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  3. Tamiya pair,Churchill and Centurion.

    Thank's Nick and everyone for popping in,I've painted all the wheel's which seemed never ending so will post an update hopefully Monday.
  4. Nice one.
  5. 80s Soviet

    Judging by some images of recent Russian vehicles in three-tone camo, notably the Gaz Tigr, it seems AKs Russian AFV set is spot on with the greyish green, grey yellow and 6P (?) black. Of course, that likely only applies to when they start doing their vehicles in the green/sand/black combo. Gaz
  6. AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Hi guysThings have been moving on well. The bulkhead and floor are in place now. The drivers area was weathered up along with the lower walls that meet the floor. IMAG4650 by Mark Inman, on FlickrThe drivers officeIMAG4651 by Mark Inman, on FlickrIMAG4652 by Mark Inman, on FlickrIMAG4653 by Mark Inman, on FlickrThe rear troop seats installed and how things are currently looking. Next job will be working on the stowage.IMAG4655 by Mark Inman, on FlickrIMAG4657 by Mark Inman, on FlickrIMAG4662 by Mark Inman, on FlickrUntil next time
  7. My lasted Models in 1/35 and 1/32

    Wow, an amazing & excellent line up, superb modelling on display. Too hard to choose favourites but your PT 109 & sleeping dispatch rider both stay in the memory as ones I went back to for a longer look. Steve.
  8. The primer seems to have really made the details pop. I've been reading up on AFV painting techniques this evening, yeah gads what's all that about? It's only a titchy tank so I think I'll get away with a simple paint job but I'm seriously excited about trying some of those techniques on something bigger soon. Duncan B
  9. Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    yep... hmm may be able to split the edge where its glued... will see how i feel 0 its only for me anyway
  10. Jagdtiger winter worn

    Thanks very much for the compliment. However I am confused slightly lol. Whats a jabos? :-)
  11. Hi all, Recently picked up a Heng Long mk1 Tiger for £60, painted in Panzergrau. The previous owner was a bit hamfisted, by that I mean he put the stickers on lopsided, the wrong number on the turret and the mudflap securing clip was snapped off. So, my plan is to repaint it as "Semken's Tiger", the first tiger captured in Normandy by the Sherman of John Semken, commander of the Wiltshire Yeomanry. The tiger in question is Tiger 114, 2nd Kompanie, 101st SS Schwere Panzer Abteilung. So my question is, does anyone know how to get hold of the appropriate decals or painting masks? Found some masks online but the tank in question has two colours to it, looks like a dark red with white border, and the mask looks like only one single colour. Any suggestions?
  12. Some more progress on the two Airfix bods today. I had a go at painting the camo on the Denison smock, which didn't turn out too bad. I also painted the other figure in the regular khaki garb: Quite pleased with how they're looking at the moment, but still more to do once the paint dries properly. Getting there, though!
  13. Marder III Ausf H

    Time for an update the mini lathe recommended by @The Baron turned up during the week so I was able to turn up two replacement top return rollers, the originals were missing from the kit. I also scratched a replace gun mounting crucifix this was also missing from the kit. Pictures show the hull with replacement top rollers with lathe in the back ground, the gun mounting fitted to the hull and with the gun placed in position. Thanks for looking more soon Roger
  14. Tiger I x 4

    You know the feeling of having fired the airbrush for a few hours with the feeling to not have progressed at al?
  15. IDF "KESHET"

    Thanks fellas.
  16. Looking forward to seeing this develop
  17. Big As MAZ

    Superb result Rich (even although it's not quite finished yet). I love that wear and tear on the cab interior.
  18. Hi there, Not really my scene (military aviation is my bag) but for the benefit of the armour/AFV fans out there, some photos from the Republic of Estonia Independence Day celebrations earlier today. Some of the image quality is questionable - I think my camera was struggling with -16C weather conditions and occasional snow - I managed to get out and take a few photos having earlier participated in the military events myself. The vehicles shown all participated in the Military Parade and included Challengers, Warriors and CRVs from the British Led NATO Battlegroup, Danish CRV90s (again from the NATO Battlegroup), and CRV90s belonging to the Estonian Defence Forces. Other items of interest included a South Korean built K9 SPG, which is on loan from the Finnish Trials Unit (Estonian is planning to become the second NATO nation (after Norway) to acquire this SPG) and a US Patriot battery unit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them - I know the Armour community on BM don't get as much in the way of real photography so I thought I would make up for it. IMG_5123 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Challenger fullsizeoutput_6c8 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Warrior UK-Led Battlegroup fullsizeoutput_6cb by Mark Attrill, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6cf by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Estonian CRV-90 fullsizeoutput_6d3 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Danish M113 ? IMG_5181 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - Estonian Defence Forces CRV-90 departs on a HET fullsizeoutput_6e6 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr - South Korean Company Demonstrator K-9 SPG IMG_5183 by Mark Attrill, on Flickr Patriot Missile Battery Enjoy
  19. nice camouflage scheme....
  20. PzKw III

    Well done realistic weathering nice job.
  21. M4 Sherman - painting & weathering

    Hi Giuseppe, Very nice weathering I have bought most of your product and must say they are fantastic love the TEAM tutorials as well, I weathered my 1:24 Jeep with your product and found your product easy to use, no smell and this was my first time weathering, hope to do better and learn how you do it. Regards Richard
  22. Color of Sherman cupola glass

    Ah, Braile Scale........ Forget what I said about drilling out then! I made the mistake of assuming 1/35. Gloss black would be best, I think.
  23. M1 Abrams camoflage

    Is the Blue color a primer ? Or is it the plastic ? I cant imagine an M1 Abrams in Blue camouflage ?
  24. Last week
  25. TAMIYA STEYER 1500A/01

    Evening all.....hope your all planning a good weekend. Managed some time tonight, but it's been a heavy week so not much to show. managed to pick up a mortar and worked on that. I decided that the wood deck I built wouldn't stand up to constant pounding when the mortar was in use. And having seen this Sd.Kfz 250 recently renovated by a Russian collector. As you can see the steel they installed in the factory is extensive for a mortar installation. You should see what they started with for it to end up in this mint condition......anyway, on with the Steyer...... So..with some research on ad-hoc vehicles with flak or AT gun's etc.....I imagined this Steyer in the southern Ukraine in 43 and If I was ordered to figure it out, by the Hauptman (in the field), A few pieces of Soviet angle iron and away you go. I think it might have come out like this. Plenty of strength for long term use and the front legs tied down with plated loops. All bolted to the sub floor. All I have to do now is build a strap with clasp to hold the base plate in when it's on the move. Able to be un-done if it needed to be removed. Looking for constructive criticism, so fire away...........
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