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  2. Hey all, Hopefully I've posted this correctly. Here's my first post. I will add others as time goes by. This is my 8th build since February.
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  4. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    She's progressing vey nicely, Hannes!! Keep up the good work!
  5. Thank you for your comments ! I'm sorry but I sold the two other cars, I won't be able to "Kryptonite" them !
  6. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Protar designers almost had it right though
  7. Beautiful job and photo's,can't wait to see what you do with the other two...
  8. Now my bonnet´s supports are fixed , made out of brass strips. The bonnets will be the next steps .On the second photo we can see the required elongation . Many greetings ! Hannes
  9. That looks fantastic! Great choice of colours, gives it a more modern edge.
  10. I love the white look!
  11. AMT White Freightliner COE

    I’ll be watching as a truck builder! Built a few AMT kits and they are nice, but need some work to get together in places
  12. AMT White Freightliner COE

    I say go for it! I would like to do a rig like this someday so I'll be tagging along.
  13. With the end of my "Demon II" now behind me and an empty bench in front of me I've decided to put my next build on the it. This one is another "Blast from the Past". I built this kit as a kid and although it was a terrible build looking back, I had a lot of fun with it. After a tumble on the shelf shortly after I built it she was put out of her misery. The Pactra Star Blue paint had been brushed on and it was the ugly duckling of all of my builds even in that day. Flashing forward some 35 years later here I go to give this beauty another shot. As some of you know, I've been wanting to build a rig for some time now and this just seemed like the perfect one to build.The Pactra paint line has ended so I'll be on the search for a close, if not perfect, match to the original Star Blue as possible. I also need to do a lot of research on White Freightliners as to get a lot of the details right and the paints as close as possible. Decals are shot so I'll be outsourcing those to get a fresh set. I've also managed to round up an upgraded set of wheels and tires for this bad boy so I turned to Moebius for those.IWith that............let's get started...............
  14. Well tidy take on a classic.Like it very much.
  15. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Having seen the video took me back to my library. There is a quite comprehensive account of Benoist's racing and wartime underground activities in "The Grand Prix Saboteurs" by Joe Saward. Morienval Press 2006, ISBN 978-0-9554868-0-7.
  16. Tamiya Porsche 959

    Nice n' clean! Awesome work Spiny!!
  17. Yesterday
  18. I do like the cals and the paint work on this build. Nice work.
  19. 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

    Very nice work! great paint job, really suits the car in my opinion .
  20. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    I like it very much, Roy!!! I'm subscribed..... Nice to meet you my friend!
  21. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    @Jo NZ thank you for the reference, that is very interesting information. I might be able to use that information for the new project you'll see below, in which case I'll certainly order one specimen of the Rivers Fletcher book. I might want Villa's book anyway as I love pictures from that era. On the 3rd of April I mentioned that I've been thinking about ways to make this topic more interesting, informative and comprehensible. Here is the result... or at least its start: I much hope you'll like it. If you want please show your appreciation by clicking 'subscribe', in the lower right corner. I'll try to lure as many followers / subscribers as I can . Making this video is quite a bit step for me so you can imagine I'm very curious about your reactions!
  22. Work continues on the second handle. Here's a dryfit with the tube that runs to the back of the cockpit : I made the little ball (1,2 mm diameter) from a piece of alu sewing needle, total length of the handle is 7mm. Dryfit with the triangular base : The macro pictures show that the copper tubes (0,6 mm diameter) are not aligned, this has been changed after the picture was taken : The handle is adjustable : Sincerely Pascal
  23. Batmobile,polar lights..

    Thanks Ken. Well I cant find the bonnet so am going to make one.
  24. Once upon a time, I started it, 1/25 Chevy

    Hello Dears, today, I fixed this one ! Just that, it was 1/1 scale ! Sincerely. CC
  25. I found the "Kryptonite crystal" on the web, and I modified it with Photoshop. Then I printed it on a clear decal sheet as well as the letters. Everything else is painted... with a secret paint from a planet far far away !
  26. I like that! Where on earth did you get the decals?
  27. Hi, Let me show you my last model I just finished. This is how this '41 plymouth was when I bought it ! And now, just after its transformation into a kryptonite powered drag ! New frame, new paint, new engine ! I hope you'll enjoy this model !
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