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  2. stops a panic attack
  3. Hi, Tom. Welcome to Britmodeller, mate. I hope you find it a very friendly and useful place to be. I am really liking your stash, my friend. Those Halcyon kits a worth a fair few Aussie Dollars / Pounds these days, as I'm sure you're aware. They are all very worth the effort to build. Cheers. Chris.
  4. Second that. Call me old fashioned but I just think that oil over a Klear coat works so well; and I pray in evidence the fine work of Mr Tomoshenko........and wth Sansodor you seem to be able to play about with it almost endlessly without it lifting or reacting with the Klear. I have invested in some of the Mig Oilbrushers as a neat and convenient (albeit not cheap) alternative to tube's of oil paint tho' Agreed again I tend to sue Tamiya Nato black - which is said to be a lighter black; but I've found that I like the look better in 1/72 if I add a few drops of white to lighten it even more - and I'm hopeful (well guessing really) that a pure black wash might show up against it.....or it might not..... Impressively mad. Looks almost ridiculously good. I got one too. It's Tony's fault. Mine makes a nice whirring noise too. Can't think what I need it for so I'm relying on you to think of something to justify it Tom......... Hmmm. But I've got some of the quicker curing RTV (cures in a couple of hours allegedly) so I don't need it. Do I? Has 'need' actually got anything to do with it? Ace update Tom. Preternaturally neat.
  5. aboard Tom... just don't give anyone your address, or they'll rob your stash! A Takom KT is a good armour project to have a start on, as it's a nicely detailed, modern kit. Good luck with it
  6. First off I should explain that my model-making pace is (at best) pretty slug-like and so please don't imagine I will be declaring success on this one anytime soon. I also can't guarantee that it will get finished, but here goes. Having looked at WNW kits for some time I thought I would give one a go, but wanting to do a training machine from my local airfield (Yatesbury) I had two choices: a fairly drab colour scheme for a Falcon-engined F.2b; or a more interesting one but with the added issue that it would have to be a Sunbeam Arab-engined version. Having done a great deal of research into this one airfield's use in WW1, I should point out that the only Falcon-engined F.2b unit to operate from Yatesbury was 59 Training Sqn, late in 1917 (59 TS departed for Beaulieu in October of that year); the station didn't get any other F.2b's until resident units converted to the unloved Arab Fighter in late 1918. And since WNW only does the Falcon version I am left with one alternative: to scratch-build the engine/fwd fuselage, plus a few other training-only tweaks. So as a starter (using the Roden box art as the clearest graphic), here's the visual difference between the two versions: The Arab, being a V8 engine configuration (versus the Falcon's V12) is a great deal shorter, and I was fortunate to photographs the relevant drawings at The National Archive a while back, giving me some good measurements, which I converted to 1/32. The lengths below are for full-size: Another view, which gives me a nice idea of component placement, v-angle etc (I also used the Roden 1/48 engine as a 3D guide). And finally I am going to do a Yatesbury-based Arab F.2b from 37 Training Depot Station, circa December 1918, which looked like this: I've done a colour rendition to show how it should look: So don't hold your collective breaths, but more soon I hope!
  7. really nice phantom !!
  8. I have to say that one movie I found pretty dire was 'Fury' with Brad Pitt. I just didn't buy it and it seemed like "Ooh look at all the lovely tracer bullets" a lot of the time. I watched another low budget movie called 'Ardennes Fury' and, despite obviously having been done to a pretty small budget and having been given poor reviews it drew my attention into the story much more. It was inaccurate in regard of tanks and various other points but it told a story. I felt it was no worse that the old B/W war movies where the Germans and the Americans were all haring around the battlefield in M48 Patton tanks. Can't recall what that movie was called but they used the same clip of Pattons on exercise for both the Americans attacking the Germans and vice versa. The big square IR light box over the gun was a dead giveaway
  9. Blue Peter was fav viewing on Monday and Thursday after school I still think that John Noakes Valerie Singleton and Peter Purves were the best presenters
  10. Looks a bit creepy from the trailers, but worth a go. Doesn't it say there was a virus that made everyone infertile, so anyone that was immune is a designated baby-factory? Or did I dream that?
  11. I might do. I want to put it right next to my MIG-31 :-) The two beasts together! Thanks!
  12. flip no......always used to one my favourite blue peter presenters... RIP....reunited with Shep..
