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  2. That badge looks bl**dy marvelous Nick! I'm sure these 'bad photos' are deliberate because you really do have a 1:1 replica of LVX in the garage & are just kidding us that this work is in 1/24...!! That front end shot is just fantastic! Keith
  3. That's impressive work for a very basic kit.
  4. Thanks for all that, I am experimenting with those "fancy products" (well chipping fluid anyways) then I need to learn about Artists Chalks and where to buy them. This will be my first attempt at weathering so I am not expecting too much.
  5. They look good to me PC - good job I'm with you, wholeheartedly! Some of the techniques I've seen look 'artistic' but not 'realistic' so I've not tried them. Others, like this one, can help to make a more realistic model in the hands of better modellers but sometimes don't quite work for me. I'm quite happy to give things a try, recognising that I don't have an artistic bone in my body; if it's not 'a process' I'm likely to mess up (even with the tools) and won't try it again. I really admire those like Cookie and Stew who 'have the art', I aspire to their finishes and I'll follow their techniques where I can in the hope of improving my skills, but I know I'll not always achieve 'that look'. Others I know I'll never match, no matter how hard I try. Stew's and Steve are right (of course) - it's whether you think it improves the end result, or just spoils the fun. Fnaar! When I was young a wise man told me "You know you're grown up when you stop worrying about what people think of you and start worrying about what you think of them". Bearing in mind that some people here don't have English as their first language I have people I listen to and others I don't. 'Now't so queer as folks' I think you're one of the best contributors on BM Egbert and a good modeller, a really good modeller. If you try something and don't like it, or mess up something new, don't despair - there are readers like me who'll learn lessons from your builds and certainly from your posts! Did I say those Spitfires look good by the way?
  6. Umm not a bad idea.... I could make the base frosty
  7. more work with the multi-part cowl, lots of fun ahead...
  8. Stunning!!!
  9. very nice work on a rare subject
  10. Watching with interest.
  11. Thank you! Oliver
  12. How can you make a multi car pile up sound like a soft porn movie with you as the Dominatrix Kev
  13. Great job
  14. You could always have it 3D printed but where would be the fun in that ..... Looks to be one of those jobs where you take a few steps back and forth before being happy at the end of the day with an 1/8 step forward We're behind you Kev
  15. Don't give us that... We've seen you out in your heels...
  16. Well that's made my day thank you Paul!! Will keep my eye on the box. This must mean the dam did not break? A day or two after you wrote I saw a news piece here - things got very serious for you! Your comments re wing chord noted (see below). Thanks & take care! Thanks Dave & well that's a pleasant surprise! I dug it out & read it again on the bus this morning, and I thought it was a very measured critique. Keith supplied me with your review (including those most useful drawings) & the other reviews from earlier editions. I agree there will always be conjecture with historical research. Here comes my bit! With regard colours: I have triangulated a few references to the colour in books (remember those!) & can say that my vote is for white all over [that may seem bleeding obvious to others, but some have suggested silver wings or blue under surfaces of the wings]. In fact I contend that it is 'Rylard Seaplane White Gloss Enamel' no less. I must dig out the reference ... I think it was in the history of Shorts. The triangulation comes from accounts of Shorts contribution to other contemporary machines. Apparently they were subcontracted to design & fabricate the floats for several other manufacturers, for commercial aircraft such as the DH Rapide & others, but also a few of the earlier Schneider Trophy racers: the Supermarine S4 and the Gloster I & III. They were something of a specialist innovator in float design, which they refined in a special testing tank, & more than once on this rambling tangential reading journey I found reference to their floats being finished in Rylard Seaplane White. As to the wings ... your advice in Bent Throttles that the kit wings are short in plan chord was not welcome as I was looking forward to that step! As the wings had a smooth, enamelled, silk-lined timber skin, there's no panel lines or such detail. I thought they would be a nice foil to all this time spent on detailing the engine! And to now have your judgement seconded by Paul with his keen eye ... oh well, so be it ... I'm already scheming! Thanks both, hope to have more progress to post soon.
  17. potato which did. Heimlich
  18. 3D-designed resin parts for the Dash 5 version revealed on our blog:
  19. nice clean work on your little bloodsucker
  20. Hi all, the CASA project has got some update on our blog, to read more, you are welcome to visit it here:
  21. Oh, also, seats and tyres are actually just fine! They're as I expect them. Perhaps they've got a blind dude working on the assembly line? Blind and or drunk?
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