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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hooters Thunderbird

    Size matters....
  3. Thank you for your nice comments @rjfk2002, @krow113 @Hannes and @kpnuts, I'm expecting the delivery of my punches for tomorrow or Monday....so...I should be able to finish this spare wheels locker in a few days
  4. I can imagine why the Legs video helped the album to become a huge seller in Australia ......
  5. Simply AWESOME and what an imaginative ingenious way to show off your STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS model.
  6. Just WOW.. Liking the Aqua Blue ..colorful build. Quite EFFULGENT ... Good Job .
  7. Uncertain T

    That's quite a big difference when you look at them side by side: I also think that the change of angle and the lighting shows up the paintwork better.
  8. Hooters Thunderbird

    Thank you muchly.
  9. Hannes, EXQUISITE in detail and everything about it oozes SEXY ..HOT... I absolutely LOVE the GORGEOUS engine.. I adore engines ! I can't stop looking at it.. I think these classic cars are fabulous and aesthetically STUNNING in MY eyes. VERY RESPLENDENT and your skilful painting et al is ASTOUNDING AND AMAZING.... you did a brilliant job even thought it was broken.. KUDOS
  10. ...well there's a question I've never been asked before ! - 205mm x 80mm x 65mm (1:24 scale). Ian.
  11. Audi A4 DTM

    Pat .. Your talents and skills for vehicle building is mighty IMPRESSIVE.. FABULOUS fit and finish and your Audi A4 is IMPECCABLE to look at.
  12. Uncertain T

    OMG.... what a GORGEOUS quirkiest SUPER DUPER of a model.. Love it... IMPRESSIVE little diorama too.
  13. SPLENDID... SMART.... EFFULGENT...And heckuva BEAUTY.
  14. Hooters Thunderbird

    One OUTSTANDING looking vehicle. Your model looks very professional and IMPRESSIVE. Simply super duper build. What are it's dimensions please, thank you.
  15. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Lee.. I LOVE it.. FANTASTIC.... Stealth on four wheels.. AWESOME build.
  16. Fujimi 1/24 Mitsubishi Evo V

    STUNNING.... what an imaginative build ... it's absolutely SUPERB. KUDOS...
  17. Very RESPLENDENT.. it's beautifully done.
  18. 1/8 Cunningham E Type Revell conversion

    Whilst browsing a certain part work model forum, I've stumbled across some possible exciting news - it looks like this might happen , albeit not the lightweight version. I'm not sure that I'm allowed to draw attention to Manufacturer's part work forums but under members Motor & Loco build diaries you might find Roy's next project other forums - so you'll just have find it for yourselves .
  19. Dear Thierry , sorry for not posting earlier comments regarding your great construction , I´ve just been focused very much on my 806 . It´s a great pleasure to watch your amazing work ! Hannes
  20. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Brake fluid is my first choice for removing paint from plastic parts . Because this is my first comment on this thread I just want to say : Hats off to you , Sir ! What an admirable work ! Hannes
  21. Purchased a Porsche C-GT with zero paints sternrubin paint. Just need to make some svipe logos and another build will be ready to start. Applause for anyone who knows the inspiration for this build. Shaun
  22. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    All looking amazing.
  23. R34 Z-Tune

    Tamiya Purple as a base-coat for the (pearl) top coats. Will let this dry & cure until after the weekend at least- we've got a very warm Spring here just now so drying shouldn't be an issue. Ian.
  24. That's kinda cool... I'd have a go at something like that. Ian.
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