  13. It's Memorial Day here, so I visited Private Cyril Evans again. He's buried in Fort Sheridan's cemetery; he died in this country after having been in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Normally they only use American flags for the tombstones, so last year I went and provided a Union Jack for him. I dropped by this morning and put in another one for him. It looked very beautiful fluttering in the wind amidst the sea of American flags surrounding it. 2017-05-29_07-59-32 by Edward IX, on Flickr
  14. Hi all, I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel on this little project. I've done some work on the base, just added some Flory Grime wash airbrushed on here and there so it doesn't look as monotonous and also added some small gravel to add lumps and bumps. I've also bent some acrylic rod so I can place the Hurricane at a banked angled: Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Here is a dry fit of the plane on the vignette, I added some chipping to the aircraft too: Untitled by Neal, on Flickr Untitled by Neal, on Flickr And then I decided to glue to prop on: Untitled by Neal, on Flickr I just need to paint the nose cone now and bring it all together. Thanks for looking.
  15. Thank you Mark for your time in the assembly
  16. ! your car has good eyes, because it is not obvious to see the very tiny parts of hairs on the eyebrows... I will try to use dust of sanding to give eyebrows look. But even this may be too big. I should get very fine dust grinding the plastic with a diamond file. P.S: Lily is lovely!
  17. Another option (which lets people get to your photostream on Flickr as well as see the pics) is to go to the photo page, and then: * Click the "Share Photo" button (curved arrow in the lower right) * Click "BBCode" if it isn't already selected. * Pick the size you want from the drop-down menu * Copy the text from the box * Paste it into your post on Britmodeller It looks like this: [url=][img=][/url][url=]Bandai AT-AT[/url] by [url=]Andy Moore[/url], on Flickr But when you click "Submit Reply" it turns into this: Bandai AT-AT by Andy Moore, on Flickr If you don't like the text link it adds, you can delete everything after the first [/url] to the end of the line, and you'll get this: [url=][img=][/url] Which turns into this: You can also add a newline after the first [/url] to put it below the photo. Note that in both versions you can click on the picture to see the Flickr page, which lets people get at the big versions if they want them. HTH, Will
  18. Is that available on Amazon? Oh, if you want a half decent Horror War film check out ‘Deathwatch’(2002). WW1 ghostly goings on… and has Andy Serkis and that bloke who plays the Sergeant in ‘Inspector Lewis’ in it, as well as Jamie Bell (who started off as Billy Elliot, and who’s now in the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy ). Mart
  19. Hi All, As part of my bulk-upload of build updates, here is the current state of the 246. As with the Ferrari 348, I have given the engine a wash with the same thinned brown/black mix to enhance the details on the engine. I have also added the exhaust manifolds. The fit was appalling! I need to do some remedial work there. That may happen today, I'm not sure... Anyway, here are the pictures: Don't look too closely at where the exhaust manifolds 'meet' the cylinder heads, because they don't! I think a very careful insertion of milliput is required here... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  20. Not exactly horrible just bad,some of the Italian made ones from the 60s/70s dubbed into english....
  21. Had a great idea re the PE harnesses.... Throw away the instructions and look at some photos instead! Also had the chalks out for a bit of a play with those to grub up a few bits here n there. I think it sort of works. Will deifinitely be finished today. I swear it. I promise. I assure you!!!!
  22. Looks great. Lovely build of an iconic plane. I actually watched the Battle of Britain last night on Netflix. This could have been used in it.
  23. Flow improver? This stuff?: God damn it - I bought airbrush CLEANER I'll get my coat....... The airbrush I have if I remember right is a .3 nozzle. Like I said I can't afford a new airbrush so I either spend a few quid on a small bottle of the flow improver or new paint (which will no doubt need it's own thinner)..... However I'm still at a loss as to why it worked fine the first time I used the paint.
  24. Go With Noakes
  25. For no particular reason, Ive been attempting a few Vietnam-era SEA camouflage schemes over the last month - these were both cheapy "dirty bag of plastic" kits (costing £1 and £5 respectively) from a model show that needed rescuing and were ideal for some experimentation. I think my light green is a little too vibrant and the tan too light, although it looks better in real life than it does on the camera. They're both old Hasegawa kits, although I believe that the Thunderchief originally came in a FROG box. Decals for the F-105d are from Print Scale (MiG Eaters) and for the F-4, they are as supplied with the kit. F-105D Thunderchief - Memphis Belle II, 357 TFS, 355th TFW, Takhli Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand, 1970 This is really a very crude kit, although it has commendably sharp edges to its flying surfaces! F-4E Phantom II 469 TFS, 388th TFW, Royal Thai Air Base, Korat Thailand, 1969. This is a better kit although still very basic in detail. Mine came with a full weapons load, which more recent issues do not. FredT
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