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  2. Dodge Sidewinder

    Hey, looks great. I like the colour combination. Makes me think about building it also, because I got it my stash but somehow forgot it there...
  3. Dodge Sidewinder

    Nice work What kit?
  4. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    I have moved on the 3rd shelf of my showcase my 806. It is the best place to highlight her. And I have changed the page of the Sebastien's book in the background. It is opened now on the page where there is our photo 3 on left page and out photo 4 on right page. And I have done the labels. If you want, I can translate the text in english, just ask me. A question: I made a video, I would like to insert it in the thread, but I don't know how to proceed. Can you recall me that, please, Roy, as you did that several times above? P.S: Hannes, I miss you!
  5. Today
  6. Marvellous work. The three D printed parts are amazing. I presume you had to supply CAD models for all of those? This is definitely something a bit different and fascinating to follow along. I'm not sure you have enough of those lights though!
  7. Copperhead

    Nice. What kit and scale is it? Did you know that you posted twice?
  8. Thunder Valley F1

    I think that that's a good idea if you want to be sure to get what you want in a timely manner. When I ordered my stuff I had no idea that the communication would be almost nonexistent but, I can only say that, when I did receive the metal engine it was far and away much better quality than the Scale Details engine. I posted some side by comparison pictures on my Pocher F-40 thread so you can see the difference. For the price of the SD engine the quality was pretty poor. On the other hand, not knowing if you are going to get your order due to the lack of communication is worse. It's really too bad because he does make some good stuff.
  9. Thunder Valley F1

    I wanted his 1/12 cast metal DFV engine. As my HLJ order is now on its way with an E.Jan 1/12 DFV funnel and distributor set in it, I think I'll pass on his metal engine. I'm not thrilled regarding comments on the poor service either.
  10. This is one of those builds that you wish you'd never started, missing motorization parts and instructions which I swear were written by someone who had never built the kit. The whole thing put me in bad mood not helped by the body falling off the paint stand before it had dried. I could go on but suffice to say there were times when I was tempted to bin it
  11. 1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    A small update to the build after such a disappointing Singapore gp for Ferrari, if the commentators were right it was the first time in Ferraris history in a gp where 2 cars have started and none have finished the first lap. After priming the wheels I noticed that I forgot to add a couple of bits on them so the what I'm guessing is wheel weight and valve stem was added and just need another coat of primer to get right. Something that has slowed the process down quite a lot is the gaps between the side pods and the main body section. The gaps have slowly been filled up with plastic card to a look that I'm now happy with. Right side. Left side. Apart from that the only other things that have been done is the mould line down each side of the body from the side pods to the rear have been sanded back and filled in places and also the join between the upper and lower chassis parts has been filed and sanded until all level.. And then finally the whole body surface was sanded back to get ready for a little primer to see how much more sanding is needed. Hopefully now the side pods are done I can really crack on with some other areas. Shaun
  12. Pascal, I said it before, simply stunning. A beautiful model of a great car and so well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed this thread. Regards John
  13. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Step 10 over.

    Great build of a classic bike! (colour is an acquired taste though!) good luck on finding the BMW...I will keep my eyes open for you!!! Mark D....
  15. Some work on the secondary air system fans....I finally received the 0.8 mm hex bolts and nuts from Autograph today, and tested my reading glasses installing them on the fans ...:)
  16. Yesterday
  17. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    On my A7 Ulster the oil filter was a tube shaped piece of metal gauze attached to the sump plug. When the plug was screwed up into the sump the gauze filter went into one of the engine oilways. On removal, for oil changing, the gauze tube could be removed from the sump plug and washed in petrol or paraffin There was a similar filter in the petrol tank, over the outlet hole inside the tank. To remove it, the fuel line had to be disconnected from the fuel tank, the filter dropped down and out, got washed, pushed back up and the fuel line re-attached to hold it in place Both filters have been replaced with better ones
  18. Absolutely beautiful model Pascal, really excellent work! Keith
  19. For a bloke like Hendie who has travelled and seen the world Wessex is always a good New Thing Quite partial to Dorset myself
  20. Hi Roger, going back over 30 years, I seem to remember Truck Magazine did an 18 wheeler, based on a Ford Transit and called it something like Triple T?
  21. Bonsoir, Thank you very much Mates Here we are! The Roaring Papaya is finished. Mat black after masking: Windshield is installed with 0.7 resin rivets. Mirrors, Dzus and metal rivets of the front hatch are also now done. I'm trying to take better pics maybe a bit later... I hope this wip was plesant for you. As usual, comments and remarks are welcome. Pascal
  22. It's very likely that simple in-line filters were used, similar to those used in motor-cycles. Remember, the oil would probably be changed for each race and the petrol would usually be poured into the tank through a filter. They weren't like road cars which were (and are) expected to go for thousands of miles between oil changes. My '54 Austin Healey 100 used an in-line fuel filter in the fuel line so it wasn't obvious. Most motor bikes used a simple wire mesh filter in the return feed from the engine. There's no reason to believe cars would need anything different. Dave
  23. Ebbro Tyrrell 002

    Hi John, not far from the end now. Just need to find a bit of spare time. Got the wing and and those delicate mirror mounts 🙂
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