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  2. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Just got a look at your tracks... they look a little tight, but I think running 80/82 will be way too loose, I wouldn’t worry about it too much because once the side skirts go on they’ll be hard (as in flip the model over to see) to see. The difference in the dismount hatch is actually a different between variants. The kit is an M2 which is the Infantry Fighting Vehicle (more dismount seating, less ammo capacity) which is designed for carrying troops into battle and providing fire support. My photos (and my service) are M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle which is basically the same thing, except built around a reconnaissance mission, so less dismount seating, significantly larger ammunition capacity. Since you’ve decided to honor me with the build, I’m willing to overlook the variant difference. I’m taking lots of notes from your build for when I get the courage to build my own (probably in a few years). If you manage the make a stencil or decals of the skull I would GLADLY pay for it. The skull is the logo for Crazyhorse Troop 3/7 Cavalry which was unfortunately disbanded in early 2015 as part of the Army drawdown. During the invasion (2003) they were painted on the front (like the photo) during my time (2009-2015) we painted them on the bustle rack right behind the TOW launcher with TC and Gunner names on the TOW launcher, and track name centered across the back (mine was CRUSHKILL, hence the screen name). We call the skull the Nowatay Skull (supposedly “Nowatay” is Lakota Sioux for “it’s a good day to die” which is from a longer phrase “It’s a good day to fight, it’s a good day to die”). Nowatay was the Troop motto and both the word and the skull managed to find themselves spray painted all over Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else a Crazy Trooper has been. My wife even has the decal (her choice) on her car! As as far ammo cans, LiveResin makes some good ones but I wouldn’t worry too much about them, you’ve got just as much chance of seeing them as not. I personally never mounted them there (with the exception of my pyro can). I messed around with aluminum foil this afternoon and I think it would be a perfect way to do the tarp, I’ll take some photos and show you the folding process we use (I’m fairly certain it’s Army standard, I remember learning it in basic training). The A/C units are a deployment modification that get put on and taken off overseas, so a lot of my photos the track doesn’t have it installed, and all the combat photos I have, you can’t see them, feel free to install, we sure loved them! The identification panels (CIP) came with the tracks but they have to be removed to put on the reactive armor and we never bothered replacing them in Iraq (no need when only friendly forces were in armored vehicles and the enemy doesn’t have thermal or night vision). The sensor your talking about is an anti-IED device, in my photos we only had one antenna, as the two antenna system had yet to be applied to Bradley’s (we had it in some trucks, not all). The two antenna system is accurate for a vehicle though if you’re building a 3rd ID Vehicle, stick with the 1 antenna. Keep bringing up questions, it’s fun to help, as the Bradley seems to be as unloved in the modeling world as much as it is in the real world. Also, please if I point out an inaccuracy or inconsistency it is only for your knowledge, not a mark against your skill or buildin choices, I would rather you enjoy the build and create something great than be too worried about perfection in accuracy. I’m not a river counter, I don’t expect you to be one either, your work is great and it’s fun to watch!
  3. ML

    Not the right forum maybe. But I'm having trouble viewing forums over on Missing-lynx. Just getting re-directed to a Network54 not found and search page (when searched no mention of ML forums) If anyone is also a member on ML, can you have a peek and let me know. So I can figure out if it's something on my end. Ta very much Tom
  4. Thanks Andy Yes I was looking at how it was sitting up on the road in an unrealistic fashion and thinking that's the way to go. Good suggestion on the original tracks. I'll slap down some mud and press the vinyl tracks in up to and including where the tank will sit. Should get a good squeeze out either side. Give the Tiger a bit of mass effect
  5. Today
  6. Supacat Coyote and Jackal detail pictures.

    Very useful stuff, cheers guys (I have the Airfix 1/48 & a plethora of aftermarket bits in the stash).
  7. Dragon's 1/72 Pz IVD - has anyone seen the tracks?

