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  2. New Man Porsche 956

    I got some work done on the chassis/interior
  3. Yesterday
  4. That is seriously nice. Excellent model.
  5. Once upon a time, I started it, 1/25 Chevy

    Hello dears, slow restart, I worked on the de-chromed parts. The engine get its first coat of paint ! i started to work on the interior but Nothing Worth a shot ! Have a very good modelling time. Sincerely. CC
  6. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Hi all well I've got to say I'm very disappointed with the hardware upgrade kit. I'm not an engineer and I don't have a box of assorted small diameter bolt hexnuts or assorted rods but Paul seems to think anyone buying his kit has them I now have to try and find some threaded rod for the foot pegs, anyway whingeing aside the heal guard is missing the attachment hardware Paul suggests to make sure you can get the centred you cut the heads off the bolts and glue them in place allowing you a chance to centre them On closer inspection looking at the rear of the part there are two lugs where the bolts go through on the real thing which if drilled from the rear gives you the ability to centre them also giving you the realism of having the bolts sticking out the back once added The top bolt on this bracket as supplied is a Philips screw. Paul's solution is to cut the head off a socket screw and glue it over the screw
  7. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    For me from that list the one I would give my left *cough* for is the Rosso 1/8 Ferrari 643. I see them on eBay rarely and also quite alot on buyee.jp go for silly money. It's a shame that Rosso went able to do more as I read their factory had a fire in which alot of stock and basically every mould was destroyed. So if anyone has a Rosso 643 that they would like to trade for a fairly healthy kidney then I would be willing to deal. Shaun
  8. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    I have been very inactive on the forum the last couple of months. To participate, if only incidentally, I drafted a list of 1/8 models, sorted to my taste. I'll reprise my build report of the Delage in due time. Not many models were produced as kits on 1/8th scale. Ik like the size and detail of this scale and decided to perform some research as to what models kit makers have deemed worthwhile replicating in 1/8th. As this is the time of "year's end top [x]" overview lists, I devised the order in which I'd prefer to build those models (from "noooo" to "yes, I'd like to build that NOW"). Needless to say, this is a very personal list and remarks / other opinions are more than welcome. This topic should really have been named 'MY top 1/8 kits of all times' but I didn't consider that sufficiently clickbaity. This overview isn't about the quality of a certain kit, but regards the subject at hand. Some choices were very difficult to make, but fortunately this isn't a matter of war or peace. I realize that I probably didn't list ALL 1/8-model cars, although I tried to include as many as I could. About half of those listed below aren't listed on Scalemates and some I had to deduct from the banlieues of my brain/memory. Some models' existence were a surprise to me, such as the Peugeot 205 GTI. And apparently we no longer have to wait for Pocher's awaited Mercedes-Benz 300 SL kit, as it seems to have been issued by Eaglemoss. Anyway, thoughts or suggestions are always welcome. Perhaps this list contains surprises even for some 1/8-fans... it did to me at least. Copyrights are always reserved for the rightful holders. Pictures are only shown for referential, non-commercial purposes and will be deleted upon first request. 74. Ford T custom (Monogram / Lindberg)Personally I would not build this model, as I don't like custom vehicles too much. 73. Ford B 1932 custom (Monogram / Revell)This Ford is less extreme than the T... but still. 72. Nissan GTR (Eaglemoss)I personally am not fond of these modern cars without (in my opinion) much of a distinguished shape. I wouldn't spend my energy on that. 71. Fiat 500 Abarth (Hachette)It's a nice little car, building of which will require the use of an Optivisor even on 1/8th scale. I would have preferred to see the original version. 70. Ford F100 (Salvat)This pick-up truck doesn't do it for me. 69. Subaru Impreza (Hachette)I know that there's a large fanbase for this car type, so this is a nice project for that group. To me this car has the power but lacks the looks. 68. Porsche Carrera RSR (Entex)This one you either like or don't. I was never interested in this branche of motorsport and the lines of this Porsche are not my favourite. 67. Chevrolet Opala (Salvat) A Brasilian kit maker has found a niche subject. 66. Audi Quattro (DeAgostini)Crazy 80's! A revolutionary car, bearing a somewhat normal appearance. This kit would be the first on this list I'd build if it were to mysteriously enter my stash. 65. Renault 5 Maxi Turbo (Altaya) A small racing monster with a big reputation. 64. Volkswagen Golf GTI (Hachette)The Volkswagen Golf is a modern classic and is a very interesting subject. Because we all know it so well, building it realistically will be equally challenging and rewarding.63. Porsche 911 (Pocher)I'm not a Porsche-fan at all. Still I think that a 1/8th scale 911 would guarantee an impressive building experience. 