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  1. Today
  2. Well, this is taking me longer than I predicted! I trimmed the rubber mat to accept the new orientation of the building, but after pulling the 'cobbles' away there was a lot of residual rubber left stuck to the 'foam board'. I'd used CA to fix the mat and it had bonded really well. That took a fair bit of energy and time to remove. Rubber isn't easy to sand, file, or scrape off especially if your muscles don't work properly and also ache even short periods of repetitive movements. In places the 'foam board' was cut away as well, but that wasn't an issue so long as the majority of its surface was left intact. Anyway, once this was done the building sat level . The trimming hasn't been precise and a few gaps will need filling... probably this will be done with weeds! The most awkward fit for the cobbles is obviously that at the front of the building. However, I had by pure chance cut the centre of the top layer of 'foam board' out, turning it into more of a frame. And as it turns out, almost the entire frontage of the building straddles this 'hollow'. So I filled the hollow with plaster then scraped it back so that there is a 2mm gap under the walls and the double doors. This means I don't have to trim the mat to fit the walls and doors, but can instead slip the mat neatly underneath. TFL Badder
  3. Great dio, the gun and the figures fit very well with the scenery.
  4. Thanks Matt The one thing that irks me are the helmet straps. Definitely going to try your suggestion next time around.
  5. Hi Niknak Thank you. It is a Dragon kit and yes, the kit included all figures.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Looks good to me. One thing I have done in the past for helmet straps is to stick some Tamiya tape on my bench, cut strips the width I want with a straight edge and then stick them on the figure head where needed. It makes the strap raised a bit which looks good, but, most importantly, it makes it much easier to paint. Matt
  8. Building a HAS

    Finally got some pe on the seat and base coated it. Then a quick wash over with some silver for raised Detail, olive on the seat and black on the frame. No belts yet but looking good
  9. Very nicely done, which kit is it and did the crew in the winter uniforms come with It?
  10. More rubber mat has been 'sourced'. Once this has been laid down I will sit the building on top of the cobbles and cut around its perimeter Removing the mat from directly beneath its walls will allow me to 'sink' the building into the cobbles and hide the irregularities at the bottoms of those walls. Again, I won't be fixing the building in place until the very end of the build, but I have to make sure that it will sit level before continuing. Photos of the new ramp later tonight. TFL Badder
  11. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Many thanks to all for your kind comments, Chocksaway ill take you up on your panel line advice at the next meeting, sharpie in hand. As for the idea of a table on a table, ill leave that to someone braver than me, 1/12 and scaling down aircraft etc was a big enough challenge for me, using the tips of cocktail sticks to add details, smaller doesnt bare thinking about. All the best Chris
  12. True enough! NASM is one of my all-time favorite haunts...and I've actually been 'visiting' their SPAD since it was a frayed and tattered pre-restoration hulk at Silver Hill back in the day. Their many fine displays were a major inspiration for this base.
  13. Well, that was interesting. I've made in-roads into the new ramp; cutting away a section of the cobbles, the top layer of 'foam board', sanding the plaster down and removing a section of the wire gauze. The PVA sandwiched between the two layers of foam board was still wet. I guess the lack of air in there prolongs the drying process. I'm not sure how far the ramp has to extend towards the doors yet and I've only roughed out the width, but I do have enough mat to complete the cobbles if I cut it up and make a mosaic from the pieces. It won't be ideal though, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get that other piece later today. TFL Badder
  14. Last week
  15. Very nice. I notice some museums have drip trays under the engines sometimes.
  16. Ahhhh! Thanks @bhouse Nope, that didn't seem to work @bhouse But that did. And I don't think I did anything different.
  17. Type "@" followed by the user name (without a space). The site does the rest, @Badder !
  18. BTW, can someone please tell me how you do that quoting a member's tag/name and it highlights it in black and notifies the person that they've been mentioned in a post? TY Badder.
