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  2. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    sorry wrong quote
  3. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    David, is there a safe way to adjust wheel alignment? There is noticeable positive camber both front and rear which does not seem so evident in your lead reference photo. Or possibly it's better in person due to photo distortion...?
  4. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I fit the engine, drive shafts, frame reinforcements, and firewall.
  5. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    No problem, Sir!
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  7. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Thanks, Harvey.
  8. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Please feel free to download all you want. In the event that there is a third party hosting blackout, I could send you the thread as a pdf document. The trick to the large images of the model is that I crop them before uploading.
  9. 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    Thanks a lot Jurgen, I have also found out in the meantime that Italeri is probably re-issuing the kit this year. https://www.flipsnack.com/FC99678A9F7/catalogue-and-preview-2018-ftp0b95m7.html
  10. Good grief! Sounds like you need three days off.
  11. Scratch Build of 1951 Pullman Carriage

    And probably better than me saying, whoever shot that arrow must be in seine. Ahem. (Pete, on three days off! Hurrah!)
  12. Great stuff Hendie - a work of art (probably my most appropriate comment!)
  13. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Same! You hit the nail on the head Layer upon layer...! Love it. On another note, Endeavor, Thanks you so much for posting large pictures. And I hope you don't mind, I'm down loading all of them in case the incredibly selfish Photo Bucket thing happens again.
  14. Hello All I recently purchased and have started the MFH Vincent Black Shadow. Been working on this for about 2 weeks. Mostly drilling holes and cleaning up parts. As this is a very complex build and a challenging one, I am working pretty much straight through the directions. I spent a lot of time cleaning parts, filing some excess material off and test fitting. So far it seems all good but we will see as we go down the road. I am painting the engine in Zero Lotus Racing Black, because I have it on hand, then I painted the cylinder pieces in Zero Pure Black. I will probably using the pure black for the tank, front and rear forks. I want some variation in the shades of black for contrast. I am using zero paint etching primer for the metal parts to be painted.
  15. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I second that. Hugely informational and entertaining!
  16. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    This entire thread has the look of a fine documentary of the Public Broadcasting System. Concise text which describes a complex subject perfectly, beautiful graphics and a systematic sequence of events. Highly informational and entertaining.
  17. Can't wait 'til you start the other 9 cars & the Merchant Navy class engine, its going to be orsum!
  18. Yesterday
  19. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I'm loving this build!! Layer upon layer of delicious detail to feast on!! Great job! Cheers, H
  20. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I'm not building a real model. It's all just computer generated images. (So far, I'm posting photographs taken a while back. You will soon see my actual slow progress as I begin to post in real time.)
  21. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I installed front brake drums. and rear suspension trailing arms, axles, rubber boots, hubs, and bearings. Nine parts are attached to the DeDion tube. The rear brakes and the parts for the rear fuel tank supports are in the background. I installed rear brake drums and support structures for the rear fuel tank. I permanently bonded the two frame sections and placed the wheels temporarily on the axles.
  22. My medical problems are like a head cold compared to the challenges you have faced and overcome. The quality of work you do is inspiration and enjoyment for those of us that follow it.
  23. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Flipping hell, you work fast!
  24. MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Both leaf springs, the front suspension, and the transaxle have been installed. I began to prepare the firewall with some minor work with a file and by drilling holes for rivets and screws. The front suspension is complete. It is built up from 48 parts. In the rear, the DeDion tube, the link connecting the DeDion tube to the chassis structure, the four shock absorbers (dampers), and other parts have been installed. On each of the brake drum backing plates, I installed two fittings and the hydraulic lines (solder) connecting them. The lines connect the two slave cylinders in each brake of the prototypes. I need to re-shape the solder a bit. You can see that the joint separating the two sections of the chassis is open. Not permanently connecting the two parts made it easier to handle and assemble the front and rear sections of the chassis. In earlier photographs, when they were connected, the two castings were held together by two screws through the upper and lower parts of the cross member. MFH cast the frame rails in two parts because they also produce a Tipo 158 kit, and the 159 and the 158 have different rear frame configurations. The 158 kit has the same forward frame section as the 159M, but a different rear section. The hydraulic dampers, friction dampers, and the links at each end of the rear leaf spring are all connected to the DeDion tube. At this point, 31 components of the rear suspension have been installed.
  25. A relatively easy day today - working on the artwork still. I used a couple of shades of Alclad aluminum for all the brass - the background (sea) was just mixed up from green, blue and white. Then everything was glued on the background - This was a bit nerve-wracking as the Eiffel Tower would have looked a bit iffy had it not been vertical, and the archer's arrow had to land on the black dot that is Paris. The Eiffel Tower was given a light wash of Alclad titanium gold, just to provide a little bit of differentiation from the background. and the archer was dabbed with testors silver and a few pencil marks. All in all, a bit ugly but I never claimed to be an artist. A frame was knocked up from basswood - a bit rustic looking here though. I also noticed that the artwork has been protected by glass in its new home, so I grabbed some scrap clear packaging and cut a new screen. Once that was all put together and trimmed down, it doesn't look quite so rustic anymore. It actually looks quite passable considering how you will be able to view it in the final article. (i.e. with some difficulty!) The frame is a little over scale but trying to achieve scale thickness in 1/32 is just a bridge too far in this instance. I won't tell if you don't! The current incarnation also has 'TRIANON BAR' proudly emblazoned on the top of the frame, the letters being individual brass characters. I think it would be nigh on impossible to create that with photo etch - getting the spacing right and getting all the characters upright etc... so I think I'll cheat a little and use something like this test piece. I'm hoping to be able to color the entire piece of brass then lightly micro mesh over the surface to (hopefully) just remove the paint from the raised lettering - we'll see how that goes in a future episode.
  26. Another ebay bargain at nearly 50% off! and with me 2 full days later!
  27. 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    Thanks for the comments! After some research I am sure that all these 3 kits are identical except the air scoop (as from 1962) of the Revell/Italeri kits. Particularly the Revell kits should be obtainable on ebay.
  28. I second that, also, do you remember what you said when you found out I was ill? 'I hope the Almighty gives you strength to fight these diseases. Like everything I've seen you do with your skills here, I know you will push back with all your will. Looking forward to your healthy return with your marvellous work.' x10!! because you are far better than I could ever be
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