62. Porsche 911 (Altaya)The standard classic Porsche 911 is still the prettiest in my view. If I had to choose a Porsche I'd choose this one. 61. Lamborghini Countach (Altaya)Standing next to a real Countach, is an impressive experience in itself. The car is so low that the roof is approximately situated at heel's height. Flat, low and sensational. 60. Nissan 2000GT-R (DeAgostini)You really don't see these on your everyday street anymore. Perhaps not the prettiest of cars, looking at pictures of them now incurs some nostalgia. Why design things curvy if they can be done straight 59. Willys Jeep (Hachette)I'd rather see a Jeep in its natural habitat, shown in a diorama, but if done in such a large scale weathering might prove to be the biggest challenge. 58. James Bond Lotus Esprit (Eaglemoss)I wonder how many people are going to purchase this kit... 57. Tyrell P34 (Hachette)One of the more curious designs in Formula 1's rich history; as such not necessarily improving my awe-inspiration versus this kit. 56. Delorean (Eaglemoss)Back to the Future-nostalgia. After having built this model and putting it in your cupboard or on the table... in this scale... you know for certain you'll have a discussion piece during birthday parties. 55. Chevrolet Camaro (Monogram)Nowadays it may be hard to understand how Monogram could have issued this version of Chevrolet's Camaro... general taste has changed quite radically. Those days this was a pinnacle of design. Oh well.. 54. Renault Alpine (Eaglemoss)Quite a rare car, this kit probably offers a nice and interesting build. 53. McLaren MP4-23 (DeAgostini)A relic from times long gone for McLaren... but who knows, next year more succes? The kit features a nice subject but it's too recent to be seen as a classic. I wouldn't start this as eagerly as I would other F1-kits. 52. Lancia Delta (Hachette)A great rally car. This kit too, is certainly going to be a stunner and discussion piece during parties if displayed. For those who are sensitive for those things... 51. Pontiac Trans Am (Monogram)From the same era as the mentioned Camaro, but the Pontiac looks a bit better in my opinion. The correct (and huge!) decal on the hood looks impressive. 50. Lamborghini Aventador (Pocher)This model was Pocher's (=Hornby's) reintroduction to the modeling community, after a few decades of absence. The quality is traditionally below-perfect but that implies a nicer challenge. I personally regret that Pocher didn't choose a classical or even vintage car, a subject they became famous at. Still it's a nice model. 49. Mini Cooper (Eaglemoss)Who could forget this bugger... the original seriously small version of the Mini. Even on 1/8th scale this is not going to be a giant. 48. Lamborghini Huracan (Pocher)I like the successor to the Aventador just a little more. I'm not sure how high build quality is with this kit. 47. Ferrari Laferrari (Hachette)Literally and figuratively in the line of Pocher's Lamborghinis Hachette issued the Laferrari. A real dream car and presumably quite the build experience.46. Aston-Martin DB5 (Eaglemoss)The DB5 isn't my favourite Aston-Marton model, that's the unspeakably beautiful DB2. Still I wouldn't refuse a building project such as the DB5, but I think I'd amend the kit slightly to get the regular car rather than James Bond's toy. 45. Fiat 600D (Salvat) For those who thought the Fiat 600D was a petite car... have a look at this: 44. Renault 8 Gordini (altaya)This funny little car is a surprising kit maker's choice, certainly in 1/8th scale. But that doesn't make it any less attractive. 43. Simca 1000 The same type of automobile as the Renault, really. But the Simca pleases my senses a bit more. 42. John Player Special Lotus (Entex / Grip)Beautiful racer from a wild era. 41. Ferrari F40 (Pocher) There are many die hard fans of the Ferrari F40 and specifically those of this Pocher kit. I remember from when this car had just been launched at car shows that it made a big impression on me. Seeing one in real life (I still have a photograph of myself as a kid standing in front of a F40) on a car show, as a nice happening. As time has gone by, the shape of this car has failed to make the super-positive impression last. It now looks a bit old fashioned to me, while not classic. There's no doubt though that this is still an impressive car with supercar power and performance. 40. Ferrari Testarossa (Pocher)I like the Ferrari Testarossa just a little bit better than the F40. That amazing V12-engine... 39. Seat 124 (Eaglemoss)Is it a Fiat 124? A Lada 1200? Well, approximately... but produced by Seat. In the Netherlands this car is typically known as 'a Lada'. Eaglemoss' version features scale-true rear window heater plus fingerprints decals. 38. Peugeot 205 GTI (Eaglemoss)Or 'racer for the roads'. Nice of Eaglemoss to have issued this kit. I think that many then-young-adults who see this kit, are much attracted to it. 37. Alfa-Romeo Giulia (Hachette)Police livery. Of all the Alfa Romeos I don't think this is the prettiest, as it is a bit too straight-angled and tall for my taste. De politie-uitvoering.36. Volkswagen T1 bus (Altaya)This little van has always been so overhyped, real-life as well as in scale, that I don't see the added value to build one (even if it's monster scale 1/8). I don't think I will get the feeling of building something truly special. Still it's a beautiful timeless design with a comfy feel to it. 35. Fiat 126 (DeAgostini) These Fiats can still be spotted on Polish roads, where they are cherished just like 50s cars in Cuba. I love the modest design and would certainly not refuse the challenge if this kit were to cross my path. 34. Ford Mustang (Altaya)Almost just as common as a Volkswagen Beetle or the T1, a Mustang is always a beauty to behold. This is a nice version by the way. Fans of this car should be delighted with this release. 