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  2. Thanks James it;s very kind of you to say, I'm very much an enthusiastic amiture! John
  3. That's stunning, you can't join the fuselage up now after putting all that extra detail in!
  4. Looking good! Martian
  5. I've just built on of these, but the only paint I used was for the buttons. Still contemplating whether to weather or not. Lucky save with the eye lenses!
  6. Hello Dave and Nige, thanks a lot for your quick and precise response, I have Rays decals for the northeast/cambrian liveries, ( both so lovely I will buy another Viscount anyway) that should narrow down the sub-Type I guess?! As an engineer on this beauties you must know every inch of this plane.. Thanks again, Olli
  7. I think it's all been staged.
  8. All this theatre type stuff. Before you know it someone will make up something about a Firefly having to pancake otherwise it could have been curtains for the cast crew.
  9. Well the tube cut ok - now have a clear centre section! I added some extra weight in to the wheel well at the front & took the chance to sit it on a pen & check the centre of gravity. Seemed ok so I stuck two AA batteries where the engines will go & it still sat nose down, so I hope it will be OK
  10. It was a fantastic show as always, being just up the road for me it's a treat! The SIG, has a visiting aircraft ramp when we do Huddersfield, this year we had a RSAF Lightning F.56 and a Gnat, both the brain children of Teddy Petter so very much allowed! John
  11. That is gorgeous work! Martian
  12. Hi Folks, I have been keeping my head down for the last while and just pottering about with a couple of projects both modelling related and life in general! But the time has finally come to start looking at getting back on the horse. I have got my eyes set on 1/32 build and the F-16 has really taken my eye. The question I have, as I have been looking at it for some time now, is which would people recommend when it come to the 1/32? For me its down to Tamiya or Academy. I have only ever built one tamiya kit, a 1/48 mozzie, and it was a dream in comparison to the few hobby boss kits I am used to. I have never had an Academy and I have heard on several occasions that fit can be a major issue with their kits and the F-16 is no different. I love the idea of all the variant choices in the Academy and the full belt feed rum being visible. I would most likely add more details to these areas as well. However the engine is very tempting with the tamiya. But obviously you are very much set on building the variant included in the box, which isn't the worst thing. I was thinking of doing a well weathered Hellenic F-16 or maybe an aggressor instead of the RLM grey. Anyway just interested to see what peoples opinions would be and if anyone has had their hands on both and can say what is what. Thanks for looking! Ian
  13. Thanks Olli. It's the first time i have done stuff in so much detail but i must say, that i am really enjoying it. It's nice to do something different and take on a bit of a challenge away from the usual resin cockpits and wheel-wells. Glad you like it. Andy
  14. Agree with that, I'm amazed at how you produce the quality you do in what appears to be a fairly strict time scale.
  15. Spent a bit of time on it over the last couple of lunchtimes at work and this is where we are.... Couple of quick coats of Humbrol acrylic primer thinned with Vallejo thinners followed by Vallejo Dark Sand for the linen, Humbrol 110 for the wood and Vallejo London Grey for the metal bits, all with a hairystick then followed by a citadel brown wash. It'll do. The instruments are individual decals and they're tiny, fortunately they come with spares. Enjoying this. Although I've found a rigging guide online and it looks quite intimidating so the enjoyment may stop at some point. Quick addendum to original post: Remembered that I've built some more biplanes - Airfix Albatross, Walfisch and Sopwith Camel. When I was seven.
  16. Fantastic work on display
  17. I was liking this post right up to the moment I saw that last picture! Martian
  18. I have never heard heard of the yellow recognition markings extending beyond the tailplane undersides. BTW the photo I linked to appeared in Roger Freeman's book The RAF In WW2 In Colour by A&AP: when it came out, a book reviewer commented on the photograph as welcome confirmation of the reported use of yellow tailplane undersides on some Western Desert Beaufighters. Not sure I've heard the story anywhere else. No idea re nose camera fitting. Is the colour just fresh EDSG?
  19. Lovely jubbly! Aldi in Newark today had a Revell version of this with a fiver off at 9.99. probably not as good as the Bandai though.
  20. Thats a beauty,well done.
  21. Good evening Rockers and Bobbysoxers: Reasons to look at a Special Hobby decal sheet more closely: Pt.2 Fiddling with the remains of the sheet earlier I mused over what this white line could possibly be: That's right. They give you the dinghy release line as a decal as well as the dope patches to fix it in place. Another big tick for SH! The Flashing Blade(s) Another of item on the seemingly Sysiphean snag list - finish the propellor as there's some badges to go on the blades. Not as straightforward as it first seems because with an Merlin added to the equation there's a shaft coming from it to the boss, so I need to remove the stub on the kit boss and drill it out to accept it: And like so: Thence to the blades themselves. More SH user-friendliness in that they have a rear cross-section on the stub of each propellor that makes fitting each blade with the correctly-oriented pitch a foolproof task, I don't know if you're able to make it out in this shot? The flat end to the bottom goes into the slot in the boss, lining them all up precisely: I basically aligned them like this and then capillaried some extra-thin around the sides. Once they'd had a chance to set it was on with the top section and here they are along with the fences, having had the last of the decals applied now: The Lady Varnishes On gettting home this evening, out with the airbrush after downing a cottage pie and a sealing coat of Klear to keep all the badges safe for the next stage: Modelling Sardaukar-style! Just noticed on the mask how 3M spells 'Me' when viewed in the mirror. Somewhere Douglas Adams is smiling down in benison at such trivial profundity... Zoiks and jenkies. What on earth did Mrs. B put in the pie?
  22. Hi Steve mate glad to see you over here, it's a great place to be lots of helpful people.
  23. I think that thin Orange line works really well on that Race car, running the edge (more or less) of the ridge of the side/top angle change, a neat touch . Not sure if it will have the same effect of your curvier shape you have to play with. But there is always another way or opinion !... Try a Maquette first ,if you can. Here we go again Roy !
  24. Hello,Martin- I've devoted my modelling time this evening replying to your splendid builds!😀 This is a superb 'Fulcrum'. Great work indeed. 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  25. Seems we still have to wair for the Saab 105 a bit.... Have the Classic Airframes Fiat CR.32 and IMAN Ro37 in our stash, but my dad is no fan of these kits, so he will not built them in the near future, also no helicopter fan, would have the Italeri Kiowa kit too with Printscale decals, one of the Jagdkommando birds would look cool. Maybe I can convince him to do a Beaver, have the Hobbycraft kit with Brent-Air-Decals
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