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  1. Yesterday
  2. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Really good as always Frank. Itโ€™s this kind of thing that scares me off cars - very tricky I think.
  3. I have been given one of Tamiya's big RA272 diecasts that needs a little repair work. It came without a box or any instructions so I am unsure if (and if so: how) the nose cone and engine covers are removable. There is not a lot to do and I am reasonably confident I can make the repairs "as is", but it would be easier if the covers were off. Otherwise it is in great shape so I am reluctant to whack it with a big hammer... If anyone has one and/or knows how to disassemble one I would be very grateful for any and all advice. TIA David M Sydney, Straya
  4. 1979 Ferrari WC

    very nice ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. VW T1 split panel "Bug Show" - 1/24 Hasegawa

    model of the month, really good, having driven one back in the day, I do have a soft spot for them๐Ÿ˜Š
  6. VW T1 split panel "Bug Show" - 1/24 Hasegawa

    Thank you, guys! I am happy that you appreciate my patina Bus so mutch! Lolo
  7. Hi, after i finished my latest model i quickly started a new one. This time its the old group C Ford C100 and his later brother the Zakspeed C1/4. The Ford factory car was the first that raced in the new group c tournament. But against the Porsche 956 he got absolut no chance. The whole car was too soft and the cosworth engine was a real vibrator to the car and destroyed parts and the drivers. The later Zakspeed version with their own turbo engine was a bit better,but still got no chance against the Porsche`s. But the car won the Interserie tournament with my favorite driver Klaus Niedzwiedz. Decals are already here.Made by Michael from scalegrafixx.de. Starting point are the very old rc-body from Tamiya.I got two of them to build both versions. I will try to use the tires and the resin chassis from my Porsche 956.Dont know if this works? The factory car should be the easy one.The GWB Zakspeed car needs lots of body changes. How ever,its one of my favorite cars from Zakspeed as i saw it in real racing against the Porsche. Any picture from these car would be very helpful for me.I think i got all the published books out there.But maybe somebody got some secret pics on his hdd drive at home and wants to share with me? regards Christian
  8. VW T1 split panel "Bug Show" - 1/24 Hasegawa

    Fabulous, love it.
  9. VW T1 split panel "Bug Show" - 1/24 Hasegawa

    Absolutely sensational! Well done.
  10. Nice and ratty - love it!
  11. Very nice, love the rust patina
  12. Hi all, Started a long time ago, I have finished my VW T1 panel last week. The kit is Hasegawa in 1/24 scale, the BRM wheels and the roof rack are from Scale Production, safari windows are from Highlight Model Studio, big decals on the panels are from Motobitz. Decals on the driver door are from several decals sheets, door windows are scratch from rhodoรฏd. Cyclop light (the roof light) is made with a tank of a 1/72 SH-60. Wooden slats of the roof rack are made with coffee stirrers and weathered. All the build is on my club's website: VW T1 1/24 WIP (in french...) Thank you for watching. Lolo
  13. Something French and Sporty

    Nice build in an original and not so common color scheme for a Rondeau!
  14. Very skillful work
  15. Last week
  16. Something French and Sporty

    superbly made ๐Ÿ˜Š
  17. model of the month, brilliant ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  18. Thanks Jim. I have a Kellogs Corn Flakes #41 Lumina underway, shouldn't be long.
  19. Villeneuve's '81 126 Ferrari

    lovely looking ๐Ÿ˜Š and a great looking Ferrari ๐Ÿ˜‹
  20. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Finally, the state of surface of my Mr Surfacer 1000 was so good that I did not sand again, and applied directly the alu Alclad. Notice the bonnet support damaged by the sanding operation (collateral damage...) that I will have to replace... Notice too the little holes I have drilled to localize the situation of the right windscreen support
  21. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    I have used Mr Surfacer 1000 thinned with Mr Color Leveling thinner with my airbrush (0,4 mm nozzle) to improve the state of surface: it is much better now on this area. I had been so focused on shape and details that I had not taken enough care to this important aspect. After drying, a light sanding will be done, then a new coat of Alclad alu and finally red.
  22. Villeneuve's '81 126 Ferrari

    Pure luck. They literally came out of the box that way. Hard as rocks too, but some time with a mug of hot water and a microwave combined with rims that fortunately fit lead to them working out.
  23. BMW M3 E30 DTM 1/12 Scratchbuild/Conversion

    Thanks Roger! Now its done to 99,9%. Only the kill switches and the wheel nuts have to be made.The rest is done. I was faster than i first thought.The cockpit section with all those tiny parts who have to be scratchbuilded is always a step i am a bit afraid first. When you dont got a kit with parts at the sprue its sometime hard to find a solution.But now its done and i am proud of the result. Better pics in the gallery when its done to 100%. Thanks for all your comments and thanks to all who watched this M3 coming to life. all the best Christian
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