33. Volkswagen 1303 (Altaya)Well yes, the Beetle... what can I say. Of course it's a nice model and it would be a change of pace to build it on such a large scale. 32. Rolls Royce Sedanca / Ambassador (Pocher)The classic Pocher kit is and always will remain a piece of art, whether you like Rolls Royce or not. Personally I am not a fan, but Codger's build report was addictive and provided plenty of inspiration. 31. McLaren M23 (Eidai / Entex)An F1-car of this car on this scale is sure to impress (nearly) any spectator. 30. Fiat F2 (Pocher)Before the Formula 1 existed, official Grands Prix were held. In the second year of Grands Prix, Fiat participated through the F2. Pocher chose this model as its introduction to the modeling world in the 60s. It's still the most accessible Pocher model, also price-wise. If you're lucky you can purchase this type for 400 or 500 euros (350 to 450 pounds). 29. Warszawa M-20 (DeAgostini)The Polish corporation of Warszawa may not be the most famous of car brands, but that didn't keep DeAgostini from issuing a kit of the M-20 that I really like visually. 28. Corvette C3 (Monogram)I love Corvettes and not in the least the C3, although the interior is quite cramped (the driver's arm is virtually glued to the door). Still this kit isn't higher up in my list, because as a scale replica it doesn't appeal to me as much. 27. Jaguar XK-E (Monogram/Revell)The prettiest car ever created? It is written so often (Enzo Ferrari is said to have stated this... but who checks these things, really) but I personally disagree. For example, I have always thought the wheels are too small for the car and they are positioned too much inwardly. Of course that's a matter of taste. I wouldn't mind if this kit were to be my next project though. 26. Nissan Fairlady (Eaglemoss)A rare appearance on today's roads, it has very attractive curves.25. Dacia 1300 (Eaglemoss)The Romanian branch of Eaglemoss must have (virtually) thought... let's honour something Romanian. That's this car, the unprecedentedly beautiful Dacia 1300. Actually it was precedented by the Renault 12 which is the same car. And maybe it's not that beautiful, really. But fun.24. Volvo Amazon (Editions Atlas) Ah, nice, a Volvo Amazon. These are still to be found in Dutch roads, because we have a wide fanbase of this type. 23. Lotus Renault 97T (Altaya) I think this is one of the better looking Formula 1 cars. 22. Skoda 100 (DeAgostini)Exquisitely shaped little car and a rarity. I think this kit could provide a lot of building joy, if only because you're doing something very few others would tackle21. Citroën 2CV (Altaya)Yes, the trusty old 2CV. It's not as much as a cliche as the Volkswagen Beetle, but does make for a model that everyone knows and everybody has an opinion on. 20. Ferrari 643 (Rosso)This model from the good old days of Formula 1, those days of nice engine sounds, will surely please those who notice this model in your display case. 19. Ferrari 312 T4 (Fabbri Centauria)Same story as with the Ferrari 643. 18. Citroën HAn exceptionally ugly van with plenty of good memories. I'd like to build this thing one day and what scale would do it better justice than the detail-superfluous 1/8th scale... 17. Renault 4 (Eaglemoss)The Renault 4 is even less of a modeling cliche than the Citroën 2CV. That isn't a natural thing per se, because it's a beloved car model many of which have been sold. The eye-pleasing body lining will surely keep this build interesting and motivating. 16. Alfa Romeo 8C (Pocher)Another classic... Pocher surely knew how to choose its subjects. Beautiful car. 15. Ford GT40 (Altaya)This is certainly a display model, with ostentatious characteristics such as the remarkably designed 'bonnet' and its ultra-low shape. It's a great vehicle with timeless character. 14. McLaren MP4/4 (Altaya)The most successful racer in the history of Formula 1... only one non-win (not even due to faulty technique), made legendary through Ayrton Senna's talent. Beside that, it has a powerful and cool look. Therefore it's the highest F1-model on my list. 13. Citroën Traction Avant (Heller)Nice French 'gangster car', quite a mediocre kit unfortunately.12. Citroën Traction Avant cabriolet (Hachette)If I could choose between the Citroen 15 limousine or the Citroen 11 convertible, I'd eventually (after a lot of thought) choose the latter. It's a car designed at a point in time where history was bound to move unexpected and radically different ways, this car is a relic from an era filled with trust and luxury. 11. Bugatti 50T (Pocher)This beautiful vehicle from the golden age I had the pleasure of visiting, studying and photographing for my friend Thierry and his build of this exact kit. It's a product of astonishing beauty. The top 10 will be announced later (to make all of this traditionally suspenseful, of course). Reactions are welcomed.
  9. thrust ssc /bloodhound ssc

