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  2. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Well Pete I would tell you to 'dry up!' but I mean it in the best possible way for your atmospheric conditions. ! In 3 1/2 years I've modelled through numerous snow storms, tropical storms and one passing hurricane. Then there's the brief periods of cooperative weather which allows the paint to go and stay on! To say nothing of medical mischief that life always throws our way. But I've always liked your advice to 'keep sticking'. Glad if you've found value in this work and will ask you to post the results you produce on the bench. And thanks for the kind thoughts. C
  3. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Hi Mr.C !! Thank YOU, for sharing Your journey with Us on the forum. I have learned so much on the journey,not just practical things, but perserverence to do the job right, even when serious life matters intervened - I have started to adopt some of Your approaches to problems and work ethics already! Many,many thanks and .......Keep Sticking!! Cheers, Pete, from (Wet 'n' Dreary) Staffordshire (Wet 'n' Dreary) - ? = MODELLING WEATHER !!!!!!!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Stuart, Actually, your answer contains enough information for my purpose. Thank you.
  6. Revell Porsche 914

    Yes Keith another one, this time based on Audi mechanicals. Like the 928 with an unknown V8 under the bonnet!
  7. I can't really offer a lot of info, the complex tubular support with the deep endplates was only really trialed on Scheckter's car in Japan '76. The twin vertical supports were used from the prototype stage until the car was retired. I have seen another design with a single horizontal tube supporting the deep endplate rear wing simliar to the Wolf WR1, but I don't know when this was tried. Cheers, Stuart
  8. Ferrari F187/88c

    Looking forward to seeing this come together....AND following your 1/12th build as well.
  9. Revell Porsche 914

    Much like the later 'poor man's Porsche' the 924 which should have been an Audi until they decided to cancel it so Porsche went ahead with it under their own name. Poor man's Porsche was an apt name, as I could actually afford one - although I wish I hadn't as it was one of the worst car's I've ever owned...!! Keith
  10. Revell Porsche 914

    Thanks Vince1159. Yes I saw that programme too and was suitably impressed, although I was always a supporter of the car since I saw it on the road/track and rally stage in the day!
  11. Revell Porsche 914

    Thanks Keith, just build it! Yes having seen them on the road in the day, and both racing and rallying, they were only restricted by their engine size at 2 litres max! Being mid-engined they handled better than the 911, but were first marketed as the VW-Porsche 914 because most if not all of the mechanicals were Beetle derived not Porsche!
  12. Revell Porsche 914

    Thanks malpaso, but when whilst searching you come across these two whose surprised! and This is this kit being built on youtube!
  13. It would appear that the P34 had two different methods of supporting the rear wing - a rather complex tube assembly and another which was basically a pair of vertical plates mounted (at least partially) on the transmission. Would any of you F1 aficionado's know why or when this came about?
  14. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Volvo F88, Volvo F12, Early VW Beetle ragtop, Mk II Zephyr pickup! Scrap Scorpio on a wreckers truck.
  15. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Saw a Mitsuoka Viewt in Crewe yesterday . It's a Nissan Micra modified to look like a Mk 2 Jaguar that's shrunk in the wash .
  16. Ferrari F187/88c

    So slow moving with this build now I have the sf70 that requires so much prep work but I have taken an hour today to finish off the red parts of body work. The main cockpit peice, 2 side pods and the engine cover have been rubbed down with micro mesh to give an all over even shine. All that's left now is possible a quick rub of wax to make the shine deep but I'm not 100% as I feel the shine is good enough for 80s paint work. Moving away from shiny bits and the wing elements are finally being painted black very slowly as this jet black is ridiculously easy to screw up. And the front suspension arms have all been painted with a semi gloss black just need to brush on the pick up points. And finally the seat was painted I feel I need to tone it down with some smoke paint before finishing off. More soon Shaun
  17. Revell Porsche 914

    Sounds a bit like the one Mike found in Wheeler Dealers and the owner bought it back which says it all,great job Pat...
  18. Revell Porsche 914

    That's a cracker Pat, really like that! The 914 was always one of my favourite Porsches, especially after a ride in one that a one time boss of mine had, the handling was fantastic - at least in the dry like it was that day, apparently in the wet it was much more fun! (just like its 911 big brother then!) I've got one of those in a very similar state (& box!) to what you started with - I was going to stick it on e-bay too, but I think I'll keep it now! Lovely little Porker! Keith
  19. Revell Porsche 914

    Cool. I like the SCCA racing look.
  20. Bought from ebay UK as an 'already started' in a fancy box! A shade worn! plus other trashed parts of another 914 with the ordinary windscreen,and roof which I'll try and piece together. This one needed quite a bit of refurb, funny brushed paint of different colours,two piece tyres with hard glue residue but still in pieces. Any way this is the result, decals from the spares box and homemade rollbar set up made from sprue and shaped with a tea light candle. I'll park this outside my Backstreet Garage and put it on the Diorama threads.
  21. Porsche 911 60s front bumper

    Take a look at www.scaleproduction.com There you'll find what you are looking for. Frontnummer anderen rearbumper für the R Modell and also the special windows Good luck Marco F.
  22. Gravity Colours ???

    Morning Chaps Does anyone know what is happening at Gravity? I cant seem to access their website in Europe, but I now see there is a Gravity Colors USA website. Mad steve
  23. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Steps 17 and 18 over. I repeat myself, but these steps required too a lot of attention and experience, especially the step 17. Screwing the 03 screws in the nuts 04 through 24B and the shock absorbers (step 17), for example, is far from being easy. N.B: I did not expect going so fast with my OOB. I began it the 15/09, just 9 days ago, and I am at step 19! Finally, Roy, you were probably right, it should be done in not more than 1 month (maybe even a bit less...).
  24. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks southpier. Even if I don't bring the same care to this OOB, I can't help doing the job correctly. And this way, we will really see what an academic OOB, following stricly the instructions and using the parts provided, results.
  25. Continued working on the rear shocks. The rear shocks from the actual car are shown below on the left: There are two pressure adjustment valves on the lower cap- these are not present in the Pocher kit. But there are photoetched pieces in Tommaso's transkit that I used to make my own. I first cut out, sanded, and glued the PE flange to the cap, then drilled a 0.8mm hole in the center. Into this hole I CA glued a M0.8 hex bolt from Autograph, and it fits nicely. Note also the nice PE adjustment ring that is on the shock body- this is also from the transkit. Still to come is the Ohlins decal, and perhaps I will try to make the rubber bushings for the pivot points as are shown in the real units.
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