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  1. Yesterday
  2. Aye up Stix, Superb job as always. Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze. Top job with hairy stick! 😎 Regards Steve
  3. Nice dio's. I rather like the RAF Mini 😊 Regards Steve
  4. Thanks for the advice Badder, I will steer clear of windows and doors. I'm sorry to hear about your LHS and not even a closing down sale.
  5. Some great looking dioramas there Glenn
  6. This is a small section of an RAF airfield around the 1970's. Hope you like it comments welcome. Regards Glenn
  7. quite simply - perfect so very well presented; you see, hear it and believe it I'd give you a Gold if I had one to give
  8. Not a bad idea at all, my friend!
  9. Well, don't put it directly above a window or doorway! Find where best to place the fire/stove if you were living there, then slap the chimney above that, or slightly offset if there's a kink in the flue. Rearguards, Badder. PS went to my LHS today, the one by the theatre, and the damned place has closed down, owners retired. No warning, nothing. I first went there 35 yrs ago and have known them all this time. grrrrr
  10. Last week
  11. You've been nice and busy, I like the chimney I've been thinking about how and where to put a chimney on my build.
  12. Chimney dry-fitted. This is sited on the kit's plastic section of roof, not the plaster cast. Rather than cut the base of the chimney to fit the tiles and glue it directly to them, I decided to sink a hole through the roof and insert the entire chimney. This meant that I didn't have to commit to cutting and thereby fixing its height. It also means a more secure fixing when glue is applied. The hole was cut roughly with a hot scalpel blade, the thin plastic being a breeze to deal with, and then filed to size with a flat file. A CA'd paper apron will cover the join, mimicking lead sheet. TFL Badder
  13. So now I've completed the Mosquito build for the DeHavilland GB, I feel encouraged to return to this, and in particular to repaint the figure I ruined by spraying primer instead of varnish. I stripped the figure back to bare resin, separated the arms and repainted the flesh colour. Once again I've gone for a darker flesh tone to refelct the suntan that would have been unavoidable in Burma. This time though I had a go at mixing a little red into the paint for the elbows and forearms to indicate perhaps a bit of sunburn! Sadly its a bit too subtle to get picked up in the photos. Here he is with the arms reattached and the base coat of paint comprising several slightly different shades of khaki As you can see I've done a better job with the face - the eyes aren't so "googly" and the mouth is a better shade. The eyebrows aren't too dark and the little bit of hair is not bed either He's still a bit too shiny, but the next stage will be the oil paint wash and picking out the highlights and shadows. I was very pleased with the shoes last time, will try to do that agaub!
  14. Following with interest, mainly to see how you model the sea surface - looking great so far!
  15. Main question has to be... are you going to model yourself to scale sitting in the museum as per the photograph?
  16. Thank you guys! I don't use a lot of tools. I try to keep it as simple as it goes. However, my favourite are the Minicraft,the olfa circle cutter, the punch and die set, the Tamiya extra thin cement and of course I'd die for some more styrene! Well,let me go on with the project.. The fuselage halves got glued together Then I finished with the seats-I thought I did at least! Hmmm, Fresh attempt..I wanted them to look like they are in the Museum.. The Italeri wheel struts looked awful so I had to do sth about it.. The tailwheel which had to look flat and damaged as in the exhibit was scratched That's all for now. Thanks for watching and ask anything you like.. Cheers, Panagiotis.
  17. Nice work. It looks damned chilly down there.
  18. Give you a clue ,it was an Airfix 1.48 Aircraft . Time up . Martin B57b Canberra was in the box first . What is in the box are the vehicles i am going to use in a huge huge diorama ,i am going to use the diorama i am working on already Where are you going with that pig ,it is 2ft x 2 ft going to use 3 other pieces of board the same size ,won't be able to display them all together . Going to use all these figures plus a lot of fuel drums . The main piece will will be a maintenance /rest area ,got about 7 or 8 sets of figures ,i have got the Miniart shed with wooden fence kit ,i was going to use that but i think i will try and scratch build a barn ans a few other buildings . It is set in the later summer of 1941 on the Army Group North part of the front . I think it will take me a few years to finish ,but the good thing about model making you can leave a project then come back to it
  19. Here is the next update, nearing the end now just need to finish the vdub then tie it all together.
  20. So to painting - plan was to undercoat the whole thing, gloss coat the sides and mask then work over the upper with a dark blue grey and thin out slowly with more and more varnish to give depth and then a final subtle highlight. So that's what I've done - as below Et voila Next up some highlits in white, replace the pine dowel with clear acrylic and finish the boat & helicopter
  21. Great dio - the Italeri figures came out very well indeed!
  22. Whatever colour it was, there would be years of grime built up, which I would think would add a ubiquitous weathered overtone seen on streets the world over.
  23. Great little vignette stix ,a direct hit shall we say, Glynn
  24. Not much work over the weekend, what with removing 4 heaped wheelbarrows of weeds from the garden. (I like to let everything grow for the wildlife and only remove it once everything has gone to seed.) Anyway, here's some stuff on some shelves. Don't ask why the owner is using U.S. Army issue ammunition boxes to keep his tools in. Once the window bars are added I doubt anyone will notice what they are. I'm thinking of making a raincoat and hanging it on a peg next to the door. TFL Badder
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