    Do you have any images of what they have done to it? It was a beautiful kit, I have three or four of them in the stash and a similar number of Ausf G (no Ausf F2s sadly though). PS - Just found one of my earlier comments regarding the original subject:
  8. Sorry its late but as promised: Been in storage for about 3 years from when I got sick of making tigers. Spec - Dragon kit. White zimm is tamiya two part epoxy putty. Pattern made with roller tools. Putty doesn't etch into plastic so chips off quite easily for damage. Putty has a long period of being workable. So the reason for pics - The glacis plate. This was done with rollers too, but a layer of mr surfacer used instead. This makes is visible from overhead but it disappears from a low angle like man height period pictures. Narrow window to work with it. Too soon and its everywhere, too late and you can't make ridges in it. Above - Vision ports done with mr 500 too. Low angle - just a hint of it. Will be reduced more once painted and weathered. Cheers, Tony
  9. Big As MAZ

    Simply fabulous.
  10. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Hello gents, today I added the last details ... aerials, periscopes and gunner's sight !! Periscopes are made of .75mm clear styrene cut to size and the gunner's sight has a clear "glass" and then a black painted background with a blue lens to replicate the sight's lens ... not 100% accurate but better than the flat Trumpy part I still have to work on the crew ... Cheers, E
  11. Thanks John, very kind of you. Thanks also for all your advice and guidance, not to mention the tons of inspiration I got from following your own builds! I now have a Tamiya Sherman 'Easy-8' nestling nicely into my pile of kits, so it's entirely feasible! I also have every intention of cornering a Takom M31 when they finally reach our shores
  12. Chieftain Mk.5 - 1/35 Tamiya - Videos

    Sorry I kept you waiting so long
  13. MERDc camo M-60, summer verdant & tropical verdant

    Yes it is. G
  14. Sdkfz 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer "Elephant"

    A Bit more done today - made up the Link and Length tracks, added all the hatches, clips to the hull and then on with Black primer Also made the road wheels, idlers and drive sprockets Peter
  15. work area

    Yes, Alecras, every model build has its good and bad bits but essentially you are working towards a finished item that will fire your imagination and of which you will be proud. Sometimes, you just have to leave it as is and 'move on' from a bit of the model that hasn't gone together well and don't get bogged down in trying to achieve complete perfection. (Things that don't look perfect can be considered as 'battle damage'). How about having a short break and doing a bit of research on Cromwell tanks, and other contemporary tanks, via the Internet or books/magazines? Building up some background information and deciding that you want to represent a particular vehicle or piece of history, for example, can sometimes get the old enthusiasm going again! Search on this website to see if any other Britmodellers have done a similar build - you won't be the first to get wheels out of line! Happy modelling. Mike
  16. T-54A (MiniArt;1:35)

    Faultless work, easily matches the standard seen in the best modelling magazines.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Tiger 1 initial prod.

    It's the figure that makes the model here. So full of character. Wonderful work.
  19. Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger

    Any chance of a photo of the box art? I will be following, Rearguards, Badder
  20. Su-85 from miniart 1/35

    Evening all. So ive managed a little work in the last week or two. Mainly I have painted the inside of the hull sides. And sorted out something a little special. (Sorry no hints) I'm still to paintup some ammunition. (It's a job I find seriously boring! :-( ) So having taped the front and roof on... you can see oh so very little of my grubby interior... soooo... This now matches the wiring setup I've done for my KT previously. They will both be going in to a full Dio that's lit. Be interesting to get some feedback :-)
  21. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    Good job with accuracy...nice! , cheers John
  22. Takom Mark IV Male

    In spite of the pics, that are not bad of all, very nice the two models. Good Job, cheers mate
  23. Panzer II

    Very nice model, i love weathering on Panzer Grey, good job, cheers mate
  24. A very unusual subject looking good, more pix pls, ta!
  25. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Awesome work as usual X'lent
  26. 1/35 Tamiya M1A1 Abrams

    Excellent build and finish Sam,love the extra stowage and nice to see a change from desert schemed variant's.
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