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  2. Thats because I wasn't bidding haha
  3. Yep it was,It actually went for less than I was expecting.
  4. Until very recently I didn't even own a single Star Wars kit - pretty much for the same reason that I don't own any German Armour kits, so many people build them that I don't feel the urge to join in... until now that is. I picked this up on eBay a few weeks ago and when it arrived I thought it looked very nice so since we are doing "Anniversaries" as our Telford theme, what better way to commemorate the 40th Anniversary than to take the plunge and build some Star Wars! So lets start with this... Nice decal sheel - I love that they give you clean and damaged versions of the markings Japanese instructions... oookay... English ones! Construction is fairly strightforward so it didn't take long (ie pretty much a single evening) to get to this stage The R2 unit and the detail strip behidn the pilot is nice and paints up very well I have begin painting and will be doing some paint chipping effects, so more on this later...
  5. Was that the one on eBay recently? I almost put a bid in but managed to restrain myself...
  6. The Power Loader is a great kit,The Ripley figure is an abomination,I used a Neca Ripley figure instead in mine
  7. Hi all! I completed the Revell Snowspeeder - It went together pretty well but I messed up in a few places, hopefully the mistakes aren't too noticeable . . . Let me know what you think
  8. Today
  9. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    What a beautiful pair of A-wings, Andy. I love your choice of colour scheme, and the weathering is great at this small scale! I agree, we need some B-Wing love from Bandai....I'm surprised that these have not received much attention so far, as the B-wing is also a deserving subject. Barrie
  10. Its cool Brian, that cracked me up!
  11. 1/6 Spacebase 2000 Inspired Astronaut Sculpt

    Cracking job.........sorry!
  12. 1/100 ZGMF-X12A Gundam Blue Testament

    Your not kidding some of those pointy part hurt......
  13. RGC-80 GM cannon

    Thanks. Thanks, i think..... Cheers Will.
  14. Based on your thread Gimme Shelter I have just signed up for the subscription so only a couple of years to go before I'm at this stage!! Couldn't find the buy it all now button which in some respects is probably a blessing. Great build and excellent repaint.
  15. Whoa, very cool! Any pics of the completed Shapeways figures?
  16. Hi Michael, now I can help you. Hello everybody, since I can order Gator's Grip also in Germany, I have tested both varieties in comparison, because I was interested in the difference. While the Original Blend is rather pasty and resembles conventional wood glue, the Thin Blend is not fluid, but noticeably thinner. And since the Gator does not bite immediately like CA, I had to hold the two plastic rods first. As can be seen after a dry time of 5 minutes the Thin Blend actually dries faster, and the milky white color already begins to become transparent. After 10 minutes, both samples are standing already by itself. After 15 minutes, the Thin Blend should be almost cured. After 20 minutes: After 25 minutes: After 60 minutes the original glue was still not quite transparent. Then came the nail test, which both samples have survived. However, the force for upstanding reached only to half, for whatever reason. However, the connection is still so stable that the samples can be moved and erected arbitrarily without having to break. This allows everybody to decide for himself which blend is more advantageous and to order accordingly. I will probably stay with the Thin Blend because of the faster curing.
  17. Right! I've been busy getting the pictures swapped over in this topic from Phototbucket to flickr but I got the sculpt baked yesterday. Wrapped his head in foil to protect it, and put some foil around the base too just to stop the sticky resin coming out of the pine base into the oven. 20170921_121647 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And then in he goes, one small step for man a giant leap for baked goods Put him in a 130c for about an hour and 20 minutes 20170921_121753 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20170921_122308 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Forgot to take the plastic arm computer bit of him, so annoyed that happened it was perfect! I'm seriously tempted to buy another 1/24 italieri truck accessory set just to get it again, but I'll sort something out before its needed anyway I'm sure, got the alien plant to sculpt yet! I also had a bit of cracking 20170922_132241 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170922_132248 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170922_132254 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170922_132348 by Nick Frost, on Flickr The foots the worst but that will be covered by a vine/tentacle anyway so overall I'm chuffed as it could have been so much worse! So next up I'll get going with the structural bits for the alien plant before making a start on sculpting it, all repairs of cracks will be left till after the second bake as I may as well do them all at the same time, and no point fixing just to have it crack again. Thanks for looking, more soon
  18. OMG! stunning, amazing or gobsmacking just doesn't do it justice, holy hell on a stick it looks so good. What have you got planned for it, display in the house or build a weatherproof shrine for it in the garden?
  19. Thanks Dermo - the build has been a real journey for me - its pushed my patience to the absolute limit but has been real good fun (most of the time) All that is left now is the weathering and then to pack it up for the Telford show cheers - John
  20. Yesterday
  21. 1/9 Spiderman by Horizon

    Cheers Brian, yeah it is but I must admit this being the third time I've done this spidey kit I'm looking forward to seeing the back of this one! Thanks Will! And yeah I'm actually very happy with the red, I've got in the lazy habit of rattle canning on cheap gloss red on the last couple of spideys so it was nice to get the airbrush out, and I think the finish on the x7 red is so much nicer! And I made a start on the masking today, once I've finished that I can get the blue down. 20170921_133233 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20170921_134203 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Thanks for looking, more soon
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