  19. Great and original idea, brilliantly executed. P
  20. I've just had a cracking idea.... A Universal Carrier has reversed up the new ramp to the double doors. The wicket door (which I deliberately left dry-fitted in case I decided to open it fully at a later stage) is wide open, exposing an interior. The interior is packed with stores of food, water, milk and the odd bottle of wine, which the grateful farmer is handing over to the UC crew for distribution amongst the platoon. Yes, I could have used the same 'set piece' with the building facing the mill race, but that would just 'clog' the view from the left hand side of the diorama. By turning the building to face front, I can now, as I said a few posts ago, have two photogenic and interesting scenes instead of one. I like it. And I do have to thank @PlaStix and his 'liking' of those earlier photos, because if I hadn't returned to them to have a look and remind myself of that view over the mill race, I would surely have gone on to leave the building as it was, and wouldn't have come up with any of this! TFL Badder
  21. I've just realised that I do in fact have some more diamond rubber mat: the stuff I used as a floor for the first building I built! A quick recce and I believe there's enough to cover all of the platform. I know what I'll be doing tonight! TFL Badder
  22. Here's the front of the building now facing the front of the dio again. As you can see, there is a large area of 'uncobbledness' now exposed. I will wait until tomorrow to see if I can get that diamond rubber mat before I try option two, which is to skim the area with plaster and carve the diamonds by hand. Also, you'll see that I've mocked up another ramp to access the platform and the double doors. If I were to slope the ramp so that it meets ground level at the edge of the dio, it would be rather steep and therefore illogical and unrealistic. But I don't want to make the slope shallow and chop it off at the edge leaving that black-painted 'cliff' I so dislike. So, what I'm going to have to do is increase the length of the ramp inwards, maybe half way up to the doors, and that means chopping into the platform, 'counter-sinking' the ramp. But that's fine. Better to do that than try to cut, lift, rotate and re-bed the whole platform! But the result of all this messing about is that I can now add a vehicle and/or figures in front of the building, whereas before there was just the end of a building and no room for a 'set piece'. I'm thinking someone drove their Universal Carrier up there and parked up, much to the annoyance of the farmer or his wife. Meanwhile, there are a few areas where the building now sits on cobbles - those being the woodshed, porch and rear wall of the building. I could trim these strips off and maybe use them to fill in the gap out front. TFL Badder
  23. MUSEUM display base 1-32nd scale

    In looking through the pictures I was thinking that the display looked a LOT like something you would see at the Air and Space Museum in DC, so, when I checked and saw you are in Towson, I was not at all surprised. Rally nice work and certainly evocative of one of my favorite places. Matt
  24. Guess what? Having done all that work on the 'platform' for the building in its new orientation, I've had a long think and have decided to revert back to the building facing front! I HAVE TO ADMIT I HAVE ALSO HAD A LONG HARD THINK ABOUT WHY IT WAS THAT I CHANGED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! AND I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER WHY! Here's why I'm changing it back though. I REALLY liked the photogenic view referred to by PlaStix earlier, when the building WAS facing front. It wasn't such a good view when the building was re-orientated. But there was another negative brought about by the re-orientation, and that was a lack of space at the front of the dio. With the re-orientation of the building there is NO room for a vehicle here, and therefore I've lost a photogenic view. So, NOT ideal. Better to return to the original orientation now rather than later. I could try to cut, lift and rotate the whole platform/building then bed it in again with plaster, but that would mean a lot of work. Far easier would be to leave the platform as it is, rotate just the building and then adapt the platform to make sense of the building's orientation. A bit of a boo-boo today.... I managed to find some more diamond rubber mat... but then left it behind. I'm not sure it'll be there tomorrow, but if it is that'll be very handy to fill the gaps I am now left with. TFL Badder
  25. Thanks Brian, Much appreciated, again. The diamond cobbles.... It's good to know that real life is mirroring my work! The rubber mat was a good find indeed! Sadly, I've none left, but I may be able to source a bit more if I am lucky! Any photos you have would be greatly appreciated, not just by me, but by everyone I'm sure. Too late for this diorama in respect of a full layout, but certainly some details could be added. And I'd love to make a diorama based on real life rural architecture and scenery! Rearguards, Badder
  26. Hi Stix, I am okay thanks, a period of stressfulness over at last with the step daughter having finally found herself permanent residence and no longer using our house as a hotel! I hope all is well with you and yours. With regards to the photos you mentioned, the whole idea was to create a diorama with many interesting and photogenic viewpoints, not one with just the one dominant view. That particular photo was very pleasing to my eye as well, but the orientation of the building had to be changed in order to more easily create differences in ground level. So all the views have now altered. I'm not sure that they've all altered for the better and it may have been a mistake, but hey ho, it's too late now. I suppose I could add some more shrubbery to 'repair' that particular view again. Hopefully I won't knock anything over again. And the cats have now been barred from the room since I returned from work one day and found Connie asleep slap bang in the centre of the diorama! Grrrrr! Thanks again for your comments and continued support, Rearguards, Badder
  27. Regarding those cobbles... They look just like the ramps and floors in a couple of our barns - even though they don't have cobbles. Apparently it was common practice to prepare a cement/shingle type mix and spread it over the desired area. As the surface started to go off, a diamond pattern would be etched in. The idea was to improve grip and drainage on the finished surface. I'd send you a photo but I'm away from home for work at the moment. Brian
  28. Hi Badder. I hope you are keeping well. As usual its been a pleasure catching up with your progress. What got me first today was the photos from low down in post 969 on page 39 - the first two low views show what an incredibly believable scene you are creating - even at this relatively midway stage. The depth of the greenery, from the foreground to the side of the house, really looks so natural. I kept going back to those photos. As long as you don't knock anything else all over it this is going to be an awesome diorama. Kind regards, Stix
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