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  2. It's not that there's no information or documentation with the transkit, it's just somewhat vague given the parts count. He supplied the complete Ferrari F40 parts manual with the kit along with a few pictures. Most of that documentation is of the engine though. It's the re-engineering of the frame to use the PE and get rid of the toy like look on these components that really needed better explanations. Fortunately, there's about 3-4 other of these builds on other forums to draw some info from. Again, those guys concentrated mostly on the engine and just a little on the frame and suspension. This picture in the background with the red outlines around what needs to be removed is the best thing I found regarding what to do to prepare the frame for the PE. It's kind of what the transkit should have had. Since I was gone most of the day, I only managed to get most of the braces roughly cut out. I set the PE pieces next to what I have and I can see some areas that need to be massaged. I also, totally spaced out removing the small triangle piece outlined in the bottom right corner of the picture so, that needs to come off tomorrow with some other minor pieces. I'm probably spending a lot more time documenting this part of the build than normal but, I know that, Rich will be having to do this as well and if I document it and talk about what worked and didn't work then it will be easier for him when he gets here. It's still a bit ragged but, I didn't want to cut too close with the Dremel saw. I can clean it up with sanding sticks and files. I have the Dremel set up out in the garage and most of the reference and PE in the downstairs work shop so, tomorrow I'll take it all out to the garage and get it all dialed in and start soldering the PE and get it glued to the frame skeleton. Hopefully, tomorrow night it will be looking somewhat brassy! Very cool video Pascal, thanks for sharing. I've kind of wanted to build a bit of a racer out of this car and I think that. I've hit on a narrative that will suit me. I'm going to build a gentleman's racer that, has enough safety equipment inside the cockpit but, without all of the body engine modifications that a LM car would have. This guy likes to take his F40 out on the weekends and race it at the track with his buddies. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Wayne have you seen this ? Chris Harris puts the pedal to the metal in both the F40 and the F50. This clip has some nice closeups and some magnificent driving :
  5. Yes, that Tamiya one sure looks like a nice model, but at that price it a NO for me This 288 GTO clip has some very nice engine sounds and some INSANE driving :
  6. I'm slowly catching up with the great builds going on here. Look forward to your continuing excellence. Best luck with your move and pack the Alfa carefully!
  7. The knurled shock bodies are amazing............................
  8. Jeremy, the entire presentation has a wonderful 'period' feel which makes it very realistic. Superb job.
  9. What lovely work and detailing. Depending on the photos and cropings you can easily confuse this with the real McCoy
  10. At least you received the replacement part. Pity it didn't arrive unblemished.
  11. I see you are going all-in with this one. Or should I say: All-out, because you prbably are taking out half (or more) of the original model. looking really good, Pascal.
  12. The balls-up's are coming thick and fast If you look closely at the picture below, you will see that I had sprayed up these two end plates both as 'left handed' - they are blue on the other side so cant be reversed - anyway, corrected now - but grrr! Here are a few pics of the extra wiring I have added - first shows quite a big pipe - a breather I think - that you see on a lot of pictures, but wasn't detailed in the kit....I've also added some 'ground' wires - and wired the wet-weather light! Once I get the dust off all these, I reckon these will actually look like the 'real' version
  13. Nice work Pat. Instead of painting the window seals try using a permanant marker on them before you fit them. Works for me every time.
  14. Thanks guys. Well, I'm short of time. Have been busy preparing the house and garden as we are planning to put the house up for sale. hope to get it sold soon as we are eyeballing another house (which will have a nice roomey workshop for me). I hope to get some more work done before I need to pack everything for the move. Don't know when that will be, but ehen that time comes, it will be quite some time before I can restart the work on the model. Next up will indeed be the housing for the rear lights. I am thinking about lighting need up front and in the rear too. thought process not ginished yet.
  15. Hi Ken, although the colours would not be my choice, the end result is nice. I hope you enjoyed creating this model. apparently you did, as you seem to planning number 3...
  16. Hi Robin, Than you for your kind comments. I am really pleased with the way it came out, and my daughter was really happy with it. Regards, Alan.
  17. Great details, Jeremy. Comes out real nice.
  18. A great. Will be waiting for it. Love to see the next installment of your build
  19. Not sure on the Pig, maybe just a weight. The trans kit spare tank fit is exactly the same length and width of that space over the side-pod though so it must be just a larger tank if you want to use it.
  20. Wayne, great stuff. Love what you show us. It seems to be a real journey and I gather that the instructions are not really self explanatory. Actually a bit weird if you create a transkit with so many parts and simply do not spend the time to set up documentation which will enable your customers to build the kit. Anyway, a swell job sofar. Keep going...
  21. Wow, that's amazing.
  22. Good idea to prevent sagging of the doors.
  23. Chas, good to see you found the energy to start again. We thought you were almost there, but, the amount of work needed on the side panels is huge. Anyway the louvres and cowl line up pretty good. Well done.
  24. Roy, I'm totally amazed of what you are doing here and thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is as if you take us with you in your mental process ( well, sort off) during thinking about methods, processes etc. Really fun to read. Well, in principle I agree, but in this case there is a but.... For some procedures there is a big advantage in having the mill setub fixed to the lathe. When you need to turn parts, then mill certain areas an then turn again, you'll have a big advantage if you can keep the work piece in the chuck (like the hexes on the sparkplugs, specifically if more turning actions are needed). But, on the othe hand, a freestanding mill has big advantages too as the workarea is often larger compared to the area on the lathe.
  25. Love another Mk.2 Cav SRi.Probably very rose tinted glasses!
  26. Oh...I missed that....I'm glued to this forum section. I really must step outside the workshop more often to see what's happening outside also. Really lovely and I'm sure your daughter will be very happy with it! Robin
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