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  2. Fantastic work on display
  3. They are very impressive with an attention to detail which illustrates just how to bring scenes to life.
  4. Today
  5. Thanks Francis, nice of you to drop by. I hope you are well, Rearguards, Badder
  6. Ha, Vince, The MiniArt gutters are perfect as they are for British gutters, but need to be upgraded to truly represent the French/Belgiumese styling. I'm going to have to fix the guttering to strips of wood nailed under the eaves. There's probably some architectural name for them, but 'strips of wood nailed under the eaves' will do for me. Rearguards, Badder
  7. Keep up the good work forward ..., cheers Badder
  8. Lovely job ...If you want to make the gutters realistic Badder,use a cheap thin plastic for the brackets that's used in real life then after a couple of months they'll be lying on the ground looking duly knackered....
  9. Saw these on the BBC website today, fantastic!
  10. Now those are outstanding and magnificent. I am in true awe of your skill in dioramma creation. I hope I can aspire to producing something to your standard
  11. Well done Sir !!! Bob H.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Here's the other corner, with only a tiny bit of scraping back prior to filling and recarving of the stonework pattern. Oh, and as you can see, I've CA'd this building to graph paper as well in advance of adding extensions to the rear. Below: The guttering laid underneath the eaves to show the completely useless positioning of the bracket 'arms'. I will have to bodge some kind of fixing of the guttering to the building. Lucky then that the area in question will be hidden beneath the roof overhang. But now for the drainpipe. At least that should be easy! TFL Badder.
  14. I suppose in hot climates they don't get that green fuzz we get in the uk.
  15. Today I made the guttering. The sections fit together no problem. How the guttering fits to the building though, is anyone's guess. The 'brackets', which are spaced all along the guttering at approx 15mm intervals, have arms which I had assumed would fix under the eaves against the exposed rafters. However, they don't. And if they are supposed to fit into little holes in the stonework, there are no holes, and the arms wouldn't reach them even if there were. Well, I could get them to reach, but then the guttering would be completely 'overhung' by the edge of the roof, making the guttering pointless. So, it looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of modification. Oh, and that doorway is bugging me, what with it being made for giants. I'll be lowering the height of that in between times. TFL Badder
  16. The occupants probably had to get rid of the last ones because they had been thrown out. So they got second hands one. They are weathered. Just hard to tell in these pics. Will take better pics later.
  17. Yep, definitely the way to do it Ozzy. I used a few spots of medium CA to 'tack' the two halves together. Being medium there's a small window of opportunity to re-adjust things before it cures, and then I fixed everything by running thin CA into the joins from behind, letting capillary action do all the work. Rearguards, Badder Today
  18. Thank you John and Squarehead! As far as i know are the old Roco Brownings more 1/72 than 1/87. The .50cals are from ArsenalM They used to have resin ones, which were much cheaper, a few years ago, but not anymore Cheers Macki
  19. Thanks Rich. These two are the first kit buildings I've ever made (those in my Villers Bocage dio were completely scratchbuilt from Plasticard and wooden items) These two are fairly old kits I believe, and I have to assume their more recent ones are much better (well, I HOPE they are!) No, they aren't brilliant kits, in fact, they are as you say, a right pain to construct, but I thought they'd come in handy as masters for making moulds. I wanted a source of walls featuring good brick/stonework and window apertures and also a roof and these two kits seemed ideal for that. I also have another kit waiting in the wings.... Polish Town Buildings, and that should complete my 'library' for moulds. ps. If you want to see this building in all its finery, have a look at the Dio RFI, 'Where's Joe?' They did a smashing job! Rearguards Badder
  20. When sticking the two halves together, I found super glue works best a little at a time to get the join right. Using the flex as you mentioned to line everything up, then a quick squirt to stick it down.
  21. Thanks Ozzy. The fitting isn't easy and it is a case of dry-fitting and playing around trying to find the best way to do it. The order of fitting makes a difference as well. There is a hell of lot of give in the parts, so keeping everything straight/square/perpendicular etc isn't as simple as it might be. On the other hand, the flexing does allow a bit of pushing and bending to get the stonework patterns to match up nicely at the corners. It's a shame I don't have a photo of that nearest corner before I shaved it back, because it was a lot better than it looks at the moment. I do have a photo of the other corner though, which has only been shaved back slightly and that looks much better. I will post a pic in a bit. Rearguards, Badder
  22. I have never worked with the MiniArt vacuum buildings. They actually look like a huge pain in the Dio to work with. You sure do make the things look good when your done with 'em tho. keep up the great work!
  23. Nice progress on the mini art building, nice idea about the reinforcing the joints. Some of the buildings I've built the corner joins, have been been hit and miss when it comes to any kind of gap. It does look a rather nice fit all round, in regards to the front to back wall joins.
  24. Very nicely done sir....You have taken those kits to an entirely new level. Are those ROCO .50cals? The peculiar way the mould the barrel was one of the things that made me ask.
  25. Had a look at your other photo's, that crew jeep is awesome.
  26. If it was a British exercise, someone would have a brew on. And it would be raining. Lovely build.
  27. Stunning. The only thing I would say, is those white plastic chairs are too clean ; o )
  28. Thank you all. I might re-position the figures to the front of the building as utilize the space better. I also need a figure for the roof or balcony. Any ideas on the type of figure?
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