    Hi Frankie, I'm not sure if you already have the Book "Thrust: The remarkable story of one Man's quest for speed", but this page from Edinburgh Uni has some plans that are apparently from the Book. http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~bat/GA/thrust-msfs.html And don't tell anyone, but you can pick up a used hardcover binding of the book for £0.01 on a certain (Longest river in the world|) online retailer (.uk site) at the moment, although the algorithms will no doubt push that price up if there is a sudden interest in the title! I have also found a Slot car model of SSC! Might be a useful reference. Regards, Mark
  10. Hi everybody, Allthough i have several books and searching for quite a time the"net" ,i never came across a decent scale drawing about the "thrust ssc & bloodhound ssc "car ! So, is there anyone who can help(scale drawings) or direct me into the right direction(internet)?? Regards and many thanks in advance, frankie
  11. 2-40 Robert

    So some progress and photos to show what's going on........................ F350-11 by phil da greek, on Flickr Basic scratchbuilding using plastic card, a straight edge and a new blade. The internals of the tool box. F350 - 12 by phil da greek, on Flickr Rough idea of the top box on the tool box. Underneath is the top box mounted but not finished. The idea is each side of the main box will have two hatches and the top box will have one at the rear. The top box would carry bulky but relatively light items such as extension ladder and a couple of basket type stretchers. The tool box would carry climbing gear and rope rescue kit on slide out drawers. Dropping the tail gate would show more slide out drawers carrying the heavier items such as tripod etc. I say "would" 'cos I ain't building all that! F350 - 15 by phil da greek, on Flickr A slightly over exposed photo showing the cab interior, the central console isn't fixed yet, there is still more to be done to it. F350 - 14 by phil da greek, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  12. 1/24 Italeri Scania R730 Streamline

