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  2. Sorry, should have been more clear. The thinner I used was Mr. Hobby Levelling Thinner which I think is less agressive compared to commercial lacquer thinner.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thank you for the sentiment...But I HAVE to finish it before IT finishes ME. I'm neither dragging this out nor rushing to the display case just yet. Still some small baubles to add, tidy things and attach the big bits with hinge pins. And I have to make tiny sunglasses for the Little Lady so the light doesn't hurt her eyes. So some time remains.
  5. Dear Codger, please don't finish this masterpiece yet...and the little lady is comfortable in the box, so why take her out of her sleep?
  6. Well I finally have a rolling chassis! Everything screwed together really well and I don't think it is looking as toy like as I initially feared. I have also made my only concession to the planned OOB build which was to replace the frayed old string that was supposed to represent the hose with some 5mm flat shoe lace which works out roughly to scale for a 4" fire hose. This was then added to the rear body assembly which consists of the chemical tanks, hose real and ladder rack.
  7. Much appreciated mate Ron
  8. That is a very nice compliment I know my build style is not to everyone's I am pleased you like it. Regards Ron
  9. Thanks Hannes, I will think about your suggestions.
  10. LMAO....yep...especially after a 'track' day.....scuffed knees....and a sore rear end
  11. Dear Olivier , maybe you´ll find something suited in your Pascale´s jewelry case ! Serious again : two oval pieces of an opaque plastic material ,brown or blue and the surroundings coated with bare metal foil . Maybe the glasses could get made out of plastic kid´s jewelry . Many greetings ! Hannes
  12. More superb work
  13. Thanks Hendie. I enjoy working on this beetle which is great because it suppresses my anxiousness to get the Delage measurements. 234. Till now I kept myself busy with the petrol reservoir, a part that makes for about half the size of the carburetor. Unfortunately it isn't provided for by Revell. The other half is the cilinder in which air is mixed with the petrol. The tapered part was made in an alternative way. Along a height of 0,91 millimeter this part is tapered 0,355mm. (0,71 divided by two because the lathe cuts on two sides at the same time). Each 0,1mm. that's 0,04mm. What I did was rotate the right hand wheel (top slide) 0,1mm. and simultaneously the left hand wheel (cross slide), 0,04mm. With a bit of practice and hand-hand coordination this works well. 235. I use three drawings (left, front and right side) to indicate where holes need to be rilled and how large these holes need to be. For 'exact' locating I use reference photos. 236. Interim result in dryfit: Total number of hours spent: 99.
  14. Nice job,looks a nicely detailed kit
  15. Yes, Hannes, you won! It is the knot that closes Bordino's cap: ... as we can see fe on photo 9: The knot is now painted and glued. The next step will be the goggles, I am thinking about the strategy to reproduce them as well as possible. Any suggestion welcome...
  16. A late 50's American car towing a caravan South of Gainsborough. A BRG Triumph TR3 a bit later East of Gainsborough. Later on the A1, an American monster truck towing a caravan!
  17. A VW type 2 split screen drop side pickup parked in George St in Banbury this evening. Karl
  18. Bordino´s cap ? Maybe his glasses ? Hannes
  19. 57 Ford Fairlane in salmon (very pink) and dark gray. Sounds ugly but it looks fantastic.
  20. And now a little game: I made this "construction", necessary for my build, with dental floss. What is it?
  21. A Scorpion light tank on low loader going into London on the M4 while going the other way a BA massive Aircraft tug on low loader plus escort vehicles going towards Wales , taking two lanes up on a Friday nite during rush hour and a Bank Holiday weekend Don,t transport bosses look at the calender !!!!
  22. A diesel motorbike! (i wont use the name Enfield/Royal Enfield)...
  23. A nice build, it is a ford, but not badged as one, italeri did this a few times, the MACK is another example, a Mack in all but badges!
  24. As someone who has built the Ducati pretty much to stock, and shows it with pride in its case, I am in awe of the quality of your skills. It makes mine look like a Dinky! Bravo!
  25. If you coat the molotow parts with lacquer or even Gunze/Tamiya acrylic it will dull quite bad, however if you use Alclad aqua gloss it still stays bright, not as well as uncovered but it allows handling of the part. Gunz/Tamiya paints have ipa as a thinner and this eats into th motolow stuff like crazy.Have washed off motolow finish with ipa when I have made a mistake with it.
  26. Just a note of caution Jeremy. If applied too heavily, lacquer thinner will cause plastic to craze. Molowtow can be removed easily with isopropyl without harm to plastic.
  27. Hubley kits were sold under the Gabriel brand name in the 1960's. I'm not sure why the name change, but my guess would be Hubley wanted to differentiate the branding of the die-cast car line from the kit line. Someone else will hopefully come along who can shed more light. I do recall the kit parts are interchangeable between the two.
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