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  1. Today
  2. The reason why I kept putting off building the ramp was because I wasn't looking forward to working the plaster to get it angled correctly, smoothly and level across the slope. It would require me to use a spirit level (I thought) and probably need a fair bit of sanding before gluing the rubber mat to it. But today I realised I was once again being stupid. I didn't need to use plaster at all. All I had to do was glue the bottom edge of the rubber 'flap' to the ground and then fit stonework either side. As long as the bottom edge of the slope was level, and the top was too, the ramp could in fact be hollow. Here's the result, again using the 'not foam-board' to make the stonework. The bottom edge of the ramp was CA'd into a level groove which I countersunk into the plaster ground. Before anyone asks, no I haven't forgotten about the drainpipe and where the water will go. I will be sinking a drain into the cobbles, the outlet pipe sticking out from the stonework at the side. TFL Badder
  3. Yesterday
  4. Oh, well, it ISN'T foam board then! It's one hundred percent waterproof for a start. All the way through. The 'skin' is smooth, plastic-like and so thin it's probably formed by compression, spreading and squeezing the substance against a smooth mould while the inner is only slightly less dense. I really don't know how else I can describe it. Like I said earlier, I personally wouldn't call the inner foam-like. Reargaurds, Badder
  5. Foam board is skinned with paper or thin card and it doesn't react well to getting wet (ask me how I know...) so I'd be concerned about slopping -, sorry, carefully sculpting plaster of paris over it. The stuff from the Plastic People has a waterproof (and much more durable) plastic or pvc coating instead.
  6. Thanks Brian. I've been informed that it's foam board and that it's available from Hobbycraft. I will be going there next weekend so I will have a look then just to confirm yay or nay. BTW, I once found some strange type of very thick sandpapery type cloth, similar to Emery cloth, only on a thicker backing and sheet form and no one could tell me what it was or who manufactured it. I was advised to phone and ask the British Abrasive Society. I phoned them and said 'Hello? Is that the British Abrasive Society?' After a pause a someone said: 'Yes, you %%$£&&^^"^"^"**()()!! stupid :????Z""?""$C$C$!!' Rearguards Badder
  7. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Sorry Badder, I thought that I was echoing the title of your build when what I should have typed was "ever evolving dio". That'll teach me to put my glasses on properly in future. John.
  8. Could the farmer be feeding Les Tommies? French chequered table cloth over a corner of the tank, a few bottles of red, some cheese, baguettes, chicken, perhaps?
  9. It sounds as if it could be plastic or pvc skinned foam board. It might be worth phoning The Plastic People and describing it to them. They're usually very helpful...
  10. Well, that diorama no longer exists so I could use that idea again. Only I don't want to. So I won't. Still thinking on it. Rearguards, Badder
  11. Thanks for dropping in John. You may be right with the 'never ending dio' I could do a 'building a HAS' type thing???? I jest. No progress today so far as I had to drive 90 miles to London to drop off a car full of my step daughter's belongings. THEN I had to lug it all up 4 flights of stairs while she, her ox of a boyfriend and my wife sat and had a cup of tea. Good job I was 'puffed out' or I'd have been able to swear a lot. Anywaaaaaaaayyyyyy.... home now and staring at the diorama trying to visualise the possibilities! Rearguards Badder
  12. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Thats right i knew it seemed a familiar idea.
  13. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Been a while since I looked at this one and although it might be the "never ending dio", it's certainly progressing well. It's hard to pick out any one item, but if I did, it would be the ivy growing up the side of the building. Very good. As to what armour, you can make a case for anything. After all, it was war time and any scenario is possible. John.
  14. Well....... The Churchill kit comes with a commander figure looking at a map (Well, my OLD Churchill kit did, but it's possible the new Churchill doesn't - I haven't seen him pictured on the side of the box as previously) I will have to dig it out of my stash and check. However, my second diorama since returning to model-making 'Lost in France' used that idea: with the Churchill crew asking the farmer for directions. So I'm reluctant to use that idea again. I've had a brief look at the history of Cromwells used in the Normandy landings and found that they went into Villers Bocage where some were knocked out by Tigers. In this diorama this Cromwell could have suffered some damage, or a mechanical issue, which meant it could only travel very slowly. Struggling to keep up, they decide to return to safety, but get lost in the 'Bocage'. The crew eventually give up, find a friendly local and park the Cromwell beside the big tree, waiting for rescue. My diorama landscape isn't perhaps 'Bocagey' enough, but the scene could have occurred further into France/Belgium etc. I do like the idea of parking the tank up beside the tree. It DOES fill an otherwise 'wasted' space and add interest to that area. It also frees up some space along the track (which was reduced in size with the repositioning of the building and the addition of the cobbled areas) It also gives me the opportunity to add that 'set scene' I refer to now and then. Rearguards, Badder
  15. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Heres an idea two seperate groups bump into each other. With knocked down road signs. Might they decide to knock on the farmers door and ask for directions ?
  16. Ahnenerbe