    A very nice build, good realistic weathering, looks like a well cared for working truck
  13. 1/24 Italeri Scania R730 Streamline

    Very realistic-looking build.
  14. 1/24 Italeri Scania R730 Streamline

    Hi guys, this build is now completed, you can see my final reveal in the box below.
  15. Hi guys, well I got this bad boy finished, not an easy build but I am happy with how it turned out for my first truck build. I weathered it up a bit to avoid the truck looking like a diecast model, also I scratch built the airlines and the air unit to add some realism and airbrushed over some of the decals to tidy up the lines a little. I've also added a few winter snow shots of the Scania. Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build in the box below.
  16. Last week
  17. Won this 4 hours ago on ebay UK......
  18. If you haven't built a Fujimi kit before, I can highly recommend them. This was my second go at a Fujimi kit and it was a really good fit. The colours & livery were following no real plan or reference. I found a decal sheet from an old Ferrari F1 car and put them on. The base was made up from wood and scenic materials.
  19. Buddy Build: Panigale Paul Smart Homage

    A little more progress has been achieved over the last couple of days. The rear light assembly and tail cowl are on, I've altered the light arrangement from stock to a clear lens with the indicators to the outer strips. The tank is on as a trial fit as I still need to do some repainting and fit a couple of water hoses. I've also ordered some Tamiya braided hose for the front brake & clutch lines.
  20. Looks good and very clean. But the rims should be painted gold and the inside black. Only my thoughts. regards Christian
  21. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    I dealt with Mario Eckstein with email mario-eckstein@web.de They are on eBay but I dealt direct and he chipped the price. It arrived in a bespoke package safe as houses...its fantastic. www.bootsschieben.de Thoroughly recommended.
  22. Ford Torino,one carefull owner!

    Many thank's,yes its in the kit.
  23. Fujimi decal help

    Thanks Shaun, i have tried that but the decals seem to be shrugging it off without any effect. Perhaps it might be ok on the side pod decals but at the moment the decals for the nose cone are putting up a stubborn resistance. Heat seems to have worked ok but I'm worried it's going to affect the liquid chrome underneath ! Any idea if Mr Mark setter/Softer would be a bit more successful ? Gareth
  24. Manx Norton 500cc

    Yep....INDIANS love NORTON'S... next time you go you go to INDIA suss them out... they go for approx 300,000 Rupees (appox £4000 give or take a penny.... but they can be higher too depending what you rquire)...
  25. Fujimi decal help

    From my experience with the kit lay a little micro sol (the red label one) under the decal as they seem to have a coating on the top that is resisant Shaun
  26. Sir, Thank you... That is one STUNNING motorcycle... looks almost like a 1 :1 scale. It's GORGEOUS AND EXQUISITE . Thank you.. thank you so much for posting the pictures. I am very happy. MERRY CHRISTMAS. KUDOS
  27. MFH 1/12 FERRARI 315

    Fantastic build.
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