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  2. Hi all here is today's update. I'm really happy the way the chrome has golded (is that a word) I think the gold works incredibly well with the purple I realise the purple needs a few more coats, then I need to start the marbling effect, have I mentioned I love this kit.
  3. Although we are talking a few mm., tough challenge specially in the last few miles. Glad you found the solution. Going back to the basics so to speak... big lesson for me, thank you.
  4. He also said it before you even joined the forum, and yes, there were a couple of ladies on the forum then, but as he was talking collectively to the males that had been causing the upset, it's fair of him to refer them by their gender. We wouldn't want to mis-gender them, would we? I'm sure if there had been a lady involved in the incident, he'd have modified his language accordingly.
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  6. More progress. Not a lot but some none the less. Having looked at real FIAT 500s on the street, I noticed that the dash-board had a panel painted in the same colour as the car body. So, I painted the dash in the body colour, then masked it. Once masked, I painted around the masking tape with diluted Humbrol clear acrylic varnish. I tried this out after someone in Britmodeller suggested it was a good way to prevent paint creeping under the masking tape. Once that was set, I covered the unmasked areas with Citadel Abaddon Black. I let it set overnight. This is the result: Not too shabby, I think. No leaking behind the masking tape. I also decided that the rear-seats needed a bit of attention, so I re-painted the rear seat base with dark grey, thus: It's a bit difficult to see here, but I think that it looks better. Finally, I have started priming the door panels. A bit of a way to go yet, as my home-brewed primer is quite thin, since I mostly spray it. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  7. I can be dumb... As you saw, I had convinced myself that I would fabricate new hood panels. That proved to be a long, frustrating and futile exercise. I tried different materials and thicknesses and substructures to support them. With each, I found that I couldn't get them to match the grille shape and rest completely closed. Also, attaching supports to the skins was very problematic. This went on for weeks actually. At a mental standstill, I decided to re-study 1:1 Phantom hoods. I discovered I was making things too difficult. In a nutshell without great story-telling, here is the solution; I would use the original sturdy kit hood panels, modified cosmetically as needed. The first shot shows 6 of the nine panels I made and could not get to work. Four are different plastic thicknesses and the two in front are ~.012 ally. Three other panels were discarded for damage while bending. Here are the kit panels in place, perfectly closed at rest. They need material added in width and to get the edges full size but that will be far easier than what I went through. And here is the culprit; the bushing I made for the hinge pin is too tall. Removing and replacing with a shorter one allowed the front of the hoods to rest right behind the grille shape. Anyone wishing to make their own hood panels, PM me and I'll discuss what's involved - I'm an expert now...
  8. Hi Tammy, not sure Greg meant anything by it, just a general term. Julien
  9.'re too generous with me, really...It's very kind of you, but I'm not the only one here to deserve your praise. However, coming from you, I'm flatted. Thanks a lot
  10. I'm not sure about this, but I think that the 2K lacquer is probably polyurethane with Isocyanates in it. The 1K, I'm not so sure. As for the normal base colours and primers, just take the usual precautions as you would spraying anything. All paints are more or less hazardous, even acrylics. If you spray any paint, either do it in a very well ventilated area or wear a proper mask OR both! Cheers, Alan.
  11. Just posting to reinforce the health warning. Make sure you use the proper protective equipment for polyurethane paints , spraying or otherwise. They have Isocyanates in them!
  12. I recently had cause to brush-paint some Zero Paints Colour to touch up some minor damage on a model. You just have to be very careful and brush with very light strokes. Then it won't lift what's below. Ask me how I know...
  13. On the way home from work tonight.... A Rover P6 3500. I Still think this is one of the best cars Rover ever produced. In the car at the time, so no piccies...
  14. I do give force India a little credit as this nose solution was just pointed out to me and it does look to be a very clever interpretation of the rules though they could have painted it in 1 colour all over so it didn't look like the male appendage nose frome 2014. Shaun
  15. Surely new regs should of required a 100% new car lol but It is an ugly duckling, maybe they are hoping for a Ferrari f2012 luck and do good with a bad car. Yep the big boys are coming out over the next couple of days, Merc tomorrow then Ferrari and mclaren the day after and rbr on Sunday. Shaun
  16. The FI is definately the worst car at the moment. They said its 95% all new - Hmmm i wonder if this is a good idea. Time will see how well it goes up against the rest. Looking forward to seeing what merc release tomorrow.
