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  1. Today
  2. Thanks Roy. It took a little trial and error before I stumbled upon the technique. I figured I'd share for others who may have tricky floor patterns to solve.
  3. I'll echo Vandellyn - great work and awesome photography. Do you mind sharing your photography lighting setup?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Cheers M. thanks for looking. I will post it along to him. Simon.
  6. There's an Airtrax 1/24 or 1/25 resin kit: Airtrax are a pair of Finnish master modellers. I think you can contact them here: raurata@yahoo.com They don't have a website, and the Fotki account of the guy who has a gallery of most of the kits has been suspended... best, M.
  7. Agreed, and the loss of Adriaan of 'this way up' will probably mean another kit producer disappears.
  8. I'm another builder who laments the passing of many of the great producers...Provence Moulage, Starter, BBR kits, Tameo doing most of the F1 field. It's sad.
  9. Also consider Halfords Etch primer as this works on Galvanised metal, so should stick if you think the metal is going to be problematic
  10. As Mark said, Halfords is a good all-round primer and will take most top coats. As it comes in different colours you can usually use that to advantage. It's a bit coarser than some of the dedicated model primers but with a very light nibbing down with a fine abrasive cloth it's pretty good. Tamiya Primer is finer and needs less cutting back and Gunze 1000 and 1200 finer still. I don't think they give such good coverage or adhesion but they do give a very thin coat that needs less prep before the top coat. Gunze also do a dedicated primer for metal. It's clear so it's difficult to tell how much you've applied. In this scale, Halfords is good because of the coverage and because obscuring the detail isn't such a problem. I'd definitely give it a light rubbing down after it's had a couple of days to harden - it's easier to get a good finish on the top coat this way and gives a better key. Dave
  11. oopsie; Olivier, just spotted your work on the wheels/tyres. You put a small disc on the valve. This is actually a thin nut. Half the thickness of a normal nut Tyres had inner tubes, like bicycles still have, the valve from the inner tube sticks through the metal wheel rim and a nut is screwed on to lock it in place. If the valve stem is not locked the inner tubes does what we call 'walks' as the vehicle is driven, this puts strain on the valve which can pull out of the metal rim or even rip out of the inner tube
  12. As I mentioned above photo 4 A shows a wrapped structure of the exhaust pipe imho and the stains we can see are the left-overs of the heavy rain and will vanish soon after the start in my opinion . Many greetings ! Hannes
  13. 48mm, I turn into almost 2 inches, wider than modern tape which is about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches or about 40 to 42 mm, so 48 mm is A OK Usually the tape only runs past, around, the driver's area, ending well before the tail. In my model [above] I have the tape right to the fish-tail as I was making this model car to look like one a friend owns and that is how he has the tape.
  14. A major function of the exhaust wraping was to protect the driver and or riding mechanic from burns* on the pipe. Could Bordino have touched the other pipe from his side of the car; maybe he could *In 1933 Sir Henry 'Tim' Birkin died of septecemia caused by a burn from the exhaust on his Maserati. The size of the burn was about the size of a 2 Euro coin. Dr Benjafield who was his friend and racing team captain had friends who were scientists; one of whom was experimenting with penicillan and needed test subjects, but Tim Birkin did not tell anyone about the burn until it was too late. Time from getting the burn to death - about 3 weeks. [some sources differ] Mechanics memories said there was no cover or tape on one exhaust because it was not needed as the driver could not reach it; but he did, he leaned over to talk with a mechanic during a pit-stop
  15. Tony , you are gent and a scholar sir, thank you for yur help. Simon.
  16. Cheers TonyT will pass these on mate. Simon.
  17. I had a look on Evilbay Simon. The last one sold for a crazy price http://m.ebay.com/itm/311598476362?_mwBanner=1 I just found this slot car kit in 1/32 that looks like a lot more sensible starting point at £22.00 . Could just be built as a scale model: https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/volvo-p1800-resin-kit.html Best regards TonyT
  18. Thanks Tony, it`s a start point, there was nothing on the big H site. Simon.
  19. It's my dream car . It's quite rare, but there's a 1/24 Injection Moulded kit by 'Palmer' of the USA. I used to have it, sold it for a quite a lot when desperate in 2003, but really didn't want to.. I think the kit dates from about 1962. It was a good kit with a few different build options in it. Its quite on a par with all US subjects of the time and was a full kit with chrome parts etc. I bought it from the USA; I think specialist model car shops over there might be a good place to start for your friend. I think it was $70. In around 1997 !! Hope he/she gets one; just lovely cars . Best regards TonyT
  20. Oh Olivier, another thing Now I've contributed to convince you that there was a wrapping on the right exhaust tube, you have to decide if there was one too on the left exhaust tube ! Remember that if you do not see it, it's not a proof that it didn't exist !! Logically, there was a wrapping on both left and right tubes considering the function of this asbestos bandage .... "J' dis ça...j'dis rien "
  21. Cheers Billydick.
  22. I think that with this size, you're probably very close to the truth: Look here
  23. Landed today from Ebay UK.......
  24. I think the likes of Spark and minichamps have killed the kit market with their (very good) pre-built models. I have collected Provence Moulage kits amongst others for about ten years and I much prefer them to any other manufacturer and they are still available via eBay. In the absence of new kits there is plenty of old ones to keep me busy.
  25. Question, does anybody know whether this car is available in kit form? I have been asked by a friend to find out. Simon.
  26. Despite the weather some lovely classics on the M40 this evening: Porsche 356 Lotus Elan Sierra Cosworth Karl
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