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  1. Yesterday
  2. Spot of the day!

    Bit of a Triumph theme today on my travels: 2000 saloon resplendent in orange on the M40 this morning. Stag in maroon on the M25 this afternoon. TR3 in red on the M40. And just to add a little balance, a Citroen H type van on the M25 on the way home. Karl
  3. Spot of the day!

    Can I go full geek here? I think the 'Sedan Delivery' was the name for the van version of the station wagon car? The van version of the F-1 pickup was called the Panel, and the cabover engine F-3 van was called the 'Parcel Delivery'. 181 combinations in the range!!! Then bringing it back round full-circle you could pay 4x4 specialists Marmon-Herrington (of WWII armoured car fame) to convert your panel van into an offroading passenger version called the 'Ranger'. Very rare car- only 54 sold between 1949 and 1952.
  4. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks Hannes! Indeed, I will use the same method but with 0,12 mm copper wire wrapping the 0,4 mm spoke, which will require me to remove some spokes... The truth is for this price...
  5. Spot of the day!

    On the A1 this afternoon heading South, A 1952 ish American Ford delivery. That's a van version of the pickup truck. A silver/grey Healey 3000 on the back of a recovery truck. Also spotted a V12 Etype FHC just South of Lincoln on the A46.
  6. Dear Olivier , your spring looks very convincing ! You could use the same method for the springs around your spokes ! In the meantime I made plans how to get the skeleton of the rear axle to it´s correct horizontal situation , because I want to connect it with the bottom panel by a strong sheet . I needed some time for deliberations and finally found a solution . I´ll show some pics when my construction is done . I also removed both " sheets " below the engine mounting points and will replace it on the right side by a real sheet with brackets . My radiator case was altered as well . Many greetings ! Hannes
  7. Spot of the day!

    A pink Nissan Cube Trevor
  8. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Dear Hannes, I have received the 0,2 mm Albion nickel silver rod you recommended to make the spring, but this material is not soft enough for such a purpose. After several trials, I have chosen 0,3 mm Multirex tin wire, wrapped around a 0,38 mm steel rod (0,4 mm Aber). The tin foil must be tightened, as on photos 2 and 3. This is very easy to do with tin wire. The disadvantage of tin wire is that it is fragile and may break if you don't take care. I am glad of the result, my spring is 1 mm diameter, exactly what I wanted (the kit's one is 1,42 mm, nearly 45% thicker). The lenght of the spring is difficult to determine precisely, because it connects the leaf wearing the up hook behind the exhaust, but 14,5 mm seems to me quite probable. On the photo below, the spring is a bit too long, I have reduced it after the photo. One more time, take care when handling the tin wire. But if you fail, you just have to do it again, what needs not more than 5 mn with this material...
  9. Porsche 936

    Nice work, great livery too
  10. Hi guys, thought it was about time I got back to building another bike. This time it's an early 80's icon. "The Katana's futuristic styling may not be to everybody's taste, but it will always stand out in a crowd and that is more than enough for many buyers. Suzuki commissioned the German design team Target to produce this striking new look, and told them to base it on Italian styling with the essential flair this employs.". I intend to build this straight from the box however I have a plan for a new paint scheme rather than the boring all over silver that is on the box art. I will show more of my paint scheme later on in the build.
  11. Kit is probably a 1980s issue as there was no motor but all the gears and battery connectors were still sealed in their packets Car is Porsche 936/77-001, Le Mans winner from 1977 as driven by Jacky Ickx, Hurley Haywood and Jürgen Barth Built from the box, body was sprayed with Tamiya TS Gloss White, details brushed with Citadel, Lifecolor, Vallejo and Humbrol acrylics Had a bit of trouble with decals cracking (should have clear coated first perhaps) and a gloss coat of Humbrol 35 Acrylic rattle can went cloudy but was saved by polishing with Novus plastic polish Work in Progress pictures of my trials and tribulations here: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=cjhm_models %23tamiya %23porsche %23936&src=typd More pictures here: http://blog.cjhm.net/124-tamiya-porsche-936
  12. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Dear Olivier, the bolt-heads are drilled through to allow passage for the wire, which does, indeed prevent any loose bolts from over-rotating and coming out! Cheers, H
  13. AEC MkV lorry, 1:24 semi-scratch build

