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  2. Kawanishi N1K2-J

    Walking slowly because I lack some material. Maskol to be able to do the shipping and the new set of 2 m / m for the airbrush. I applied, in some panels, White Aluminum, from Alclad. The engine also almost ready missing some weathering. Regards ajcmac
  3. Hi Gav, Welcome to your "real" entry to the GB This one should be an interesting build to follow! Cheers Jaime
  4. Film help

    I remember that. I was an Astronomy nerd of sorts then, and didn't appreciate it at all. My own nostalgia film is an amazingly dubious tale titled 'Moon Zero Two'. Ropy plot elements - a moon shuttle modified from a probably Airfix Luna Lander, artificial gravity (for a small plot element and to ease the budget - everyone on base therefore gets to walk normally, no SFX) but chemical rocketry - no reactionless drives or inertia dampers... Plenty of holes to pick in it, but I'd still reach for an ale and watch it gleefully.
  5. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    Is going to be
  6. Armoured glass without any coatings will always have a green tint, darker with more thickness. IR coatings generally seem to be reddish or purplish. Never seen blue. IR lenses will be a dark red. If you use a metallic base coat then several transparent coats will be necessary to give the right depth impression. The visual impression from any distance is generally dark. If your kit has clear periscope etc parts then I would be tempted to paint the inside of the housing dark to give that depth impression and tint the clear parts. You can get pre-cut tinted adhesive film for some kits' optics, or plain sheet for self-cutting. Solves the painting problem.
  7. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    Thanks pal but it's not in the same league as what you are doing but I'm happy and will be finished at the weekend and I'll take some nice shots of it. My first foray into modelling for 20 years and I've loved every minute of the Pocher..my wife hasn't as I took one of the spare rooms and got orange paint on the carpet...apparently it's my last build😂
  8. Thanks for the kind words gents, appreciated. Cheers PJ
  9. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    for pretty well everything
  10. Yesterday
  11. Cambrai

    There was a commemoration in London today. RTR Association, RTR brass, Bovvy's MkIV replica (but not Guy Martin's!), Museum brass, etc. Did it make the news? Not a hope. RBL had a special Cambrai commemorative enameled poppy pin, but unlike the Passchendaele and Somme ones it was on-line order only. I didn't manage to get one. Guy Martin's Tank turned out to be Norfolk Military Museum's Tank Built By JCB With A Bit Of Help From Guy And A German Guy. One might have thought that JCB could have been persuaded to provide a safer diesel powertrain with remote linkage rather than the ancient RR B60 engine cobbled together with tractor scrap and a bloke sat on the gearbox without a seat at the back working the selectors. While the Police eventually vetoed the Lincoln Remembrance idea, I suspect the Council realised the damage the vehicle would do to the historic High Street (it needed to slew) and the cost of repairs. But Cambrai was a nice touch. No mention though of the new museum built for Deborah, to where I believe she was moved prior to Remembrance Day.
  12. Tonight I've managed to close up the fuselage and done an initial tidy of the seams. Fit was generally good, with just a little trimming of the cockpit floors to get a tight fit. The wing halves have been glued and need fettling. Like the fuselage, the float went together with no real issues. I've dry fitted the canopies, which are nice and thin. Next step is to fit the machine gun and mask the canopies. I'll fit them and then paint with them in-situ with the rest of the plane. Pleased with progress!
  13. Thanks, as I mentioned in the topic this plane was only project and never flew, so all colours and camouflage is just my fantasy as there was nothing accurate as it did not exist.
  14. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Loving the progress on the Beluga! One of my Favourite Civil aircraft!
  15. Looking forward to this Mike. Lovely kits - you’re tempting me to dig my one out tomorrow!
  16. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Just thinking(it's a quiet night) do we Know where the majority of the mold's went? I look at some of the kit's well worthy of re-release especially where they were little covered types.I believe Revell's deal is now at an end.
  17. See that duck? Its back is like my ears It all falls off like that water
  18. Dornier Do 18-D

    How about these people? Or the marquetry people where you could also get some veneer. Just saying.
  19. Hi Gav, Welcome to the GB! It's good to have this aircraft entering the GB. I have one in the stash, together with the Starfighter resin interior, so I'll be following with great interest! Cheers Jaime
  20. PK 74 Panzer III

    The skull would be the talk of the playground I should think. The kit itself is very well engineered. The parts fit perfectly and joins are designed to be hidden from normal viewing angles. Molding is pin sharp and even the flexible tracks are well detailed for this scale. The lights up front are minute. They might give a kid problems but they are so small you probably wouldn't notice them if they were not fitted. All the wheels snap into place with no slack or effort. I'm impressed!
  21. My "real entry" for the floatplane GB, the Tamiya A6M2-N Rufe. I couldn't find any of the Japanese WWII float planes I really wanted to build for this GB without them being in the 'wrong scale' or just being ridiculous prices. Then I found this for just under £14 including shipping from Japan I couldn't resist buying it... The bags are still sealed as I'm trying to get some other stuff finished first before allowing myself to open them. Plus I need to pick up 3 or 4 paints I need but don't have.
  22. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Just checked in on King Kit a few newbies on the site,Saab Viggen and Heinkel He111 as well as a few other's think we may have pushed up the prices with this GB!
  23. some kits are recast from outside sources(yellow resin with another caster name on the instructions) and some are recast inhouse(white resin, really poor casting, literally not worth any money, straight into the bin) i scrapped i nightingale resin kit it was a mess.
  24. Propellors/Airscrews

    I think it was 'airscrew' at a time when the majority of the world were more familiar with the water screws on boats - also 'propellors' of course - so maybe we are just happier with a less technical sounding name? Thanks for the info on fabric sheathing though. Simon
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