last post, the stars were finally aligned for me on this build as the decals I have been searching for over 6 months finally turned up on evilBay. It would have to be one of the fastest purchases I’ve ever made! Now I can really say goodbye to the HB rubbish! So moving on I decided to do the panel lines, once the decals are on I can touch up those spots. Something really noticeable on F-111’s, well for sure of our ones, was the all the whitish/grey goop that use to seep out of the joins under the wings and fuselage. This stuff was used to help seal the fuel tank panels, the Framies played with stuff, and seriously nasty stuff this stuff was. The only time you ever saw an F-111 without it was either just out of major service out for special occasion. F-111’s did have a bad habit of leaking fuel! So a bit more masking and some Lt Ghost Grey. It doesn’t look to bad, it was actually harder to do than I imagine it should have been, just hard to get the right effect. For those who may not know the F-111 had a Monocoque airframe in which the skin of the fuselage was an integral of the airframe structure. The fuselage fuel tanks were just sectioned off areas of the airframe, there were no internal fuel bladders. Just lots of special sealing goop was used on the inside and with panel seals, the same stuff was used in the wings. This was highly carcinogenic and caused, and still is causing, serious health issues with those poor guy’s from “3AD Reseal/Deseal” who had to climb into the tanks to pick it out! Next up the drop tanks, I fixed up my mistake with the tank shoe, they were primed then given a coat of Dk. Green, I forgot to do the actual pylons themselves! They look good when fitted. Ok back to the decaling fiasco. I am soooo embarrassed to say this but I came close to making a really embarrassing mistake here. For some reason I had thought the SEA scheme was for a 6 Sqn aircraft and that HB had again done one of their “research” mistakes with the colour of the Sqn flash on the tail. The fin flash for 6 Sqn aircraft in SEA colours should be “Insignia Blue” and 1 Sqn was Yellow (for interest sake the old 2 Sqn Canberra’s were Red). So I had assumed that they meant for it to have been a 6 Sqn aircraft so a So a masking job was required to fix it, I would use the Sqn badge from the decals. I used tracing paper to get the size and shape right. I was quite happy with this, however I hadn’t noticed the errors of my ways yet! Next up I added the Sqn badge to the flash, I needed to cut this out of the original decal. For some reason it looked a wee bit rough in the photo, think it was just the edge. It looked ok in place, I still hadn’t noticed yet. So on to the rest of the decals, I first needed to check that the orientation of the Australian flag was correct in the instructions, so back to the reference photos. It was while I was looking at a photo of a 6 Sqn aircraft that I noticed that the Sqn badge on the aircraft in the photo. I thought “gee the silly buggers put the wrong one on the display aircraft!”. CRAP! The silly bugger was me, though I think I can rightly blame HB for that stuff up. The Sqn badge was for a 1 Sqn aircraft, they have a Kookaburra for their emblem, 6 Sqn a Boomerang! This is where evilBay and a strong cup of coffee saved the day! Well at least now I have all the correct decals I need plus the special 2-tone camo serial number ones for the tail. With luck the new decals will just go straight over the top without any touching up required before hand. I now only have 4 days to complete her and there’s still quite a bit to do! I’m still not sure what to do with the Recon cameras, I had though of just putting the covers over each opening, but then I’d really need to add all the other covers on the rest of the aircraft else it look odd, and that would take quite a bit of time. Adding the cameras would look great but add just as much time. I’ll just have to figure it out as I go.
  10. That would be Night/Dark Ocean Blue but I think you are correct in thinking that it was not in the PBY-5A configuration sought by the OP. Wheels were removed to save weight.
  11. Today
  12. they belong to you
  13. Firstly, great review Paul. I'm looking at replacing my suction fed Paasche as I'm sick of the paint drying/clogging inside irrelevant of how much I've thinned it, and then if I up the pressure, I get the overspray. I can rarely get through a small half cup of paint before having to strip and clean the thing. I'm sure it's me, but I get the impression the gravity feeds are the better option, and subsequently more reliable with less air going through, there's less opportunity to dry the paint. Duane, You will indeed need a compressor, and likely will also need an adaptor from the compressor to the hose for the airbrush. I would also recommend a moisture trap if the compressor you buy doesn't come with one. Finally, whatever you do, try and get one with a tank (the large the better). The tank holds the compressed air, which means that you get a more even flow of air, and additionally means the compressor is running less often than if you were just pumping the air straight to the airbrush.
  14. Splendid model but wouldn't it look good in 1/32 scale? Wingnut Wings, I'm looking at you!
  15. Odd - when I posted mine was the first post, and I used a different heading. Must have been moved by the Thought Police. No matter, it was just a little joke. Richard in NZ
  16. Fantastic. Really lovely little build! When are these being released, do you know? Dying to get my hands on some!
  17. I'll give it another shot GB; thanks again!
  18. Ohhhh that's good!👍 Don't wanna scare off the ladies though!
  19. Beautiful! Lovely restrained weathering, fine finish...all-round stunning. Best Yak-3 I think I've seen.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Wow, 3 at the same time, puts new meaning to Group build Where do you get those "simple kits" from? Love that video, and especially the one with the big centreline tank with the sharkmouth
  22. Right you are! We've got an on-going project to build and exhibit all of those classic 80's 1/72nd stealth and 'exotic' kits. Both of the F-19 "Stealth Fighters", SR-75's, XR-7's, MiG-37 Ferret, etc. etc.
  23. Diagnosed with a rare disorder where my immune system attacks the protective lining coating the nerves in my extremities, I can't imagine how I could possibly cope with such tiny parts. I'd struggle even with the use a pair of tweezers, let alone my fingertips. You've produced a masterpiece. I am stunned by the detail offered by the PE and am in awe of your skills in construction and in painting. Really, HOW did you pick up, place and glue the rigging, those tiny step ladders and the details on the AA guns? Rearguards, Badder
  24. Looks great! 👍🏿
  25. Without wishing to be a kill-joy, I don't think that is 'dayglo' on the model, just plain orange paint.
  26. You can achieve some good results with old airfix kit. I am an amutuer modeller but I think I did a decent job on mine. More pics here too http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012804-airfix-172-douglas-sbd-5-dauntless/
  27. Ah,Will,This is just plain fantastic,I know bugger all about the source materiel,but its just brilliant!
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