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  2. Oh yes, I know the panel line you mean. I did a less than brilliant job on it myself.... I have tried to hide it with weathering!!
  3. what's odd about exquisite? Seems normal enough to me. It's all coming along swimmingly Crisp. Where would you say your mojo is on the mojometer ? (or should that be mojometer?)
  4. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Yeah as you can see the fuselage frame is about half size along with the wings one, but the main one at the bottom with all the small parts is 'box-sized' Tony
  5. Helicopter cable cutters 1/72

    both gone. I should get a reward from Hannants for the advertising! Alex
  6. Malta 1949

    Wonderful photos. Malta was always a always a fantastic place for interesting stuff. On my first visit there I climbed out of a Canberra B.6 to find we were sharing the hard standing with a French Navy Neptune and an Italian Expediter. Later I did a tour there for 3 years. I even got to chat with Sheila Scott when she was flying Myth Three. John
  7. Nice job. Probably been said before but does anyone else think they look like pepsi logo's?
  8. No need for that, but I guess the canopy is angled down proprtional to the whole plane is angled up on the wheels on the ground. Make sense, if you look through a spinning prop in the front while taking off. So the view is parallel to the ground. And of course this looks like something of german engineering not to angle down the front engine.
  9. Very impressive work, especially considering it's in 1/72 scale. What did you use for the radio aerial? it looks very fine. gazza l
  10. Evening All, Readers on another site have asked me to describe in detail the talcum powder and dope method of filling wood grain which I mentioned in an earlier post that I and some other modellers of a certain generation use/have used to fill and seal wood grain. I discovered it in the pages of Airfix Magazine where it was used by the late Alan Hall: I am not sure whether he invented the idea or he picked it up from somebody else, but it was originally suggested for balsa wood. However it works well on basswood too and I have used it on other woods when I have made parts from them. The advantage that it has with balsa is that it provides a hard shiny surface which can be easily painted and takes some knocks without denting easily as balsa can do. It does not crack either, so the paint retains its cover as on plastic surfaces. I am aware that there are other methods to fill wood grain, but this is the one which I prefer. The method is simple but of the bucket chemistry approach. The ingredients are talcum powder which can be found in any pharmacy or large supermarket, and clear cellulose dope used to stretch tissue paper on flying models: [/url] I put a quantity of dope, (the amount depends on the surface area to be coated), into my mixing container and the puff some talcum powder into it and mix with an old medium sized paintbrush. If the wood is balsa and has a fairly open grain I mix enough talcum powder to make a thick paste - rather like thick glue. This is plastered over the wood and if the wood is joined to plastic overlap the plastic slightly too. The surface will be lumpy: so when it is dry sand it down with medium and then fine glass paper until it is almost smooth. Now mix a second coat of powder and dope but this time make the mixture thin - like a runny glue. Paint this on to the wood making sure that all of the remaining gaps and hollows are filled. When dry repeat the sanding operation until the surface is smooth. Finally coat the surface a third time with clear dope only, and when this is dry polish with some of the fine glass paper used previously. This should give you a hard shiny surface which will be indistinguishable from plastic. To clean the brush after each coat I use propriatory cellulose thinners but remember that these are inflammable and should be used in a well ventilated room. They used to reek of pear drops in the past but modern thinners no longer smell so much. In the case of the hull for this model I only used the thin powder and dope mixture followed by the dope because the grain is so tight that two coats were sufficient to seal it. Just to illustrate what the finished and painted product looks like, (the hull of the current model does not look any different through a camera lens after it had been coated), here is an image of the engine of a Manchester which is made from three pieces of balsa, (main nacelle, upper and lower air intakes) which I converted from the Airfix Lancaster in the mid-1970's in an earlier incarnation as a modeller. The wing outboard of the engine is also made from balsa wood and all have powder/dope grain filler: I hope that this satisfies your curiosity. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and I will try to help. Thanks for looking. P
  11. Aha - a 109 delayed by a Hurricane - just like the old days. Nice build too. The ex Connie Edwards Buchons have been on the market since Edwards died a year or so ago. I presume they were disposed of by his executors and are now in the hands of dealers etc.
  12. 1/48 SAAB J 29 by Pilot Replicas

    Without going too deep into the matter I think there will be a solution soon to get the Pilot Replicas kits on the market again with the help of some retailers seeking possibilities to take over the logistics from an overburdened Pilot Replicas. Talks are underway
  13. Frog Sea Fury

    Well I've found that one of the inner undercarriage doors is missing - should I continue? Answer is yes - another old photo to the rescue. In the meantime, here are the white bits. and now stripes.
  14. Thanks very much. Go on show us yours, I've shown you mine!!! For the props I used RLM 70 Schwarzgrun Xtracolor X204. gazza l
  15. Bandai snow speeder and a couple more.

    Thank you Andy!
  16. Dornier Do 18-D

    Great surgery there Tony. A very clean cut and mirrored nicely the other side too. Always handy that is. Simon.
  17. TIE Striker and friends

    That would certainly be a way around it The AT-ST would make a great accompaniment for the tanks, or the partisan black/white X-Wing Andy
  18. Marder III Ausf M

    Thank you all,but it seems a little bit yellow instead of white on the camera. I bought some figures for the tank..i hope they fit nicely inside.
  19. Well then there's your squashed bomb fins then. The decals I suppose are a quality control issue? Will post up pics when mine arrives from France 🇫🇷 👍🏿
  20. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Thanks for taking the time to do the comparison test. They all look very usable, but I really like the Tamiya sand and snow pastes. I can see myself picking up both of those. The rock formation/beggar's canyon base looks great. Only thing I'd add is some drifted sand around the base of the rocks. Andy
  21. What have you purchased 9

    Latest purchases for me, saw the Kittyhawk on Kingkit and couldn't resist as I've been wanting a desert P-40 in my collection for a while and bought the Xtradecals so I can complete my Tamiya Mosquito, will be doing the SEAC bird.
  22. CAC CA-25 Winjeel

    Thanks, guys. Tony, it is just straight Tamiya XF-1 thinned about 50/50 out of the airbrush.
  23. Ah another epic build, good to see the wessie being resurrected and in a bigger scale! Cant wait to see the wonders that will unfold. I am now sitting comfortably so you may crack on at the speed of Naval gunfire, crack on young man! Bob
  24. The seventies were a dead loss. My teens disappeared with the Beatles and one had to grow up, get a real job and other dreadful things. The Stranraer looks great. Michael
  25. Great progress, Simon! Shame about the air scoop and the seats but you'll surely sort those out. Cheers Jaime
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