    Thank you all! This was a fun one to construct. G
  17. Last week
  18. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Great idea and amazing execution. I like the lil chap, well dressed as he is. Two thumbs up.
  19. Hedgehog family.

    A really nice wee dio, very well done Harriet!
  20. Thanks Pete, on all counts. Yes, I suppose the Cromwell could be 'lost', or is out of action for some other reason, and the Churchill, UC and infantry come across its crew who are 'taking a break'. I shall have a think about the various possibilities your suggestion opens up. Rearguards, Badder
  21. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    And there is nothing to say that a 'lost' tank crew wouldn't join up with another unit until they find their own unit. It's all coming along nicely and I'm sorry to hear of your medical troubles.
  22. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Superb! Wonders if there could have been a diorama on the desk as well, and that diorama was a diorama of the desk with the models and the diorama on it, and on the desk of that diorama was a desk with the models and the diorama on it, and on the desk of that diorama was a desk with the models and the diorama on it, and on the desk.... I am getting sleepy. Rearguards, Badder
  23. MUSEUM display base 1-32nd scale

    Fabulous idea and execution.
  24. Amazing even without the aircraft
  25. Hedgehog family.

    That is fantastic says harriet, she is only trying to pinch my phone to post in here as well now........
  26. I hate it when people start a sentence with the word 'so', so I started THIS one with the word 'I', and continued, adding nothing of any consequence. Looking at the photos above I realised that I hadn't added ruts/bare mud for when the farmer's cart turned right after coming down the ramp. Mainly, I wanted his usual direction of travel to be to his left, so that the remainder (and longest section of track on the diorama) would be less used and therefore more grassy. This more grassy area will be the direction from which the AFVs are coming. Once I'd added the extra ruts I decided to mark out the positions of the AFVs, since adding the cobbles around the building has obviously reduced the 'useable' area for those AFVs. My old Churchill VII came down from the bookshelf and was plonked in place. I scored lightly around the outside of the tank's tracks to define their width and thereby the width of any ruts they make. I then took the Cromwell's hull from its box and plonked that on the track as well, noting that the tank's tracks inner edge would be only a millimetre or so outboard of the hull itself. And then I read the instruction sheet and discovered that these Cromwells weren't deployed with Churchills. Silly me. IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY DIFFERENT, CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW? THANKS. SO, what to do now?i Well, I still have the Universal Carrier, which IS compatible. So why not two churchills and a UC, or one Churchill and two UC's? Or, forget about the Brit armour completely and drop in some German stuff? Oooooh I'm all in a quandary!!!! TFL Badder
  27. I've roughed-out the areas of grass, track and ruts using watercolour paints. That's another to add to the materials list! The colours will show through the PVA after grassing up. Again, there are a few areas where I've left the underlying metal gauze exposed to aid in the grassing up process. For now though, it's back the stonework and that ramp which I keep putting off! TFL Badder
  28. Well, our cats are outdoors hunting most of the time so any 'lost whiskers' will be somewhere in the fields or woods and I ain't going to that extreme! I will make do with carbon fibre aerials thanks! Rearguards, Badder
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