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  2. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Looks like a great project with super work so far. Here are a few pictures of RAF Harrington (not far from me) In 1958 a new era started for Harrington when the Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles were chosen as a nuclear deterrent. Bloodhound Mk.1 SAMs at separate sites provided protection. Construction at Harrington was completed in early 1960 and 218 Sqn took up residence. The allocation was short-lived as Harrington was de-activated 23 August 1963.
  3. Views of the site as the build progressed. This is to the left of the missile looking towards the launch rear. Over view of the site as the building continued.
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  5. Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    Cool construction, Rich, The Master is at work!
  6. Hey All, So I think I came up with a pleasing solution for the side rails. I did run into a brief hangup, things were thought through, and sorted. I'll show what I came up with. Looking at the photo below, the side rails (with the two guys in blue hats) lines up nicely with the work surface of the carrier. You get a general idea of what the thing looks like. I have several photos to work with, however none of the photos show the entire stretch of rail. In the photo below you can see where the rail ends and the approximate height of the rails, compared to the stairs. It's all very small in the photo, but I think I have a solution. To start the build these days is to find scrap parts from the kit first. Serious bashing and scratching at the same time. Now all this gets turned into the side rails that I need. Once I got the basic shape of the rail, I decided to test fit to see if everything worked out ok... Nope! I had built the side access stairs to reflect the stairs on the outside of the carrier. As you can see, the inside stairs will run into the side rails. Off with the inside stairs. I'll see if I can find a photo of the inside surface of the carrier to resolve this issue. Still the build continues. Once I checked my clearances, I could proceed to the side rails once again. Scratching the rails was not so hard to do, just a bit of thought and time and a few photos. The photo below shows how the side rail is all supported by concrete blocks... I have not built the concrete blocks at this time. I need to work on the spacing a bit more. You can see what I came up with for the rail system. I think that when this is all painted and installed with the ground, this might actually look good. We'll see. More with the devil as the build continues......Later All
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  8. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Glorious work! (And I love that puggy little fire-tender!)
  9. It was quite difficult to decide on the colour, much of the equipment originated in the USA and looks dark blue, local vehicles would be RAF blue grey, I decided to be patriotic and go with the RAF colours. I may repaint them at a later date. Do you have any views as to the colours? Colour photos are few and far between and the colour, a real minefield. Some of the sizes are guesses, some vehicles and machinery is straight out of my head - sorry, but details are not easy to find. As to source the book I mentioned gives lots of sizes of things and details, it was a good buy. - Thor Anatomy of a Weapon System by Geoff Goodchild.
  10. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Zak I like the look of them despite everything being RAF Blue-Grey Did you guessimate the sizes of the trailers and power units ? Are you working from research and/or drawings ? Ian
  11. Here are some more of the site vehicles. Electrical Equipment Trailer (three of these) Air conditioning unit. Hydraulic Pumping Unit Power Switchboard (skid mounted) Land rover -from the Airfix bloodhound kit Landrover Mk2 from Oxford diecast - repainted BW Models Fire Tender
  12. Another fine version of your very amusing vignette Darby. Shame the original took a fall but it's good to know the idea is still in existance via this one. Excellently done! Kind regards, Stix

    Swedish warship bunker built into side of mountain.
  14. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Excellent umbilical pylon and I can see this is going to be an education about the THOR installation and I love the trailer. I am so looking forward to seeing more Ian
  15. Most of the vehicles and structures had to be scratch built and the spares box came in really useful for this, remember never throw anything away if you can! I needed a lot of wheels and I did cut the odd corner or two, sometimes only single wheels were used where they should be double. Nitrogen Trailers - 4 of these were needed. They are built mainly from plastic card with wheels from the spares box. The nitrogen cylinders were made from large straws cut to size and glued into place.
  16. I somehow assumed that when the wheels were removed they also removed the mudguards, I have modified the erector trailer and added the mudguards as I have been reliably informed they did not come off when the rear wheel assembly was removed. Here the umbilical pylon has been added, this was constructed from Evergreen styrene strip and rod. The erector trailer assembly with launch base posed outside the hangar. The blast walls posed in position.
  17. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    You've made a great start with this one. I'll be watching with interest.
  18. Last week

    Know what you mean. My other grandad was killed at Arnhem, not at the bridge but pushing up the road. Walking round there now it’s difficult to imagine the scene, but it makes more sense in 3D. By the way the grandad with the Narvik photos didn’t take them, he confiscated them from a German POW at the end of the war. I ended up with both the photos and his binoculars. Think my dad still has his knife. But it was all part of the tale my grandad told me as a kid. He didn’t say as much as I would now have liked - I think I only ever got edited highlights. Think that’s true of many of his generation. Another Narvik photo (I can link my Flickr pics, so this is one of mine) Ju-52 landed on the frozen water and then left/abandoned until the ice melted. Another that grandad handed to me & said “you won’t see that happening again!” Also a bit of live night firing - all German navy around 1940

    There is a difference in how we see things, when there is a personal tie to it in some way or other. I have a few diorama scenes on my mind, but I know that some of them wouldn't mean anything to most others. If I did build them, they would only be for me. However, I have created a large collage diorama (not a model) of a road cycling incident I was in. I used it as a means for art therapy. Though it's not a scene that most people would want to view, but it is all important to me. I have it hanging above my bike stand. Every time I get my bike ready for another ride, I get reminded to be prepared. This type of diorama, model or not, is a snapshot of what our soul holds. One diorama I would like to build is based on what my grandmother told me about my grandfather. He was, at one time, captain for the Polish soccer team (between WWI and WW2). To arouse the crowed and fans he would enter the soccer field walking on his hands. To most, it wouldn't mean anything. To me it means a great deal. Thanks bar side for sharing.
  21. Building a HAS

    Cheers @Getunderit been a bit of light relief from building kits. More buildings in mind and a need for a new base to sit them on. Even f they are just there as supporting cast to the aircraft. couple of pics from the weekend - almost ready for some interior paint Desks now have the slope in place & some edging. Need a few seats made up & some unused pilots to be adapted to work there. And got my hands on some nice thin evergreen strip for walkway hand rails

    Narvik shipwreck 1940. My grandad gave me original pictures he obtained during the war. This one isn’t mine but I have some copies scanned in
  23. 1/76 Thor Missile Site

    Thats excellent. I think its great that you can have it in two positions when the hangar is drawn back
  24. Here is the scratch built erector trailer connected to the Belcher bits Launch assembly. Missile in position on the launch assembly. I used the BW vacuum formed Thor missile for this as it is lighter. the assembly pivots to allow the missile into the launch position and so that the erector trailer can go back to the horizontal.
  25. Building a HAS

    This is looking REALLY GOOD. Enjoying the added buildings, and the seeing how you tackle the more difficult structures. Thanks for showing.
  26. Here is a view of the ground plan of the single Thor pad, It has been made from mounting board. OO railway track was laid and glued into position for the hangar to move down. The concrete was scribed, airbrushed and weathered. The hangar will change colour. The 2 ft. ruler gives some idea of the size of the completed model. I am hoping to exhibit it at the Northern Model Show in June.

  28. WW1 1:16 Dioramas.

    One of the hardest things to do is make the placement of things look random .We have a great tendency to line things up.
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