    I've been carrying on with this behind a magazine build, The cab and body are together with the cab needing mirror and wiper adding then it's adding some dirt and mud! Will sit on a base when done, muddy field I think to look like it's parked up for the weekend!
  14. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    This wide enlargement shows I was wrong thinking the thread was running inside an eyebolt. It seems more surely go around each "bolt": Furthermore, notice that, on the 806, it seems to run lower than on the Bug: we can see the thread "under" the frame. P.S: Fred, Thierry, do you know what is this thread made for?
  15. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks Hannes. I have asked Paul about the purpose of this thread, maybe he will confirm your suggestion. Waiting for more infos on the subject, I made this enlargement to show this same thread on the 806. It seems to begin at the front part of the frame reinforcement and to stop on the 2 nd eyebolt (imho, the thread goes through a little hole in the eyebolt). Notice on the same enlargement the brake cable, braided: the 0,38 mm suggested by Robin was definitely a very good choice!
  16. Buddy Build: Panigale Paul Smart Homage

    Red with a green frame etc., - err NO!
  17. Very interesting photos . Many thanks , dear Paul Kierstein ! It´s interesting to see how the arm which connects the steering case with the drop-link is mounted onto a support . For our car the 7 mm steel plate should be sufficient as a support but I ask myself if it was connected by bolts or similar . Regarding the thread : In my opinion these rivets and bolts needed to get secured for safety reasons . This way they cannot hit the car or the driver behind during a race if they get loose . Another purpose is to hold the bolts in place by preventing rotations . Many greetings ! Hannes
  18. BMW M3 E30 DTM 1/12 Scratchbuild/Conversion

    Great work on the mould boxes and congrats on your first casting, they look superb. The rest of the parts are looking good, especially the wheels and roll cage. Colin
  19. VW Caddy Mk1

    Just found your build thread, the conversion looks very interesting. Brings back memories of my 1800 GTI back in the mid '80's. We were the first country (South Africa) to get the 1800 motors in a four dood body, what a little rocket. We too had lots of the VW Caddy, plus the Nissan 1400 SWB and a great looking locally produced Toyota TUV. I'll watch with interest. Colin
  20. DoKa

    Cheers celt.
  21. Buddy Build: Panigale Paul Smart Homage

    Ooooooohh, I like them rims... anodised red maybe, or maybe not! Colin
  22. Looking good Mark, nice bends in the exhaust... Colin
  23. Neat work on the carriage ends Hendie... Colin
  24. TailorMadeDecals - anybody used them ?

    Thanks for the info chaps . I ordered the sheet the other day & it's currently in the post , so I'd better see if I can find the kit in the loft now .
  25. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Hello to all, back again at home, I have got the reply of Paul Kierstein about the stops around the vertical steering arm: Dear Olivier:Thanks for sending these. I have not noticed such stops on the cars here but to be honest I have not looked very closely. I will take a quick walk to see what can be found. I did do that and found that most of the cars here (road and track) have the steering gear hidden under the hood.Attached is the gear from the Bugatti 35B. I will keep a look out. My guess is that the steering box would have some kind of internal stop to keep the gears from going too far.The bestPaul If we can't see such stops on the Bugatti, these photos are anyway interesting. Here is an enlargement of the 2nd one: Sorry, this has probably been said above in the thread, but what is this thin wire running along the frame? we have nearly the same on the 806. Many thanks to Paul, credits from the Rev's institute.
  26. Last week
  27. There are some minor corrections regarding our photo 3 as well . What I consider as most important is the top-line of the fairing where we can see the sheet wrapped around the wire and the radiator case without the background " buttons " Many greetings ! Hannes
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