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  1. Yesterday
  2. See message sent re 1/35 photo etch that would give you the basic shapes you need and just need the sizes ! Nige
  3. Next take away then....
  4. Trust me Bar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A bucket or two will be one of these daft fill in jobs you could probably sketch the cone shape on paper first to get the look and size right ! Then cut out as many as you need in minutes ! Nothing to them Nige
  5. This is very good, seeing the firing range over quite a wide area, and helped by great photography. Great work.
  6. Think you could be on to something there Nige. You could probably crash mold with plastic over a former, but the catering aluminium would give it a bit of weight & not fly away! Mind you if you mounted 2 or 3 on a base it might work. May have to do some experimenting. Trouble is this Dominie keeps taking up my time.
  7. Bar Idea for buckets ! Find some suitable diameter sprue and fit to drill chuck end and use a speed controller to form a decent shaped master or series of formers all the same size ! Get some aluminium catering cartons and flatten and cut the necessary partial cone shape sides and either glue them direct to your formers with the top edge proud to add sand and handles or remove the former for empty buckets ! Make as many as you need dead cheap ! Use hole punch for the bottoms ! If you were really cleaver you could make a former for the old round metal buckets and lids that the dustmen used to put on their shoulders afore the days of the wheelie bins ! I use a drop of the cheap superglue from poundlands and a drop of the humbrol out of the needle type bottles mixed to glue the aluminium to any other materials and itself ! Accepts any paints too ! Nige
  8. Bit of sunshine, so thought the tractor would come out for a photo. First on the floor Then on the hard standing base with the back scene So she can pull an F-5, but what about something bigger? The tractor seems to be a USAF Germany model, I don't think the RAF used them. As such it should have reflective strips on the corners of the cab & front end. But I am slightly tempted to stick an RAF yellow strip down the side. I was going to hitch it up to my F-15 but the draw bar is too short & the tractor cab would hit the nose.
  9. Two LRDG dio's in one day. Great finish all round. John.
  10. ....and so you should be. It turned out really well. John.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Major, I do like a bit of humour in my dios, if I can squeeze it in. In my 'Villers Bocage' diorama, I strung a pair of boots over a telegraph wire... very few people have noticed them hanging there. (I copied the idea from present day kids who throw their trainers over lines on their housing estates) And in my 'Lost in France' dio, there's a bucket hanging on the back of a Churchill tank that has something rude painted on it. I have a few ideas for a bit of humour for this dio as well. I do have an idea involving a bucket of paint already, so watch this space! Rearguards, Badder
  13. One funny idea for you regarding the roof, @Badder! It is from real life, but might some stupid? One house not far from here was shined up. It was given new tiles and paint. One day i passed it I saw that they had overturned the bucket with paint while being up on the roof. The black tiles had a nice green strip with paint down the tiles. This funny stripe was there for more than 20 years. It was removed when the house got red tiles. I guess it will be harder for you to "build a copy of this". (The hardest work will be to convince everybody that it is correct with a stripe of paint down the roof, but... A ladder might become better...) 8-)
  14. Thanks Clive, i'm relatively new to dioramas so i'm pleased with the result.
  15. That's a brilliant diorama, Dave, the figures really bring it to life. Great work on the vehicles too! Definitely some inspiration for mine when I get round to it.
