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  2. FTFY
  3. F-4E 1/48 for 2018 ????....It is designed....
  4. Now that's what I like to see - proper old school modelling navigation lights. Smug grin and beer reward justified!
  5. So now it's black you could go silver or blue? It would save stripping it.
  6. Can anyone confirm whether this boxing comes with drop tanks? At the moment I'm holding out for the Special Hobby kit, they've confirmed it will come with stores and it will be to the same standard of moulding as their Mirage F.1
  7. i know the feeling, I went in for some paint the day I got mine.... i am progressing with the build but just wanted to ask a quick question if anyone has the answer I'd be grateful. I'm at the stage of inserting the interior nose detail but the instructions show to insert the clear part for the waist gunners also. I know B-17's has sliding windows (I think I've seen that somewhere) so can I leave the clear parts out and just have the windows open? If not it's not a big deal I just think I'd prefer not to add the windows. oh, and I've bought myself a re scribing tool too so should be fun having a go with that on this build if required. Thanks chaps
  8. Hi all another update on this one.
  9. Oh good grief!!!! I was about to take up golf after seeing this, but I noticed it took you three years to complete so I don't feel so bad now - I don't have the attention span for this level of modelling excellence. Or for golf for that matter! Outstanding.
  10. - ref. 12315 - box art Source: V.P.
  11. Dear Olivier, Mutual respect is the basis for any discussion. If it is absent then, no place for discussion. I would even say good riddance when there is no respect. Rudeness stems from insecurity, it is a personal problem. It is a great joy to be able to exchange with all of you on this thread. This is a free forum, everyone is free to join or not, isn't it ? let's focus on our passion; scale modeling beautiful cars and take the challenge, embrace the challenge, and finish what we start.
  12. GREAT things are going to happen!!!!! - Miracles sometimes take some longer time....
  13. Box art Source: V.P.
  14. That book sounds fascinating! Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  15. Aer Turas and Redcoat!! Wayy Cool! Too bad Roden doesn't do a CL-44, but i try to keep my expectations realistic.... -d-
  16. Very nice - she looks great standing on her legs now! Regards, Jason
  17. No worries, it's Bandai's 1/144 Millennium Falcon (Force Awakens version). I got mine off amazon for about £32 or so shipped from Japan. Took about 2 weeks to arrive but there are more expensive, faster shipping options I believe. eBay is also an option but amazon seems a bit better price-wise. Just search Bandai Falcon & it should be right at the top.
  18. Heh. Always thought the Victor looked better without those tanks anyway.... -d-
  19. I see from the Pheon web site ( that Rowan isn't expecting his until February or March. Doesn't look hopeful for we mere mortals! I did note from the site that he will be making it very hard for me to avoid buying several of them, though - the Horus is a must, and hopefully the Aces sheet(s) will include Cobby's white/black one from Leighterton.
  20. It's coming together amazingly well. The chipping looks spot on & I'll also be coming back to this thread when the time to build mine comes. Great work!
  21. Very interesting Michael. With my friend Fernando of my club - IPMS Chile - we do the exercise of comparing the front fuselaje areas of a Eduard MIG-15 with AZ and Dragon MIG-17 renditions. I dont have the measures here, but the most alarming thing is the fuselage width... it has more than a millimeter of difference between AZ and Dragon. In regard to Eduard, the Dragon fuselage is 0.5 mm more narrower than Eduard one, and AZ fuselage has a width 0.5 more bigger than the Eduard one! I will send you the exact measures in the next post. Regards., Javier
  22. I have to say the same as everyone else, it's just fantastic! 272 in the "delivery flight" looks is a wonderful tribute to an aircraft that's seeing the end of its career in a few years. Saw in the WIP that you're planning on modeling 686.I'm really looking forward to that. 686 in the 100year scheme is in my eyes the best looking F-16 ever.
  23. Just catching up on this thread. K2's head looks superb! The scratches look very realistic, and definitely not too big to me. Outstanding stuff.
  24. New dedicated Foxbot decals. Source:пиксельный-су-24м/?do=findComment&comment=29382 Source:пиксельный-су-24м/?do=findComment&comment=33846 V.P.
  25. Thanks Borez. This is the inside of the cockpit. In the first picture I have polished the metal with a Dremel and brass wire brush. You can see how pitted it is. In the second picture I have polished it further using various grades of wet and dry. It took about 2 hrs to get it to this stage. I'll rivet it next using the metal 0.5mm rivets from MFH, then re-polish it. Most of the polished metal will have to be treated this way, to get the finish I want.... More soon..
  26. And it's a lovely one too. Take your time, don't push it and the urge to build will come back. Me, I never even touched R/C. I just know I'd be rubbish at it.
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