  17. OK so this chrome plating isn't the usual modelling stuff, but actual chrome with a copper base. Anyone tried paint stripper? I'll give my custom IPA/brake fluid mix a go and get back to you lol. Ashley
  18. Yes sanding appears to be the solution to remove the chrome and the copper underlayer. Fortunately there has been a bright side to this! I noticed on FEV 1H the lower aux spots have chrome bezels and the various fluids had left these untouched allowing me to sand the outer bowls. Attached is progress with the parts I need having been sanded. Also a bit of a light bulb moment was spraying a bit of sprue with Acrylic Humbrol Matt Varnish rattle can [r/h side of the scrap sprue] to achieve an aluminium look which may work for the headlamp/grille part. Of course this doesn't solve the issue of any mounting points for parts on the sprue which may need touching in, hence the door handles required sanding too.
  19. Can't do that, when it comes to f1 I stick to what the real car has mainly. But if the rumours are true and ebbro/tamiya/fujimi make it then there are no problems lol I'm hoping liberty stand back for a year just to observe then bring in the right changes. I may be biased on the whole Ferrari money thing so not too much to say other than I think any team that has been in f1 as 1 team for over 20-25 years consecutively deserve a bonus. The Mercedes and Renault ones bonuses are silly. Williams and mclaren deserve them and maybe even Sauber. I agree with the stroll point but he could surprise everyone and be a mega talent that just didn't get the recognition he served in the junior formula due to the whole rich dad thing. Wherlien for me is a little petulant and I don't know but there is just something about him that I just don't like. If he performs this year then he will go up the grid, if not I think he's gone. I too would like to see better free view coverage of f1 and also a lower track ticket prices, I would like to take my mini mes to watch a race but for 5 people it's just way too expensive at this point. Vettel and alonso places will all depends on the teams performance. For me this could be a very pivotal season for a lot of people in each team and the new owners. Shaun
  20. I tried all sorts, bleach/ oven cleaner/ brake a last resort i even tried nitromorse on a spare bit of chrome sprue and left it overnight. If anything it made it shinier. I emailed Belkits for advise and they said to use wet n dry which i had already done by the time i got their reply. As Nick said there's a copper layer underneath which might have something to do with it.
  21. Force India added to the show. My opinion the force India is the worst looking car so far, big nose almost as bad as 2014 spec, the shark find is way to basic and to top it off the stepped nose is back. It's almost as if fI said what's the worst design parts of the last few years well let's put them on are car. It looks far too primitive so I am hoping by the time testing starts or by the first race the area concept changes a lot. Shaun.
  22. I checked my kit - all spru's are there and the cast metal pieces look decent. Paint is not the best, buildup on some edges and one door is a little wavy, but I wouldn't be able to do better so i'll leave as is.
  23. TBH, it'll be interesting to see what happens this year. Especially with Bernie "Greedy Guts" gone & to see what Liberty can bring in, id be happy if a better deal can be put together to bring every race live back to terrestrial TV. Its a shame we didn't see Rosberg defend his title, but im hoping we can see a resurgence of the other teams to try & take it to Mercedes. Im also hoping that McLaren can come back to their glory days again, I think they could be the dark horse this season along with Renault & to see what Ferrari might do as they are going to lose their $100 million a year "Ferrari just being in F1" bonus. Reading some F1 websites, that Lance Stroll is saying that's there's more to him than the $80 million his dad has paid for his drive, the jury is still out on that one, but he has won pretty much every championship coming up to F1, but you cant say his talent ALONE has got him the vacant seat at Williams. Also to see Massa come back out of retirement as Bottas got the seat at Mercedes, to the hest of Martini (as they wanted a driver over the age of 25), why go back to Massa when they have Paul Di Resta chomping at the bit trying to get back into F1 as their reserve driver. Its a great shame that Pascal Wherlien has done everything that Mercedes has asked of him & he's been snubbed AGAIN. Going back to Bernie, Don't get me wrong he's done a fantastic job, but his greed for more wealth & only going to countries that have money & ripping off tracks that cant afford to host a GP anymore & we have lost iconic tracks to new ones that are so boring & again to the fact he put F1 to Sky & now terrestrial TV is losing the rights to ALL live races to Sky as of 2019 is beyond a joke. With Vettel's & Alonso's contracts both coming up at the end of this year, where will Bottas go next year? As Mercedes have only signed Bottas to a one year deal. Like I said above it'll be great to see what Liberty can do, as they actually listen to the fans instead of Bernie just listening to those who can line his pockets. Wayne.
  24. Oh god indestructible chrome plating. Another joy to look forward to when I start mine 😖 Ashley
  25. If the model is issued, there's nothing to stop you painting the black bits blue!
  26. What parts are these? I had some leftovers with the Ducati also that where not in the manual. I now know where they can go :-)
  27. Williams also and has been a wish for a number of years now, I love the Martini livery. John
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