  16. I've given the roof a coat of brick red to see how the rows of tiles look prior to carving the vertical joints between them. This has highlighted slight depressions (which are actually visible in the photo above as well as below) But I'm okay with this as it can be explained away as slight 'sagging' of the roof. It's nowhere near as bad as previously, Furthermore, the bead of CA has completely gone. There will be no tiles with ridges of CA bisecting them. So, barring catastrophes when carving the tiles, 'job done'. Just one thing I'd like to add.... some of you may query why it is that throughout my construction of both buildings, I've gone ahead and painted them, only to then 'ruin' the paint effect by carrying out further work on them. Not just once, but several times. Well, firstly, painting them helps to see what I'm doing, rather than be blinded by white plaster. Secondly, and more importantly in my opinion, by doing things this way, I am gradually building up multiple layers of colours, achieving variation in tones and shades which would otherwise take a great deal of time and patience to replicate at the 'final stage'. Nothing gets 'weathered' in an instant. It gets weathered over a long time... just like my buildings, and indeed, AFVs. TFL Badder
  17. Problems with the roof continue.... I carved down into the naff area so that there would be enough depth to accept a skim of plaster. Too shallow and there was a risk of the plaster merely flaking off the surface when sanded. As it turned out, the problem was the drying time of the plaster. Despite making a very wet mix, the stuff was drying almost instantly it was applied. This meant that I could not spread it about evenly with a spatula or level it off. (For 'spatula' read Magnum Ice Cream Stick) The plaster 'skim' then, ended up being rather thicker than I had anticipated and required rather a lot of sanding to get it down to near base level. Then I'd use my flat diamond file to get the rows of tiles defined. Unfortunately my flat diamond file proved a bit too destructive for the job, and I ended up taking off rather too much plaster in places, creating a depression or sag in the roof. Whilst this isn't a disaster (old roofs do sag) it was slightly too much of a sag for my liking. So, to skim again. Only this time I used Green Putty. This proved to remain workable for several minutes and so a better result was obtained than if I had stuck with using plaster. Using the 'spatula' I was able to spread, level and smooth the putty to my liking. A sanding stick (for 'sanding stick' read Disposable Nail File) is now being used to get the putty ready for carving the indivudual tiles. TFL Badder
  18. Hello all, Here is a recently completed project involving Tamiya's 1/35 SAS jeep and LRDG Chevrolet 'Command Car'. All completely OOB, save for some extras I added from the spares and scratch built myself. The cap badges are from my personal collection. I'm relatively new when it comes to figures, so they're not my strong point. I enjoyed adding some 'captured' German kit to each vehicle. Build thread is here Thanks for looking. Dave
  19. Thanks Major, Glad you are enjoying it. As you can see, I don't mind showing my errors, failed attempts at saves, and complete !!!! Often I see a WIP and think.... hang on, there's something that's been skipped here! I'd prefer to see their mess-ups and saves as well! And on that note, the work on the roof repair is progressing, but I don't think it's going to be completely unnoticeable when finished. I'm wondering if I can maybe have a bloke up there on a ladder and scaffolding carrying out 'Post Liberation Repairs' ? That would certainly add a bit of extra interest to the dio! Rearguards, Badder
  20. Got some work to do on the HAS before getting it out again if I am going to mark out the floor spaces for the relevant equipment. Itching to get the dominie posed there though. Have a couple of kits poised for further down the road though. Not quite in the recent jet can though. Anyone seen any 1/48 buckets? Time for a Google.
  21. Amazing, @Badder! And perfect work! Wonderful to follow! 8-D
  22. I'm currently working on re-carving the stonework patterns in the walls and window surrounds, and the tile pattern where the extra width has been added. The roof tiles are proving rather troublesome as the CA has formed a tough line down the slope of the roof and this is resistant to all but heavy sanding. The bead of CA runs straight down the roof tiles, alternately running down the join between two adjacent tiles (where it is no problem) but bisecting the alternate tiles (where it is!). It is proving difficult to remove the ridge of CA without affecting the bisected tiles. I will post pics to explain the problem more clearly. (they will appear here in this post as an edit) I have considered cutting these tiles out completely and replacing them with plasticard tiles. I have also considered scraping the tiles back quite deeply, skimming over with plaster, and then re-carving. Whilst I originally preferred the first option, (it requiring less work) I am now leaning towards the second option as it SHOULD give a better uniform finish. So here's the messy joint where I had to add a section of tiles to extend the roof. (The plaster cast shrank during drying and so didn't match the length of the building.) I had tried sanding and scraping the tiles to tidy everything up, but wasn't successful. Here, I've repainted the tiles so as to show the point I'd reached before deciding to try something else. And here's where I've scraped the problem area back in readiness for skimming over with plaster. TFL Badder
  23. Hi, Macki. I've just arrived at this thread and have to congratulate you on not only your modelling skills but also your photography. Well done sir.
  24. Thanks Stix, i thought I'd make a start, I've got a bit of casting to do during the build. Panther now in the RFI section, hope you have a great weekend to.
  25. Hi Vince, Whilst I do admire Stix's vignettes and dioramas and rate his brush skills as amongst the very best, I think I might drive him up the wall if we were to collaborate on making a dio. I can say that with confidence because I drive myself up the wall. Since returning to model-making I've leant that I am incapable of planning the content and layout of a diorama and sticking to it! Hence the title of this thread. Thanks for the thumbs up! Rearguards, Badder Hi Stix, Thanks for the 'bigging me up', but I think you're underestimating your own skills when it comes to building dios/vignettes. Btw, I managed to crack the wall in half while carving some more stonework, but it's fixed now and strengthened! I hope u and Mrs Stix have a great weekend too. Rearguards, Badder
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